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A contest with a pot of 10 STEEM + 4 @steembasicincome shares? You're in the right place!

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What awaits within the Bananafish treasure chest?

1st place: n. 5 STEEM

2nd place: n. 3 STEEM

3rd place: n. 2 STEEM

popular vote: n. 2 steembasicincome share (remember to vote your favorite!)

Best comment to the stories: n. 2 steembasicincome shares

The trees shake and leaves fall as a burst of wind rushes through the forest. No need to worry, it's just @ntowl arriving to announce this weeks contest!

It's my first time at the helm here as I'm usually lurking behind the scenes, but I've emerged to post an amazing starter by @gaby-crb. I'm excited to see where everyone takes this tale and I'll be making the rounds reading submissions and dropping comments. I'm hoping to see greatness in whatever you decide is the fate of our protagonist.

Map of the Bananafish Realms from a squirrelly perspective!

  • Share the love and tell a friend about the contest!

  • Join the Bananafish Realms discord chat for fresh updates and other amenities.

  • Vote, vote, vote your favorite story in the comments below!

  • Use the #finishthestory tag.

  • Try to post your story as early possible and not at the last moment (or after the results! argh!) to give people chance to read yours before they vote

  • Respect the dreadful 500 words limit! o_0

  • Help our contest & workshop to grow by giving it some visibility and consider linking back to this post in your entry.

Without further ado, good luck, brave storytellers. Always forward, straight into the mouth of the Leviathan!


The Package

by @gaby-crb

Condensation clung to the window, occasionally releasing a surge that cleared a path making the outside world visible. The cold white light refracted in the tiny water droplets. It was pretty, Shannon thought, as her breath spread across the cold window.

She checked her phone, the bright screen dazzling her. Her eyes darted to the mirror. The baby didn’t stir, still sound asleep in his comfortable car seat. She checked the time, the numbers read 23:46. There was no message.

She slipped it back into her coat pocket, wrapping her fingers around each other in an attempt to bring them back to life.

The CD stopped playing, the story finished. She pressed replay. The kid would no doubt wake up if it went silent. The story started up from the beginning. It was one she had listened to herself as a child. The narrator had a soothing voice, Shannon felt calm despite her predicament.

She checked her phone again. Still no message. Her eyes darted back to the boy, his blond hair showing underneath his fluffy hat. His cheeks pink. His blue eyes hidden beneath heavy eyelids.

A gloved hand rapped against the window. Shannon jumped, she quickly rolled down the window.

A clean shaven man ducked his head down to look at her.

“You have the package?”

His eyes glanced around the car, resting a few moments on the sleeping boy before returning to her face.

She nodded, her heart hammering in her chest. This was the first time she had done something like this.

She removed the key from the ignition and opened her door, the man stepped out of the way. She was not surprised to measure up as shorter than him. She fumbled with the key in her hand. She found it hard to swallow.

“How many times do I have to do this?”

Her voice shook. She wrapped her arms around herself, giving her hands something to grip onto.

“Until you’ve paid what you owe.”

His voice clawed at her insides. He stepped closer, a hungry look in his eye.

Shannon shivered. She was mentally kicking herself for getting into debt. But there was only one thing she could do now.


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Join the fun! Here is how this contest works:

  • An unfinished fiction story or a script is posted.

  • You finish it with your own post or a comment in the comment section. A limit of 500 words is recommended.

  • WIN 10 STEEM + 4 @steembasicincome shares to the writers with the best endings and comments.

The results will be out on Wednesday - March 27th, 14:00 PM GMT+7 avg. (U.S. West Coast time zone). Submission deadline: Tuesday - March 26th, 14:00 PM GMT+7 (U.S. West Coast time zone). You may vote your favorite story until the results are out!

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Vote your favorite story here!

Still need to leave all my comments but just so torn this week, I wana vote for seesladen or cyemela, and can't decide, please can I leave it as a split vote for now and will return if I can make a decision

I'll vote for seesladen. That story really mixed elements together well.

(Comment reposted) Here be me entry for this contest here.
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~Painting has nothing to do with post~

How lovely a Spooky/Jeanne d'Arc!

Fo’ sho’

I've been enjoying the stories for a while now. Didn't know I was to vote for best stories or anything. Really cool initiative and I hope I would be good enough to submit an entry someday.

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Fred, just try it. We're a caring community and you don't need to be a writer to have fun with us 😁

I have no idea how I ended up with this ending, I had so many other intentions, and this is just what came out

Can't wait to see what else we get!

I enjoy these contests. Thanks.

Also folks, please know that even if I don't comment, I usually try to read everyone else's stuff. Cheers.

Also, here's my take

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