[Steem-bounty Contest] What's Your Foodmodel? Week 6 + Week 5's winners

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Hi to Foodmodel's lovers,

Here I am to announce the winners of #foodmodel contest Week 5. I received 12 entries for "What's Your Foodmodel?" from

  1. @ireenchew
  2. @happycrazycon
  3. @denion
  4. @danielwong
  5. @alimamasstory
  6. @joelai
  7. @janicechua
  8. @nickychu
  9. @itrmarcusliew
  10. @josevas217
  11. @rentmoney
  12. @chekohler

All participation will be rewarded some steem by steem-bounty, which is paid by me, so please check your wallet.

Designed by Canva

3 top winners get 1SBI each!

Among the 12, 3 of them successfully made me feel this way - "I So Want To Eat You Now!"

They are:


Seafood Spaghetti with Olive Oil


Shrimp and Salmon Piccata


Tomato Noodles


Feel free to click on the link below the food photo to know about the foodmodel. They may make you drool too :)

Thank you to Week 5 Foodmodels



Week 4 #foodmodel contest starts now

What is Your Foodmodel?

Let us see what are the foodmodels for this round. Will it be Chinese, Western, Indian, mixed, Arabian? Every types of food are welcomed. Come and be the models. Any #foodmodel, any language is welcomed (I can translate using G👀gle) . Contest ends when this post reaches payout.

Steps to enter the contest

⚠️(Reminder: Remember to post your link at the comment)⚠️

  1. Take photo of your food and make a post of your foodmodel, including the description of your food. (You may opt to comment straight away with photo and description but you will get lesser upvote percentage for your comment entry)
  2. Include the post of link of this contest and my handle @iamjadeline somewhere in your post, so that people will know you are not spamming your post with photo and short writing.
  3. Tag #foodmodel
  4. REMEMBER, REMEMBER to comment (below) with your post link so that I can find you and upvote your comment to entitled to the steem-bounty I have set.
  5. Upvote and resteem is NOT necessary although it helps to increase the prize pool.
  6. New- Only 1 entry per person


Top 3 winners will get 1 SBI each.
All entries will receive some rewards in STEEM (sent straight to your wallet by steem-bounty after post's payout).


Easy Peasy! Let's showcase your #foodmodel now! :)


double trouble.png

Steemit Bloggers

Join us @steemitbloggers Animation By @zord189


20180212_193505 (1).png

Posted from my blog with SteemPress : http://iamjadeline.vornix.blog/2018/10/12/steem-bounty-contest-whats-your-foodmodel-week-6-week-5s-winners/


I lost count of the days & post that I didn't realized that I didn't put the link here. So, here it is. Back to support.


Hahha 3 hours before the end of contest, but I've made it!! Now super hungry and can't wait for tomorrow to get my Epic Weekend Eggs again!! :)


You know what I like makan.. But my taste bud changes weekly. Quite random. Haha. Of course don't count chakfan. I can eat chakfan everyday. But the craving changes daily and weekly. Lol.

Checking yours.

Congratulations to all of the winners!
I wanna join this contest too so here's my entry

my entry. its my lunch food model😍😘 dish name is
''vegetable biryani''

today testy lunch food.jpg
#foodmodel @iamjadeline

That looks deliciously healthy. :) Thank you for participating and good luck 😉

You are welcome :--)

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Congrats to all tge winners!!

Here is my first ever entry into the food model contest!!


Yay. Welcome to the foodmodel contest. Great entry :)

Thank you!! Its great to be here!! Making me so hungry looking at all these delicious entries!!

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Wow!! Thank you so much @iamjadeline. My first entry 😊...
Totally never expected it.

Now, I've got to find more interesting food shots 😁

I knew you were gonna be one of the winners. You picked one of her favorite food. Haha

Oh wow! Must be my lucky day that o decided on this dish😊 Thank you so much. And nice meeting you last night. It was the perfect reason for a meet up

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Haha yeah! Good to have met you yesterday. More to come! :D

Yes yes... @happycrazycon helped me alot when I first came into Steemitmamas. Loving every moment of it.

You have got lucky charm on your side. ♥️

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Yay! Thank you @iamjadeline for choosing my entry!! So happy your stomach find it seductive... haha...

Thank you again for the prizes!

Oh yes. It is seductive. Hehe. Thank you for joining.

Thank you too!


This is an interesting challenge.

Does the picture have to be my own? Can I use a free-to-use picture from the internet?

Hi @iamthegray. It has to be your own photo. Showcase what you eat to us. :)

Potatoes, there are so many different preparations but to name a few.
French Fries
Baked Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes
Scalloped Potatoes

I love them so much, I have to limit my intake because I get fat real easy.

I think we all need to limit potatoes. Not just you. Well, do you plan to join the contest? If yes, yes yes I am waiting for your foodmodel to show up. Hehe. @prince121 :)

Hmm, there are so many ways to answer this.

My favourite type of food is a home-cooked, regional meal.

This means being invited to eat dishes typical to the region I am in, in someones home.

Some of the best meals of my life: paella cooked in a wood-fireplace in Spain; lentils cooked in an at least 100 year old cast-iron pot over a fire, then smothered in fresh, warm ghee (butter) from the cow in the front yard in the Himalayas of India; coconut pumpkin and prawn soup served in the pumpkin shell in Brazil and fish tacos on a beach in Mexico with fish we had just caught.

Restaurants make amazing food but nothing beats a home cooked meal.

Another way to answer this is by Nationality: Chinese, Italian,then Japanese.

Hi @raisha1, I love your answer. So many different types of homecooked meal here.

But the most important is to showcase your food by showing its photo so that I can look at the foodmodel. Snap a photo of what you eat and join it here. :) I am waiting. Hehe

Congratulations to the winners hooo i havnt participate in a little while i will try to join this week:)Some lovely and yummy dishes this week:D

Yay. I shall wait..... @drawmeaship. Thank you for the support 😁

Cool, I will try to enter one! We take lots of pictures of our food.

Yes everyday there bound to some foodmodel in our phones. Choose one and join. :)

Thank you @iamjadeline for the possibility of participating, I will also be waiting to be in the next contests.

Congratulations to the winners.

Contest has started since this post started. Join now @josevas217

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