Why I continue to play STEEMPUNK-NET

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Just like everywhere, fads come and go - and that includes games. People lose interest or move on to play the next newest toy, but I've never been like that. If something is good to me, I am good back. I am a dinosaur from the age where loyalty meant something.
It's been nine months now since I first discovered it, so why do I continue to play this MMORPG game?
Read on (the list is in no particular order), and I hope you will be inspired to try the game out for yourselves.

But first, watch this brief but awesome trailer, created by @oendertuerk.


  • It is FREE to play
  • It is EASY to play
  • You have the opportunity to earn REWARDS
  • The game developers are a GREAT bunch of people
  • We are encouraged to develop parallel projects which complement the game
  • We can become an ARCH-NEMESIS to other players (aye @aussieninja)
  • It is a means of stepping out of that social rut and finding new people to interact with
  • You can have fun with alter-egos
  • It offers a chance to write fiction based around the game; or to let loose your visually artistic imagination
  • It ties nicely into the STEAMPUNK genre
  • You can battle your friends, your frienemies, or random strangers - equality rules
  • The game is constantly in development, so there are always more goals to reach
  • You can spend as little or as much time playing as you like
  • Investment in the game, via delegation, earns a return
  • And probably so much more I've forgotten to mention

So yeah, because of this game I have been able to create several characters which I use in stories and as personas in other Steemit games, such as the awesome Interactive Battle Tournament run by @lordnigel. I can explore the crazy contraptions which the Steampunk genre encompasses, and I can create some crazy stuff of my own - like potions, weapons, pets, and silly songs. I can also help other players by posting informative how-to guides, which in turn benefits the game as a whole.
And when I reach this level I will get a nifty t-shirt ... don't think I've forgotten, @dehenne ;D

I've met some really awesome, amazingly talented, and just plain nice people, completely due to the game. I feel I was able to grow a lot, as a Steemit-newbie, because of the support I received early on from the team.
I thank them most heartily.
enter image description here
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p.s: Until now, no one has seen what I look like. But if you are even a bit curious you can view me here. Thanks to @justatouchfey for the encouragement to bring myself out of the shadows. ;)

So if you want to play this great game, enter our discord invite server, follow the welcome guides, and get your game on.



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I'm pretty bad at big talk. but what i know, I'm honored to have you as a player and team member. Thank you!

awww shucks, thanks so much!

I hope you have that t-shirt maker on standby cause I know I'll reach that level real soon :D

That's a very cool post, @ravenruis. I must get back into #steempunknet soon. I really enjoy it. I'm just "fanboying" over #steemmonsters right now though, as they have just released new information about the actual gameplay for their game, and I've been working on @carn's SteemMonsters wiki, getting all of that new information into an Aspie-friendly order, haha. But I will certainly be getting back to SPN again soon. I haven't forgotten about it! 😉

I should jolly well hope not! hehehe ;)

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