Celebrate Easter with SteemitBoard - The eggs opened ... and guess what popped out!

in easter •  11 months ago

Since Thursday, @steemitboard is teasing you with

They finally popped out!

After this long wait, and after asking your egg to open (April Fool again), they are finally here! Depending on you current level, you got a dedicated new character on your Board of Honor.

Do you want to keep it with you forever?

Your new character will be displayed for the whole newt week. After that, SteemitBoard will go back to the usual sea ecosystem with red-fishes, minnows, dolphins, orca and whales.

If you want to keep your current character and add it as a personal badge to your board, that’s really easy:

Upvote this post and the badge will be yours!

At the end of the week, @steemitboard will transfer your cute little character as a new badge into your personal section! Don’t wait to long as they will vanish in 7 days!

Spread the work to your friends, so they can get their badge too. Resteem this post!

We hope you enjoyed this fun campaign and wish you again an Happy Easter!

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Es interesante lo que esta haciendo steemit con estos premios, concursos y juegos, y veo como crece esta comunidad con trabajos de innovación a mi personalmente me gusta mucho steem

@zublizainordin says I love it and want to keep it... Thank You SteemitBoard @steemitboard #steemitboard affirms #zublizainordin


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my name is iram and i am from pak and i am new steemian thank you for sharing this post i really did not know about that you did a great job and i am ready to receive my cute little character please surly do it
i am waiting please hurry up
and thank you for sharing

This was a fun way to learn about Easter for different cultures and I am happy to add my personal badge. Thank you for this fun campaign and I hope you continue this for other holidays. : )

Thanks for this nice post @steemitboard its good news for steemit community
Keep it up 👍

This kind of good works really appreciated for all steemians.

congratulations @steemitboard i hope u support me on steemit

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this award will be make inspire to own development steem performance
noted with thanks for value post950805024954172.jpg


Nice Flower........................@stanley114

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steemitborard is best and beautyfull post.. nice job boos.thanks your post.

I just got the first award, I'll try for the next award, it's fun.


hi, i aint see the benefit of it yet, i dont seem to understand though im a beginner


in the mananya you brlum understand, I am also a beginner and also many that I have not understood

It is interesting..... Good lock:)

@hamidul says I love it and want to keep it my mind @steemitboard. Thanks.

Thanks for sharing! Upvoted and followed!

What benefits can we get from this program @steemitboard

I was happy to see my green Sweety Dolphin Rabbit 😁👍 Thank you!


You big account, we friends now.
You be my friend?

it is so nice post..thank you.

@mediaservice nice and excellent post. i love this post. @mediaservice

Hi @steemitboard,please help to vote me @waliyurrahman as I am new in steemit.and you are very experienced in steemit.

Love it! Happy Easter.

You are appreciated.

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Thank you.....love it...means allot to a beginner. I'm definately keeping it

wahhhh. that god your post, thanks whit information.

steemitborard is best and beautyfull post.. nice job boos

Great Work thanks for the post

Nice post

Hello steemitboard ..!

how to make an interesting post like you ??

Nice post.
I am new This site.I want some friend for follow me.If anyone follow me I am also follow him.my ID is @ohimahathir

Happy easter..

i am totally surprised

A celebrar los cumpleaños del mes de Abril.
Saludos y Gracias por existir.



Happy easter

Nice upvote me please

Thank you- good idea and I like my little bird - instead of the fishbone ;)

Danke euch - schöne Idee und ich mag das Vögelchen echt lieber als das Fischgerippe ;)

According to a survey conducted by Gallup World Poll, from 2009 to 2016, it was found that the generous nature, not stingy to give, and helpers, can bring happiness in a person. !!

I need support in every post I have @steemitboasd

Here mine too. Thanks @steemitboard.... God bless


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listo votado y resteem @steemitboard

Happy.. easter to all..

Buen Contenido, Ya te sigo. Me Gustaria que me sigas y veas mi contenido.

I love them, thanks for the prizes. I invite you to stop by my blog, greetings from Venezuela

Would you plan to @siddiqurit them, maybe as a new SMT?

gracias amigos su apoyo es importante.

holidays, holidays & after holidays :)


Thanks so much

Guter Post
Schönen Tag noch!

muy buena, interesante y divertida encuesta, gracias por su premiacion y su apoyo, para poder ayudar a las personas a superarse y divertirse al mismo tiempo, grandes personas! saludos gracias amigos y amigas.

I just saw found this today (granted, I just posted my introduce yourself yesterday) but it's very cool. Thank you! 😊

SteemitBoard Ambrosial

Hi, thank you for the support...appreciated.

Congratulations!,@steemitboard Your post has been upvoted by Reach Out, which is proudly sponsored by @eturnerx. Our goal is to support Nigerian minnows on Steemit. Join our discord group https://discord.gg/NWAkKfn

Benefactor : @bleepcoin

Curator On Duty: Richie, the Manual Bot

We invite you to the @eoscafe community [https://discord.gg/wdUnCdE]

Not bad for a 1 month contribution @qanon1111

Wooow, @arcange! There's no doubt left about it: the BoardBunnies are at East... sorry: "at least" as succesful as were the CryptoKitties. Would you plan to tokenize them, maybe as a new SMT? ;-)

i like it, Great!

pura vida and happy easter thanks for the support !!

Vote back

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i love it

me encanto aprender un poco mas sobre la Pascua para diferentes culturas y me complace agregar mi insignia personal. Gracias por esta divertida campaña y espero que continúes esto para otras fiestas.

I like this

Happy easterday😊

Congratulations @steemitboard! You have received a personal award!

Happy Easter 2018
Click on the badge to view your own Board of Honor on SteemitBoard.

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Happy easter! I follow you! I you like to read I post the first chapter of my book! Nice day.


Thanks for being such a useful witness, I've included you in this post and I hope that you will do much more for steemit. ☺

nice happy easter to all ¨¨

I already opened my egg today and it's beautiful, thanks for Easter gift.🤓


Happy Easter 🤓

Excellent post my dear .thank you for sharing .. best of luck.i bot u pls help me dear...


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Wow excited

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dear happy to you also.... your working is so good . i like your blog. i like and followd you. i miss you dear