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By now, you should already have a pot, cast iron pan, three essential knives and chopping boards. There is one final piece that you will need to start you on your cooking journey, that is the knowledge of not spending too much on kitchenware.

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I have known a couple of people who have spent thousands on sets of knives, pots, blenders, food processors, baking utensils, only to be kept in the cupboard 90% of the time. Some don't even cook anymore as they get lazy prepping and washing up.

Yeah I know that is not me washing dishes in the kitchen but I couldn't find a photo of me in the kitchen. That is me washing clothes without the washing machine. Makes me wonder why my western nephews and nieces complain so much about putting the dirty clothes in the washing machine and turning it on. First world problems.

Cooking is a great hobby and very much rewarding. That is why I have gained a couple of kilos the past couple of years. I rewarded my stomach a little bit too much I suppose.

It is also great if you ever decide to follow an eating plan. Depending on your diet, knowing how to cook can come in very handy. Your knowledge of food ingredients, recipes, cookery can help you customize any diet to your liking. I also heard that girls loves a man that knows their way around the kitchen.

So from a home cook and a lover of food, I thank you for reading my articles of ramblings. Hopefully somehow it helped you be more knowledgeable about the equipment you'll need when it comes to cooking. That is keep it simple, then, maybe, if you are still passionate and have gained more experience, then you might want to expand your tools.


Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
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