Retrospective of a Gamer #2: FATED: The Silence Oath

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Now that the indie market is in place, special attention is given to those who also have the Virtual Reality system in mind. For those who are not aware of what is coming out weekly, they will notice that more and more indie games are being released with VR. Today I tell you about FATED: The Silence Oath.


The Story of Gods

FATED - The Silent Oath tells a narrative approach of a man forced to negotiate with the gods for his own life, unaware of the sacrifices he would have to make to save his family, and his own existence.

Created by Frima Studios, FATED is a tragic story that makes good use of VR glasses. The aesthetic and brilliant and since the beginning of the games we have been submerged in our own history. No doubt Virtual Reality is one of the best ways to tell stories.


The Problems

Although the game is excellent, we found three situations that can make some gamers uncomfortable. The first is its duration, the game is quite short! The story is beautiful, but in half an hour I finished the game!
Obviously, this would not be a problem, if there was another problem: the price. At this moment costs 10$, but until recently, it cost 20$. And there are great games that cost a lot less.

The third and last problem, which is also what differs from others: the impossibility of playing it without being virtual reality. How many and how many games these days could be played without VR devices, and unfortunately, there are games that come up that always need the device. Because if really VR was just an option, many more gamers take advantage of the good quality of the game.

I understand the need for VR, and wanting to submerge the player in the story is understandable, but I also perceive those who want to play and can not.


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I want to agree about the price, but game development costs are all rising even for indie games, I haven't played this game but do you rather play a short but well crafted experience or longer repetitive one costed the developer the same amount of money?

My answer would depend on the game. (Especially after I heard that AAA companies struggle even with $60 price tag, but you can argue that's because of greed.)

About for being purely VR, this can be made as an artistic decision, they might have wanted that their game to be played the way they wanted and not another way... Playing a game in VR and out of VR (I never tried one, but I think) are too different experiences. A game designer is an artist and I love to see the art as what their original artist want to be seen.

Of course they may also made it as a business decision, probably to get VR pieces sold. But it's indie game so I bet on the artistic reason. What do you think?

I included this post in my Daily Picks. Thanks for checking my post earlier by the way~

Thank you so much @ahmadmanga. In the future I will made a Weekly Gaming Best Articles that I found per week.
I think it's important for us gamers in general here on Steemit.

But let's talk about the game. I agree now with the price 10€/$, but I still don't agree with the VR-Only stuff. I understand what you said, and off course, it's important for the genre, but it's important for the others to play it too.

I just agree with you in what you said. Gamer designers and artist love to see their games getting famous. Yet, I think it's also important to create a part of an option for the game to be VR, or not. Especially because your target audience could be a lot bigger, just like sales.


Yeah, while I said all the stuff about 'artistic value' I still thought of that... Well, I don't know the developers so all we can do is to assume.

Yet, I think it's also important to create a part of an option for the game to be VR, or not. Especially because your target audience could be a lot bigger, just like sales.

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I agree about the price issue, and time issue. Is it a game you can or are willing to go to for another round of fun, like Skyrim, fallout, civilization? One other thing, is it a game that people would like to play, but want it on a PC or a console. I prefer single player games with the option of on-line play, but prefer offline games. It is a shame so many games are becoming online only.


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