Farmpunk Fiction Contest 2019-1

in fiction •  2 months ago

Hello misters and mistresses, the garden gnomes are announcing the first farmpunk fiction contest of 2019. It's a long time coming, that we know, but the time has come, so here we go!

Image from Pixabay.

We're hosting this contest in special honor of our good friend @quillfire, who is celebrating his first Steemit birthday. If you haven't had a chance to roast that turkey yet, I encourage you to get on the stick lickety-split!

Here's how this will work:

  • Write a story on the below-mentioned theme and post that story to your Steemit blog
  • Then come back here and post a link to your story
  • Stories should 1,000 to 3,000 words in length
  • One of your top 5 tags should be #farmpunk; it does not have to be your first tag
  • Deadline: When this post pays out

No upvote, no resteem necessary to enter. No other requirements to enter. The prize is 5 Steem Basic Income (SBI) shares. Runner up will get 3 SBI. We reserve the right to not pick a winner or runner up if we don't get enough quality entries, but judging from past contests hosted by @blockurator, that should not be the case.

speculative fiction writers of steemit

What the Heck is Farmpunk?

Farmpunk is a genre of speculative fiction created by @blockurator where farm culture meets high technology and punk attitudes. Your story does not have to take place on a farm, but it should incorporate farm culture. And it needs to juxtapose high technology with a punk-ish ethos much like cyberpunk and steampunk, its precursors.


So here's the theme you'll be writing on:

Your protagonist is @quillfire. He wakes up one day to realize that everything he has lived for has suddenly been turned on its head. What he thought was his, is not. What he thought was real, is fantasy. What once was up, is going down. And vice-versa.

You are free to interpret this theme and these events as broadly as you wish, but incorporate the elements of good farmpunk fiction, those being:

  • Farm culture
  • Meets high technology
  • Meets punk ethos

What happens to @quillfire? Is your story dystopian, apocalyptic, a romantic western? You decide. Just make it farmpunk. And roast that bastard, @quillfire!

How about a little weird lit?

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speculative fiction writers of steemit
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narrative speculative fiction
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Ohhh I was really hoping to get in on the next one of these but I don't know @quillfire well enough to incorporate him into a story as a character, and I don't really know what he lives for or believes in to turn that on its head. Although it is a very fun theme and I look forward to your other entries! Please can you let me know on discord/your channel when the next round is out? Thank you ❤️


@calluna, Quill is quite the sport. He really believes he is the reincarnation of Willie Shakespeare. And his favorite movie of all time is Tombstone. His favorite fruit is anything Taylor Swift is wearing. And he clips his toe nails with his teeth. In other words, he's pretty normal for a former hedge fund manager. Have fun. @Quillfire loves to have fun. That's what Steemit is all about. Plus, his favorite literary genre is farmpunk. And if you really want to make his day, put him in a room with Quetzalcoatl.


I am sure he is, hopefully you get some good entries that channel all that for you :)


:-) :-) :-)


Yeah, by all means @calluna, just make it up! That's what @quillfire does. But if you don't feel comfortable roasting the turkey, write something else. Or we'll see you next month. Bring the daisies! :-)


Thank you, its the real life part of the prompt that made me think I couldn't make it up, I have tried to give it a go without the roast bit, but I very much doubt I will have time before the deadline to finish it.

I was just after something relaxing to write yesterday morning, and to combine farmpunk with the humour of a roast, with the surrealism of real/fantasy swap seemed a bit much for my skills, on top of reading up on someone to get to know them well enough not just to write them in as a character, but to parody them, seemed a bit much for me. You already have a great entry though :)

Dropping the parody and roasting aspects, it is very appealing, just a bit tight on time today and tomorrow.


Well, we're certainly glad you thought of us. We'll try to come up with something more uniersal next time. 😃



Darling ... you could "Toast The Turkey."

Very British. Much more civilized.



Much more civilised, but just as hard ;)



Calluna ... just make it up! That's what Block does. Anyway, the genre is "FarmPunk" and the contest is being sponsored by "Garden Gnome Publications."

A Garden Gnome!

No one's going to mistake that for "Biography." For Heaven's Sake, ... have fun! :-)

Anyway, here's two posts to get you started.



Thank you for the extra resources, but I really think I will be better leaving it this round, the more I read over this, I am really not feeling the humour at all today and its just making me sad

So... how about deadlines?


I have the same question. I'm inconsistently inspired, so hopefully I can come up with something before whatever the deadline is.


Sorry. Deadline is in three days, when this post pays out.

oh that's a fun genre..

I can see elements of it in the loopers film. and interstellar..

hmmm interested to see where it ends up


Thanks. Your entry is welcome. 😃


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You did right. First entry. Looking forward to reading it.


We're sure it will be. Looking forward to reading it. Farmpunk and beyond!

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