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Experiencing South African Braai

An hour after leaving Cape Town International Airport, I was off to Asara Wine Estate and I could not contain my excitement. My heart aches for Cape Town. It is like my second home. Ever since I set foot in this vibrant city in 2015, I keep returning.

I am a Wine & Spirits Journalist from Kenya and the Western Cape is the epicentre of wine production in the continent so it isn't any wonder that I am always finding myself in that part of the world.

In my itinerary, I had seen that on the first day we would be having a South African Braai. In my head, I thought of a barbeque but I was pleasantly surprised by what was waiting for us. This has to be the best and warmest welcome for 12 wine & food writers from all parts of the globe.

After a quick shower and a change of clothes, I left my hotel room in the wine estate and I was directed uphill in the Winelands. I could see the rest of the group walking along the winding paths between the wine farms. I braced myself for a 5-minute walk. I had my camera and I was busy capturing the magical sunsets, excited to be in such a beautiful place.

On the way, I got some gin cocktails to refresh me from the walk and then I joined the rest of the people who were here for the braai.

When I go back to deciphering where this tradition came from, I find out that South Africans have a history of using open fires to cook their food just like many communities in Africa and in the world. I also realised that a braai is more than a barbeque.

One of the things that stood out to me was the variety of foods, particularly meat. I really love meat and there were so many types and cuts all cooked in their own way. There was Shisha Nyama which is roasted meat. I am taking cuts of meat on open fires, boerewors and juicy chops. There was also seafood, chicken and pork. When it comes to the sides, there was bread, sweet potatoes and potatoes. Another thing that stood out was the maize meal which they call pap. In Kenya, we call it ugali. It is made in different consistencies.

The wine was in plenty.


I realised that this was not a one-man show. People were helping out. One man was making the pap, others were checking on the skewers and the rest others were serving the wine. I loved how coordinated this was.

We were with a team from Wines of South Africa, Asara Wine Estate and the 12 wine writers. This was a great welcome for a week of wine tasting. There were seats arranged in a circle around a big fire but no one was sitting down. People were getting to know each other and people had wine, beer or water on their hands. I loved this technique of welcoming people. One more turn on the boerewors and they would be ready.

We learned that South Africans can braai anywhere at any time. They also look for a place like a backyard, field or in any open space. They are innovative and they find ways to make it work.

One thing that is common in all the braais is the practice of sitting around a fire and talking while eating and drinking. There is always alot of food and friends are invited. If you happen to pass by, there will always be a plate of food for you.

I loved the “good vibes” and the welcoming spirit. I felt like I was part of a family even if for a time.
My plate was overflowing. I put a little bit of everything. I had skewers, corn, sweet potatoes and lots of meat. I had just come from a flight and was starving. When it got dark, we got little flashlights to put on our heads. We also had soft scarves on the seats. We ate so much, sang, laughed and drank wine. When people could not eat any more, we had some hot chocolate and tractors ferried us back to the hotel.

If you get an opportunity to braai, say yes. You are welcome.

Have you tried Braai? How was your experience? Tell us down below.

Authored by @jeanwandimi

Photography by @jeanwandimi

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An unforgettable experience that you have lived without a doubt @jeanwandimi. Meadow, grass, weather and sunset should be perfect.

I'll be honest with you, just looking at the pictures of the food, I already got hungry hahahaha. It looks very delicious and also that there was in abundance.... Everyone repeated I imagine hahahaha.

I would love to spend at least a moment in that place and be able to share with the locals. It's great to be welcomed in such a gentle and hospitable way. It's like feeling like family.

Personally, I like wine very much, although I don't drink it much because it's expensive here in my country Venezuela. I love a drink called "Summer Red". It's wine and lemon soda, or the famous Sprite.

Since wine is costozo, I almost always buy a drink called "Caroreña". It is something similar to Merlot wine, very fruity and rich too, but less expensive.

Thank you for sharing your trip with us @jeanwandimi. And thanks to @adsactly for publishing it. I look forward to more posts like this. A greeting and a hug from Venezuela :)


Wow. Do you have any wineries there? Why is wine expensive there?

Summer red sounds delicious.
Thanks for reading and leaving a thoughtful comment.


Not only is wine expensive because it is imported, but also because Venezuela is the country with the highest inflation rate in the world.

Thanks to you for the good content :)


What a way to spend good times with friends

Oh Jean! You've done it again. That looks so incredibly good to me I can hardly describe it.

In less than a month I will head to my ancestral homeland for a visit. My brother and I will have a cook off at some point using a wood fired BBQ system. Two years ago I clearly won with a Lasagna and last year his 'burned pork butt' was the king. This year I am going to do some Chinese style BBQ (if there is such a thing) and we'll see what he brings to the table!

I love it. I love the magic of a fire, I love the taste of the food cooked with it, and your terrific photography and writing make it attractive beyond imagining.


Thanks @bigtom13

I also agree. Fire makes food(esp meat) taste amazing. in Kenya, we have something called nyama choma which is spicy meat bbq on a fire delicious!

I can't wait to read about your cook-off.

Good friend @jeanwandimi, what a good trip you've had, how nice the photos, it would be great to visit a place like this, I was very impressed by the gin cocktail, the flours to different consistencies and that the South Africans cook their food with bonfires, the traditions of this town are beautiful, it is nice to highlight the beauties not only of this country, but of the continent.

The Cape Town is really beautiful, now I see that its traditions too, in fact I must admit that I didn't know much about this beautiful city, I will propose to go on a trip and visit this beautiful place, it would be a very pleasant experience for me.

I must admit that their welcoming technique was very peculiar, many chairs and no one sitting hahahaha, these kinds of meetings and experiences they publish remind me of my meetings and inventions with my friends, usually we buy


Among other drinks with which we have a pleasant time, of course.... it all depends on the occasion.

This post made me want to be in that place, it looks very cozy, going with my friends should be great.

Here's a picture of a meeting I had with my friends a little over a year ago.


Greetings from friendly Venezuela, both to you and to the entire @adsactly writer community, we are constantly supporting you!!


I have never been to Venezuela but it sounds like an amazing place.
I am glad you found this interesting. Yes the welcome was great. We went to the event as strangers and came out as friends. W had so much fun.


Venezuela is an incredible country, my country is worth visiting, even though we have a crisis right now it is incredible, I hope someday when you decide to visit us you will contact me and I will take you to explore the pearl of the Caribbean, the Margarita Island where I live. @jeanwandimi


I might take up that offer real soon.


I hope she's a friend, I'll wait for you here, you're welcome at my house. @jeanwandimi


I have never been to Venezuela but it sounds like an amazing place.
I am glad you found this interesting. Yes the welcome was great. We went to the event as strangers and came out as friends. W had so much fun.

First time I've heard of braai but this is why I enjoy following Adsactly's feed - I get to learn about different cultures and cuisines! That's a pretty epic looking fire pit for roasting food with the stone base and all, what with the roaring fire and all, I bet it smelled amazing. I guess that this is a special location, though, and that not all braai locations have this kind of setup which makes this all the cooler.

It's awesome that you're a food and wine author, may I ask if you publish your other writings online? That must be a wonderful job, where your mission is to try out food and wine... That's the dream. What other countries did the rest of the 12 authors come from? Seems like a great way to connect and meet people like you but from far away.

The scenery is lovely with great weather - perfect for the braai. Although, is it winter over where you are? I seem to recall @princessmewmew, who I think is also in South Africa, mentioning that it's winter there now (oh no but she wasn't invited to this party was she? Haha just kidding!)


Hi. Thanks for the above. I agree the view of all that food on the fire is amazing. It smelled divine and the sound of the fire cracking and beef sizzling... Yes the set up and location keep on changing.

You can find my work on

Next time I will call up @princessmewmew since she is from SA.


Yes! I would love to meet @jeanwandimi in person x

@motordrive - not all braais look like that, but most people who have a braai room or outdoor area spend considerable time and money making it as epic as possible!

nice pics thanks

Wow, nice place to travel.Seems that you all had enjoyed a lot.I also love these kind of travelling.


Thanks. It was amazing.

Great day....

Africa rocks! From the serene environment to the sumptuous delicacies and the hospitable family. I'm glad to be African


Same here. We live on the best continent.

look so much fun. here @adsactly i gave you upvote

South Africa a very nice place even they have a dominant cricket team


Couldnt agree more.


Me hiciste recordar la Venezuela de los años 80 y 90 con sus parrilladas llenas de hermandad y compañerismo. Que tiempos aquellos, pero vendrán tiempos mejores y el pasado quedará como un mal recuerdo... Felicidades!

I am proudly South African 💚 Braaing is our favourite meal and the best time to socialize with our family and friends.I am soo glad you got to enjoy and experience apart of our culture.Check out my post on pur different braai styles 😊👍

Interesting. Also, pictures multiplied the pleasure of the reading many times.


Thanks for reading.

Holiday spirit! You look amazing 😍😍


Thanks for passing by!


You are most welcome!

Wow pure perfection, be in love with that place, if that place looks spectacular only by photo as it will be in person, I could live there. What a beautiful experience, A well done experience is always positive. A complex experience is always going to offer elements that rescue.


It is a very liveable city. They were going through a water crisis but apart from that, the city is so good.

Wow pure perfection, be in love with that place, if that place looks spectacular only by photo as it will be in person, I could live there. What a beautiful experience, A well done experience is always positive. A complex experience is always going to offer elements that rescue.


Thnks for reading.

Wow!! The place and the party is looking awesome. I'm just missing the party guys 👌👌


Hope you get to experience braai someday.

This is contest

Interesting history of tourism, I love to travel and know ... every time I can!


Great idea.

Cool athmosphere @adsactly

Hope to stay in touch & sustain our blogs vice versa

Enjoy my music

Afreeindian Journey would suit to such an amazing ambiance!/c/luciannagy


good food. i like it

Posted using Partiko Android

a very exciting trip for. let alone you are a journalist, certainly many things or ideas that you write.


Thanks for reading.


Excelente lugar para viajar. Hermosas fotos.

This had to be a marvelous week for you. All of the wine varietals and food over coals is the best.
I woukd like to try a nice brunello if my wine shop comes across one.


You have a wineshop? That's my dream. Thanks for reading.

excellent photography.

Posted using Partiko Android

You were in South Africa this is so cool


Yes. Can't wait to go back.