ahmadmanga Picks #6 | Trapped, Fated and Dawned

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Focusing on two different niches Gaming/Fiction, bringing to you posts from all over steemit. Not much about writing today though.


Salam (Peace)

Today I mentioned less post than usual but decided don't have time to find more, I spent a lot of time today talking about the state of steemit (Which isn't good but let's stay positive.) Please read ahmadmanga Picks Announcement Post to know the intended audience of my Daily Picks and about the rating system used here (Clarity/Novelty/Fun.)

~ The Announcement Post ~

Retrospective of a Gamer #2: FATED: The Silence Oath

by @t-miles

Post NicheClarityNoveltyFunLength
#Gaming, Virtual RealityASA~300wrds

Half review, Half analysis of the game . A brief introduction about the game and its story, @t-miles post is whether limiting the number of players by being a purely VR game is a good choice.

In a way, it's similar to my #ThinkingWhileGaming posts.

"Trapped" a fiftywords story in .gif form

Trapped Cover.jpg
by @felt.buzz

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#Fiction, fiftywords shortBAA~50wrds

I was looking for a good story, but I found an amazing idea instead. The actual fiction isn't bad, I read it as dark but someone said it was funny. But the thing I want to highlight is that he makes as .gif pictures of his 50 words stories. @felt.buzz, now I want to do the same~

5 AWESOME Modern Retro Games You NEED To PLAY!

CupHead Cover.jpg

Post NicheClarityNoveltyFunLength

When I heard the title, I thought I will find small indie games that with $2.9 price tag. I found awesome selection of Cup Head and four games I only heard about a bit before. A Great List in my opinion, @techmojo never disappoint.

After Deep Darkness Comes a Beautiful Dawn

Before Dawn.jpg
by @sharoonyasir

Post NicheClarityNoveltyFunLength
#Life, Depression, MotivationASA~1100wrds

So I stumbled upon this post by chance. I'm glad I did, A quick reminder by @sharoonyasir that life is full of fleeting feelings, being sad/depressed is just a phase and we'll overcome it better if we knew that. In the end she also gives some tips on how to live happier. (Post is near Payout.)

Honorable Mentions:

Putting this here because I loved Tsubasa as a child (named Majid in Arabic ver.) And was amazed to know there's a iOS game for him.

@themarkymark's "Half Life 3 Confirmed?"
While I don't think we will ever get HL3, it's still good to know Valve is making games again. Yaaaaay! It's good to see a witness post about gaming.

~ Hope you liked today's Collection ~
Will love if you checked my latest posts @ahmadmanga and give me your comments on them. More than upvotes, discussion drives me more to write new things.

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Thanks for the mention! I'll check out your other recommendations! :)