They Tear Families Apart in the Name of Child Protection, Which is Why We are Starting Familly Protection, A support Group For Families that Need Protecting.

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It's time to combine our efforts, support each other's stories and come together for a better #familyprotection.

Every time I tell my stories of growing up in the foster care system or trying to keep my children out of this system, I get a huge response from this community.

I have noticed in the comment section of these posts that there are so many voices from so many different people in so many different countries, all speaking out against the same system, the same tyranny, the same recurring nightmare of children being taken by CPS for the obscurest of reasons.

They pick on single mothers or parents who don't have the support of a community, people who don't have the resources, know-how or power to fight back.

Steemit is a place where all stories can be heard without fear of censorship, Steemit is a place where people can support one another and come together for the greater good of this planet, Steemit is a place where voices can REALLY be heard.

With all this in mind, We would like to start a new group, a group of people standing together as one, for people who want to make a change but feel powerless on their own, a group of people supporting each other with their struggles against the system.

  • This group will support anyone who has a story of their dealings with the CPS, social services, or any other so-called "child protection" group.

  • This is a place for people for want to speak out against the foster care system, the Child Protection Service, the courts, the judges or any organisation that take our children in the name of law and justice.

  • This group will start off small, but as steemit grows this group will one day be a force to be reckoned with.

  • This group may one day have the funds and the lawyers to help people who find themselves under attack from the system.

This group is set up by various steemians, it is not MY group, I am just the chosen messenger, We believe if this group has no leader then they have no one to go after, no one to persecute, no one to harass.

We will all have to help this group grow in whichever way we can and we will all have a say.

The format of this group we believe will change the bigger it gets, but for now, we can start off by just writing stories and tagging them with #familyprotection this way we can all support one another and hopefully we can get the attention of some whales who are willing to support this group.

A @familyprotection account has been set up, this account will hold all future funds and will hopefully recieve delegation loans to help support all genuine #familyprotection posts.

We will have a discord chat group called Family Protection, once you join this discord group you will be redirected to a safer more private chat group for discussing more sensitive matters.

Discord Link

For us to be taken seriously the stories we tell must be real and true.

We believe this group could be a great way for people to get the right information, help, support and protection they will need when dealing with the state.

Please be a part of this initiative by supporting and helping it grow in anyway you can.

All the liquid steem from this post will be put into savings on the @familyprotection account,
this account is in the trusted hands of a very trustworthy member of this community @canadian-coconut

Peace and love to the World.


It is truly time to band together to stop this tyranny. When CPS came knocking at our door from an "anonymous tip" we immediately came together as a community, writing affidavits on the well being of the children and the incredible loving parent/child relationships unlike any we have ever seen before. When CPS insisted on coming in, we gave them an appointment. We set up a table with a table cloth, flowers and fresh squeezed juice on the OUTSIDE of the gate on the side of the road. We slapped down a dozen signed and notarized affidavits and basically blew them out of the water as we all stood together around them with our video cameras rolling, looking them directly in the eyes (when they looked up from their dumbfounded stuper). We called their office and spoke with the supervisors and basically just nipped it in the bud right there. We were very successful because we stood together as a community and were immediate backing and support for one another.

Coming together in this way is super powerful. The fact that Steemit is not censored is truly a plus as the truth can be told, the support can be rallied, and the community can stand together. I love this idea and I feel it is a truly great opportunity to make change in something that needs to stop right now.

I support this intiativie @markwhittam and grateful for all the support from @canadian-coconut, @ausbitbank and others who will bring great awareness to this issue. Great job. So glad for all the passion ignited and that your family is safe.

I am so happy that you knew how to deal with these state kidnappers, if everyone knew this information then they would not have a chance, if everyone refused to register the birth of their child they could never come to claim their property with such ease.

Coming together like you did is the only way to stand up to them, and I believe steemit is the perfect place to bring people together and get the support that might otherwise be unattainable.

I am very happy with the amount of support that has been offered for this cause, @everlove @quinneaker and @gardenofeden are a great asset to this community and to have your blessings and support is hugely beneficial.

I really look forward to steemfest, getting to meet you and @quinneaker is going to be one of the highlights for me.

Thanks again for reaching out to us.

It is my pleasure and honor to support people coming together to save the children, families and well-being. Standing together is really key. That is why we are separated and divided and picked apart one piece at a time. Thank goodness we now have the information, knowledge and ability to see what is happening and engage ourselves in being the change. Let's do it TOGETHER!!!

I'm excited to meet you and your family @markwhittam. The more love we gather in one place, the more powerful we become and the stronger we stand united. Steemfest will be that for many of us on many fronts. So glad you're making it a priority to be there! <3

if everyone refused to register the birth of their child they could never come to claim their property
A very simple but powerful truth.

If people stopped registering anything they would be much more free without having to take any action at all simply because it is the registry that gives the presumption of ownership.

I've recently heard of a family in the US who had their kids taken while they were't registered...So I'm not sure if not registering is the answer, since they pretty much get away with anything.

It's not "the" answer, but it has some serious benefits.

First, if you don't register your children (anywhere...) then they aren't in the system and easy find.

Second, by not registering your children you are taking away the presumption of ownership by the state/feds and so any pretense that they aren't actually kidnapping your children (which is a crime).

While it is true that most people don't understand that registering something in effect gives control to the ones you register with, lack of comprehension does not change the facts.

And since, as you note, they believe they can pretty much get away with anything... and most of us don't know enough law to file a lawsuit properly much less pursue it... then they can and will still do these things.

Not so many years back (15ish?) a lady down in oregon that was prosecuting local officials for child abduction and pedophilia had her kids taken by CPS... and the one that wasn't registered (the youngest) was returned the next day.

Of course, add bolder criminal elements in official places to average people who have learned nothing about how law works and you end up with serious abuse.

I agree. It is however very hard not to register a child, depending on where you are. My youngest 2 were born unassisted at home so I could have gotten away with it easier. But with my eldest son, my then 'lovely' parents in law made an anonymous referral to the child protection service in Holland. So even though he wasn't registered at the time, they still got involved even though he was perfectly fine and it is not illegal to have an unassisted birth there. The unassisted birth of my youngest is in our file now in this case here in Ireland. Since most people travel and need passports, it is needed for those to get their children registered. It's not fair and I personally don't believe in man made borders, but that's the way it is and there is no running from it.

I love the way you handled that. In my case their visit was expected but in the end it was still a surprise when they finally showed up. I was alone with the kids and let them back me in a corner. They pretty much had free play because at the time I didn't know what to do or who to call. They walzed in like the Gestapo and I see them as nothing else than that: government hired criminals who will do anything to terrorize families who are different from what they have in their guide books. I'm glad your family is safe. Love & Light.

Thanks for your comment @misslasvegas. They love surprising the unexpected, less supported people. It's easier to get their kids! AARGH! Just saying that makes me sick!

We gratefully know a lot about our rights, and have unfortunately had a lot of opportunity to stand up to the tyranny of those who believe they are in control. I so wish we were all in closer proximity to lend support in these really traumatic times. Gratefully coming together powerfully in initiatives like this on Steemit will give everyone support, connections, and provide greater awareness and possibility for safety than ever before, especially while having to go it alone. Thank you for the love, and the light. May it all keep shining upon you and your family.

This is an awesome story of how you came together, knowing your rights, and stopped them before they could kidnap any of your children.

It would be great if you could write up a separate post about this incident, and tag it #familyprotection

I do agree that it is a story worth sharing. This is a story best told by @quinneaker. We are in a very special situation where we have immediate support from our community. Not everyone is so blessed to have such a powerful group of warriors!!!

Hi @everlove, please consider following @familyprotection for related posts and updates. Thank you.

I indeed will do so. It's a super important and valuable initiative!

absolutely, everlove. i am so glad you related this story. banding together ALWAYS works. to do this banding together, people are prepared to move residence, to live near each other.
i support this initiate always.

Banding together really is a HUGE part of the equation. I would do whatever was necessary to ensure the safety of my family. There is nothing of greater value than the well-being of our children. Standing up together gives us great leverage--priceless to stand up to the tyranny. Thanks for the comment. Grateful to connect with you here again @marionjoe!!!

Once I have my new site up, one of the agenda items will definitely be to see about getting legislation in place to make it a criminal act to take children from their families without a criminal trial by jury on a claim of criminal neglect or criminal abuse.

Right now, these agencies can do just about whatever they want for any reason... and they receive funding based on how many children they take.

A good first step would be to require that before the removal of a child even be considered the parents would have to be convicted of a real crime against the child in a jury trial (no forced plea bargains, etc.).

Notice that such a first step would require a criminal complaint sworn under oath before any action at all could be taken at all by CPS.

None of this "someone called and told us" garbage that could be (and sometimes is) made up out of thin air and used to take children simply because the parents are rather poor by societies standards.

Hi @tony.jennings, Your new site sounds interesting, please keep us posted.

They seem to be above the law, they are getting very aggressive with the rate they are taking children and for reasons that are unrealistic.

We are taking a step in the right direction just by talking about it, and when enough people are talking about it then something can start to be done about this situation.

Thanks for your input, its very much appreciated.


Thanks markwhittam.

The site I'm building is meant to be a springboard for everyone to start putting political pressure on the politicians (and maybe even start replacing them) to do what the vast majority of people can agree on rather than focusing on our differences.

By creating a platform that allows us to track who is opposing things, who is supporting them, and more easily take actions to make our voices heard in government I'm hoping we might start moving back towards actual freedom. Yes, I'm a dreamer...

Anywise, I know of some victims of CPS myself... anyone that believes that children are better off being raised by "the state" or "families that collect a paycheck for having them" than they are with their actual parents (excepting in extreme circumstances) is delusional.

Love is much more important than wealth. And the love of a parent is almost always going to be superior than being raised by either those calling themselves the state (there are serious horror stories related to children going "missing") or uncaring people that simply want cash for putting up with other peoples children.

Yes tony.jennings I actually believe we are making steps towards real freedom because of dreamers like yourself.

With platforms like steemit the truth will be heard.

Please consider following @familyprotection for related posts and updates and please inform us when your site is up so we can support it. :)


.. and they receive funding based on how many children they take.

and we thought asset forfeiture was atrocious

More of the same as far as I'm concerned... but definitely more twisted.

Want some horror stories?

Read the first few results turned up carefully for a search on "cps makes money for taking children.

A quick search for "cps loses children" and "cps child trafficking" turns up all kinds of horrific stories that you probably will end up wishing you had never read.

CPS should be expunged as far as I'm concerned. It's not "for the children" but rather "for the cash". Children are being stolen on pretense every day.

Asset forfeiture is another thing on my chopping block... as it too should be a criminal act without a criminal conviction by a jury in a proper court of law.

Why do I favor conviction by jury? Because those of us that are paying attention and making sure we are eligible for jury duty could potentially use jury nullification to help each other and eventually make such criminal legislation become dead letters.

Do I sound out there? Maybe. But in the two decades since I was a teenager the world has become much worse... and I believe that part of the problem is those (like me) that have stayed out of the political system because it is corrupt. With todays technology there is no reason we cannot get organized and start to turn things around.

People need to understand the power they actually have through jury nullification.

I completely agree. I've abstained from politics all of my life (until recently) because I believe the system to be corrupt.

It is corrupt, but if those of us who see as much refuse to participate then we continue to allow those who corrupt our lives (and those of our children) to turn us down a dark road.

WE, as people, have the capacity to say NO. We can vote our values, save our fellows, and turn any (and all) bad legislation into dead letters.

I truly wish that I had my current comprehension two decades ago... but it took me almost a decade to unlearn that which I had been conditioned too in our public schools... and even now I have to look closely at that which I believe to weigh what is a product of the system and what is a product of factual knowledge.

If we wake up and start saying "not guilty" to non-crimes then the corruption in the system will end tomorrow. We do have the power... but we mostly fail to realize it.

Thats is very true. It is a power that should be wielded more often

You're doing more damage to the state just by using crypto currencies, than you ever will via the political process.
It doesn't need reform; it needs to become another closed chapter in human history.

I agree that the chapter needs to come to a close and that currently much can be done via crypto-currencies.

However, I'd point out that crypto-currencies rely on electrical power, networks of phone lines, and technologies that are controlled by the people that run the system... and could easily be expunged by simply turning off the lights or heavily restricting access to any one of these things.

I've been against politics all of my life (and still am as far as using politics to force anything on anyone) but have come to believe that if we use every tool in the tool box we could turn things around much more quickly and with much more eventual strife.

When I was young I refused to take part in either political process or legal process as both are corrupt.

Eventually I realized that wrapping my head around the legal process provided many tools that have allowed me to be much more effective in refusing to comply with over stepping legislation.

Today, I've come to feel that becoming involved in politics provides a platform for offering alternatives to authoritarianism... so I'm jumping in finally as I want to be able to ask pointed questions, point out logical fallacies, and voice rational alternatives to more of the same publicly.

Will I change the world? No. Will I help to wake some people up? I hope so.

I've given this a lot of thought; and my conclusion, at least my current conclusion, is that serving policemen are the state.
Everyone else is just talking; they're threatening, and backing up those threats.
So by all means run for office, work in the public sector or campaign however you see fit.

If I actually do ever run for office it will be to focus on expunging and opposing authoritarian legislation, ending corrupt practices, and supporting/initiating legislation to replace authoritarian legislation with viable alternatives.

That being said I'm a long way off from any such thing at this point. Of course, I have a large extended family and if I ever do take an office they will all be rolling on the floor.

Imagine a mayor standing up in public and making the following statement:

It's come to my attention that CPS officials are knocking on peoples doors and taking peoples children without due process of law.

If a CPS official comes to your door without a lawful warrant that is supported by affidavit and signed by a judge please refuse to let them enter your home until they produce such a warrant.

If they force their way into your house please call me and I'll help you file a police report and start a lawsuit against them.

There would probably be a media storm within a week and I'd likely be tossed out shorty afterwards. That or I'd have an "accident" or "sudden health problem".

Police who refuse to enforce legislation against people are not police for long. They either quit in disgust or are fired for not meeting quotas.

100% agree.

Do I sound out there?

absolutely not

our problem is separating out information and acting on it to make the most difference...keeping in mind normalcy bias/ostrich effect

  • "conspiracy theory" that is too "far out" for people to accept, whther it is possibly true or not
  • "conspiracy theory" that is likely, but unproveable
  • crimes that are obvious, but that people do not want to recognize because it forces them out of comfort zones
  • crimes that are obvious, but that are subject to corruptocrat #informationwar, and can be countered by the same tactics

We should focus on the last two categories, and CPS abuse belongs in both, along with situations such as Rotherdam in England

I wish I had the above clearly explained to me two decades ago.

I've always been a bit of a fire brand, perhaps because I stepped past fear of the establishment a very long time ago.

But for many years I had a hard time reaching people because I'd point out things that all too often fell into some mix of the top three.

Another problem (at least for me historically) has been arguing instead of asking questions designed to get others to find the answers for themselves if they had interest.

By arguing (even when I could tie things together nicely into a logical progression and offer proof) I mostly just put people into a defensive mindset.

By asking the right questions, many discussions these days eventually end up with people at least entertaining the idea that something is wrong and sometimes even starting to ask questions themselves... even if they eventually find out that something has been "debunked" and so stop looking for the truth because they don't continue to ask questions.

there has been a tipping point;

These problems have gotten worse, the politicians have started becoming more blatant about not at least paying lip service to voters, and information has gotten so much easier to attain over the last 20 years.

So you have the Ministry of Truth telling Germans that their wives and children AREN'T being sexually assaulted by Muslim immigrants, or telling American workers their jobs AREN'T being displaced by Mexican immigrants, and then call them racist for complaining about these things , a market for "alt" ideas sprouts!

Ten years ago, I mocked many of Alex Jones's claims; I have turned around quickly on several since...the ones that were the second two categories!

As far as knowing how to manipulate people, or to know how they are manipulated, it's not a skill nice people pick up until they see a need to. I too wish I had spent less time goofing around as a young man and instead learning how to play this game.


I attempted to use jury nullification during my code compliance trial after the SWAT raid at the @gardenofeden. I was super unprepared and inexperienced for the disgusting tactics they use in court. But, to make a long story short, we handed out pamphlets outside the court house to all who entered. The first thing the judge did when the courtroom opened, was to make everyone who received one of those pamphlets turn them in saying something like: This information has no validity here. I am the one who will give you instructions and tell you how this court runs. Of course everyone complied. I would have done some things differently if I knew then what I know now. But this is just to show that the courts too are in on the whole control and deception (which most of us already know)--just one more showing of the layers we need to address in finding ways to implement and hold them accountable to deceiving the people.

They will do anything in their power to keep their control.

Lying is amazingly common... and the vast majority of people are so conditioned to obeying authority that very few will do anything other than what they are told.

Of course, it only takes 1 in 12 or so to completely nullify bad legislation... so if you end up in court (should rarely happen if you learn law... which reminds me that I need to continue that series here soon) and are fairly lucky you might not be convicted of things such as voluntary trade, ownership of plants, or other the myriad other things that are not bona fide crimes.

Then again, since jurors are pulled from the voter rolls... and most of us don't vote or register to do so... chances of that happening are worse than they might be otherwise unless you refuse a lawyer and base your entire case on swaying one of the jurors to declare you not guilty in the face of the legislation you are being charged with breaking. It has been done successfully... but is rare.

Not only will they do anything---they DO do anything!! It is sadly true that few people are awake enough to even know there is something wrong with the system. "That's just the way it is!" =(

I would love to read your series about the law. Ideally we don't end up playing their game in court, but when we do, we are definitely outnumbered by those who are in cahoots, and those who just do as they're told. I had a jury trial, and not a single one of those jurors was anything like one of my peers. They were all definitely dead sitting in those chairs, doing exactly what they were told with pasty faces, cast down eyes and droopy shoulders. So sad to see the life drained out of people, with no hope for anything that would make them feel alive!! There really is no such thing as "your day in court". Everyone is paid by the same people -- US! -- yet blindly working under the control of those who do not have the best intentions.

We are blessed to be creating a new world at the @gardenofeden. There is hope for the future if we step up to make it so.

Thanks for the response tony.jennings. It's great to connect with you.

Go go go @tony.jennings. Some of us need to stand up to what is, and others of us need to build a more life giving reality. Bringing awareness and creating change will be key. I love where you're going with this.

I have recently started writing about traumas I have experienced in life. When I get to the part about my oldest daughter being kidnapped, and then the kidnappers calling DCF in FL and claiming there was abuse, the police refused to help me to recover my kidnapped child. They refused to even take my report of her being kidnapped and transported over state lines with out my knowledge or consent. That was two years ago, I was forced to drive 1600 miles to appear in court to rebut the supposed child abuse and because I was attacked and had to visit an emergency room the day prior to court I was automatically disqualified from re-obtaining physical custody, because it was stated that if I couldn't protect myself from an attack then I couldn't protect my child. I will defiantly use the tag you provided once I write about these topics. I have two more children I desperately want to protect from another nightmare situation such as this.

Thank you for wanting to speak out about this, I can't imagine what you must be going through, it can't be easy for you to but the more people are aware of these horrific stories the better chance we have of banding together to combat these atrocities.

People who find themselves in your position need the help and support from a community.

Thank you for reaching out to us, we are on your side.


Featured on a Facebook Page I run, called "Kidnapped Legally by CPS"

Several years ago, one of my readers sent me information about a young couple who gave birth at home and had their breastfed baby snatched by the state. I wrote about it and then people started to send me their testimonials, so I started that page.

I hear a lot of sad stories about loving families losing their children to the state. In this predatory system, children are mere commodities. This has to change!

I'll be glad to help any which way I can. BTW, I need help administrating that page, so if anyone is interested, please let me know.

Thank you @holisticgreen, we very nearly called this group legally kidnapped.
You should definitely write a steemit post about this, by tagging it with #familyprotection we can help get stories like these supported seen.

In the near future important Projects like yours will be hidden on Facebook but not on steemit

Thanks for reaching out to us, let's hope we can work together to put a stop this legal kidnapping.

I am glad to hear that you are already a part of bringing awareness to this terrible situation.
Thanks for joining us.

Thank-you for thinking up this new project,
that I am happy to help you with.
It is VERY important and these stories of corruption need to be told and heard.

As you know, I have friends that have gone through horrid experiences with the system,
which is intent on ripping good families apart. Something must be done to stop these crimes.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I really hope this project can grow and actually start helping families stay together.

without the inspiration, support and encouragement from you, this would be just a dream.
I am now fully focused on making this matter, if this project can help just one family then it will have
been a success, if it encourages one person to speak out then it will have been a triumph.

you are right something must be done and projects like this are a step in the right direction.


Thoughtful and excellent initiative...Initiative like these can really have meaningful impact on the lives of those that really need the extra support...Would be great to see initiative like these bringing the awareness and providing the support to the families that need them the most

Yes @daudimitch Lets hope initiatives like this can bit by bit make a huge difference.
Awareness is key, I believe if the families that have had children taken were first aware of such goings on, they may still have their children today.

Thanks for reaching out @daudimitch


Hi @daudimitch please consider following @familyprotection for more related posts and updates. Thank you

alright no problem

There is a definite need for this. I am glad folks are stepping up to the plate and doing something constructive. Families have rights and considerations that are often overlooked in the strict court system and social systems out there. Stories and voices need to be heard and feelings need to be taken into consideration. Thanks so much for sharing.

Thank you @enjoywithtroy I'm so glad you agree, you are right, too many families have had their right and considerations overlooked.
Bringing it all into the light is huge leap in the right direction.


This is an amazing thing you're doing here, I've always said we need something like this! I'm happy to help any way I can!
Upvoted and resteemed!

Hi @mommanatural, please consider following @familyprotection for related posts and updates. Thank you.

Absolutely! Thanks!

Thank you @mommanatural, the more this grows the more help we will need, in these early stages just having your support is a great help.


It's been more than 2 months that I joined Steemit and since then, I've seen some amazing initiatives here at Steemit that I have seen nowhere else. Please really read the posts. I don't know whether it's the money/earnings as the biggest motivation or for some other reason, but people do spend time to read and comments on posts. I've also witnessed some homeless guys who actually changed their status through Steemit and were no more homeless. This is a great initiative and I really appreciate it. You got my support. Keep it up @markwhittam.

Steem On!

Thank you @ugetfunded, This platform has a wonderful effect on most people, I think money was the biggest motive when people start but then it's the sense of community that makes people want to help.
Thanks for the support.


Hi @ugetfunded, please consider following @familyprotection for related posts and updates. Thank you.

OK found it, not a CPS lady a CPS dude

Thank you @openparadigm, this guy knew how to deal with the CPS scum, never contract with them, know the law and never give them an inch. Thanks for sharing.

Your welcome.

Hi @openparadigm, please consider following @familyprotection for related posts and updates. Thank you.


This guy did a very good job.

  • I need to ...
  • I'd like to ...
  • Would you mind if I ...
  • Can I ...

We are so conditioned to do whatever those in perceived authority ask or tell us to do.

If they have (or truly believe they have) the authority to do something then they will just do it. Otherwise they will ask or tell you "their needs" (which amounts to letting you know that they need your consent to be able to do so).

Without a valid signed contract from you OR a valid warrant (supported by a signed affidavit claiming first hand knowledge that the one signing has witnessed you committing a bona fide crime and by a magistrate that has reviewed the claim and affidavit) then they need your consent.

And if CPS comes knocking (or any other government agent) then it is best to record them, say as little as possible, and firmly turn them away by stating clearly that you do not agree to let them into your home but will gladly do so as soon as they produce the contract between you OR a valid signed warrant.

If like the guy in this video they just keep telling you what they need, simply shut the door in their face after you have agreed to comply upon the production of the contract or warrant and told them to have a nice day.

Don't lie. Don't answer their questions. The more you say the more chance you have of tripping up and giving them something to be able to use to get a warrant under some pretense.

Loved the "Am I the property of the county?".

I also like the "I don't answer questions" videos

It makes me truly miserable to see how children are being used as disposable pawns on a chessboard. "Child Welfare" in South Africa has limited influence. My mom used to do voluntary work for them and she told me they tried to keep families together wherever possible. This iniative is amazing, and we need to support anything that encourages us to think for ourselves and allows us to realise the extent of government control on our lives. (And the negative consequences of this.)

Thank you @onetree it's obvious that our children are the property of the state, we need to change the legal status of our children so that they belong to the earth and not a person.


Hi @onetree, please consider following @familyprotection for related posts and updates. Thank you.

Mark tgis is one of if not tge best initiative I have seen so far in my time on steemit and you have my full support mate. Please let me know if there is anytging I can do to help at all. I will add my voice by making a post for the #familyprotection. I don't have much in the way of direct experience so far but I expect in time to have them poke their noses and greedy little fingers into my life so I will write about that. Great job mate. Really glad Linda is on board as well as she has my full respect, ss do you mate. This is what steemit could and should be about and you're setting a great example for us all my friend. I must confess that I have been feeling rather despondant when it comes to my time on steemit but this has really helped restore some faith.

Cheers mate! :)

Hi @tonyr, please consider following @familyprotection for related posts and updates. Cheers mate.

I've just become the latest follower mate. Thanks for letting me know.

Wow thanks @tonyr
Thanks for the offer of help, I am sure in the future when this grows we will need all the help we can get, for now just adding your voice will really help things move in the right direction, I value your opinion and will support anything you have to say on this matter.
Thanks for reaching out to us.


Really great idea! I wish you all the success in the world, and I will be supporting this project in the future. Way to band together! <3 <3

Thank you @lyndsaybowes
You are very kind, your encouragement and support is welcomed with open arms :)


Bless you too Angel

Hi @lyndsaybowes, please consider following @familyprotection for related posts and updates. Thank you.

It's great to have you onboard.

@markwhittam I want to commend you for the bold step you have taken to publicize this initiative. If you go through my blog i have a soft spot for children and have my four friends whom we join together every month to go visit the motherless home and give gifts out of our heart. Although we also write post to get funds but we do not ask for donations yet and we are steemcare by name. Therefore seeing this makes my heart leap for joy considering my love for children.I was once a child who was treated illy by her grandma, wasn't going to good school but yet she collected money fron my dad claiming she was taking good care of me, so as a child I knew what it meant for a child to be treated badly. Therefore, I have decided to be a part of this project and help other children out there and also running the steemcare project with myself @gloglo, @ehiboss, @jade56, @illuminatus. We will also need everyone's himble support in caring for the helpless children out there. I will support @markwhittam and would want to know the necessary steps to take towards being a member. Well done and waiting for your reply soon.

Thank you @gloglo for reaching out to us, this and other projects such as your #steemcare are a huge step in the right direction, I hope that we can work together for a better world.

At the moment becoming a member is as easy as tagging related posts with #familyprotection and joining our chat (soon to come)
When this project grows we will start to need more help and we will be calling apon people like you who are really trying to make a difference.

I am following you now and will support your work. :)


Thank yiu cery much and am happy I found this. We can make things happen am very much positive about this. Thank you for following me as well.

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100% upvote and a resteem for your project. Good for you and all involved.

Thank you very much @marymg2014 your support is appreciated :)


Hi @marymg2014, please consider following @familyprotection for related posts and updates. Thank you.

Consider it done.

@markwhittam this is a great initiative and it makes me feel I'm not alone in this battle. I have no personal experience with foster care but my (half) sister and 2 brothers will tell anyone that it almost destroyed them. My father left his then wife and because she was abusing prescription drugs he rang social services himself and told them she was in no state to take care of the children. He meant well, but didn't have a clue. They were taken to a group home where they were abused. They were then split up into different foster families and all three were sexually abused in those homes. I have never met my eldest brother because he ended up becoming a junkie and I am not even sure he's alive. My other brother seems ok, but is not, there are deep scars and it's eating away at him because he won't let anyone in. My sister is fortunately doing well, although the whole ordeal left her with a few scars she's working through every day. My brother and sister would always say that however bad their mother could be, it was nothing compared to the horrors they have been through in foster care. I will kill and die before I let anyone take my kids into foster care. Thank you for this, it is something that is needed in this corrupt world. For our children and their future children we need to fight this evil now.

Thank you for your support with this initiative.
The story you have just told is part of the reason we started this support group, to make people aware of the consequences, people are so quick to call social services, not knowing how damaging it can be.
I am so sorry your family had to go through such trauma, if only every community had a support group, people who are willing to step in and help families stay together.
We all have our problems and nobody's perfect but Foster homes and care homes are not the answer.
Part of our initiative is to make people aware of the problem so that we can start to do something about it.
I know it must be tough but if you were to consider writing about your families story and your siblings experience in care I will make sure it gets out there.

Thanks for reaching out to us.


I'm glad to hear that our story helped start this initiative. There are too many people who are terrorized by these institutions. You are right, foster care is not a solution. If anything it makes kids more vulnerable to abuse and worse. Here in Ireland, foster families get 350 euro per week per child! No wonder some families foster 3,4 or more children. I think if half this money was spent on actually helping the families in the first place, there would be no need for foster care all together. That's why I think the whole thing is one big set up.
There are families here who have their kids taken from them because they lose their house because they can't pay their rent or mortgage. It's insane. Maybe if those people would have that 350 euro or even only half of that, they would have never lost their house to begin with. I am going to write about our story and about my siblings. I think I need to get it out there so people are aware of the dirty tricks these people can and will play. At the moment our situation is so stressful that I can't think of anything else. I frantically clean the house every day, so they have no reason to use anything against me. But when you think about it it's madness. I'd much rather do a bit less and spend that time with my kids, but at the moment I don't want to give them any reason to give me more crap. This is unfortunately the situation a lot of people are forced into. It causes stress for all people involved. The case worker we have doesn't even seem the type to have children of her own. As far as I know, she still lives with her parents...And this are the kind of people who judge others and the lives they choose to live.
Once I get past this obstacle and things have settled a bit, I will be with you guys 100% to fight this fight for everyone who needs it.
At the moment I have only time and energy to focus on us, but I know it won't always be that way.
Is it still ok to re-post my original story again? I am working on the update as well. Meanwhile more people got involved. Besides child protection also the assessors for home education who were undoubtedly contacted by my case worker to get involved. They were here today and seemed to get nowhere so they pulled the few strings they had to cut us down..

I like the video of a man who has CPS at his door the CPS lady said
" I need to come in and see that your kids are alright"
the man replied
"I don't care what you need, Do you have a warrant"
and she didn't and the police who were with her had nothing to say.
Don't let strangers into your house no matter what authority they claim.(unless they have a warrant). I'll see if I can find the link a very instructive video.

a very good idea in terms of building steemit. if all steemians in steemit think like you surely we will not be hard in work. if the program will you carry out I hope the time to invite me to join the group. thank you your post aroused my spirits in steemit. there are also people who think like us. @markwhittam

Thank you @tuanpuput it's time to come together and stand up against this tyranny.

Hi @tuanpuput, please consider following @familyprotection for related posts and updates. Thank you.

a real step you are doing, I hope that with this group many people who have problems with child protection will be helped. Respect for you @markwhittam

You are welcome

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Okay @markwhittam now I will follow @familyprotecrion

Great initiative @markwhittam !

Although I can't do much on this, nor does my upvote matter much I'l still give it for a honorable cause !

Much love for everyone <3


Thank you @vangelov, all support is welcomed and appreciated.

Keep on steeming on!

Good luck friend for the great steps to help the victims.please suggest what kind of help you need from me to stop the inhuman activities in the world. Personaly I condem the misdeeds of the so called government agencies, they have no right to separate the children from their parents .Thanks for sharing such a valuable post. Have a great day friend.resteem it.

Thank you @maya7 I see so many people coming forward to offer their help which is very encouraging, I will be in touch.

Have a blessed day my friend.

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A Great step in the right direction! I hope it becomes a success and helps everyone affected by the atrocities of the government!

Thank you @poohs let's hope for success.

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Hi @markwhittam, Great and very much needed initiative!

You earned my respect!

Peace and love to the World.

Thank you @steemit.lover2 your encouragement is helping to build this. :)

Hi @steemit.lover2, please consider following @familyprotection for related posts and updates. Thank you.

I love your idea and it will help bring together those who need the help the most. I wish you all the luck in the endeavor because it is a good and needed cause. I had someone share his struggles losing his children and I gave him you name. I will try to find is name in my post and let you know.

Great work as always Mark. I will resteem to help spread the word. You are a great guy who came out of a bad situation with a heart of gold!!!!! :D

Thank you dearly @cabbagepatch
I really appreciate your support on this matter, I hope you find his name as his story could be a valuable insight to how children are legally kidnapped.


Hi Mark! I found the comment: eythorhelgi32 · 5 days ago
WoW!. Thank you, this is just what i needed. I suffer from PTSD. I am currently fighting the government of iceland for the custedy of my two sons. After they "confirmed" Cannabis in my urine. :/ (the war still rages in most parts of the world). I used to master articles and arguments, now... i´m regaining my fighting spirit. Your article may be my starting focus point. I wont go into details. you´ve inspired me! Will Follow!

I hope you can help or at least give him/her some direction. Thanks Mark!

By the way here is the article he wrote the comment on:

Thank you so much @cabbagepatch
I have contacted him and await a reply, his story needs to be heard.


Thanks Mark! I know he had it rough!

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great option and wonderful addition to this community... @markwhittam #familyprotection is a very good thought out always ready to support
thanks for sharing this

Thank you @kenhudoy
Please consider following @familyprotection for related posts and updates.
Thanks for your support :)

sure will do...and support as much as i can... keep it up and also find time to check my blog posts

Upvoted and resteemed my friend.

This is a wonderful initiative my friend! I'm sure the group will grow very big and many help will be extended to those who are suffering from the system!
@canadian-coconut is just an awesome human being, I trust her 100%!
Wish you well my friend!

Thank you Chef! Let's hope this can help change some lives in the future :)


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Done Sir, following @familyprotection for related posts and updates!

This is an awesome project. It makes me pretty sad to hear this story, but your response is on point. The worst part is that this problem is not limited to CPS. At this point, most government agencies are detrimental to families and US citizens, all in the name of public well-being. From public school bus systems that separate child from parent to government tuition assistance programs that have blown a bubble big enough to rival the 2008-2009 financial market, the government continually either fails to do what it promised or intentionally screws the pooch -- it's one of the two, and it needs to stop.

I wish you the best on this endeavor, and you can count on my support. Followed.

Yes @creighton I agree, and I believe the separation tactics start at the hospital when we give birth to our children.

As you said, 'it needs to stop'

Thanks for your support

Hi @creighton, please consider following @familyprotection for related posts and updates. Thank you.

Upvoted and also resteemed!

Thank you. :)

Very great idea. For the society to glue well in harmony, families need to stay greatly glued to their children!. The power of family is positively ineffable.

So true @kryptocoin thanks for your input :)

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I just did. Thanks

Great idea, count me in

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if you dont believe in the vaccines, homeschool, vocal truther, piss of local authority with your big mouth, piss off a do gooder neighbor in the community watch asssociation.... they will harass you and send the cps , its a way to silence people who wont cooperate

Crazy world run by crazy people.

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Good luck! Sounds like a great way for a support group :)

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'It takes a village to raise a child'.

  • Scariest sentence I've ever heard.

Let's change that to:

'It takes a village to protect a family.'

Thanks @mattclarke

Hi @mattclarke, please consider following @familyprotection for related posts and updates. Thank you.

Thanks mate. Done.

You got my support. This is a nice move will be happy if we all take this very serious.

Hey Mark, this is an incredible project. Are you on any of the Discords to chat? Whaleshares or MSP/PAL ?

Thank you @steempowerpics, yes I am on steemit chat or Msp/pal

You need to generate a discord link that does not expire and swap that out in the post. Then I can join and contact you there.

Thank you mate! Try that :)