DROPSHIPPING mania. How people passively earn thousands of $$$ and why I find it DISGUSTING...!!

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Another article's title could be: Making money off poor Chinese kids . If you put together the word "dropshipping" and the alternative title I've just mentioned, you might already understand why I'm so angry about this.

Most widely known secret in the world

So what is dropshipping?

It is a retail method where the store owners don't keep products in stock. Instead, after they receive an order from customer, they purchase the item (much cheaper) from a manufacturer and tell him to ship the product directly to that customer.

Example situation:
  • Your friend Ricky needs a new shoes.
  • Your friend Adam manufactures shoes and sells a pair for 30 bucks.
  • Ricky is willing to pay 70 bucks per shoe pair
See it? As a good friend who wants the best for your friend Ricky (customer), you kindly offer yourself that if he gives you those 70 bucks, he'd get a package with his brand new awesome shoes within a week. And of course, with free shipping and lifelong guarantee. If Ricky is still not sure, then promise him some stupid "1 out of 100 wins" competition or some other bullshit. BOOM! He's in. Now you call your friend Adam, give him his 30 bucks and he sends a pair of shoes to Ricky. You haven't even seen the product but made a profit out of it. Now you can enjoy your hard-earned 40 bucks....
Dropshipping schema (Source)

"What's wrong with that? They are actually all happy, aren't they?"

Well, yes and no. What if your friend Adam would be selling those shoes for 2 bucks instead of 30, would work 14 hours a day in a filthy conditions and he'd get beaten by his wife if he said he can't continue? What do you say now? Are they all still happy?
That's exactly the crucial requirement for the dropshipping business to work - buy the products as cheap as possible, not minding anything else except the price. And as we all know, there's no better way how to buy cheap stuff than order it from China or India, where 10 year old kids can easily work up to 12 hour-long shifts. Daily.

So what I'm actually most disgusted from?

I mean...I know I'm not saint either. I do mostly wear clothes produced in China, Bangladesh or India because they are cheap. BUT! At least I don't misuse the system even more to my own advantage. I honestly feel and urge to puke all over my screen when I see these young guys doing Youtube videos how they made crazy gains on Shopify, selling stuff from AliExpress for the tenfold price. If they at least had to do some work with it - but it's literally layed out out there for them, dropshipping platforms, drag-and-drop shop creation platforms, everything - just a couple of clicks and it's up and running. If noone notices their online shop, well noone has to know they even tried. And if they get lucky and earn couple of thousands? Well, now they proudly carry themselves as enterpreneurs. I understand they are not the main cause of these problems, big whale companies are. But I still can't get my head around it, how do they manage to walk the streets so proud of themselves, for basically fucking over people of their own age, not fortunate enough to win the birth loterry.

Hundreds of these awful tutorial videos and not a single one of them mentions who actually produces the sold items. And they all know who...

Are these also already victims of this?

During my travels in Asia, I've seen hundreds of beautiful kids. I can't help myself but think whether they already started working for these "successfull enterpreneurs" from the western world or not yet. Usually, there are not many other options for them.

Naran-kaghan valley, Pakistan

Jaisalmer, India

Somewhere in Rajasthan, India

Thanks for reading!

Note: If you want to read more about kids in Asia, being enslaved and working for western industry, I recommend you a novel Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry.


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Mother tongue version

Alternativne meno clanku by mohlo byt: Ako zbohatnut na ukor deti v Cine. Ak si date dokopy slovo "dropshipping" a spominany alternativny nadpis, pravdepodobne uz rozumiete o com idem pisat.

Vseobecne zname tajomstvo...

Co je dropshipping?

Je to obchodna metoda kedy obchod neskladuje produkty na sklade. Namiesto toho ich po kupe od dodavatela (omnoho lacnejsie) priamo posiela zakaznikom. Obchod/e-shop je vpodstate v tomto pripade len mediator.

Priklad (btw takto nejak som si vzdy predstavoval slovne ulohy z ekonomiky :D)
  • Vas kamos Peter potrebuje nove topanky.
  • Vas kamos Adam vyraba topanky a predava ich po 30 euro.
  • Peter je ochotny za topanky zaplatit 70 euro
Vidite to? Ako dobry kamarat chcete pre Petra (zakaznik) samozrejme len to najlepsie a preto sa ponuknete, ze pokial Vam da svojich 70 eur, tak vsetko zanho vybavite a do tyzdna najde pri dverach domu krabicu s jeho novymi topankami. Samozrejme, dorucenie zadarmo a dozivotna zaruka, ako inak. Pokial Peter stale vaha, slubte mu moznost vyhrat nejaku hlupu premiu alebo nieco podobne. BOOM! Peter suhlasi Teraz uz iba zavolate Vasmu kamosovi Adamovi, zaplatite mu 30 eur a poprosite ho nech posle jeden par topanok na Petrovu adresu. Vy ste produkt ani len nevideli/nedrzali, no na celom procese ste zarobili. Teraz si mozete uz len uzivat tazko zarobenych 40 eur...

"Co je na tom zle, ved vsetci su spokojni, ci?"

Hmmm, nie..Co ak by Vas kamarat Adam predaval tie topanky po 2 eura namiesto 30, pracoval by 14 hodin denne v strasnych podmienkach a pokial by povedal, ze potrebuje pauzu, zmlatila by ho jeho zena?. Su pri takomto scenariu stale vsetci spokojni?
A to je presne zaklad celeho dropshippingu - kupit produkty najlacnejsie ako sa len da, nehladiac na nic ine ako cenu. A ako vsetci vieme, lacne produkty je najjednoduchsie objednat z Ciny a Indie, kde 10 rocne deti bezne pracuju 12 hodinove smeny. Denne.

Z coho som ale najviac znechuteny?

Ano...ja tiez niesom svaty. Vacsinou taktiez nosim oblecenie z Ciny a Bangladeshu pretoze su lacne. ALE! aspon nezneuzivam system este viac len pre moje vlastne potreby. Mam chut vracat ked vidim tych 20 rocnych chlapcov na Youtube ako robia videa o tom, ze zarobili obrovske peniaze na Shopify predavanim veci z AliExpressu za desatnasobne ceny. Keby s tym aspon naozaj mali trochu roboty a bol by to ich napad...Ale momentalne je naozaj vsetko na internete pre dropshipping predpripravene, od vytvorenia samotneho e-shopu, kontaktovania dodavatelov atd atd...Par klikniti a cely obchod bezi. Pokial Ich e-shop nebude uspesny, nevadi, nikto sa o tom nemusi dozvediet. Ale pokial sa zadari a zrazu spravia par tisic eur? Zrazu su to mladi a hrdi podnikatelia...a pritom vsetci dobre vedia komu by mali tie peniaze realne patrit. Rozumiem, ze dropshipperi niesu hlavni zneuzivatelia lacnej pracovnej sily v Azii - velke firmy su. Stale mi ale nejde do hlavy, ako sa mozu tito chlapci hrdo prechadzat po uliciach vediac, ze vpodstate AKTIVNE zneuzivaju ludi v ich veku, ktori nemali stastie v loterii miesta narodenia.

Stovky podobnych tutorialov a nikto z nich nikdy nespomenie, odkial pochadzaju produkty a kto ich naozaj vyraba....a pritom to vedia vsetci

Su uz aj oni obete?

Pocas mojich potuliek v Azii som videl stovky nadhernych deti. Neda sa mi nerozyslat nad tym, ci uz aj ony dnes pracuju vo fabrikach pre tychto mladych a "uspesnych podnikatelov" zo zapadneho sveta, ktori sefuju biznisu z detskej izby v podkrovi. Zvycajne tieto deti nemaju vela inych moznosti..

Naran-kaghan valley, Pakistan

Jaisalmer, India

Rajasthan, India

Diky za precitanie!

Poznamka: Ak Vas tema zaujala a chcete si precitat viac o zivote deti v Azii, pracujucich pre firmy zo zapadneho sveta, odporucam roman Fine Balance.


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I looked in to that years ago but decided not to. Does nothing good for the world.


The amount of circle-jerking that goes on in social groups of people who do this is nauseating. The cut that companies make from what simply amounts to advertising is absurd, the workers really do get fleeced on multiple levels by their own employers and then by foreign resellers.

Without ad blockers I can only imagine how many ads for shitty upsold watches and overpriced wool socks I would be seeing.

Really fucking ironic that the merchant class was so low on the Chinese hierarchy totem pole back in the day.

Consumers have a role to play in all of this by being so straight up idiotic most of the time.


I find out about it just couple of months ago. And immediately got excited for a moment, especially cuz I want to travel after finishing my studies and wondering how could I make an extra buck while being on the road...

But after I've watched the first tutorial on Shopify dropshipping and saw the guy opening AliExpress and saying "Ok, this necklace for 2 dollars looks good, I'mma sell it for 15 bucks and label it with 70% sale". Right then I knew what's this all dropshipping thing all about...

I mean..we're all guilty of this to some extent, using all that electronics produced in Asia and wearing cool cheap T-shirts...but this dropshipping bullshit is the next level in my opinion..



Hi everyone! pls do help to upvote this post for my friend's father's heart. They need our support right now..

That's why the world is never fair so we must be as smart as possible while maintaining our moral values. Disgusting when you know how easy for other people to earn while some of us needs a lifetime to earn what others earn in just 1 day.

Interesting point of view, but to get a package of shoes within a week? I must be living in a wrong country, cos here we wait up to 1 month for packages. From China even 2 months. Sometimes a forgot that i even order something, when it surprises me.


Dunno, I've never ordered anything directly from China, you're probably right that shipping takes longer that 1 week. But it was just an example to show how these "enterpreneurs" and "e-commerce experts" basically work.


I know what you ment, this is something that we all rarely think about. Just buying things, accumulating, collecting, ...


oh I get you know, it was a tiny joke with living in a wrong country...srry I didn't get that cuz I'm all angry after spending last 3 hours thinking about this topic while writing the post...

A teď co s tím?
Učebnicově by to mělo vypadat takto: Na tento úžasný byznys se vrhnou desetitisíce mladých, vzdělaných Evropanů. Ubozí dětští dělníci nestačí dodávat. Kdo bude chtít zboží získat, bude si muset připlatit. Cena zboží u výrobce bude stoupat. Na výrobu tohoto zboží se bude vrhat čím dál tím více místních (otroká) podnikatelů. Časem bude nedostatek pracovní síly. Místní podnikatelé zvednou platy...
Časem se některé místní dětí (které přežijí) naučí pracovat s internetem. Za první uspořené 2 dolary (asi za rok práce) nakoupí produkt své dílny a prodají ho za násobek ceny do Evropy. Stanou se z nich úspěšní podnikatelé. Začnou poptávat zboží z Bangladéše a Kambodže.
Je to phádka, nebo to tak skutečně bude? V jakém časovém horizontu? Deset let? Dvacet? Padesát? Sto? Co všechno se ještě mezi tím stane....
Dneska nebo zítra napíšu článek o tomtéž, o čem píšeš Ty. Ale děj přesunu do Indie 18. a 19.století. Dělo se tam totéž, co popisuješ Ty. Ale drsněji...


Ahoj, dik za odpoved.
Co sa tyka statistik vyvozu z ciny a celkovo azie tak sa vobec nevyznam, ale osobne si myslim ze keby aj vsetci dropshipperi prestali, nic moc by to na veci nezmenilo. Mam tusenie, ze co sa tyka pomeru "velkoodberatelov" a tychto dropshipperov, tak velkoodberatelia su urcite zodpovedni za absolutnu vacsinu vyvozu. Tych par tisic dolarov, co sposobia dropshipperi su podla mna fakt omrvinky. Skor som rozmyslal co sa tyka pomeru ludi ktori stoja za rozhodnutiami velkych spolocnosti vs dropshipperi, tak ten pomer uz moze byt omnoho vyrovnanejsi. Ked predpokladam ze za rozhodnutiami velkych firiem stoji len par ludi, kdezto tychto dropshipperov je jak hub po dazdi, tak keby oni prestali, mozno by to masivne zmenilo nazor spolocnosti v percentach. Neviem sa spravne vyjadrit...
Proste pocet predavajucich tovar z Ciny je X, z toho dropshipperov je dajme tomu polovica. Sice keby vsetci prestali, sposobilo by to znizenie produktov z ciny len o par percent, ale vramci spolocnosti by zrazu vedome predavalo a zarabalo na ludoch z azie o 50% menej "podnikatelov". Vbc si nemyslim, ze dropshipping sposobuje problem v cine, skor to beriem ako ohnute principy ludi tu v zapadnom svete, a co vsetko su ochotni spravit pre profit.

Otazka: Aky je tvoj nazor na upvotovanie botmi? doteraz som vpodstate vzdy pisal pre 10 ludi co si to precitali, trz som pouzil botov a ludia tu komentuju a likuju, pretoze som trending. Neviem, mam pocit ze je to tak trochu cheating, ale zas ako inak sa dostat ludom "na oci"?


Ahoj! V první řadě ti chci pochválit článek - zajímavé a hezky zpracované téma. Máš velmi dobrou angličtinu, tak piš určitě dál dvojjazyčně :) Co se těch botů týče, je to tady opravdu naprosto běžná praxe. Jak správně říkáš, hlavně pro začínající autory bez vlivných přátel je téměř nemožné se na trending dostat, takže pokud napíšeš něco, co bys opravdu rád prezentoval širšímu publiku, hlasovací boti jsou v podstatě jedinou možností, jak toho dosáhnout... Držím ti palce a určitě používej i český tag, rád si něco od tebe přečtu ;)


Hej no, pokial budem mat nejaky zaujimavejsi/dolezitejsi clanok, tak ich asi budem pouzivat aj nadalej, kazdopadne budem ale postovat aj bez nich. Diks!


Ahoj, snažím se na každou otázku odpovědět. Ale někdy mám dlouhé dodací lhůty. Nemám patent na pravdu. Jen Tě upozorním na pár problémů.
Používání robotů je vlastně proti smyslu existence Steemitu. Ale bez jejich používání se neobejdeš. Rozpor?
Převedl sis sem peníze. Chceš říkat lidem pravdu o vykořisťování, nebo chceš vydělat? Rozpor?
Tohle neber osobně. Je to problém Steemitu. Aby Tě bylo slyšet, musíš mít vliv. Vliv si můžeš koupit. Je to jako v reálném životě.
Problém dropshipperů. Když se všichni stáhnou, bude Číňanům lépe? Asi ne... Když budeme všichni bojkotovat zboží dovezené z Číny (což se nestane), bude Číňanům líp? To je na principu: "Mám si to vzít já, nebo to má ukrást někdo jiný?"
A teď čistě ekonomicky. Roboti. Ty jim dáváš SBD, cca 2.10 USD. Oni Ti dají USD. Takže Ti dají asi (minus kurátorská odměna) tolik, cos investoval. Jejich jediným smyslem je posunout Tě do Trendy.
Jelikož moje angličtina je mizerná, nemají pro mě roboti smysl. Tvoje angličtina je excelentní. Pro Tebe mají.
Já jsem na Steemitu proto, že mě baví psát. Ujasňuju si při tom vlastní myšlenky. Nikdy mě nebude číst víc než 10, 15 Čechů a Slováků. Občas se zasním... Že by mě to mohlo živit. Nemohlo. Nikdy. Pro mě je to hobby.
Ujasni si, proč tu jsi Ty.
P.S.: Nechceš přeložit nějaký můj článeček do angličtiny?


Viacero ludi mi v komentoch pisalo ze situacia je omnoho komplexnejsia a uvedomil som si ze, som sa nie uplne presne vyjadril v casti z coho som najviac znechuteny. Preto som dodatocne pridal tuto cast -

"Rozumiem, ze dropshipperi niesu hlavni zneuzivatelia lacnej pracovnej sily v Azii - velke firmy su. Stale mi ale nejde do hlavy, ako sa mozu tito chlapci hrdo prechadzat po uliciach vediac, ze vpodstate AKTIVNE zneuzivaju ludi v ich veku, ktori nemali stastie v loterii miesta narodenia."

Co sa tyka ucelu mojho/nasho steemit posobenia, vpodstate neverim nikomu kto povie ze nezacal aspon z casti kvoli tomu, ze dufa ze motyka vystreli a podari sa mu tu zarobit aspon par desiatok/stoviek eur, zarabat si na zivobytie je si myslim mimo diskusie. Samozrejme, pokial sa mu to aj podari, tak to potrva par mesiacov a pocas tej doby bude pisat vpodstate zadarmo a do luftu (ja som dostal curie upvote na moj Jiu-jitsu post po tyzdni ale to som mal ultra stastie) . A presne preto to cloveka musi aj bavit. Ja som sa pred par rokmi rozhodoval medzi informatikou a zurnalistikou, pretoze ma vzdy okrem programovania bavilo pisat slohy a moja babka je slovencinarka. Aj ked som sa rozhodol pre IT, vzdy ma lakalo mat nejaky vlastny blog - preco som ho teda doteraz nikdy nemal? S rukou na srdci musim povedat, nepisal som blog pretoze som v mojich inych zaujmoch ktore ma bavia rovnako ako pisanie videl potencialny vacsi financny navrat (v buducnosti). Preco som zacal pred dvoma tyzdnami pisat? Samozrejme pretoze potencialna financna odmena v pisani so Steemitom narastla. Skoda ze som steemit neobjavil uz v Maji 2017, ked som si kupil prve btc. Takze ano, som tu aby som si vytvoril moznost zarabat aspon par dolarov denne pisanim postov a tak mozno scasti financovat moj "rok cestovania a trenovania jiu jitsu" po studiu....Ale mas pravdu, ze pri pisani si clovek ujasnuje myslienky, presne preto si pisem uz 4 roky cca raz tyzdenne dennik - spominal som to v mojom INtroduction, ze o tom planujem napisat post . Takze ja som tu primarne kvoli tomu aby som bol schopny od hocikadial zo sveta zarobit par dolarov navyse. Pisanie ma ale vzdy ultra bavilo takze je to win-win.

Co sa tyka prekladu, dlhodobo to asi udrzatelne nebude, kedze pracujem, studujem, pisem diplomku a denne travim hodiny na treningoch. Alee zaroven som taky trochu naivny chlapec veriaci v karmu atd atd tak ti kludne jeden clanok prelozim (mozno som aj vypocitavy a dufam v extra karma body navyse :D). Posli ho pls na nitramdurcek@gmail.com


Hmm prave ma napadlo...Aj ked ja na tie preklady cas nemam, mam 18rocnu segru...Neviem jako je to mozne, ale ta mala spina pred 2ma tyzdnami spravila oficialny Menza IQ test na 156. Nikdy som ju nevidel sa ucit a na zakladke reprezentovala skolu na olympiadach z tusim 7 z desiatich premetov ktore mala. No a pred par mesiacmi si spravila C1 statnicu z anglictiny na Acko.

Momentalne caka na potvrdenie jej Steemit uctu a teoreticky by ti mozno bola ochotna to prekladat ona. Samozrejme asi za nejaky steem poplatok. Bolo by to super, lebo ona si v jej veku moc krypt kupit nemoze, cize to co kupila ma zainvestovane vo viac istych coinoch ako steem. Preto ked prijde sem, isto sa potesi kazdemu STEEMu, ktory by si mohla zarobit a zmenit za SP.

Tam uz je ale znova v hre tvoja povodna otazka - preco si tu... a ci si jej ochotny mozno nejaku malu sumu v steemoch za preklady posielat. S potencialnou sancou na zviditelnenie a dostani sa do trending blablabla....Ale to je iba moj napad, osobne by ma to ultra tesilo keby si takto Zuz zarobila hoc aj iba par STEEMov dokopy... ale tak to uz je na tebe a tvojom uvazeni, ci by to pre teba malo zmysel.

Kazdopadne, posli mi jeden post na moj mail a ja ti to prelozim. Dostanem sa k tomu ale az nejak pred polnocou dnes.


:D:D omg prave som si uvedomil, ze pod clankom o detskej praci predavam moju vlastnu sestru na lacne preklady :D:D ale tak ona by to fakt rada a dobrovolne robila


Ahoj, já nebudu tak rychlý. Musím si promyslet, co psát pro anglicky čtoucí a jak se dělit o zisk z té práce.
Úplně předběžně přemýšlím o tom, že bych napsal článek česky a dal ho normálně na Steemit. Tvoje sestra nebo Ty byste ho přeložili a dali na Steemit pod svým tagem s odkazem na mě, že je to překlad. Do jiných # .Odměna by přišla Vám. Dělili bychom si ji napůl... To je zatím stav mých myšlenek.
Dohoda by byla třeba na měsíc. Článek týdně. Pak bychom viděli, jak to funguje. Mohli bychom dohodu upravit.
O čem psát? Jsem Pražák, původním povoláním učitel dějepisu. Tak asi o Praze... Fotky, historie, typy na návštěvu, rady cestovatelům.
Zkusím se podívat, co v těhle kategoriích na Steemitu existuje.


Ok, tak to kludne premyslite, ja skusim tiez na nieco prijst. Je to zaujmavy koncept, keby sme to postovali ale my so segrou, vlastne by nas ludia followovali na zaklade Vasej tvorby, coz neviem ci si zasluzime. Na druhej strane, keby followli Vas a boli by to anglicky citatelia, neviem ako by ste im odpisovali do komentarov atd.... Napiste mi to potom prosim na mail, ked Vas nieco prijdete....Btw ked pisete, ze "povodnym povolanim", zacal som radsej vykat :D Babka bola tiez dejepisarka + ucila slovencinu. Zaujem/cit pre obe do mna vstepila, kazdopadne v tych smeroch nieje velka financna buducnost, takze som sa dal na informatiku, ktora ma bavila rovnako.

It is heartbreaking to think about all the conditions that the children and other factory workers have to endure to push out products to the consumers world wide at the cheapest prices. Many people do not take the time to think about this. When I am traveling, I make it a point to seek out the smaller shop owners and those that are making the souvenirs by hand. Thank you for your insight into Shopify. I have never even heard of it before.


Yepp, it's disgusting, drag-n-drop stuff, copy paste AliExpress products and literally just write there whatever you want about the "original price"...From videos I've seen, these 20years old businessmen operating from their room in mom's basement claim -70% off works the best. Anything more than that, people sense bullshit. Anything less than that, you'd be making only 4 times more than the price on AliExpress. That's obviously not enough


Without such guys, would the company have sold as many of the product as it did with them?
And isn't it the same with e.g. a grocery, who buys milk from a peasant and sells it to you much more expensive?


As I've said, I'm don't think dropshippers are causing all these problems in China, I'm saying I'm disgusted with those dropshippers who think of themselves as if they were super successfull enterpreneurs which they are not...

If the company would be able to sell less products, that basically means less work for those workers right? And I guess that's anything but good.

Also I don't agree with the example with a farmer. Farmer has chosen to be the farmer. I mean - of course it's gotten worse for them with arrival of big supermarkets and stuff. But he's still working because he has chosen to do that and also he can regulate his work time and number of animals according to his needs. Those chinese workers cannot. I think your example is mixing pears and apples.

But ofcourse thanks for your input!

The problem is not people making money with dropshipping. The problem is that these countries and their people do nothing to fight children exploitation and bad work conditions. You didn't mention any big companies like Amazon, Ebay, H&M, the big fashion firms... they all exploit the poorer eastern countries to produce their products, which we happily buy and nobody complains about it. Even if those big companies handle the products and keep them in stock, does it make it less disgusting when you think about the exploited children?

I have the solution to fight this problem: make eastern people realise that their work is worth much more.


But on the other hand... what would those "children" do, if they were not allowed to work? I guess there are no schools around having empty seats.
Not so easy. And they would not work, if their families would not need the money. So if you just take this money from them, will their lifes become easier or better?
And how big do you think are the chances that the respective country will spend money onto those families to compensate the loss of the child income? In a scenario where exactly this state suddenly earns less taxes, as there are now less workers working?
And how would realize their worth do them any good? If they woul start to strike for better salaries, the company owner would just move to the next country and our striking workers will have 0 income from this point on. How would this make their lifes better?
And the workers in the country the company owner moved to will now very likely not even think of a strike. They can see in their news what happened to the guys who striked. This was not nice and the new guys rather work hard 14 hours shifts in the factory, as this is still better than their lifes before.

Don't get me wrong: I don't think this is good or should be this way. But it is much, much more complicated than one usually thinks.


In the "western countries" we fought for workers rights, and it was a bloody fight that lasted many years. Now, the political right parties are taking those rights back and we have less work opportunities, less pay, less rights, contracts in favour of the employers etc. This hasn't happened yet in "eastern countries" but I hope it will happen soon.

The OP says the problem is people abusing "dropshipping", while that's just the tip of the iceberg. One might argue that without dropshipping the exploited workers wouldn't even make that little money they do. In some countries, for cultural issues and simple "being used to it", people don't fight because they risk of loosing the little they have.

During the big wars period workers had little rights all around the world. That changed when they started fighting the system, striking and they gained what we have now. Well, we're losing it again with the political right parties pushing in favour of the employers.

It all depends on us! To quote the Beastie Boys: you gotta fight for your right (to party)


I know this is not the main thing which causes the problem with exploiting people - as I've said, I'm also guilty of wearing some H&M tshirts...But I find this even a lever higher - when I go to H&M, I go there to save money. People who do dropshipping are actually making extra money on top of shopping in H&M.

I don't think stopping dropshipping would change things immediately - compared to big companies, those couple of thousands dropshippers' earnings are peanuts. I'm just disgusted how proud they carry themselves, as if they really were real enterpreneurs...that's what makes me really angry.

Also, if all dropshippers would realize what they do, the actual harm would not change much. But what would maybe change is the percentage of people who are actually willing to actively exploit. I guess there are hundreds of big company bosses (responsible for +90% of the export from asia) but there are thousands and thousands of people who are willing to do dropshipping. If they'd realize it's bad, suddenly the ratio in society would massively shift towards opposing the whole abuse of cheap workforce. And that could be the beginning in the whole market mentality change etc etc... At least I hope


Isn't that a market law? Buy low, sell high. Where you found the products or what you do with them is not relevant. (as long as you're in the legality, of course)

I feel your disgust for such people who also feel like the smartest on Earth, but setting up a website or using a sell/buy app for "dropshipping" still requires some efforts to create and maintain. It's not like they get dropshipping for free, even though it's not a big effort it still requires some.

Searching through those websites for products is actually very time consuming and most people don't have the patience or will to sit for hours hunting cheap products. They just want a quick way to buy nice products at a good price. Even if the original price was much lower and the dropshippers are earning a lot, for the final consumer that's still a good price and they saved up a lot of time searching around.

It was a nice article anyways, it sparked many thoughts :)

Wow firstly I am impressed you wrote that in two languages!

Dropshipping is everywhere nowadays, I am surprised people still make money off of it considering how well-known it is to buy things off of the internet for cheaply. Surely people would look at Aliexpress and shop directly from there than a website?


You just put the image to google.images and you get AliExpress links. I don't get it either....and that second language is my native one hahh, so it wasn't really that much work to translate.


I always admire people who speak more than one language! I am a native English... one day I will learn a new language ;)


Hahh, I'm living with a guy from UK and he's currently learning German. And he swears a lot haha. I guess it's a double edged sword, being English hative speaker. Cuz you have it kind of easy cuz you speak awesome English, but at the same time there's no need to learn any foreign language then.

For example I'm from Slovakia and noone give s afuck about our language :D So I had to spend hours upon hours learning English and German. Glad I've done it, but at the same time, would be much easier to be fortunate and be born as a native speaker of one of those two :D

Great description of what is really going on with the develop world's economy. Cheap labor and less work for the same product means more profit is the end goal. This has been happening for years and a lot of corporations pretty much destroyed the working class for this. Yes life is easier now than a decade ago when it comes to technologies and saves time, but not all have access to these benefits.

No real way to stop this but I hope one day third world countries get to the point where first world countries can not take advantage of the cheap labor and lower expenses. Thanks!


I think it has to come at some point..western people will get sooo comfortable they won't be suddenly able to keep up with Asian countries and their economy will steamroll over the west. The world depends on those countries totally, I don't believe they can continue to be treated so bad and everything...dunno what, but somethign will come and the game will change, we will suddenly be on our knees, asing for a help from them.

It's actually already happening..kind of...western world is just playing a good game. But we're totally dependant on them.

Thx for answer, havent seen it before!


Definitely agree with everything you say. Many jobs are lost not necessary just because of technology advancement but the skills to do the job have been lost because its been shipped to overseas for far too long. Now to retool and relearn something in a fast pace world is nearly impossible.

Drop shipping is fine idea but it takes lot of learning stuff

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I sold on eBay for years then came Amazon. They are really a fulfillment center for drop shippers. Guys with some cash can buy product from china send the stock to Amazon and Amazon will list it and ship it for you and send you a cut. Amazon loves it as they get free inventory. But in the end we have made slaves of children.

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Lol I haven't even earned 3 SBD yet. I will follow and remember you when I have earned. About drop shipping, I think the profit is not directly linked to the kids working overtime. I lived in China for 3 years and the problem is not as much about the long hours and children working as it is about the culture. From kindergarten throughout the school year, Chinese children are generally subjected to a lot of pressure and working hard is a virtue. It will be hard to stop these practices since they are deeply engaged in culture and one is least likely to have listened to no matter how good your advice is, if you are not Chinese. The alternative to not wanting to work as hard is a good as being dishonoured by family and being left to be destitute. When you have seen poverty and what it can do to people, you will understand better. If that factory closes the next thing is worse than working 16 hours a day. It's sad.


Wow dude, such valuable insight!

Yepp, I got angry during writing that post and didn't really concentrate on what originally was supposed to be my point - the mentality of dropshippers. I've added several sentences to the post to address this, next time I'll try to be more composed during writing.

I'm not saying these dropshippers cause the main problem and didn't even want to talk that mch about the problems...I just don't get how can they get along with knowingly selling stuff 10times more expensive. Knowing it comes from China. And not giving a fuck...that was originally supposed to be my point. I fucked up a little bit.

Wooo nice post dude, it is sad how the capitalism is exploiting the poor and making the rich even richer :(

Interesting viewpoint this, I have been drop shipping for a couple of years now but I never thought chinese kids get beaten or something.