My First Entry For Fiftywords Challenge: "The Moment He Stops Crying"

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So... I scrolled down the #fiftywords tag, read some of them and find myself interested in writing a short story too. However, I wasn't sure whether I should join in because I'm sure my writing will be bland, not artistic, not touching, atrocious. 

But this particular fiftywords entry by @enjar gave me the last push to finally decided to make my own. To be honest, it's because his short story is based on a video game "to fit his niche" I wasn't sure if it was allowed, but now I know it is. And since my niche is gaming too, I was excited to write one. Without further babbling, here it is...

This week's #fiftywords challenge:
Fifty word challenge - round up and new story prompt. The prompt is "tear".

The Moment He Stops Crying

Nella's dying in his arms
Leaving the young, innocent Evan.
She wiped away his tears,
And told him to rebuild a kingdom,
One that will bring peace.
Nella died in his arms
Left the young, determined Evan
To rebuild a kingdom,
One that will unleash his wrath upon his foe.

About This Entry

The picture was taken by me from the game Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. The story in this entry is the exact opposite story of the game. In the game, Evan will be a kind-hearted King. I don't like that. The micro-fiction you just read is how I wanted him to be.
Yeah, edgy. Whatever.

Head to the author's this week's post I mentioned to learn more about this challenge. And thanks to @jayna for the challenge! And thanks for @enjar too, for the inspiring post. Unfortunately I stumbled upon the post too late. So sorry about that :<

For more gaming stuff...
follow me, would you kindly?

DISCLAIMER: All artworks in this post (except for the cited ones) are belongs to me and I don't allow you, your partner, your cassowary, or your waifu to use them without my consent. Think I'm a smug? Fine by me. Happened before. Hate it if it happen again.


I think with a lot of the challenges out there it is the challenge and fun part to be able to fit them into your own niche here. It helps pull it out of the normal way people where approaching something and gives it a new spin on things. A while back I did this with #marketfriday where I visited a shopping mall inside of a video game and showcased gear/weapons/other stuff that where up for sale and on display in different booths and what not. While also explaining things a fair amount since people would have no idea what they where anyways.

Fanfiction in gaming is a very fun part and I’m sure I’ll included it in a few other things going around if I ever make time for it. When it comes to something like gaming and where you try and include it for different kinds of challenges out there it should not be “if you should” but how can you. Gaming can have a very wide reaching range it is just up to us to do so. I’m sure some people won’t always be happy to see it used in such way. But if one is not creative then we are all just doing yet another gaming review and that becomes rather stale and not very creative over time.

Like any good photo that screenshot you used help create the emotion you wanted. It allowed you to give it detail and depth. It allowed you to express things in a way someone who would not being doing so from the content of a game would do so.

I did read the FAQ about what can you write in this challenge, and the example of the short story about a "moment", different moments. But a moment in video game? That didn't pop up in mind. And when it did soon after, I didn't think it would be a good and acceptable way to write about video game, or this fiftywords challenge here. Then I read your short story, then you know the rest...

That exact moment in the game was the first that come to mind. I have another moment I could think of that I think suited with the word "tear", but I don't know if I can make another story. This took me hours to make lol.
The fun part is when you're able to fit them into your own niche, I agree with that.

Rules for something like this are more of a recommendation. I’ve seen some people go way over 50 words while others have broken down long stories into 50-word chunks. The fun thing about this is it does not take a lot of time to do and the person running it has changed a couple of times. With changes of the guard so has flavor and the kinds of people who do this as well. It is amazing to have watch it change over time.

I’ve been doing these off and on for well over a year. Most of them I’ve made into gaming ones. Sometimes I’ll go week or a month without one. Other times I just felt like “hey this make a great 50 words story.” Thankfully my first one is buried deep and lost into the void. It was so bad!

Visiting a market inside a Videogame and talk about it as if it's a real market IRL?! Wow, I would never have thought of that, great idea!!

Most of the time for those kinds of contests it’s about being creative and bringing something new to the table. It had that desired effect as no one expected that. Yet, as a gamer, I’m always visiting in-game markets to buy things and so it’s not that shocking to me.

I did the same for some name challenge that was going around as well. Since Enjar was my past gamer name used in an MMO where I went over his history, struggles, and victories in that game.

You can apply such things to quite a number of the different contest/challenges out there. I’m sure some would not be happy about it but who’s to say you can’t unless they say it right in the rules. In which case most don’t follow challenge rules 100% anyway. They are more for the fun than anything else.

I’m sure some would not be happy about it but who’s to say you can’t unless they say it right in the rules.

This line is my ... They can disqualify you if they want but you have two benefits:

  • It's more likely they won't as they didn't put that in the rules.
  • Even if you did dropped, you wrote a whole post! That itself can be called an achievement.

If nothing else you just don't include the tag or title they are using for the challenge/contest and just make it its own thing. Which can be fun as well. Quite a few times those challenges the person who started it might not even be around or even be checking out most of them.

When I was doing some of the the color challenges for a while (I really should do one for a game) I was just creating very strange/weird short stories that included objects that where that days color. Everyone else was taking photos of flowers and most time the same kind.

Nice job @gaming-stuff. A nice intro to your #fiftywords career :o)

Thanks! I hope I can improve from this... fast XD

Very nice, @gaming-stuff. There is no restriction on the subject matter (although I should probably mention in the posts that people should not write NSFW stories for this challenge, which is the only off-limits topic). You should write about what’s meaningful to you. And there are many emerging writers here. This challenge offers an opportunity to improve your writing by carefully editing and fine tuning your story to get the perfect 50 words. All that is to say: I hope you have fun with the challenge!

One added note. I honestly don’t know where screenshots fall, when it comes to copyrights, but I would suspect that a strict viewpoint would be these are not “ours.” The imagery belongs to the video game developer. So in the future it’s perhaps best not to use images taken directly from a copyrighted work.

Welcome and thank you for participating!

Thank you, @jayna!
And yes, by the time I posted this I realized that... about what I wrote about me being atrocious--this kind of challenge is perfect to practice my writing. As you said in your post, the limitation stretches one's creativity. Plus there's no rule here (except for the NSFW), so I could practice from my comfort zone first (gaming).

And yep, will do. I'll learn further about how copyrights works for screenshots of games I already own, but I think I'll follow your advice to not to use images from a copyrighted work, because I'm not entirely sure about that yet.

Once again thanks for this challenge! Writing this 50 words story is more fun than I thought it would be. It's great!

It sounds like this is a great fit for you. I think it’s a great way for people to try out both creative writing and editing. What intrigues me about it is that everyone comes up with something completely different from everyone else, given the same starting point: a single wird and a goal to tell something as complete as possible in only 50 words. I love that. Every week the stories arrive like little presents. 😊

Really nice attempt. You packed so much story in such a small space. I recently found myself intrigued by the fifty word challenge as well.

Thank you, fellow fiftyworder!
Packing this story into 50 words was hard, but that's why it's fun.


Finding possibilities to expand and explore different interests using this platform can be a challenge. Your post is a reminder that we can be diverse in our thinking and writing.

Such weighty words. Thanks!
Though, for a reminder, my writing is not that powerful...

I dare you to write that in 50 words, then I'll give an upvote...

Glad you're doing #fiftywords too, I've been thinking for months now to write one as a game fanfiction but didn't find the time to it (I had one planned for "sea," how many prompts ago was that again?)

The best thing about fifty words is that since the "moment" is short, you think on how to word it the best you can.

Ooh, story ideas immediately came to mind when I read the quoted "sea". But the tricky part is how you tell them in only 50 words, but that's why it's fun. Will you make one for this week's prompt?

Hopefully, the prompt "tear" gives me a lot of interesting ideas, but putting one into 50 words is the challenge, I'm looking for an idea that makes me want to do that.

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