Food Frenzy #1 - RESULTS OUT

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Food frenzy was hosted by me 8 days ago. It was my move to encourage and promote food bloggers and also grow and encourage the whole food community on steemit.

Total Reward pool:
3.4+10 = 8.8 SBD
300 SP to both winner for 4 weeks each.


FIRST PLACE - @progressivechef
8.8SBD + 300SP

SECOND PLACE - @creativewomen
4.4SBD + 300SP

Rewards will be sent out soon.



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thank you for sharing my privileged story ,, I love it so much, I pray that your income will increase, good luck

Oh wow!!! Thanks so much my friend! I am so honored to be the first winner ever in the #food-frenzy contest! I am so glad that you enjoyed the recipe I sent!
Looking forward to the next one!

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Thank you for the good post..