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What is @randowhale?

@randowhale is an up-vote bot on the Steem blockchain that anyone can pay to have a vote cast on a post of their choosing! 

Why did you create @randowhale?

@randowhale was created to give Steemit users the opportunity to reward a post with a larger vote than they are able to provide on their own. 

How do I use @randowhale?

  1. Ensure the post you want a vote to be placed on has not paid out and is not within 12 hours of payout as posts cannot receive votes that increase the reward during this time period 
  2. Copy the URL of the post you would like to have voted on 
  3. Navigate to your wallet 
  4. Select Transfer under Steem or Steem Dollars 
  5. Populate the To field with “randowhale” 
  6. Populate the Amount field with “0.500” (Steem or SBD) 
  7. Paste URL into Memo field 
  8. Submit 

Your post will now receive a vote from @randowhale, @randowhale0 or @randowhale1!

How big of a vote will I receive for my .500 Steem or SBD?

@randowhale makes no guarantees, however, we aim to ensure the vote value is larger than the initial cost, even after curation rewards!  We’ve also got some rare, larger votes mixed in there to make things a little more fun! 

Why is @randowhale always sleeping?!

I’m a very busy whale.  When I get overworked I go to sleep until I’m nice and re-charged to ensure everyone receives a nice, healthy vote!  Once I’m rested I automatically wake up, update my status and begin accepting requests! 

How can I be alerted when @randowhale wakes up?

Download the RandoAwake Google Chrome Extension from the Chrome store!  The extension will provide visual and/or sound notifications when @randowhale goes to sleep and wakes up.  Thanks again to @themarkymark for creating this! Please see this post for any questions about RandoAwake security.

If you do not wish to utilize the browser extension, you can simply check https://www.steemit.com/@randowhale to see the status at any time. 

I sent a request, but my post did not receive a vote, what do I do?

  1. Wait a minimum of 10 minutes after submitting your request before proceeding 
  2. Confirm the post did not receive a vote from @randowhale, @randowhale0 or @randowhale1 by selecting the dropdown next to the number of votes the post has received 
  3. Review your wallet to ensure you were not refunded (this may happen if @randowhale is sleeping, a post that could not receive a vote was submitted, etc.) 
  4. Submit a request via Google Forms 

I got a refund…why?

  • @randowhale is sleeping 
  • You sent more, or less, than .500 Steem or SBD 
  • You sent an invalid link 
  • You sent a link to a post that could not receive a vote 
  • You sent a link to a comment 

What is @randowhalebonus?

Occasionally @randowhalebonus will be activated to give users of @randowhale a little extra bump!  @randowhalebonus may be activated/deactivated at any time of our choosing. 

What is @randowhaletrail?

@randowhaletrail will follow all votes from @randowhale, @randowhale0 and @randowhale1 to allow users to follow with a curation service if they choose.

What is the @randowhalefund account used for?

Currently, 25% of all funds sent to @randowhale are sent to @randowhalefund.  These funds will be used to improve services, increase voting power and provide various rewards to the users of @randowhale

Thank you all for your support!

If you have any questions, please comment below and we will update this post as needed.

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minnowbooster has a limit

To Use both. :) Get more profits.

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Randowhale is the best whale I know in this land of selfish whales(ok not all of them!). It's the first upvote bot that I used about 2 months ago and continued to use it - and I have never been disappointed.

However, of late it always seems to be sleeping, at least when I need an upvote. Hope it becomes a 24-bot once again very soon.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

could you please adapt this so it is in line with your current voting rules? of 1 sbd, just to avoid confusing new users out there (upvoted for visibility)

Shit Son! Rando just dropped a $7.26 vote on my dumb ass after curation rewards! Stay Black Rando!

This post received a 1.6% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @lionfish! To learn more, check out @randowhale 101 - Everything You Need to Know!

Thank your for the detailed explanation of what is randowhale. I really needed this as I just bought an upvote from randowhale. I have been waiting for him to wake up for the past few hours. I hope my post will get a generous upvote.

I have only 1 sbd and am invest in randowhale's New 1 sbd upvoter. But rando upvote me like 0.500 sbd and don't send more 0.500 sbd. That's not fare!!

I have been using @randowhale to upvote my posts for a while now but I noticed that even after 7 days (time before payout) my final account balance stays the same. I mean, I see that I was upvoted by @randowhale or anyone of them, I see that I earned some money from the post but see no increase in my final wallet balance. Pls what could be the problem @randowhale?

@randowhale. This is my first time. Let's see.

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5-6 days I sent 3 URLs to you. All of them received an upvote from either @randowhale0 or @randowhale1 along with @randowhaletrail. But I didn't receive any upvote from @randowhale. Is this how things work?

It's random which randowhale votes on each post.

Oh! And I was still waiting for a @randowhale upvote. I didn't know this. I thought all these were bonus upvotes. My bad! lol!

this is a very large whale

Why you pay so little lately?

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great post. I'll make sure to link this post on my weekly bot post tomorrow.

Hi rando, submitted a request for a post that wasn't upvoted or refunded, it's now past the 7 day mark tnx post: https://steemit.com/prayer-request/@wilx/sept--19th-daily-prayer-request-thread---have-need-of-any-kind-the-miraculous-is-the-normal-for-those-who-ask---1505802049-8629484

The vote is there - randowhale0 voted on it @ 2%.

I love this whale


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A cute whale, your incredible motivation to wake whales and sleeping whales. if today you are a benevolent whale then I am the pope's son among others.
I'm always with you in offsetting and looking upvote under your command.
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