Is It Time For Monsanto To Pay Up?

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Right now there is a lawsuit ongoing in San Francisco Superior Court that is looking to determine whether or not the active ingredient found in Roundup, glyphosate, might cause non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

This lawsuit is one among thousands of similar lawsuits against Monsanto and lawyers are hoping that now is the time that the jurors will finally decide to hold Monsanto accountable.

For the plaintiff Dewayne Johnson who spent years of his life working as a pest manager and using Roundup and other Monsanto products regularly, he was eventually diagnosed with having non-hodgkin's lymphoma. Today, Johnson has lesions all over his body which cause him tremendous pain, he even has them on his eyes and says that it hurts when he blinks.

However, Monsanto and their attorneys still argue that there isn't any evidence to support this claim and they insist that Roundup and other highly-criticized products aren't cancer-causing.

Plaintiffs from this case are allegedly seeking compensatory damages over $39 million, along with punitive damages in the range of $373 million.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs insist that Monsanto has knowingly exposed thousands of Americans to dangerous products and for that they should have to compensate victims.

Back in 2015, the World Health Organization had previously labeled glyphosate as a probably human carcinogen and despite push-back or criticism from Monsanto against that claim, they are still standing by their findings.

There are thousands of plaintiffs that are looking to have their case heard against Monsanto and Johnson is the first one to go head with the fight, his legal battle began several weeks ago in San Francisco. The fight was initially filed back in 2016 but was allegedly fast-tracked because of his cancer. His doctor has suggested that he likely will not live past 2020.

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It's literally like they are trying to wipe out a population of people. Why do people not care about others lives? It seems as if we are blindly trusting people to survive

That lawsuit money won’t stop Monsanto that’s just chunk change to them. The best thing to do is make gmo labeling on food products maditory but I don’t see that happening.

I don't entirely trust GMO products, but I DEFINITELY don't trust government regulatory bodies. We need independent certification like UL does for electronics.

The best thing we can do is to grow our own food if we can also hunt and fish as well.

Don't be too quick to discard the benefits of the division of labor and specialization.

You taught me a new word. “Specialization.” Let me see if I can understand your reply.
do you mean the importance of our role we play in society that benefits everyone?

Specialization: I am really good at task X, so if I focus on doing X instead of everything else and trade with others who are better at other tasks, we all economically benefit. This assumes there is sufficient market demand for X, of course.

"Society" is just a blanket term for the voluntary associations and exchanges of individuals. "Society" doesn't exist on its own as some kind of entity that reasons, chooses, acts, can be owed a debt, etc. There is no need to worry about what "benefits everyone." It all simply boils down to respecting individual spheres of authority as defined by life, liberty, and property. Benefits are chosen by the individual. "I offer this, and ask that in exchange. Do you accept?" If both parties agree to such a voluntary exchange, the fact that the exchange occurred proves that both parties perceived a benefit to the exchange, and wealth was created as both gained in the transaction.

Wow thanks for such a reply that’s a big one. But I did get it right!

Psychopaths rules the world, and psychopaths don't care about other people.

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I get a little irked with all the lawsuits coming from north americans as a cash grab but as many of these people as possible should pile onto Monsanto and grind their nose in it.

Because of Monsanto, billions of people will die.

If i could take Monsanto chemists and engineers to the future and show them what becomes of their destructive practices, i am sure many of them would kill themselves.

But, what we should really focus on today is that breweries are buying organic wheat because there is too much glyphosate in the normal wheat that it kills the brewers yeast.

So, to all red blooded, beer drinking americans, choose one, Monsanto or Beer.

It is unacceptable that people are suffering from serious health consequences and even having the time counted by cancer due to non-compliance with the health laws of a company that I am sure of in order to reduce costs will not take action,even so I hope that they force them to eliminate that ingredient of their products and pay the affected people

@doitvoluntarily If the company Monsanto, is responsible for including products that are harmful to human health, it seems very good that I pay the consequences of their actions.
Thank you very much spor post dear friend

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My rant-Many of these cancer causing chemicals are finally coming to light and should be banned totally.
Many cities & municipalities have banned these cancer causing products from lawns. Let the weeds grow... a few dandelions help the bees & butterflies find early food.
Everyone wants their lawn looking good but at what cost? ...Health of the family and pets. Pets are so close to the ground they would get a double dose. Not only cancer but other health issues.
A lot of people and animals have probably already died but Johnson is alive and suffering. Monsanto should compensate him.

Monsanto should be banned throughout the world. and ofcourse the courts cant ban it because they are all in it to poison earth and humans. evidence is in every corner of the world. every one knows it but sadly we the public have no say.

Fuck Monsanto!