I travel the world Part 168: Cape Town Impressions

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Cape Town is fantastic if you want to escape the cold winter!

If you are sick of the cold winter in Europe you could escape to Cape Town. It has a couple of advantages over the US or Asia. Most importantly there is not time difference between Europe and South Africa. Without a jet-lag you can enjoy the whole day from day 1. Cape Town is warm and you have great seafood. 

Low cost carrier meal from Johannisburg to Cape Town

You can rent a catamaran for a cruise

The Harbour

I think this was a South African Coke

Best thing is the Sea-Food in Cape Town

 Whole plate was less than 35$ (yes that's lobster!)

Sea, Summer and great food !!!

Many people I talk to are too afraid to go to Cape Town, they think they will get robbed on the streets. I have been 4 times to CPT in my life but never encountered a bad situation. We even went out for party until morning etc. and never had a single problem. Of course there might be areas where you should not go at night as a foreigner but the same goes for m any countries in the world. 

Have you been to Capetown ???

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cape town...one of the best places in the world...beautiful landscape...

I agree. totally love it too!

I went to university in Cape Town (note the spelling in English - two words and Town with a capital T. In Afrikaans it is Kaapstad - one word). Your top image is labelled Camps Bay - it is the Waterfront - not Camps Bay.

Enough of that - an amazing city in which you do need to keep yourself safe. It is especially cheap and you can make it more so by skipping lobster and eating prawns or steak or other yummy stuff.

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing the memories.

thanks corrected Cape Town :) yeah, the food was in campsbay so the intitial cover picture is sometimes showing something different than the restauarnat location. I love Cape Town and skipping lobster indeed will make your stay even more affordable ;)

omg I'm going there in February for a wedding :)) exciting!!

ah ! it is fantastic. which area are you staying? I love campsbay. check out the 12 aposteles to

I have no idea, i only just booked the flights!

Beautiful Photo's, Did you see the Stone Sign in Sea Point, that say's Alan Bibb was born here?

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