What the Muscovy Brothers would do with $50 SBD

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I am entering @greenacrehome's 50 SBD contest on behalf of The Muscovy Brothers (and their slightly shady manager Greylag).

The Muscovy Brothers have been in the entertainment business for over 25 years, first in music hall variety and then in standup comedy.

In the wildfowl and poultry world they were something of a household name, often playing such great venues as Birmingham Quackadrome and Quacktown Pier.

They even made it to the finals of Britain’s Got Bird Talent but quit due to ‘artistic differences’ with Simon Cowell.

They are now, let’s say, in the autumn of their career. Their manager Greylag still assures them though that the next big gig is just around the corner. He’s just waiting for a call back from one of his contacts in television.

They moved to stay on our Porcine Estate about six months ago. Initially we put them up in the Old Pig House but we did tell them that the area was due for redevelopment. We moved them to new shared accommodation in a modern gated community called Poultry Pastures. It is very light and airy and even has its own swimming pool.

But they are not happy. They are demanding a new purpose Duck House. I’ve explained we don’t have the funds at the moment. They have assured me it would only cost $50.

It’s probably best if I let them tell you themselves what they want.

Sorry I just realised you may not speak Duck so I’d better translate.

[Groucho] When we moved here we were promised top notch accommodation suitable for ducks of our celebrity status.
We wanted a bedroom each, a nice living room, a kitchen with all the mod-cons...

[Harpo] And what about the pool?
Greylag definitely said we were getting a nice heated swimming pool to relax in and ruffle our feathers. Hey Greylag, what's the deal? You scammed us again? You not been paying the rent?

[Greylag] Guys, guys, just calm down. I'm going to sort this, okay?
You've got a pool look there. I know it's not indoors, but with this beautiful weather we get here in Wales who would want to be cooped up inside. You're not chickens are you?

Look at this beautiful pool. It just needs a bit of freshening up and it will be the best.

And your new place, you've got to admit, is it nice and light and airy. I did you alright didn't I?


[Chico] What about the broads? Just look at those hens they've got really nice places. In fact they've got two to choose from.
But they don't let us in. They say our web feet mess up the floor. They can go peck themselves.

I just want a good solid house for the winter that we can call our own.


[Groucho] Guys, guys, guys. I've got this covered.

I've made plans. We can do this. I know our landlord @pennsif says he got no budget left for a new place for us. But I've heard there's a really generous guy called @greenacrehome steeming into town and he's offering $50 to someone he thinks smart enough to make improvements to their home.

Look I've costed it up. With 50 bucks and the pallets and plywood left over from when they demolished our old Pig House we can have a really great place for the winter.

They'd be quackers not to go for this.

Hey, I know I can't draw well. I'm a duck. It's not easy holding a pen with web feet.

Duck Soup anyone?

[all images taken by @pennsif]

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Thanks for running the contest - it's been a fun one to do.

Oh my gosh. This was amazing.
Groucho, Harpo, and Greylag are rather demanding stars.
I can imagine them still quacking about how they want their penthouse upgraded.

What a fun post. I'll look forward to seeing their story.
I'm so excited to see there's another Muscovy triplet on Steemit!

They haven't mellowed since I made this post. In fact Greylag gives me a quackfull every time I go to see them.

OMG what a fantastic post, way to go. Love it!🐓

Glad you liked it.

Hahaha, this is amazing @pennsif! Super creative and funny duck-talk. Oh yeah, and also a great idea to give the mucsovy brothers something nice for the winter.

Thank you @stortebeker. It's Greylag the Goose I'm most worried about. He keeps giving me the evil eye when I go to feed them.

What a fun post to read! I want some ducks even more now than I did before reading :)

I like the ducks. I originally gave these ones a home to help clear the slugs but they don't seem too interested.

The Indian Runner Ducks I had before were very keen on slugs.

That is good to know in case I have a slug problem to deal with in the future. The Indian Runner Ducks are fun to watch waddle around in groups, but the Muscovy have that funky head movement, maybe I'll have to try some of both.

Oh no! There must be other more tasty treats to fill them up! Either that or muscovies are just too refined for that sort of thing! At least yours certainly seem to be from your entertaining post! Lol!

Being urban muscovies would have been my choice for slug control as they are supposed to be quiet, but I'm not sure now after hearing your guys.

Ha! This was hilarious and a top notch post. Well done!

Thank you. I enjoyed making this post although a bit rushed in the end. Just got it in five minutes before the deadline.

awesome post and those ducks have got a point there...

Thank you. They can be quite demanding 😊

Okay even though I entered this contest you should win hands down. A extremely original approach. 👏 I even chuckled a little 🙃

Thank you. It was good fun interviewing the Muscovy Brothers and writing up the post 😊

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hahaha! I always like it when people can quack me up! LOL, you may also like my vlog humor...


I've been known to be a bit quacky :) <3

Thank you. Great vlogs. I spotted you from @stellabelle's post. Hope that got you some more followers.

That was cute. Hope they are happy with the accomodations now.

Good contest with original theme!

Thank you.

Too funny!!! And to think these celebrities have submitted to my article!

Cool DIY project and cheap
Thank for sharing

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