ANNOUNCEMENT: SteemitHomesteaders SLACK Community!

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Fellow homesteaders, gardeners, farmers, preppers, and like minded individuals. I want to announce to you the creation of...

A free slack community to discuss topics of interest, share ideas & techniques, news, and otherwise get to know each other better to form an online community network alongside Steemit.

What is Slack?

Developed as an online business meeting and sharing utility, Slack has expanded to meet the needs of anyone who wish to share ideas, communicate, and otherwise converse together.

Think of it as a 21st century chat room. Slack is also very similar to Discord and Steemit.Chat in appearance and function.

Why Should I Join?

Have you found yourself wishing to find a group of like minded individuals to talk with online? Wouldn't it be great if those same people knew about Steemit and could all help each other learn and use it as well as share posts with each other?

If so, then this is why you should join! If not, stop by and see if you like it all the same... it's free!

Free for Us, But You're Probably Making Money

Nope! No kickbacks or benefits are extended to me for doing this. I'm doing it out of my own selfishness to want to talk to other homesteaders, farmers, gardeners, and preppers about interests and Steemit.

Ready to Join? Click Below!

Anyone can join, and you can invite anyone else to join, too. The more the merrier!

Spread the word to your friends and fellow Steemians and post any questions, comments or concerns below and I'll reply asap. Thanks!


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I haven't started homesteading at the house that I currently live at, and I'm on too many slack channels right now....but I'm sure that it will be a good one!

You're still welcome all the same! :-)

I'm here! Finally.

Been there a couple of times, it's a fun place to chat🐓

I don't see you on the user list... what user name did you pick? This is a new slack community, as of yesterday.

I was on steemitbc at Slack chatting with farmstead . I might have miscommunicated it as the homestead channel . I am always @mother2chicks🤔🐓

No worries. SteemitBC is a separate community and group and I'm on there too, but it's easy for you to join ours as well (you can be in as many slack communities as you want)--just click the link in the original post and it'll sign you up. There's a handful of homesteaders in there already and the more we get, the better experience and knowledge resource it will be.

Good Post!
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, come join us!

I signed up, what's next? :-)

Tried chatting with you there! But, no response. Haha at least not since I was there! :) bed now tho! See you there!

Sorry I missed you. I was trying to figure out how to use the platform, and then I got distracted by steemit.

No worries @amberyooper ! We're getting people signing up now and it'll be more interesting shortly. :) We have members spanning three time zones in the US so far and it'll only get better.

Thanks for sharing. I will take a look at that.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks

Sure. You can find me, i am at

And you can find us at

Would it be easier to use Discord? It's Free, has multi channels and user levels, voice chat for groups, and text channels see 'PAL Net' for want of a better example. What is slack, I've never heard of it?

Slack is free, has multiple channels, it's Similar to discord. I like it better than discord.

Ah, I found it and joined up, also found this handy comparison of the two.

Cool comparison! Thanks @overthewait, see you on the slack! :-)

I am of the mindset of many topics listed might have ideas I've gleaned from others that I can pass along this sounds interesting and could be fun :) I resteemed thanks for sharing

Thanks for joining us! See you there!

Hi @greenacrehome, thanks for setting this and thanks for invite.

Joined now. A great place to hang out. Resteemed to get a few more on board.

Hey there! I just wanted to inform you that your article has been included and linked in the most recent issue of the Weekly Homesteading Newsletter! Please check it out if you have the time! Thank you and have a great day!

I just joined and it says the team is almost at 10,000 message limit...and that to upgrade it is 6 something per person, per month.
Does slack just let the oldest posts drop off so we can keep posting free?

Oh, you can ignore that. :) Yes, the old messages will drop off and we'll just keep going. If you use the app (mobile or desktop), you won't see that message. See you there!

Okay, thanks :)

Joined :)

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