KROWKA - Typical Polish sweet I miss sooooo much while studying abroad

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Hey there Steem Gang!

I'm currently enjoying my summer break from Austria and am back in Slovakia for 2 weeks. Obviously, living abroad has many perks to it but there are also some disadvantages. One of them for me is food. There are several national dishes I really miss in Austria. Actually not only dishes. There's one more thing my taste buds crave after almost daily...



Krowky are actually not from Slovakia. They are typical polish sweet but you can get them in northern and eastern areas of Slovakia as well.


You can buy them on local markets in Poland by piece and in maaany flavours but they are exported just in one-flavour packs. I was veeery pleased to find two packs at my grandmother's house here in Presov. One pack contrains cca 25 pieces of these tiny caramel bits of happiness.





There's no secret here. Ingredients are:

  1. Sugar
  2. Sugar
  3. Sugar
  4. Glucose-fructose syrup
  5. Cow milk (10%)
  6. Butter
  7. Rapeseed and palm oil (feel free to hate me for palm oil..)
  8. Conservants
  9. and probably more sugar :D

As you can see, it's not the best way to get your summer body :) But yeah, I'm back home just several times a year so I don't really care right now. YOLO :D


I loooove KROWKAs!!

What exactly? Dunno..everything. They don't have thousands colors and don't really look too artificial. Also, you can just keep them in mouth and let them slowly melt or you can just have a quickie and chew it down in seconds. My relationship with krowkas is very serious and it's been cca 20 years since we've met for the first time. It really was a love at first sight :P



Oops! It wasn't me I swear :P


Taste test

They are suupersweet with the slight touch of cow milk. The crust is almost crunchy with some crystals of sugar here and there. And inside is a beattiful, creamy caramel. If you bite it in half, you can let it slowly drip into you mouth. It doesn't get much better than liquid caramel inside of solid caramel body, does it?



If you ever come to visit Poland or northern areas of Slovakia, make sure to try these! If you're wondering what else is traditional and local here, you might want to give a go to "bryndzove halusky", "trdelnik", "lokse", "korbaciky" or "zincica". If you're looking for some typical alcohol, go for borovicka :)

Thanks for reading!

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I love the sweet too


everyone does I guess :) If they say they don't, they're lying!

Když jedu do Polska, nikdy na ně nezapomenu. Poberu i rodině, ale po cestě jich mnoho padne. :)


Ja to iste ked idem naspat do rakuska :)

I'm British and regularly raid the Polish shops for these sweets! My favourites are Ptasie mleczko though! :D Entire boxes disappear in my presence.


Lucky you that you have that option in UK :D I'm studying in Austria and you can't get them there at all. I always take several packs with me tho :D

Slavný to bonbón :-)


Haha tomu ver :D

:D :D :D odpadla som, Martin :D


No dufam ze sa nesmejes na mojom velkom nose :D Je to jedina moja slabina a aj to iba z profilu :D


:D smejem sa z textu, akým si opísal tento zubolepič! btw. ešte nikdy som nemala krovku čo by mala to vnútro tekuté ?!


hah vsak ja vieem :) Fakt? tie tekutee su najlepsiee, musis zohnat!