Farmpunk Fiction Contest, the Second

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Seventeen days ago, I introduced the first ever Farmpunk fiction contest. Specifically, the contest called for flash fiction stories within the nascent farmpunk genre. Eight days later, nine days ago for those of you that suck at math, the winner was announced.

Welcome back to the second farmpunk fiction contest. This one, my friends, is going to be a doozie.

Original image from Pixabay.

For the second contest, we're going to alter the rules slightly, but first, for those who are not familiar with farmpunk, here are a couple of stories for you to read to familiarize yourself with the first farmpunk stories ever told.

And here's the winning entry from the previous farmpunk contest:


What are the features of farmpunk?

As a reminder for those of you who are returning, and a primer for those of you who are new to the genre, here are some general features of the new farmpunk genre of literature:

  • Juxtaposes high technology with farming culture
  • Explores dystopian themes
  • Strong countercultural elements present
  • Borrows from film noir and other punk genres, maybe even weird literature
  • Set during any period where farming is/was/will be done
  • May feature advanced future technologies or current technology in a more advanced way
  • Could imagine alternative histories or anachronistic (out of place, out of time) technologies
  • Can be retro, postmodern, or both

This is not by any means exhaustive. Writers are free to go in other directions and are encouraged to use their imaginations. Edgy lit will get you noticed, but it should be genuine and crafty storytelling.


The Rules

The rules for the second farmpunk fiction contest are pretty straightforward. Here they are in full:

  1. Upvote and resteem this post
  2. Write a farmpunk story between 800 and 2,500 words (While this is a big range, longer isn't necessarily better. Your story should be complete with a beginning, middle, and end, feature interesting characters, juxtapose farming culture with high technology, and show a real conflict that must be resolved.)
  3. Post your story on your own Steemit blog
  4. Give your story the #farmpunk tag
  5. Place a link to your story in the comments below

I'm looking for at least three entries to give out one prize. The winner will receive their choice of an unopened Steem Monsters booster pack or 1 share of Steem Basic Income. If there are five or more entries, a second-place winner will receive the other prize (either a Steem Monsters booster pack or 1 share of Steem Basic Income, whichever the first place winner did not choose). I reserve the right to pick only one winner, or none if there are not enough entries.

If there are at least 10 entries, a third place winner may be chosen and will receive 1 STEEM.

The deadline for this contest is midnight EST one week from today. The winner(s) will be announced a day or two later. Happy writing!

Get your weird lit on:

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Made it!

The Rusty Robot

This is my 1st time stumble upon the word Farm punk. Seem interesting... But I am not sure what is it yet. Have to really go and read about it in depth. :)

Not much else is written about it. My own creation. So if you read the two stories I linked to, you'll get a flavor, but that's just the beginning of where it could go. It's like being on the ground floor of a new movement. You'll be setting the standard for future farmpunk story writers.

I will think about this I do have some time coming up but not sure it is a fit for me but you got my vote for a cool idea

800-2500 words😲 I pass this contest @blockurator though this is really interesting challenge 😊 but it will be fun to read the participants posts.

Okay, maybe next time. :-)

Cool. If I have more time on Saturday, I'll definetely take part in this competition...

Cool. Can't wait to read your entry. :-)

Sorry I can't entry your contest this time, I actually started writing a story but I was too busy during the weekend to finish it and gotta work now so next time I guess.

No problem. Still one more day. But I understand. :-)

I need at least 2 more hours to finish the story and I don't think I'll have those 2-3 hours today or tomorrow, with work, kids and other stuff I need to take care of...Sorry 😢😣😢

"... JaiChai 3.0 pushed the button and the twenty gallon milk sacs begin oozing the genetically engineered milk into their designated receptacles. His mind wondered how these tits used to look when they were attached to what were called cows 20 centuries ago."

Namaste, JaiChai


You should enter this contest. Can't wait to see how that one begins. And ends. :-)

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Something to work on over the weekend!

<3 extra love for the upped word count ;)

Awesome. Can't wait to read your story. :-)

Should have it finished up by tomorrow morning :)

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Okay I'm seeing this courtesy of calluna. Seems I'm just a wee bit late though...

Perhaps next one

Yeah, sorry. There will be another. Feel free to join in.

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