[Intro] Traveler, adventurer, (over)thinker, sport enthusiast and programmer joined! Hello Steemit World! :)

My name's Martin and I'm an introvert, living the life of extrovert.

As a 25 years old European, living abroad, traveling a lot, studying and working in IT, doing loads of sports/martial arts and constantly (over)thinking everything, I often characterize myself as a multipotentialite. Not because it sounds cool, but because the definition of that weird long word just fits perfectly. It basically represents someone who's struggling with finding/choosing one main hobby because there's just SO MUCH interesting stuff in the world. And yeah, the way it sounds is just the cherry on top :D 

"Multipotentiality refers to an individual whose interests span multiple fields or areas, rather than being strong in just one" 

I've stumbled upon this term in this TED talk and if you're struggling with defining yourself with one thing and you're constantly switching your interests, stop reading this and go rather watch that talk ;)  I immediately found myself being exactly the type of person a speaker was talking about. Funny enough, I just found out that the word already has its own Wiki page with definition.

Sooo why I joined and what do I expect from Steemit? Well, I expect to inspect (read the last tree words 5 times fast ;)) yet another field of life which I've never done before - which is being a content creator...nope, creating code at work/in the University doesn't qualify for content creation as far as Im' concerned :D Also, I hope to gain some valuable insights & advice from other people on many of my experiences, life & travel stories, concerns and thoughts.

And what to expect from me? Before I've decided to join steemit, I was wondering what type of posts could I offer and why would people even want to read them. Took me just couple of minutes and my list was overflowing with ideas and literally excitement and almost a NEED to share all this with you :D We just sometimes don't even realize how much cool stuff we experience DAILY!.

So here's my current "TO WRITE" list :

  • Pakistan - how 3 months in the believed "terrorist paradise" happened to be the best months of my life
  • India & Nepal - 6 friends, 30 days, 5000 kilometers
  • "AA" life (abroad alone) - just talking about my ongoing 3-years long experience with this
  • Keeping a journal - why I do it and why everyone should
  • Hitchhiking - my experiences, thoughts, stories
  • Early specialization of children - problem of our society [this one will be a suuuperlong one, since I plan to tackle this issue in my home country once I come back]
  • How doing sports every day changed me
  • Brazilian jiu jitsu - hugging in pyjamas/most effective martial art/more than just a hobby?
  • Being comfortable in the uncomfortable - pussyfication of the society
  • What I've learned living with Muslims in Oman and Pakistan? - truth vs. mass media propaganda
  • Slacklining - physical balance or inner balance? Or both..?
  • Handstand - world upside down
  • Dumpster/Trash diving - christmas every day
  • Is there the best diet to rule them all? - low-fat / keto / paleo / vegan / whole food / carnivor / fruitarianism / pescarianism
  • How we squatted in Sardinia for 5 days on the beach instead of taking exams
  • Party animal during high school - what it gave/took away from me
  • Beletry vs. biographies - can't decide what should I read
  • Well-rounded vs. specialized - would you rather be a bluebelt in several disciplines or blackbelt in just one?

Since I'm also fortunate living with 2 super interesting guys and I admire them a lot, I'd like to make some "interviews" as well:

  • Flatmate series: Richard - Nomadic lifestyle for 20 years
  • Flatmate series: Richard - How does having an own bed after 20 years feel like
  • Flatmate series: Nacho - Living minimalism [he's also my dumpster diving sensei]

I hope to write one main long and several short post a week (once I finish my master thesis, I hope I could ramp this up!). I've already started working on some posts since my registration confirmation took ages...

So dear Steem community, I'm glad I can be a part of this and hope this account of mine will benefit us all. I hope to dig deep to my memories and life stances/opinions and with your help just brainstorm everything about it and more!

P.S: If someone is reading this at all, let me know which topics from the "TO WRITE" are you interested in so I could maybe tackle those first!

Thanks for reading and see you in the next one !

TLDR? Well, then enjoy my visual-based introduction :).

Handstand in front of Dhaulaghiri, Nepal (8 167 meters above sea level...not me, the summit of Dhaulaghiri :D )

Brazilian jiu jitsu seminar with Dario Bacci, MAC-Tirol in Innsbruck, Austria (Hint: 5th from the left in the row behind)

Quick visit in children welfare home somewhere in Nepal. We couldn't stay longer than just one evening but those kids were love

Slacklining/walking on the water, Jesus style  

My high school graduation ceremony...in my country, students usually do some performances for teachers and parents after the official ceremony part. And then we get all drunk :D

Independence day at National University of Science and Technology in Islamabad, Pakistan

Handstand on the beach - Muscat,Oman

Seconds after successful defense of my Bachelor thesis in Industrial Informatics - Bratislava, Slovakia

Slovak, Spaniard and 2 Pakistanis dishing on some Indian food in the middle of London, UK. 

Posting this one just to show my little big sis :D That little girl just scored 156 in the official IQ test and is about to start studying AI (artificial intelligence)..couldn't be more proud of her...posting this pic just to show off how cool sister I got :D...Pic was taken in Roma, Italy

Last pic before parting from my family on our way from holidays...rather then go with them in our car, I've decided to get back home on my own and hitchike.

Fingerboarding, old hobby of mine...8 years back at least

Just to keep my programmer's integrity ->Programming our robot for a competition, sadly we got disqualified for our robot being too aggressive :D

std::cout << "Hello Steemit World!" << std::endl;

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Welcome to Steemit @matkodurko!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

Just read your introduction post. You seem to be an pretty interessting guy.
I also identify myself as a multipotential and you also seem to have many interesting topics you want to write about.
I wish you good luck here!

Do you have discord? I highly recommend it to you for joining steemit-communities. And when you get it, please add me: booster916#1633


Hahh thx a lot!

Regarding discord, I have it but don't really use it much. what's the use of those steemit communities actually? For organizing some meetups or?


There are many communities at steemit with people with the same interests or hobbies etc.
And they mostly communicate via discord because its the easiest way.

Upvoted! great introduction, hope you like it here and will do well.
I traveled for four years and post about it now, for now thinking about were to go next! will keep an eye out for you post, love the work you put in


Thx dude, it seems u've already traveled more than enough hahh :) Soo what are you considering regarding ur next destination?

I'm stuck in Austria, battling my master thesis :D If it was just me I'd really drop out since in my field (IT) you don't really need a degree...but my grandmother really wants to see me graduate...so it kind of sucks that I can't move on till I finish but whatever...

welcome join steemit, give your imagination here.

Hey, welcome, look forward to following you. Really nice intro post!

Welcome to Steemit. I think you will like it. There are plenty of people who love talking about cryptocurrencies, but lots of other interests too. Have fun

It's nice to meet you Martin. Welcome to Steemit! I can't wait to see more of your posts, just started following you, I would appreciate if you would follow me back. :)

Welcome to steemit @matkodurko!
I gave you an upvote value of $0.02!
Please have fun and enjoy your stay with us!

Sounds great, I'm curious to read more of you and wish you good luck for your studies!! :) Follow! :)

Fantatic intro post, although a bit late in the day to say it :-) ... Really enjoyed your Austrian holiday post too! See you around.