Foys Lake of Bangladesh

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In 1924, the Assam-Bengal Railway Authority excavated the artificial lake in the place of 336 acres of Chittagong water problem. Lack of obsolescence for a long time, once the old lake is losing its charm. The modern amusement park resort has been built in 2005, in line with the natural environment of Fayz Lake. Fay's lake is an artificial lake located in the Khulshi area near Chittagong's Pahartoli railway station.
flpic003.jpg In 1924, the Assam-Bengal Railway Authority was excavated under the supervision of it and was known as Phartoli Lake. Later, It was named after the British engineer who was the instrument in the design. This lake beautiful by constructing a dam in the narrow valley between the top of the hill from one peak to the other. The crossroads made by the changes in the direction of the flow of water coming down from the hills of the northern side of Chittagong city.
Beside the Fayz Lake, the hilltop hill is the tallest hill in the city of Chittagong. Many local and foreign tourists came out every year to attract the beautiful surroundings of the lake and to attract natural beauty. There is a lot to see in this lake. As for children, there are various rider arrangements, as well as the elderly people will find the mountain lake all the enchanting environment. The mountains surround the region and the middle is Arunami, Gudhali, Akashmani, Mandakini, Dakshini, Lake Alakananda.flpic016.jpg
On the lakeside, the rows are found in the boat. It takes ten minutes to go to the boat. Then it will be seen that on both sides of the green hills, Sometimes there are two birds and names which are not known birds. It has a pleasant environment with deer roaming places. To attract tourists, a small zoo has been set up at the entrance to the Fayz Lake. The biggest attraction of Foys Lake is the beauty of the lake and its surrounding hills.flpic009.JPG
An amusement park recently opened in Fays Lake. The lake has a boat touring, landscaping, restaurants, floating step concerts, walks of play and much other fun and enjoyable things. Boats can be visited for enjoying lactic romantic scenes. There is a leisure centre where there is nothing for the people of different ages and rituals.flpic022.jpg
People can enjoy peace and tranquillity as well as peace with Fays Lake. Seaworld is a water theme park of Fays Lake located in the heart of Chittagong. The splash pool water cost rider and the world-class theme parks are all in the sea world. Although the entrance to the Fays Lake entertainment World has changed completely from the side of Chittagong, the lake's natural beauty is still very clear.
So many visitors enjoy the amusement park at a great deal, while others enjoy the natural beauty of the Fays Lake. There is the number of resort Fays Lake to relax in the serenity of nature. It is located next to sea world. To go to the resort is to ride in the boat. These resorts are ideal places to spend time in solitude. There are two types of houses located on Lake Hill.
This is the ideal place to stay so close to nature. I have no doubt whether this beautiful beauty can be found anywhere else in the country. Many tourists from home and abroad have come here every year.flpic023.jpg
The image you see is not visible anywhere in the world. Every time I see this picture I just want to see it. Seeing this picture becomes irresponsible. This pessimistic mind is missing only what he has lost.

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