The Scariest Story of All Time

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It's that time of the year again when the chills are chillier and the campfire stories are much crazier. For the past two years, I've published critically-acclaimed short stories which many have dubbed instant classics, so, of course, there's no pressure following them up. If you have time to spare, do yourself a favor and read through the Halloween 2016 story here and here and the Halloween 2017 story here. You're welcome.

Up for another? Well, you're in luck!

I've got a killer of a story for you! One that'll surely leave you a bloody mess, you'll need friends and relatives to identify your remains after. I've been leaving clues here and there just so you wouldn't be caught too off-guard when you read it.


I've been very busy with work and life (and work) so I wasn't able to finish the story in time. Heck, I've been so busy, I haven't been able to finish the @dreemit -centric post I was supposed to put up two weeks ago!

Given the time-sensitive nature of this post, I'd be remiss if I don't even post an update. I mean, what would the thousands hanging on my every word do with their time?

Consider this a kindness.

But, like I said, I didn't have enough time to finish the story. Shocking, I know. The prolific writer that I am and I couldn't even finish a short story in time. I am human, after all.

It's a shame because I (and the few others that were fortunate enough to read excerpts) strongly believe that the story I was telling is quite possibly the scariest story of all time. Exclamation point! It was so scary that the power went out every time I'm adding to it. The winds howled furiously and the rain started to gush every time I open the file. It's as if the universe itself was trying to stop me from completing the potentially most dreading piece of fiction that could be read by man and beast!

I'm not traditionally a horror writer, so I surprised even myself. I didn't want to believe it, but people have said that the greatest works of Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Clive Barker, Richard Matheson and even Edgar Allan Poe combined paled in comparison to that one short story. It wasn't the first time I was compared to pillars of fiction, so there's no surprise there, but what I found intriguing was the prospect of what I was writing could spell the end of horror fiction as we speak.

That was a lot of pressure.

To have the fate of an entire genre resting on an open markdown file in my laptop... it was unnerving. WIth a few taps on my keyboard, I could literally end Horror Fiction forever. Do I want to go down in history with that hanging over my head?

A part of me wanted it, for sure. But, I am benevolent. While I want to be cemented in the annals of legend, I don't want to be the writer that deprives future generations of lesser scares. I don't want people to laugh at books like The Shining or The Call of Cthulhu after reading a free short story on Steemit.

So, I sat there, contemplating what I was supposed to do with my unfinished opus. Should I post it as it is or delete every trace of its existence? Like I mentioned prior, I am benevolent.

That's why I'm writing to you here, dear reader, apologizing to you for depriving you of a story that would make you question your very existence. I'm sorry for not giving you the chance to be afraid to even breathe.

Too bad you wouldn't get to read a story that would give you chills, take your breath away and make you piss yourself all at the same time. As a consolation, there are many other stories out there that would give you a good scare, but none that comes close to spine-tingling, gut-wrenching, out-of-body experience that my original Halloween 2018 story would give you.

I may never get to write something as magnificent as that one, but I'm giving myself and every other writer out there a chance to write other works of fiction, free from the specter of the story that would end all stories.

I apologize. You're welcome.

It's November, so it's time once again to hop aboard the NaNoWriMo train! Last year, I wrote some NaNotes focusing on different aspects of the competition. This time around, keep posted to my account for updates on a new series I'm starting. As much as I wanted to pick up where I left off, I feel like the NaNotes are great the way they are. Time for something new, time for something fresh. Joining NaNoWriMo this year? Hit me up in the comments section and let's write together!

Join me in my Year of Resilience!



This was definitely the scariest story I've ever read. I've had chills now for about half an hour. They aren't going away. I am also unable to breathe, and I am somehow producing a nonstop stream of piss.

Fortunately I'm in a hotel room right now so it doesn't really matter if I piss all over everything and die.

Thanks @jedau

Yes... Yessss... Yessssssssssssss...

I'm glad it fulfilled its purpose. I initially meant it as a...

but hey... if it works, it works.

So, first of all, welcome back! It's been awhile, dude! Secondly, you're welcome... again.

Thanks, I took an extended break but I couldn't stay away forever. I'm not very consistent on Steemit, unless you count "being inconsistent on Steemit" as a form of consistency.

I guess we're cut from the same cloth then!

I think you might have telepathically communicated that story to me, (the scary one not the dreemit centric one, though now of course I'm dying to read that), sent it to my dream last night, (shiver)!

It's been a crazy two weeks, I ended up hurting my back pretty bad, then found out that Paul had also hurt his back at the same time. Though from the sounds of it, he got it worse poor guy. My daughter has found herself the love interest of two boys and started work as a sales associate, and my eldest step son just announced they're having baby number four. Jeesh, hopefully whatever has been in the atmosphere will settle now.

I did send it out over the airwaves! I'm glad it arrived in time. Unlike other things that took way too long to get to their intended destination. Since I missed my original window, I want the Dreemit post to marinate a bit and to be posted at just the right time ;)

Damn! Those two weeks really are crazy! I hope you're feeling better now. I saw Paul's post yesterday and have promptly commented on it. Woah!! Only less than a month and Zoey's already living her own version of Twilight haha! That's awesome! I hope he picks the right one. Obviously not the glittery one.

Congrats on grandbaby number four!! Finally, Nora will have a niece/nephew that isn't older than her haha!

did you want depriving? Although depraving is funnier XD

I don't find horror stories that scary (perhaps I don't have enough imagination), so the horror short that would have ended the horror genre forever might have been an interesting read. However I totally understand your desire not to carry out just yet. Perhaps at some point in the future if current and near future generations of horror writers fail to live up to expectations.

Have fun doing NaNo :D

clears throat That, uh, was intentional! All the more emphasis on being human! As you know, I hardly make mistakes, so I'm happy you were able to spot that one I carefully hid. slides over to replace the wrong word

You're right, pet seMATEry. It is a viable nuclear option, I suppose. Eventually, horror will die out, and what better way to send it out that to bring out the big guns!

pew pew

I love the chills your stories bring, infact I feel your type of horror fiction is only peculiar to you and no one can even do it better, so I accept your apology on not getting the story that'll definitely thrill me, I'm whimpering at the loss now 😂😂😂

My good man, did you get to read my previous entries? I feel humbled by the acceptance, and I am grateful for your understanding!

Yeah I was only joking.....

Oh I, uh... take it back?

Lol no, I've seen a lot of your amazing piece, I was only you know wondering how it would seem like to read a horror piece, I kinda like horror pieces

Me too, I feel like the genre really stretches the graphical nature of written literature.

  1. people have said that the greatest works of Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Clive Barker, Richard Matheson and even Edgar Allan Poe commbined paled in comparison to that one short story
    But... I honestly don't think a combination would be that scary, I'd think it'd be more silly. Oh yeah, and you misspelled commbined
  2. apologizing to you for depraving you of a story that would make you question your very existence.
    a) - you're depraving me? b) Tooo late, I already question my existence and have for quite a while.

Ahh! So that's where my m went! I have been looking every where for that! Come along now, little m, you're needed in the other post. Oh wait, I've already frozen edits on that one? Well, this is awkward. I guess a future post would have a word minus the necessary m. I have little patience for insolence. Trust that this wayward letter would be dealt with post haste. Post haste!!

Depraving you? What in heaven's do you mean? Have you no decency, sir? There is only room for squeaky-clean, pristine thoughts here.

You're one of those "good" people, then? Well, that's boring.

Co_e on, we need _ore evil. The world doesn't have enough as is.

Me digging a hole to the center of the Earth? Yes. Yes, it is boring.


AH, I just got that. And wish I hadn't. That exacerbates me, to the extent that I start using words like exacerbate

Wow! I spelled it right, and on the first try. For some strange reason I keep on writing exerbate (not a word) where I mean to write exacerbate. I could change it, but I usually don't, because practically no one knows what it means anyway. Besides, if they go look it up they get immensely confused, which is just an added bonus for me.

Exerbate looks like a fine portmanteau! Although, I'm not sure what its connotation would be. Just looking at the latter half of the word, it's already bringing up a lot of ideas. A lot of ideas.

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