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This morning I woke up in a terrible mood. I have no idea why. I went to bed a fairly happy chappy. Then I woke and everything seemed wrong with the world.

At first, I thought it might be me. Perhaps I was the one at fault? It didn't take me long to realise though that it most certainly was not me that was the problem. It was everything else in the world. I knew this as within thirty seconds of getting out of bed I stubbed my toe on something.

What in the blazes!?!?!

I screamed, hopping back and forth whilst hugging my foot close to my chest like an old raggedy teddy bear.



Perhaps I should be more careful? I thought as I headed into the shower. After all, accidents do happen. I stood under the hot shower luxuriating in the warmth. Silly me, bumping my toe.


I screamed like a guinea pig being pressed into a sandwich. The water had gone stone cold!? I hopped out of the shower and shouted some very choice curse words. You could say that the air turned as blue as my now cold skin.

Whilst I was shouting and cursing, I accidentally kicked my toe against something again and this led to even more cursing and shouting.

When the throbbing pain from my toe had calmed down I dried myself off and headed off to work. I was now heartily convinced that fate itself was against me today and that no matter what, there was trouble ahead.

By the time I got to the train station though, I had given myself a resounding shake and put my best positivity hat on. Let's see what you have got oh fickle fate. I am ready to poke you in the eye with my special poky stick!


I made this

The day is what you make it!

I sang to myself happily.

I got onto my usual train. It's normally quite empty. Today it was full. I was pressed up against a particularly large and not very nice smelling man. He smelt like a bin that a cat had used as a toilet. Occasionally when the train rounded a corner his big round tummy would push quite firmly into me.

After being his train wife for the twenty minutes of the journey, I felt quite nauseous by the time I got off at my stop. It looked like fate was pulling out the big guns to annoy me.

La la la, you can't annoy me silly fate.

I sang in my head.

As I walked the rest of the way into work I had a quick browse of my feed on Steemit.


Out of the first ten posts I looked at there were three How to make it big on Steemit! posts. They were all written by people who had been on the site for less than a couple of weeks. I found that to be a little irritating.


I made this

I put it out of my mind and went to the coffee shop and ordered my usual life-saving coffee with milk. Ah. this will sort me out.

As I stepped outside I took a grateful sip.

What the flump?!

They had given me some sort of horrible cinnamon thing. It was horrible, like licking a dead mouse on a stick instead of a yummy lollipop.

I stormed back in. By now my zen calm was truly gone.

You gave me some guff cinnamon thing?

That's what you ordered.

No I did not!

I half screamed.

They recognised a madman denied caffeine and quickly made me a real coffee.

I left the shop, my mood beyond saving by any positive thinking.



Like an angry warthog, I stamped into work. This day was going to be terrible I knew it! Nothing could change that, absolutely NOTHING!

My phone rang.


I roared and put the phone to my ear.

What is it?!

I bellowed. My rage was palpable!

Daddy? Why do you sound like you are being a grumble-drawers?

It was my little daughter who was just 5 years old, just hearing her voice made my bad mood drift away like smoke.

Sorry lass. I didn't mean to be a grumble-drawers.

Well you were. Silly Daddy. Be a happy Daddy instead!

And just like that, I was a happy Daddy, just when I thought the day was going to be awful she had snapped me out of my grumbliness. Later when I arrived home I told her how she had turned my day around and she had laughed about me letting life make me grumpy.

She had a point. I think we can learn some valuable lessons from children!


What about you? Have you ever gotten advice from the mouth of babes as it were? Or have you managed to turn a day around from bad to good by something positive happening or even just being positive?

Give us your best tales of turning things round in the comments. I will be there to listen!

Authored by: @meesterboom

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I commend you for your efforts to soothe yourself and relax. Anyone can experience bad sleep (even nightmares) sometimes. God knows you're a good Dad. Thanks for sharing!


sir do you know why it is like this sometimes we see good dreams while sometimes bad dreams??what it depends on??
@hiroyamagishi @adsactly

I can feel you! I have obstructive sleep apnea and sometimes, Im too tired and fall sleep without wearing my CPAP mask. When I wake up, I feel so tired and unable to concentrate. I'm more prone to accidents and it's really hard to start working. I think the biggest lesson I learned is not to judge others due to any behavior which doesn't conform to our own standards. Who knows if someone has a medical problem or just having a bad day? That's what kids are for. I also have a 5y.o. and I can attest to the fact that children are gifts from God. Thanks for sharing!

Wow. Really beautiful @adsactly. Today is sure a good day, all the blogs i am visiting are inspiring me.
I dont have any kids yet, but i have very small nieces i have stayed with and at the sametimei i learn from them.
A funny thing happens after holidays when i go to visit them. A mountain of new toys enter my neices' lives. The toys are initially met with incredible excitement. However, after two or three days, they are pushed to the side as nieces return to the tried-and-true toys they had been playing with long before the holiday ever occurred. The new toys we thought would make them happier, don’t. Instead, they just start to get in the way.
We often think that material possessions will bring lasting excitement into our life, but most of the time they just end up getting in the way.
Thank you @meesterboom for listening. :)


You are welcome :0)

I have witnessed this exact phenomenon of which you speak. It is funny to see new toys losing their shine so quickly.

Glad you enjoyed!

And just like that, I was a happy Daddy, just when I thought the day was going to be awful she had snapped me out of my grumbliness.

These days have happened to me soo many times. As a matter of fact, yesterday I got up with my left leg first from my dumpster. I was angry at everyone for no reason at one point I broke and at that moment it all immediately changed. Just like that, just like in your story. Sometimes we have reach this “breaking point” to wake up from this Angrrrrrrr. It’s just all in our head, we are just a humans and we do make a mistake. I think the solution for this occasionall angr is to get nice a punching bag and ideally just punch it every day until you basically drap dead.


lol. Funny, but true!


Lol, that would certainly work. You know it might be that that I am missing. I have a punch/kick bash but it is in the garage and it's too cold in winter. I bet that means in spring I will be a laid back punchy person!

Grateful to @adsactly @meesterboom for writing this post, which reminds us that although we have difficult times and times we must always have the perseverance and hope that this day will change to be positive and wonderful.

I will tell you an anecdote: Working for an exhibition of the university, I had to stay up late, I had the exhibition for 09:00 am, and I got up very late, what made me angry with me, after being ready, the car did not turn on due to problems battery, I cursed that day, until my mother told me, remember what the Bible says always strive and be brave, also everything happens, you must value your life .

I said, ¿I'm going to value when today is a bad day?, only she smiled. I sat and thought, ¿why it will be that she rejoices of my evil?; My heart wrinkles and I said to myself, What a thing to say about my mother! who loves me, and that's when I began to value; first, I had awakened, I was healthy, I could walk; that filled me with enthusiasm and I went grabbing a bus, then I was valuing the landscape while I arrived at the university.

Already in the university, I realized that the professor had not arrived, what could make me more time for my exhibition.

In the end, I presented the topic with authority and with great pride also spoke about the reflection I had had.

By equaling that your writing @adsactly you valued and felt your girl and were optimistic on several occasions; I value the fact of having a mother, having the ability to do things well and being confident that I have a God who accompanies me.

Dia Exitoso english.PNG

As I told some people the last couple of days: it's so easy to complain about small things but we should keep the bigger picture in mind and - instead of complaining - get it off our chest by writing a funny post on it. That is exactly what you are doing, thereby turning something negative in a postive thing. Relieving yourself and putting a smile on our faces.

Thank you and greetings from Madrid

where I walk around with a swollen ankle, a bump on my head from the button of the bathroom's central heating and a slight sunburn as well as a cold, while I keep reminding myself that I am having a good time in a beautiful place :>)

A good story with meaning. In our life there are often good and bad days. This is the same as the weather, there is a networked sun and sometimes it rains.
Sometimes any person has a "boiling point" when emotions spill out. But we are just ordinary people and tend to make mistakes. Especially we make these mistakes in a fit of anger or emotion.
Therefore it is worth doing sublimation. Find something that helps get rid of negative emotions. Some engage in sports, some have sex (by the way a good way). Everyone has their own ways to relieve nervous tension. The main thing is that it's not drugs or alcohol.
Thanks, I liked the story.

Hhhh funny
When bad luck comes all at once .. feeling bad
Great post well done

@adsactly This Happens with everyone, one should always keep on going... Have a nice and wonderful day...


every day is a good day its depend on one's mood is his day good or bad


Totally agree with you it happens everyone out there,we had bad day for the whole time and suddenly a small empathy from little ones,or some kind of apreciations from them makes your life a 180 degree flip and boom it's turn out to be a good day.


Very nice day


You do have to just keep on going!

A good day nor bad day is a day! Keep it happy!

Don’t let your past suffer your future.

Ok , so you have bad day.

Don’t beat yousrself up over it, dont let one bad decision send you out of control.

Get back into your running shoes.

Get back to making decisions that improve your health and your hapiness.


Exactly. This is what I had lost sight of. It is so easy to do but we must stay positive and keep on going!

Steem is the way to go man but sorry to hear you had a bad day :(

Wonderful story... nothing changes for me today, still a boring day. But my brother manage to get a job and that enough to made my day. The positivity sometimes came from the other person happiness


That in itself is fantastic news. Congratulations to your brother :0)

wow honestly I have been reading posts all day now and hands down your post, this post right here was above and beyond the best one I have seen in any topic or tag
cheers @adsactly!!
with love
<3 kel


@kellycomatose im just new dear hope you will upvote me and help me to having a great day thanks


cheers @saqib143 we are twinkiesteemnoobs cause were both seem noobs
dont mind me I can be a bit dork sometimes on here
upvoted and followed my friend
<3 kel


tnx once again dear @kellycomatose for you support


This is awesome


Ha! That is splendid to hear, Cheers!

I had a lot of days when everything seemed to go wrong from the minute I woke up until I got to be again. Well, gotta push through them like champs.


That is the way to do it for sure!

We all have days like this.. You just happened to be lucky enough to get that call from your daughter .. And she quickly changed your mindset . She must of known you needed her in someway. Kids are special, and have ways to bring us back to reality in their own innocent way. Great story..


Thank you! We do have these days but its important to get those reminders that is aint all bad!


No doubt..

when bad things happen simultanously, we tend to think the universe is against us (like we say in nigeria-village people are after u), its actually quite funny sometimes. you might not be able to change the day but you can change your reaction to it. Happiness is infectious and it rubs off so think, look, or find something or someone that can uplift your mood, just like this story that is making me laugh!
btw, your daughter sounds like a funny child.
Thanks for sharing @adsactly


She is a very funny child! Cheers @charella!

I used to be terrified of waking up in a bad mood, as something not too good usually follows, I think I sense something in the universe is amiss. lol - I do not let it rule my actions though, I used to allow it to affect me but not anymore, that is life and we need to separate ourselves from any negative thought quickly and with swift abandon.

You seem to have pretty good Karma, since you stubbed your toe immediately, that is a good sign :-) means your pain is immediate and then you can get on with life.

just my thoughts on that subject, not factual of course, lol
stay blessed


I like the sound of those thoughts. I will take them as complete fact :O)


Haha :-) Thank you for your vote of "factual" confidence, therein lay pearls of wisdom which can only be discovered through an open heart and liberated soul :-)

I once had a little misunderstanding with someone and made my mind up not to relate with him.
It happened that the very next day I witnessed a scene where 2 young folks were arguing over toys and had to split up in anger. But in no time they were back together and playing with each other again.
Then I thought to myself if these young children can settle, then I need to settle.


Thats a good life lesson right there!

I once had a very bad day, so bad I was literally waiting for everything I was doing that day to end badly, and then out of the blue, without knowing about what I was facing that day, a dear friend sent me an encouraging message, and everything began looking up from there. I was so grateful for that message.


Thats exactly the kind of thing which makes a difference!

You hit your toe three times your bath water gone cold your empty train was full and beside you a well cat-smelled man that is fat..i imagine the smell is terrible.... :/ but last one is really bad... Wrong ordered coffee... It is important for me too... But finally in your story everything was fine with your daughter voice... I am not a father yet... But we are considering about it... And I think it is a priceless thing... Even though the funny bad things in your story you are lucky my friend...

Have a nice weekend... :)


You have a nice weekend too! Dont worry, the fathering comes eventually ;O)

There was this day my neighbor wanted to travel out and attend a meeting in another state but the daughter ran out from her room quite early though considering he needed to get an early bus outta town... The girl told the dad not to go and reluctantly the dad stayed back just to make the daughter happy and behold that night it was over the news that the bus he purchased tickets for had an accident and everyone on it died!! Sometimes it pays to readjust.

I have 3 nephews, 5,4 and 1.5 names are Yassher, Xavier and Zac.

I call them XYZ

Before going to work at 9am I play with them around 7am. That is the time they usually rise. They are my energy boosters.

They are my daily breakfast. Hahaha

Living away from home means u have to solve many things by yourself, documents with government, new language,new culture,mean housemate,racism,etc Sometimes,I'm really tired. Laughing/playing jokes to others doesn't mean I'm ok, I just don't want my mood make a bad day to other


kehna kya chahatay ho

@adsactly is the best
Good luck @adsactly

So you are copying @meesterboom style of writing :p
He is one of my favorite authors her on steemit.


This was written my him, it says who wrote the post at the bottom


yeah, i have seen it,

Nice story sir, thank you

@adsactly in fact I think I might just have to resteem it cause yeh it really #steemtastic!


its just the quality and personality
it just jumps off the page at ya
doesn't even really matter what your about as long as its explained in a artistically articulate manner like so
and then add the production quality presentation makes it stand out in the crowd and different right now even tho its what the standard should be one day.
cheers @adsactly thank you for this
your success is well deserved and we received

<3 kel


So flattering. I will have to delete my head now to get through the doors ;0)


Funny to look up everybody got a triple threat on deck.
Looking forward to having some time to read more of your posts. Thanks for the fellowship keep in touch:)

NIce one
Sometimes I also suffer from these bad days.Sometimes I realize it only happened to me entirely but when i see others i got some relaxation that is a part of life and these days are past

sometimes we have an annoying day where we successively experience the ugliness not just once. and it really makes the heart become angry

Bad days come and goes, but some just take long enough to go.
My day started so badly receiving the shocking news of the death of my friend. Everything just doesn't make sense anymore.


It takes a while sometimes for bad news to sink in. I am sorry to hear of your loss

wow ..
very nice story..
very good wtiting..
thanks for sharing.

Very Wonderful story. Story about story about life. Thanks for sharing with us


Am also having a bad day,will post my ordeal pretty soon

People do not go the same every day. I had a lot of fun today, today I loved everyone very much.
So we need to be ready for all the days

Have a nice day for you...

awesome & Mind Blowing stuff!

Post you good

Good one... She's really your sunshine.


She is indeed!

Stubbing your toe... there is not much worse than that, would even turn my smile upside down! :(

i will done upvote

Wffff, the day is very harmful

If you couldn't tell Im a Im a steemnoodie but Im already hooked 4 life
any way thx for the quality post Ill follow and check you out more soon

This story reminded me of what we see happen one day, but someone arrives and in seconds takes away the bad mood with a tender word...

Life is unique, and it depends on how we deal with it. I have experienced very high emotions, but I immediately remembered that the spurt of emotions will instantly make the blood become unstable and this will be very dangerous for the body.

As soon as I started reading, I knew the author was @meesterboom!

Wow nice pic very wonderful

Good afternoon. I saw your post and I liked it, keep it up. Good luck and success to you :)

Everyone has bad days, and when you're having a bad day, you think to yourself, 'Hey ,Here I am being singled out by a hostile, malicious world that is picking exclusively on me only.' And then you read a post about bad days and realize they happen to everyone, not just tormented, persecuted you.


very nice full post sir

i will done upvote I always see your post.


If u don’t know that I’m all jokes and u curse me out I’m sorry u had a bad day it won’t happen again

Wonderful post

You made an amazing post ! Upvoted from @antobrampu. I followed you. Please Follow me and upvote or give a comment on my post. I will do the same to you. Together we grow !

wow very excellent

I love this story. It doesn't change as they get older either. I could be having the worst day and one of my kids call and the rest of the world just melts away. Thank you for sharing this @adsactly

wow amazing....
very nice history...

I just upvoted you ..please upvote and follow me @cosmasanthony

lol absolutely brilliant- I had one of those days this week too and it was my 8 year old son calling me a grumpypants that made me laugh and turn my day around.

1 unfucker badge tiny.jpg

I just upvoted you ..please upvote and follow me @cosmasanthony

hi friends steemians, I am newcomer from Nanggroe aceh darussalam NAD is the most western tip of indonesia, best regards and compact greeting always .. thank you

Very nice post helpful post...

beautiful post. Keep it coming

Funny story, I like this a lot of.

we made day good or bad due to our mood so be happy every upcoming day is good.

It happens to me sometimes! Sometimes its like the whole creation is looking for your trouble! Yesterday I was so scared because of some challenges that I had no way of meeting up with. I didn't know who to talk to. My son called me from school and instead of being an encouragement to him, I started ranting, complaining, mummuring, lamenting, regretting and so on. He waited for me to finish, and when I poured all my stinking venorm of words, he simply said "Daddy, how many times have you been through all these and God always sees you through, everything will soon be alright. Never a time have you been put to shame!"
I became ashamed, I became cold, I knew it should have been the other way round. I needed to have been the one encouraging him!
That is why it is always said, ",The best of man is still man at his very best"

You might have just woke up on the wrong side of the bed LOL maybe you should have just tried going back to bed and tried to wake up on the right side.. then the curse might have left up :D


Or I could have stayed in bed all day!

If you're stressed, play with a kid, you'll definitely feel better.


waen cha bacche cxzandun

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Beautiful post you

This is very crafty indeed. Nice layout. You sure are talented. Keep it up
Thanks for sharing

very nice story steemit blog

the pain is not for us uncomfortable, but do not be overemphasized because it's a trial in life, behind all that there must be a positive value that can be taken

You really did have a rough start of the day. Good thing your daugther could help you to turn it around.

My kids often help me to turn my day around, especially the youngest. He is a big old goofball who always seems to know when I need a smile.

Sounds like your daughter saved your day, and just after you got to work that's early on :)

you are actually dreaming.


I fear this

Truly, I think we all have those days, it seems all is right with us, it's the world thats gone crazy. You have to brush it off and take it as it comes. Our little grand daughter, no matter how bad it has went, just hearing her say Poppy to me, brings a smile and a better mood out of me.

I'm hangover right now, for the love of God why don't I ever learn. I guess I have a bad mood right now

There are good days and bad days. All we need is just to see one better thing and all the darkness of bad day will fade away

The phrase "the day is what you make it" got me, we can either make our day on mar it, i think the best option is starting the day with God and then the rest os assured, also with that been positive in all cicumstances is important to make your day a graceful one, nice post @adsactly

Luar biasa post nya

Great post. Its amazing

Day was troublesome but explanation is awesome. Have a good day.

Ooh sorry to hear that ;(

Ever heard of RE-SLEEP do that

A bad is something we all can not avoid but our response to a bad matters a lot! We have got to bounce back and stay strong check this link

Stay strong!

Nice too share.
I understand a lot of things.

I try to be possitive daily, but it's not as easy as said. Routine is important I think, but a routine built around what makes you happy. And being consistent.

Buen post! Me llamo mucho la atención. Gracias por compartir.

@adsactly ups and downs are part of life.. if today is down tomorrow can be an awesome day... so we should keep watching ahead...

it is always from god side....and everyone has to suffer this type of situations...

@adsactly Always stay Strong. Keep moving forward. Everything always comes to an end. Life is a "Rollercoaster Ride" for real. The hardest part sometimes is surviving that ride and coing out in one piece at the end.

nice post i will done upvote I always see your post.

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