Thank you @openparadigm, this guy knew how to deal with the CPS scum, never contract with them, know the law and never give them an inch. Thanks for sharing.

Your welcome.

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This guy did a very good job.

  • I need to ...
  • I'd like to ...
  • Would you mind if I ...
  • Can I ...

We are so conditioned to do whatever those in perceived authority ask or tell us to do.

If they have (or truly believe they have) the authority to do something then they will just do it. Otherwise they will ask or tell you "their needs" (which amounts to letting you know that they need your consent to be able to do so).

Without a valid signed contract from you OR a valid warrant (supported by a signed affidavit claiming first hand knowledge that the one signing has witnessed you committing a bona fide crime and by a magistrate that has reviewed the claim and affidavit) then they need your consent.

And if CPS comes knocking (or any other government agent) then it is best to record them, say as little as possible, and firmly turn them away by stating clearly that you do not agree to let them into your home but will gladly do so as soon as they produce the contract between you OR a valid signed warrant.

If like the guy in this video they just keep telling you what they need, simply shut the door in their face after you have agreed to comply upon the production of the contract or warrant and told them to have a nice day.

Don't lie. Don't answer their questions. The more you say the more chance you have of tripping up and giving them something to be able to use to get a warrant under some pretense.

Loved the "Am I the property of the county?".

I also like the "I don't answer questions" videos