Homesteaders & Preppers on steemit - going weekly - v7 [30 Jul '17]

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If you build it, they will come...

We've tracked down another 21 homesteaders and preppers since last week - mostly new arrivals on the steemit wagon train.

That puts the total up to 171.

I've decided to issue this list weekly now to make sure the latest list is always readily available. I had a comment from @codypanama during the week about how users of this list will know who are the new additions to follow.

Just today I came up with the idea of adding the date each person is added to the list at the end of their listing so you can quickly spot the new additions. Please note I only started this today, so it won't cover all those I have added to the list in the week since the last list.

I hope this is helpful.

I've done a quick run through and it looks like 35 of the 50 US states are now represented on the list. Although there might be a few more hidden in the US only listings.

Florida is edging ahead in the top homesteading state now with 12 listings, Texas is holding on to the second spot with 10. From what I've watched on YouTube I thought North Carolina would be a front runner.

I did a micro study during the week on retention rates on steemit. The analysis found that 74% of the homesteaders and preppers on this list were active in the last 7 days. This figure is much above the average for steemit. Is it the strength of the community amongst homesteaders and preppers that is helping this?

You can read the full post here :

Here is the latest list of homesteaders and preppers. My apologies if I have missed anyone from the list that has already contacted me - just post in the comments again. Or if you know anyone else who should be on the list let me know.

Homesteaders & Preppers on steemit (v7) :

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I think that one of the reasons that homesteader retention on steemit is higher than average is because we understand the need to have several sources of income, and if it's not a direct part of the fiat system, so much the better.

Homesteaders also traditionally value community for various types of help and support. Look here for community!

Thanks for the update! I've followed several. I appreciate you doing this list 🤗

Glad you find it useful, and thank you for the resteem.

I would just copy and paste this response :-)

This is big job that you've taken on. And I think you may be right about the sense of community being the reason for higher retention. Thanks for adding my little blog :-)

You're welcome.

Hmmmm I've checked and double checked - nope we're not on the list, is that a good or a bad thing ? ! I have to give credit where credit is due - it's mainly "wholesome roots" fault that we're here !!! Can't wait to meet her in October !! WHOOWHOO !!

Hi @twofamhomestead, don't worry this is the old list on this post.

You are on the new list that has just been published :

Welcome aboard!

I've gotta say I thought the same thing about where people are located. Most of the channels I watch on YouTube are in North Carolina. I've only seen 1 other channel from FL. Hi to all the other Florida homesteaders and preppers! :D

I guess the homesteaders in North Carolina are keen on YouTube. Hopefully a few more of them will make it over to steemit soon.

Was I kicked out of the group lol?

Shhhh...they can't track you if you aren't on the list.

Crap! What was I thinking?

Hi David, sorry I missed you. I don't think I had you on the list before. You are on now 😎


Just followed you, hi from Australia.

Followed back, hello from Texas 🇺🇲

Wow, this is great...bookmarking it. I follow quite a few so far, but will check a few each day :)

Good to hear the list is useful for you. Just about to post the new version this evening. Over 200 on the new list.

Here's another prepper to add to the list. They're new here, but they have a few good posts already. I've been following this person, and some of you might also want to. Disclaimer, I have no affiliation with this person, I just think that they have good content.

Thank you - now on the list.

@pennsif Please add me to your fine list. [USA, Maryland, Pennsylvania] [July - 2017]

Now on the list. New list coming out this evening.

Whew! That's a relief. I mean I do shower daily and try to wear clean clothes at the start of the day. I realize that I am not a Hollywood fashion plate, but I would subscribe to Hog Times if it became a magazine (Think about, Fred Merkin the editor of Hog Times could get a press pass and rub elbows with the CNN reporter at The White House.). Oops! I pulled a Three Mile Island (TMI) too much information. Bye.

Wow this is awesome. A homesteading directory on Steemit. Thank you for all the hard work you are putting into it. Could you please add me. (USA, Montana, May 2017).

Sorry for the late reply @suzique. You are now on the new list coming out this evening.

Think I've got to everyone here, thank you.

You're welcome.

What a fantastic idea! Thank you for compiling this list. Good to see some Aussie homesteaders on here too.

Glad you like it, thank you.

Count me in!!! You can follow my stuff for years back at Youtube/user/GoatHollow.

Hi @goathollow, you are on the new list - coming out imminently.

I am a prepper, new to Steemit and loved your post. I am going to find more and learn more. Thanks so much for doing this work and sharing!

Hi @inchbyinch, sorry for the late reply. Welcome to steemit. You are now on the list - new version coming out imminently.

I'm a long time homesteader! My papa (I was not raised by him) was a full on Amish style homesteader in Iowa (he is not Amish but lived that way, in his generation they were the back to the earth people/movement) and I learned a lot from him. I lived off road and off grid in the Ortiz mountains of NM, that is where I really cut my teeth on permaculture and high mountain sustainability. Oh, the outhouse in the dead of winter...

Currently I am WA state and have a small homestead which I prefer to call a cottage but I grow a good deal of my food, preserve it, and repeat for the next year, I have yard animals and do most things by hand, flour mill, and all the old style kitchen stuff -- I have more of a Victorian mindset than a survivalist mindset but the ends are the same. I have not really found a full community in which I fit because of my style choices and not being god fearing which so many "homesteaders" seem to be. I'm a nature girl and I love beautiful old things that are 100 years of age or older. I like poetry and art and do those things too.

I do not participate in the allopathic medical system. I literally opt'd out. Of course if I get a broken bone I will find myself in the care of a hospital. Having had to deal with modern medicine to treat hashimotos for year and never feeling great I left it and started to learn all I could from old ways, Chinese, Ayurvedic, grandmothers, midwives and naturopaths.... I healed my condition years ago and have not been on thyroid meds since and am healthier than ever. One of my main interest in fact is "backyard" medicine, wild medicine.

My presence here is about my life and homesteading is only a small fraction of who and what I am and do, however, I do contribute with post like this:

I'm interested in many things that all make up my "Cottage Life":
Martial Arts (training the mind and body).
Depth Psychology (Jung is my go to).
Weapons training (not just firearms).
Fiberarts (from raw in the grease to garment).
Questioning reality and the power structures.
Deep historical investigation.
And on...

I think I qualify for this list too. lol.

Sorry for the late reply. You are now on the list - new edition coming out this evening.

I'm also very interested in 'non-conventional' medicine. Now followed you - looking forward to more posts on that subject.

Thank you. :)
I have lots of info on the subject, that I live and use. I'll do some posts -- I've been slow on doing post like that as the few I've done get almost no attention.

I will look out for the posts.

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