Total Team Reps (+3,018) = 72,558! The Steemit Daily 100+ Rep Fitness Challenge - Day # 47 - 1/22/18

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Calling whales, dolphins, and the fitness community to take notice of us busting our asses with nothing but hard work and commitment.

Something doesn't seem right with the lack of recognition, so we're going to keep trying every day until more people know about our cause. Several members have started exercising because they found our posts and became inspired, so you know what to do... We've done 46 straight days of 100+ rep workouts amongst 17 people, so we're qualified and ready to expand our horizons.

If you need something else to justify more engagement, please share if in the comments section so we can improve. Otherwise, it should all be there... Please join us, help us spread the word, and/or simply reward these dedicated Steemians providing their daily workouts and blog posts with some upvote support.

9 Steemians for 3,018 total reps today (new record high reps).

More people are joining simply because they've SEEN this blog series, and wish they saw it sooner. In the spirit of helping others be healthy and join a supportive team, please help us by resteeming for visibility.

You know that exercise is important, so start with just one day of sharing 100 reps of your choice and go from there. We support each other every day, and we'll support you, so why not give it a try?

These people are creating their own original posts to prove their hard work, so please support their passion and dedication.

TOTALS: 72,558 reps done across 17 Steemians in 46 workout days.

Cumulative Results: #'s vary with different start dates
@rmsbodybuilding = 23,449 reps (32.3%) - 46/46 days (UK)
@thevillan = 14,902 reps (20.5%) - 26/46 (AUSTRALIA)
@myleskshupe = 8,089 reps (11.1%) - 19/46 (OKLAHOMA, USA)
@povilas = 5,696 reps (7.9%) - 27/46 (UK)
@steemmatt = 5,280 reps (7.3%) - 46/46 (USA)
@lordcarlo297 = 3,432 reps (4.7%) - 19/46 (ARUBA)
@xxlobo21xx = 3,407 reps (4.7%) - 14/46 (ARKANSAS, USA)
@mightpossibly = 1,791 reps (2.5%) - 18/46 (NORWAY)
@ninjamike = 1,745 reps (2.4%) - 8/46 (CALIFORNIA, USA)
@cygon = 1,628 reps (2.2%) - 6/46 (New York, USA)
@kellerkulturist = 993 reps (1.4%) - 5/46 (GERMANY)
@khufu = 787 reps (1.1%) - 5/46 (AUSTRALIA)
@bentheredonethat = 650 reps (0.9%) - 3/46 (FRANCE)
@belemo = 320 reps (0.5%) - 2/46 (NIGERIA)
@xced2806 = 158 reps (0.2%) - 1/46
@doctorneo = 120 reps (0.2%) - 1/46 (NORWAY)
@dj123 = 101 reps (0.1%) - 1/46

The Challenge: At least 100 honest reps of exercise every day. No excuses. No bullsh*t. Just actions, positivity, and results. Only post AFTER your reps are done.

  • If you can't contribute yet, try to eat natural foods and stay well hydrated without the sugar for now.

  • It's ok to start with a number you're comfortable with if you can't reach 100. You choose what exercises to do.

  • 30 minutes of dedicated brisk walking, running, or SPINNING (new) can count as 100 reps if you're unable to lift or need to rest.

Fitness Challenge Logo.png

My Daily Challenge Completed - 125 reps:

-50 Straight Back Bar Deadlifts (75 pounds)
-25 Bicep Bar Curls (75 pounds)
-25 Bar Shrugs (75 pounds)
-25 Calf Bar Raises (75 pounds)

Daily Assessment: I powered up with food today. Had a pound of ground chicken, a pound of chia seed cubes, 5 oz of natural pop chips, 64 grams of protein from a natural shake, and a liter of coconut water. My body is still "worked" everywhere, but I'm trying to hit zones that aren't as sore to continue my rep streak. In the past, I wouldn't care about rushing to the gym, but I'm excited to at the end of 60 days to be able to do different exercises.

Feedback from @mightpossibly:

"I find it deeply satisfying to do these reps, which is a big deal. I've always hated the gym and prefer to exercise at home. But I've lacked the discipline to do it. It sort of feels like I have gym buddies now, without the hassle of going to the gym."

Please see my first post linked below for my motivation, the challenge background, rules, and details for the Steemit Silver Coin prize! It's also got some personal stuff about why I'm doing this, so it could be a good motivator.

Original Intro Post With My Motivation

32nd Day Update With My Progress Picture

-DAY 1: 370 total reps from 2 Steemians (both 46/46 since)
-DAY 2: 375 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 3: 1,368 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 4: 415 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 5: 1,900 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 6: 530 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 7: 300 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 8: 311 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 9: 550 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 10: 927 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 11: 1,273 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 12: 642 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 13: 514 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 14: 883 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 15: 474 reps from 4 Steemians
-DAY 16: 616 reps from 4 Steemians
-DAY 17: 697 Reps from 4 Steemians
-DAY 18: 490 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 19: 769 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 20: 1,089 reps from 5 Steemians
-DAY 21: 1,594 reps from 5 Steemians
-DAY 22: 1,523 reps from 4 Steemians
-DAY 23: 1,619 reps from 5 Steemians
-DAY 24: 2,964 reps from 4 Steemians
-DAY 25: 1,849 reps from 5 Steemians
-DAY 26: 2,574 reps from 6 Steemians
-DAY 27: 2,295 reps from 6 Steemians
-DAY 28: 1,748 reps from 5 Steemians
-DAY 29: 2,001 reps from 6 Steemians
-DAY 30: 2,396 reps from 6 Steemians
-DAY 31: 2,064 reps from 8 Steemians
-DAY 32: 2,650 reps from 10 Steemians
-DAY 33: 2,315 reps from 8 Steemians
-DAY 34: 2,030 reps from 8 Steemians
-DAY 35: 2,382 reps from 9 Steemians
-DAY 36: 1,989 reps from 7 Steemians
-DAY 37: 2,403 reps from 9 Steemians
-DAY 38: 2,100 reps from 7 Steemians
-DAY 39: 2,714 reps from 10 Steemians
-DAY 40: 2,280 reps from 7 Steemians
-DAY 41: 2,432 reps from 7 Steemians
-DAY 42: 1,846 reps from 9 Steemians
-DAY 43: 1,835 reps from 10 Steemians
-DAY 44: 2,606 reps from 9 Steemians
-DAY 45: 2,632 reps from 11 Steemians
-DAY 46: 3,018 reps from 9 Steemians (highest daily reps!)

Daily Rep Count:
835 by @myleskschupe (massive day carried us to new high)
488 by @thevillan (what is this?! rest again?? kidding)
315 by @rmsbodybuilding (not sure if man or machine)
315 by @povilas (solid rep uptick)
312 by @cygon (impressive day)
262 by @kellerkulturist
240 by @xxlobo21xx
131 by @khufu (hard complex exercises)
120 by @steemmatt

Total again through 46 days = 72,558

Bonus recognition: 120 reps by @mightpossibly received a date late not included in tallies.


  • Weights not required.
  • Do real reps with good form, aiming for 100+.
  • Start your reply with "Challenge Completed".
  • Reply with the type of exercises and # of reps for each in a list.
  • Cumulative tallies appreciated as a separate line.
  • Only submit reps you've done, not ones you're planning to do.
  • Use the tag "fitnesschallenge".
  • Upvoting or resteeming daily posts is greatly appreciated to reach more people.


  • Stretch before and after your exercise.
  • Breathe properly on each rep.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Hydrate throughout and afterwards.
  • Eat a healthy snack with protein after.
  • Do exercises you enjoy at first to build momentum for harder ones.
  • Take before pictures to appreciate your results over time.
  • Feel good about your accomplishments.

-Please follow daily and join when you can.

-Please also check out the blog posts of the entrants below for details and workout advice.


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Challenge Completed - 150 reps

Hey guys! Found this thread through one of @cygon blog posts!

This morning's workout consisted of my newly started StrongLift 5x5 Program + abs

  • 25 Squats
  • 25 Bench Press
  • 25 Barbell Rows
  • 45 Hanging leg raises
  • 30 Cable Chops
  • 15 minutes of mobility/stretching drills

Welcome! Good peeps in here and good motivation to keep up at the gym.


Yeah, I've been on the hunt for fitness related pages for a while... a lot of what I come across on the tag based pages is basically regurgitated fluff from people that don't really know what they're talking about. This seems like a solid place to pick up good tips though!


Be careful with those programs 5x5 or 3-2-1. They can hurt very badly. If you are newbie in the sport even riding a bicycle can improve your 1rm squat. The same is with daily Push ups,they can improve your bench press 1RM. if you a e long in the sport, they can help you to get your new 1RM, but the side effect-recovery can take up to 6 months. You will get injured and you need to know how to recover from it.


I absolutely agree! I've been around the sport of weightlifting for a while and have been coached by several experienced lifters and certified trainers though :)






Welcome to the crew. There's no turning back now. You can't stop until you're in peak condition.


Sounds good to me :)

Challenge completed! Total - 326

Anyone have thoughts on whether or not I shouldn't be doing curls and lat raises as a super set? They seem like they should work together but holy fuck are my shoulders done have having to support the weight for the curls and the raises.

T-Bar Row - 3x8x115#

Bench Press - 10x135, 6x185, 5x215 (Another 5RM!)

HS Ab machine - 3x12x95#

Sidebends - 3x24x45#

Hammer Curl - 3x8x40#

Lat Raise - 3x10x20#

Tricep Pull-down - 3x10x80#

Lat Pull-down - 3x10x120#

Rear Delt Machine Fly - 3x10x90#

Pendlay Rows (testing them out again) 5x135#

Incline Bench - 3x8x135#


@rmsbodybuilding -- please see above for a fitness question needing your expert advise.

Great job bringing a new recruit in via your posts.

Challenge Completed - 240 reps
Today I used some TRX for my routine:

  • 50 Squat into Row
  • 25 Sumo Squat
  • 10 Dips
  • 15 Butterfly
  • 20 Rear Delt Fly
  • 20 Row
  • 30 minutes of running

@steemmatt: Have you thought about creating a discord server for this group ? This would be a great addition to this challenge.


Real reps there, and then cardio (cringe for me hating to run). Good idea on the discord. I have no idea how to do that, but do use it for other groups. As this grows, that be even more useful. Thanks for the tip. I'll look into it.

Daily Challenge Completed - 125 reps:
-50 Straight Back Bar Deadlifts (75 pounds)
-25 Bicep Bar Curls (75 pounds)
-25 Bar Shrugs (75 pounds)
-25 Calf Bar Raises (75 pounds)


hmm, you have a straight bar. Jabadaba doo!


Hah, I should have one. I do those mini deadlifts with my ez curl bar... still a decent workout.

OK Steemmatt, I just saw this and I am signing up now.....even before reading all of the instructions which I will do later. I have been doing some form of exercise and sports all of my life, and I'm probably quite a bit older than most people here. So count me in.


Glad you're interested! The instructions are pretty simple. Feel free to do reps that you're comfortable with. There is no set agenda each day. Age is just a number and doing reps will slow that down.

Daily Challenge Completed - 120 reps

  • 10x5 push-ups (o m g!) (50)
  • 15x2 knee-pullups (30)
  • 20x2 squats (40)

Before you know it, you'll be at 100 push-ups in a day and bouncing off the walls. Good job!

Challenge completed 113 reps
Push-Pull day

Challenge complete!
30 minute run
60 shoulder presses
60 bicep curls
1 ibuprofen


Haha. 220 reps counted. Get well soon.

Daily Challenge Completed(300 reps)

Daily challenge complete:
Bench press: 30 reps at 135lbs
Reverse grip bench press-30 reps at 95lbs
Incline bench press-30 reps at 95lbs
Dumbbell fly/press super set-60 reps at 25lb dumbbells
Laying overhead dumbbell pullover-30 reps at 30lbs
Incline isolaion press machine-30 reps at 25lbs plate each side.
Tricep press machine-30 reps at 75lbs
Single arm cable fly-60 reps
Regular cable flys-30 reps
Total reps: 330
Original blog post here!: chest
I could use all the support I can get right now.


Message me at mattcoin8 on Steemit Chat. I'll give you some of my tips for increasing your earnings on this platform since some things have changed in your work situation. On the bright side, the iron will never turn you down, so power through a nice workout soon and let it all out.


Thanks bro. I’ll message you later today.

Hey mate its Foles09 im a new Steemit user i did 40 reps bench, super set 40 reps plate raises, super set 40 plate push press, DJ told me to have a look here


Welcome and thanks for your contribution!! I recorded 120 reps for you. Looking forward to seeing more from you. Thanks @dj123!

after that 16km run on sunday i stayed really tired and also got a little sick from the rain I guess so I had to rest yesterday. Today I did 10 times 200 meters interval training and after that an easy 3km. Total workout lasted about 1 hour and a half,tomorrow I will be back with the usual push ups. @steemmatt have you thought about asking for some sbd or steem so you can power up and help everyone like you already do? I would be willing to send you some from my next/future payouts. Greetings to all rep on!


That sounds like 90 minutes of constant cardio intense cardio. 300 reps there!

I wouldn't be able to ask anyone for steem power. I'm growing enough and have more coming in the pipeline as I earn it weekly. Your offer is incredibly generous and thoughtful, but you should enjoy the benefits of the SP you're earning and use it on the platform for your benefit. If anything, the more SP you have, the more you can help others by upvoting their workouts, etc..

Major salute for your idea. Thank you.

Challenge Completed (236 reps)
I've back after MIA for nearly a week.


Sheesh, we thought you got arrested. Welcome back and thanks for your contribution.