Power Up Fitness Challenge!

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Week 5 Results and Week 6 Kick-Off

If this is the first time you’ve encountered the Power-Up Fitness Challenge, WELCOME! We invite you to jump right in and join the Team starting NOW! Today is the day to begin making positive changes in your health, fitness and life by increasing your daily activity with the help of our Team and the Power-Up Fitness Challenge. If you put it off until “tomorrow”, tomorrow never comes. NOW is the time for action. Do it NOW!

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Finish Strong

We are moving into the FINAL WEEK of the Challenge! Let’s stay the course, Team! We’ve faced challenges and setbacks, but the choice is yours of what you will do in this moment. Will you give up on your commitment to your health? Or, will you finish the race set before you?

Make up your mind in this moment to complete your five workouts this week. Right now, schedule them into your calendar and KEEP these appointments with yourself. Check in each day with the Team to motivate them as well as yourself. Together we can FINISH STRONG!

The goal of the Power-Up Fitness Challenge is to complete 5 Daily Workouts (You can’t double-up in a day to make them up. We’re looking for five days of activity.)

Week 5 Power-Up Fitness Challenge Team:

We’d love for YOUR name to be here!

Week 5 Results


All fitness levels can participate in the Power-Up Fitness Challenge because you choose your own workouts based on your interests and abilities. The Team includes yogis, walkers/hikers, yard-workers, ping pong players, elliptical enthusiasts and Crossfitters! The goal is consistent, daily activity.

Powering UPwards!

Today kicks off THE FINAL WEEK of the 6 Week Power-Up Fitness Challenge! Your Week 5 investment will be put into your “bank” if you met the goal or into the “pot”, if not. Your Week 6 investment of 0.5 SBD is due TODAY and will be held for you as incentive to meet your goal. All you need to do is follow-through with YOUR COMMITTMENT to workout 5 days this week. Complete ANY workout you choose.

FINAL WEEK: Be thinking about and writing your 6 Week Challenge: Results Post! The Team Pot (currently standing at 4.5 SBD is up for grabs!) This post will be judged by me as the MOST INSPIRING, not necessarily the most successful. I’d love to see photos or share metrics of progress or lessons learned and habits transformed...be creative! Please publish your post on your blog and link it in the Comments of this post no later than 11:00PM GMT Sunday, May 27th to be considered for the Prize.

What You Need To Do

This goal IS achievable. The key is PLAN and STICK TO YOUR PLAN. We’re also developing character by committing to a goal and following through with what we say we’ll do.

Action Steps:

  • Send your 0.5 SBD to @coachjj TODAY to claim your spot in the Challenge
  • Comment DAILY on THIS post in your own comment thread stating what # workout you’re completing, to keep a running tally of your workouts for the week. For example, @andysantics did an excellent job of this in her comment thread:
  • Comment on other challengers threads to offer encouragement and support
  • Write your “Results” post and publish no later than 11:00PM GMT Sunday, May 27th on your blog with a link in the Comments of this post

At the end of the week, if you meet the goal your 0.5 SBD goes into YOUR “bank” to be returned to you at the end of the Challenge. If not, it goes into the “Team Pot” to be used as a prize pool for the Most Inspiring “Results” post at the end of the Challenge (as voted on by me).

Let’s Do This

I’m excited to see what we do this week as a Team. TOGETHER we can achieve our goals. I’m committing to working on my gymnastics skill training in addition to my three high intensity workouts and yoga. What are YOU planning to achieve?

Hi Friends! Thanks For Reading!


Hi! My name is Coach JJ and I've been coaching and inspiring athletes to better health and fitness for over five years! I'm a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer at CrossFit Edwardsville in Edwardsville, IL, USA. But, my vision is to bring together the Fitness Community on Steemit in order to have a greater impact on improving the health and fitness of our fellow Steemians.

I'm also a mother of two teens and a self-defined “spicy, sassy Christ-follower” who posts about my personal journey, but loves all those on any journey. Feel free to check out my intro post, get inspired on your fitness journey, or ponder on my faith-based posts. If any of this connects with you, follow me and say Hello!

Happy Steeming,
Coach JJ

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Thank you for your hard work in encouraging me to stay fit but I don't have time to stay on line especially during the weekends. I'm kind of on Steembatical.

Sorry to see you go @mineopoly. Glad you’re getting a Steembatical :) Stay movin’!

Thanks. I just can't keep up.

I did my comedyopenmic! but it wasn't funny
it was terrifying.

but - my kids laughed at me. so - i entered it into the contest.

HOORAYYYYYY i did it!!! :)
Here you go

Oh my. I will check it out now. Sorry.

awwwwwwwwwww bye @mineopoly :(

Here are my intentions for this week

I want to walk at least 2000 steps every day - really more, but that is the minimum which is about one mile. Also some form of stretching/yoga/foam roller.

WO Wednesday: 3000+ steps. back stretches, abdominals

Thank for you

WO Thursday: 3000 + steps. Yoga on the go - neede to because my back was hurting from lifting :) Lots of mini Yoga breaks....

WO Friday: 2000 + steps, lounges, stretching.

WO Saturday 2000+ steps, teaching a four hour retreat with at least one hour laughter Yoga 😂

WO Saturday 2000+ steps, teaching a four hour retreat with at least one hour laughter Yoga 😂

WO Monday: 2000+ steps. some stretching

That’s awesome @mariannewest! Love it! How’s your workout buddy @dreemsteem doin?

I have to find her.... Maybe she is still in San Diego and I can get her to go for a walk :)

WO Tuesday: 3000 steps and some stretching.


Okay, I mentioned you in this video and I am showing what part of my workout is LOL


And I nominated you for this challenge...

Wow!! @mariannewest Your yard is amazing! You are so knowledgeable! Where do you live?

And THAT is some exercise for sure!!! That mulch pile is bigger than me!

Which challenge did you nominate me for? The 7 days of gratitude? Where can I find information about it?

I am in San Diego :)
Yes, the gratitude or positive vibes. Here is the latest I wrote. Steemit is not working well for me today

WO 1/5 completed yesterday. AMRAP 20: 100m run, 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats, Rest 1:1

WO 2/5 complete! Toes-To-KB and Bear Crawling

Yay!! and what is bear crawling?

WO 3/5 completed Thurs. of 1800m run. WO 4/5 completed yesterday of AMRAP 13: in team of 2, 100 Deadlifts at 125# and 100 med ball shots. 1Rd + 34 reps. WO 5/5 completed today of “Annie”: 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders and Sit-ups 9:48

I used to do that with my Yoga Kids lol

WO 1 done - walked a long way on Sunday!!!
WO 2 done - exercises Monday

Yay!!! Way to go @andysantics!

How has the rest of the week been going?

i'm heeeeeeeeeeeere :) and i worked out today. and i have to post about it cuz it was scary!!!!! LOLOLOL

What?!?!? Scary?!?! What happened??

@coachjj and @mariannewest


to me - it is terrifying.
to my children - it is hilarious.

you'll probably think it's somewhere in between, but I'm just glad that I finally had something to enter into the comedyopenmic to fulfill @mineopoly's challenge!!!! LOL

Cracking up @dreemsteem! I’m glad our little challenge saved you from the mechanical wolves!

What kind of cliffhanger are you giving us???

Workout #2 done! 30 minutes of aerobics!

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