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Hey Steemians,

I totally forgot to mention on my #introduceyourself post that I actually mirror fractal, water, clouds and garbage images as well. lOl But we want to take this nice and slow right? We got time.
Here is some work I did the last couple of months generating fractal images. It was fun. After miroring them, i added some life onto them with Photoshop and the magic was done. I hope you like what you see and I would appreciate your thoughts on what you think. Cheers my Steemitrians.





Mothly Cruel

Mothly Cruel.jpg

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That's amazing.
Thanks for sharing ...


Thanks @james7 and you are welcome.

I think I like Fracticorn the most. That's pretty trippy dude.


Yeah i i dig that one too. It was fun creating it. Thanks Man. (;

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Those are awesome dude. It's so crazy how the different shapes form with the mirroring.


Thanks man. I know right? I started mirroring trees first, that was 4 years ago and did a lot of characters since then, but at a certain point i decided to try something new and fractals was the thing that locked me in. Just stay tuned for the future posts it's gonna be plenty of different shapes and forms i brought to life. You gonna love it. (:

Welcome to Steemit @beatseb :)

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Welcome to this awesome community. I hope you will have fun. Feel free to visit my blog @myhealth


Thank you Jay. will check out your blog.

Welcome to Steemit, @beatseb!

Hope you enjoy being here!

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