Dostion kye saath party enjoye

in #food6 years ago

hello friends kaisey hoo app saab dost.ajj maine app kye saath share kero ko mere ajj kye post achi lagye gai aur pasand bhi ayaai gyee.mujhe macroni pasand hai aur mere ghar maine mere bachion bhi uss dish ko shouq sy khtai hai aur maine bhi uss dish ko bhut hai zaida pasand bhi karta hoo.mujhe macroni bhut hai zaida achi lagte hai yeahi halke hotey hai aur app kye sheath kye lyeahi bhi bhut hai zaida achi hotey hai.ajj mere dost mere pass ayaai thy aur hum dostion na mel kar party kye aur macroni kha jao bhut hai zaida achi banye howey thy.macroni jao hotey hai yeahi app ko market sy packet mel jatyaa hai macroni ka aur sabzaai dal kar app uss ko istmaal karsaktye hai uss maine sabzaai hotey hai uss lyeahi yeahi bhut hai zaida achi bhi hotey hai aur bhut hai zaida pasand bhi khai jatey hai.



yeahi macroni sheath kye lyeahi bhi bhut hai zaida achi hotey hai aur mere dostion ko bhi achi lagte hai uss ka istmaal zaida sham kye time kya jatyaa hai aur saath maine colddrink hoo tu uss ka mazaa hai kuch aur hota hai bhut mazaa kye hotey hai yeahi agr saath maine colddrink hoo tu.


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