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RE: They Tear Families Apart in the Name of Child Protection, Which is Why We are Starting Familly Protection, A support Group For Families that Need Protecting.

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It is truly time to band together to stop this tyranny. When CPS came knocking at our door from an "anonymous tip" we immediately came together as a community, writing affidavits on the well being of the children and the incredible loving parent/child relationships unlike any we have ever seen before. When CPS insisted on coming in, we gave them an appointment. We set up a table with a table cloth, flowers and fresh squeezed juice on the OUTSIDE of the gate on the side of the road. We slapped down a dozen signed and notarized affidavits and basically blew them out of the water as we all stood together around them with our video cameras rolling, looking them directly in the eyes (when they looked up from their dumbfounded stuper). We called their office and spoke with the supervisors and basically just nipped it in the bud right there. We were very successful because we stood together as a community and were immediate backing and support for one another.

Coming together in this way is super powerful. The fact that Steemit is not censored is truly a plus as the truth can be told, the support can be rallied, and the community can stand together. I love this idea and I feel it is a truly great opportunity to make change in something that needs to stop right now.

I support this intiativie @markwhittam and grateful for all the support from @canadian-coconut, @ausbitbank and others who will bring great awareness to this issue. Great job. So glad for all the passion ignited and that your family is safe.


I am so happy that you knew how to deal with these state kidnappers, if everyone knew this information then they would not have a chance, if everyone refused to register the birth of their child they could never come to claim their property with such ease.

Coming together like you did is the only way to stand up to them, and I believe steemit is the perfect place to bring people together and get the support that might otherwise be unattainable.

I am very happy with the amount of support that has been offered for this cause, @everlove @quinneaker and @gardenofeden are a great asset to this community and to have your blessings and support is hugely beneficial.

I really look forward to steemfest, getting to meet you and @quinneaker is going to be one of the highlights for me.

Thanks again for reaching out to us.

It is my pleasure and honor to support people coming together to save the children, families and well-being. Standing together is really key. That is why we are separated and divided and picked apart one piece at a time. Thank goodness we now have the information, knowledge and ability to see what is happening and engage ourselves in being the change. Let's do it TOGETHER!!!

I'm excited to meet you and your family @markwhittam. The more love we gather in one place, the more powerful we become and the stronger we stand united. Steemfest will be that for many of us on many fronts. So glad you're making it a priority to be there! <3

if everyone refused to register the birth of their child they could never come to claim their property
A very simple but powerful truth.

If people stopped registering anything they would be much more free without having to take any action at all simply because it is the registry that gives the presumption of ownership.

I've recently heard of a family in the US who had their kids taken while they were't registered...So I'm not sure if not registering is the answer, since they pretty much get away with anything.

It's not "the" answer, but it has some serious benefits.

First, if you don't register your children (anywhere...) then they aren't in the system and easy find.

Second, by not registering your children you are taking away the presumption of ownership by the state/feds and so any pretense that they aren't actually kidnapping your children (which is a crime).

While it is true that most people don't understand that registering something in effect gives control to the ones you register with, lack of comprehension does not change the facts.

And since, as you note, they believe they can pretty much get away with anything... and most of us don't know enough law to file a lawsuit properly much less pursue it... then they can and will still do these things.

Not so many years back (15ish?) a lady down in oregon that was prosecuting local officials for child abduction and pedophilia had her kids taken by CPS... and the one that wasn't registered (the youngest) was returned the next day.

Of course, add bolder criminal elements in official places to average people who have learned nothing about how law works and you end up with serious abuse.

I agree. It is however very hard not to register a child, depending on where you are. My youngest 2 were born unassisted at home so I could have gotten away with it easier. But with my eldest son, my then 'lovely' parents in law made an anonymous referral to the child protection service in Holland. So even though he wasn't registered at the time, they still got involved even though he was perfectly fine and it is not illegal to have an unassisted birth there. The unassisted birth of my youngest is in our file now in this case here in Ireland. Since most people travel and need passports, it is needed for those to get their children registered. It's not fair and I personally don't believe in man made borders, but that's the way it is and there is no running from it.

I love the way you handled that. In my case their visit was expected but in the end it was still a surprise when they finally showed up. I was alone with the kids and let them back me in a corner. They pretty much had free play because at the time I didn't know what to do or who to call. They walzed in like the Gestapo and I see them as nothing else than that: government hired criminals who will do anything to terrorize families who are different from what they have in their guide books. I'm glad your family is safe. Love & Light.

Thanks for your comment @misslasvegas. They love surprising the unexpected, less supported people. It's easier to get their kids! AARGH! Just saying that makes me sick!

We gratefully know a lot about our rights, and have unfortunately had a lot of opportunity to stand up to the tyranny of those who believe they are in control. I so wish we were all in closer proximity to lend support in these really traumatic times. Gratefully coming together powerfully in initiatives like this on Steemit will give everyone support, connections, and provide greater awareness and possibility for safety than ever before, especially while having to go it alone. Thank you for the love, and the light. May it all keep shining upon you and your family.

This is an awesome story of how you came together, knowing your rights, and stopped them before they could kidnap any of your children.

It would be great if you could write up a separate post about this incident, and tag it #familyprotection

I do agree that it is a story worth sharing. This is a story best told by @quinneaker. We are in a very special situation where we have immediate support from our community. Not everyone is so blessed to have such a powerful group of warriors!!!

Hi @everlove, please consider following @familyprotection for related posts and updates. Thank you.

I indeed will do so. It's a super important and valuable initiative!

absolutely, everlove. i am so glad you related this story. banding together ALWAYS works. to do this banding together, people are prepared to move residence, to live near each other.
i support this initiate always.

Banding together really is a HUGE part of the equation. I would do whatever was necessary to ensure the safety of my family. There is nothing of greater value than the well-being of our children. Standing up together gives us great leverage--priceless to stand up to the tyranny. Thanks for the comment. Grateful to connect with you here again @marionjoe!!!