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During the hardfork 20, I received a notification from Ginabot about a new post by @anomadsoul, as someone who enjoy his writings, I quickly clicked on the link and found that in his large heart, he has provided an avenue to while away time till HF20 was complete.

Here's the link to the post.


I totally enjoyed doing this though as I went through my blog and realize how far I've come and how much I've grown. I'll share some of my best moments here in no particular order, I hope you'll know a bit more about me at the end of this post.


My introductory post;

I finally found my turf, a place where I can finally be myself, where I don't need to be strong all the time.
I am Bejide, Motunrayo Oluwabukunmi. I bake, I cook, I love hair styling and I embrace nature. Having been given several more chances at life, I'm not going to waste any moment because they all count...


This is a post I made about a baking disaster I had and lessons from it;

During my undergraduate days, as a full time student and part time entrepreneur, I take some cake orders per week to sustain myself before "allawee" comes from home. Flashback to when I had a major caking disaster! The client already paid me a week to delivery (vital information). I got all the ingredients I needed for that particular recipe and used my profit to get some handouts in school.


This was my first time of participating in the #stach-dsw hosted by @winarobert and I was glad to have come first;

Hey lover, recently you lost someone so dear to you,
No matter how much you try, you can't seem to shake off the blue,
To that loved one, you just can't say adieu,
All everyone had to say is "give it time."


Another of my childhood memories and some lessons I learnt while growing up;

How can I ever tell the stories of my childhood without yellow mombins? From my primary school days when the trees stand gloriously at the edge of the school playground or my secondary school days with too many of the trees in the school compound, the smell filling the air, making us wish the class was over so we can have the delicious fruits to ourselves.


Here's another aspect of my life that gives me joy;

We can all be scientists given the right equipments, facility and instructions. All the bogus terminologies you hear and get scared are really all basic things that are around you everyday. Today, I'll be taking you with me to the lab to show you how I extract DNA, be sure to don your PPE and enjoy the lab.


The defining moment of my journey on steemit, the moment I felt I was beginning to give back to the community;

Welcome to the official opening of BEAUTY PARLOUR WITH @bookoons! We've planned and waited so much for this day and finally it's here. Our passion to make you look better got us here, so we thank you for stopping by and look forward to meeting your needs.

Here in our salon, we will give you;....


One person I admire so much, I hope she gets to know someday;

I came to know about Pardis Sabeti in year 2016 when I had my Students' Industrial Working Experience Scheme (SIWES) at the African Center of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases, (ACEGID).
The center focuses on Fevers of Unknown Origins
Nominated as Times woman of the year 2014 , Pardis Sabeti is an Iranian American and award winning computational geneticist at Harvard University.


Time is I raised some questions about going back in time


This was said by @surpassinggoogle on the show, he questioned the concept of time, he asked if we had considered halting or overtaking time.

This is something I'd usually ponder on;
¶ Can time be stopped?
¶ Can it be extended?
¶ If we had 72 hours a day, would it still be enough?


In this post, I asked and answered the question of bad dreams, why do we have them?

Bad dreams which are commonly referred to as nightmares are common occurrence, we all might have had one or at least we've heard someone say they had one. Either ways they leave us feeling anxious, fearful and disturbed, sometimes stressed. The degree of this feelings are directly proportional to how bad the dreams are. Sometimes the effects of this dreams can lead to stress and worry, which can affect a person's overall life...


Here's me sharing my thoughts about pleasing people at your own detriment;

My quote today is actually on a light note; don't kill yourself trying to please people because even at your funeral they'd complain of not getting enough food and souvenirs (lol, Nigerian burials are colourful events, this a topic for another discussion)...

Did you check out all 10 posts? If you did, now you know more about me as I picked posts related to my passions.

I nominate @winarobert @dawizy @imbigdee to share so we can get to know more about them.
This challenge is quite easy, go through the post and follow the rules, nominate 3 people.


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