Celebrate Easter with SteemitBoard - The eggs opened ... and guess what popped out!

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Es interesante lo que esta haciendo steemit con estos premios, concursos y juegos, y veo como crece esta comunidad con trabajos de innovación a mi personalmente me gusta mucho steem

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Terima kasih atas ucapannya

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my name is iram and i am from pak and i am new steemian thank you for sharing this post i really did not know about that you did a great job and i am ready to receive my cute little character please surly do it
i am waiting please hurry up
and thank you for sharing

This was a fun way to learn about Easter for different cultures and I am happy to add my personal badge. Thank you for this fun campaign and I hope you continue this for other holidays. : )

Thanks for this nice post @steemitboard its good news for steemit community
Keep it up 👍

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