What Happened? Where Have We Been? Are We OK?............... Is This The End Of The Road For The Tinyhouse Family?

in family •  last month

Spending the last few hours with the tinyhouse before we part ways, then it's back to my family to start off a whole new chapter of our lives.

And I promise to keep you all updated.

Love is all you need


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MARK!!! So glad to have you back here communicating with all of us again.

I know that it is hard for you to admit all of this, but you are only human and there are many people here who love you and support you.

I'm glad that life seems to be improving for you and your family from here on out. I wish that I could give you a real big hug -- but virtual will have to do ... ((( @markwhittam )))


Thank you Linda,
You're right, I'm only human and I believe the lessons I've learnt from all of this will make me a better man.

I deeply regret that I abandoned our project and left you on your own to deal with it all, I hope now you have a better understanding why it was so hard for me to volunteer my time and energy to @familyprotection, and I want you to know that once I'm back on my feet I'm going to do my best to make up for all the time I've been away, that is of course if you'll have me back.

I'm feeling all the love and support and just so you know, your virtual hug is working wonders in my reality.

Thank you.


I want you to know that once I'm back on my feet I'm going to do my best to make up for all the time I've been away...

I'm looking forward to being a part of helping get you back on your feet! That's what friends are for.


that is of course if you'll have me back.

Of course I welcome you back with open arms!

Don't be too hard on yourself Mark.
Other people seemded to be taking breaks from Steemit too while you were gone, because the workload for @familyprotection dropped at the same time, so I was alright by myself. I did miss you a lot though and am glad that you are coming back soon.


I believe that everything does happen for a reason, even the hard times which we all have to go through, but these hard times are not there to stop us, but to promote us and makes us better, stronger and wiser.
Don't take things hard on yourself @markwhittam. We will always wait for you, so you take as much time off as you need and we will be here all to support you. @canadian-coconut has been doing an amazing job with the @familyprotection, (thank you Linda for all your hard work) and we love you both and wish you all the best.


I believe that everything does happen for a reason, even the hard times which we all have to go through, but these hard times are not there to stop us, but to promote us and makes us better, stronger and wiser.
Don't take things hard on yourself @markwhittam. We will always wait for you, so you take as much time off as you need and we will be here all to support you. @canadian-coconut has been doing an amazing job with the @familyprotection, (thank you Linda for all your hard work) and we love you both and wish you all the best.


Hello @ canadian-coconut I'd like to be a member of familyprotection. Please add me with you.

oh mark! WHAT if i told you that almost EVERYONE i know is going through just the kind of changes, challenges and upheavels you are sharing with us..

THIS year has to be the greatest turd of a year i have ever seen, and that it is SO synchronistic simply blows my mind. All i can say is that is seems like some kind of catalyst, taking us all to our breaking point,, and beyond.. MAYBE thats what it takes to push us into great change..

things are changing RAPIDLY! hang in there ok.. be kind to yourself.. you did nothing wrong! and please dont be too hard on yourself.. my god, we need compassion and self love in buckets right now..

<3 it WILL work out, it always does!


This is a GREAT comment. You are so right Alex.
It does feel like some final test or something.


@eco-alex this is spot on! A catalyst, 💯
I've been struggling to describe just what you said above. Thanks! 🙏


thank u! love your name!


Yes, @eco-alex. I also know many, many people who are going through hard trials right now.
It is a time of death and new beginnings, which doesn't really have to be real death, but saying goodbyes to many things and starting new things in our lives.
I know many people that are going through hard times including myself, but that is life and I always believe in things happening for a reason and life has to take us through trials for us to learn, to improve to grow etc. It is never to stop us, but to promote us.

First let me say thank God you and each of your family members are alive and breathing! I recently reached out to Ca-Co personally and asked if she had heard from you at all. I know I’m not the only one that was concerned and worried about you all and hoping you were okay.

I have a big family and I am one to know that ups and downs happen, heck life happens and smacks us in the face at times. You are not perfect or an exception to the rule...you simply are going through life. Your family comes first. You were working so hard to protect other families and the time came where you needed to protect yours the most. I understand that and it had to be a priority. It still is a priority as you figure out things and find a way to get everyone back together.

I am sorry about your depression and about the separation from your family. It really hurt reading about that but I know you all will pull through. I am praying and hoping that you find work soon and the kids are able to be homeschooled by you and Louise again. I also hope and pray that you can stay far out of CPS’s dangerous reach. I hope that things can also get better between you and your father in law.

I sure wish I was a whale right now and had the monies to help fund your living. I am so sorry you are facing this right now. You WILL come out strong you WILL come out on top again. I sure hope the community will come together and show you care, love and generosity as you have done for all of us. Thank you for reaching out to us and letting us know you all are okay and what’s been going on. I can’t imagine how hard it’s been.

I’m glad I caught your post today as I am taking a break from everything for the whole month of November. But please know you were missed here and my husband and I were praying for your family. I hope things get turned around real soon for you.

Always, take care ~

God Bless you and your Family.


Thank you @crosheille!

I understand that you must have been worried and I'm sorry it took so long to let you all know we are OK.

I was ashamed and that's why it took so long for me to pluck up the courage to write this post. I know if I had done this 6 months ago, that i would have got help and support from this community that was needed but I just couldn't do it.

Thank you for understanding and I feel better after reading your comment.



I understand Mark I really do. It’s not easy admitting we are in need of help. It’s not too late for the community to rally together to support you. It’s great to have the support of a community when things are going well but it’s in times like this when community is needed the most.

I’m glad you feel better :)

Hello Mark,

Before I type anything else, I want to say that you are Stronger than you think!. I couldn't control my swarming shades of emotions as I read through. You haven't failed your family, stop thinking you did! All I see is a Father who is Absolutely Determined to keep his family safe despite the ups and downs. Don't feel depressed. Rather pump that energy into your Drive, I know you can do it.!!

Life is one hilly journey and I know things can go south and north, but your Drive will keep you determined and focused.

Who knows what the future holds for us, but whatever happens, I know our love will keep us together forever, through the good times and the bad.

That's the spirit dear Brother!.

Much Love from me to you and the family.

Stay Super Blessed.


Wow! Very meaningful words written by someone who's recently been on the receiving end of some major downs, you're living proof that there's a way up. Thank you brother!

Dude, I have tears in my eyes reading this, I'm so sad hearing about everything you have been going through alone.

I unconditionally love you. You could NEVER disappoint me. I'm just so happy you wrote us!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm here for you, always and forever no matter what. I see YOU.


Thanks Lyndsay!
That means a lot to me because I respect you a lot, it feels good to know you're behind me and still believe in me. I look forward to overcoming this obstacle now I have people like you cheering me on.



<3 <3 Don't leave like that again eh! <3 <3 I'll have to track ya down and give ya a good ol butt whoopin :) LOL!!

Hey Mark, it really is great to hear from you again. Linda said you'd been working long hours but I couldn't shake the feeling something more was happening, this read absolutely blew my mind.

So sorry to hear about the rough patches, I guess life has a way of boxing us into a corner sometimes.

My thoughts are with you and I pray it all works out well for you, your wife and your kids.

Just know that the rough times won't last forever - you will get back on your feet financially again and things will be well...glad you're already brimming with hope.

Your Father in law is a douche by the way


Thank you @empress-eremmy for your support and encouragement. Bless.

At last you're here, Mark!

We all worried and were very interested in where you were, and if you were ok. Linda was patient to answer our questions)

I'm so sorry to read about hard times you and your family had...We all have them sometimes, but black stripes aren't endless, and the white one will come very soon!
You're so unique and so bright person that I'm sure Universe will show you the right "door" to enter.

And congratulations for you with the 1st anniversary of your great "child" Familyprotection:) We celebrated it in October and remembered you;)

Great to hear from you again and no offence taken at my end for your absence. I knew you were heavily involved in finding somewhere to settle so just assumed this was your motive for not being active.
Your story has saddened me slightly as I had high-hopes you would all find somewhere safe to call home. As you said, life is all about up and downs and you have more strength than you give yourself credit for. What you have been doing for your family is seriously stressful and with the consequences being so dire that just adds to it all. You are still fighting and still thinking on your feet, and all for the sake of your loved ones. To me, that is all you can ask of someone. I would try reaching out to the community you helped create, rather than selling your beloved tinyhouse. I'm sure we could all help you out and I know for sure that there are communities on steemit who offer loans in fiat and sbd. If you need more info on these then just let me know and I'll pull up some links.
I hope that the UK is treating you well and remember you always have a friend in Nottingham to rely on :)
You have probably seen/heard this story before but nevertheless I will offer it up for you to gain some perspective on how life is a complete unknown.


Thanks Buddy!
It would be sad to see her go but maybe it's meant to be, I don't see us traveling for a while so maybe it's someone else's turn to take the plunge.

We've had a great run and I'll never regret taking to the road but I can't help thinking that with the money we spend driving to the south of Europe we could all fly to places like Bali and get to explore the parts of our world that this truck could never reach.

Thanks for your support mate.


Sounds like you are ready to have a new start and I hope whatever you do works out for you all. Peace bro and stay safe in Blighty!

Wow! You have been through hell Mark. You are in our prayers. God is in control and He will bring you through. I have asked before to folks about you and now you are. Good to know you are still alive but sad for your situation. I wish we could help you. But whatever befall, you will be stronger and more restored in the end. You have our admiration and love. Blessings.


Thanks @enjoywithtroy!
Yes, I have no doubt this will make me stronger and wiser than ever before, I have learnt many lessons from all of this.


Hey man, kind of "funny" that just yesterday you crossed my mind, very nice to read this.

Many brothers and sisters here are having hard times to keep living the dream with Steem price so low. The UK is definitely the best spot to get some good bucks, wish you all the best with that!

Can't you get your hands on some parking spot there to put your truck on? Although my children are too big now to live with us in truck, i still miss my truck man. If you get paperwork done, it is still definition of freedom or an extra room wherever you find a tiny house.

Last but not least, i stopped posting for the simple reason it was always in my head and i chose to be with my family instead of writing about them, a wisdom you discovered.

Every crisis is an opportunity Mark!

Take care, much love!

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So good to hear from you Mark, although the story of the past six months is filled with sad moments. The good thing is you've pulled through a very rough patch and you've started rebuilding your life. Family comes first and it's OK if you cannot take time to post, but I think you should, at least from time to time, because people here understand you. We understand your choices and what you want for you and your wonderful family. If anything, at least here you are not alone. You can share your worries and doubts with us, because we all have our worries. The bearish year in crypto is taking a toll on many of us.
If you must sell the tiny house, than so be it, being together and safe from the cps is more important. At least you wouldn't have to go back to Sweden so often and run into your in-laws...
Do stay in touch, if only to tell us about the miserable English weather. Stay strong, Mark!

Tough times my friend and no need to say sorry. It so sad that these so call authority figures have the power to destroy our dreams so they can again profit from you makes me so angry. It is indeed so hard to live the life we choose and hearing your story just make me more determined to help wake up society so a life of being free is a viable option for us all! You've done exceptionally well for six years and your kids will have seen how life should be lived and will have built up a tolerance to the programming and conditioning see it as preparing them they will thrive and influence children in the school! Keep on in there and things will work out. The hundredth monkey is stirring and although it probably not comforting to you know more and more people are waking to the crimes that our being committed by theses in the ivory towers.

If your in the north west drop me a line!

All the very best sending you reiki vibes and thing will be back on track soon 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 💯🐒

Oh, there you are! I've checked your profile and the one of the tiny house so many times to see if there were any updates! Glad you're all in good health, but it sucks to read what you've been dealing with the past 6 months as a family. Never would I've guessed that you would be dealing with CPS behind the scenes, because as you were saying, you're quite the confident guy there!
And depression does that to people, I know, it sucks a lot and can consume you all the way. Been there several times, and now during the winter months I must guard myself to not get sucked into it again. Being aware of it is the start here..
It seems that you have a solid plan, and although you're now separated from your beloved family, you are trying to get make sure you'll be back on your feet. It really is a shame that you will probably have to sell that wonderful tiny house, but you know how it goes in life.. maybe this needed to turn out this way at this moment, and you'll get something even better in return soon. I know it sounds so cliche (sorry, I really don't want to be annoying, just trying to cheer you up a bit) but often it's how it works.

Will you be able to get that UK drivers licence soon enough to start working?

Take care, and please keep us updated, you were missed and we are here for you!

Welcome back Mark! So sorry to hear of your struggles, but glad to hear things are looking up!

Have you seen the movie Captain Fantastic by any chance? The parallels between your family and the one in that movie are uncanny. One of my absolute favorites of the last five years :)

Sending love and blowing a positive wind your way- @dreemit (Linnet)


Hey @dreemit, if you loved that movie, there is a "similar topic" one that came out in 2018, "Leave no trace", a bit more drama but such a movie, 2nd 100% rotten tomato rating in history and for once i agree, excellent movie.

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Thanks, I'll check it out! :)

Wow... What a roller coaster! You have no need to apologise and feel guilty for not being active here. Don't feel bad!

I have been a Steemit recluse lately, and I'm not even close to what you are going through. I feel like our experiences are kindred in some ways, and I was meant to read this. My husband is finally coming out if a year long depression. CPS was all over us a few months ago. We are separated because the authorities say so in my case. We are getting through this, and so will you. Take care, and much love.


Thank you @snowpea.

I'm Sorry to hear that things went from bad to worse and that the authorities succeeded in braking up your family, I hope you can whether the storm and that we both find a way to come out on top.

More blessing to your family mark! What a roller coaster ride. It's glad to have you back and hope everything settles with your family and life. I am truly speechless reading this and your honesty.

I do not know you however I think I have seen your name float around on Steemit. Your story put tears in my eyes. It should not be so hard to live where and how you want in peace. I hope things turn around for you and your lovely family soon. I hope that the simple act of upvoting and resteeming helps in some small way. God Bless You.

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These are neat and gorgeous

Governments lie, steal and destroy.
The UK has its own evil problems with CPS - but at least the British subjects still have retained their right to educate their children at home.
Welcome back, Mark!

Depression sucks and can get to the best of us.

I am very happy you and your family are still alive and well enough to keep living life as best you can.

Lots of love to you and yours and may your find everything you need.

Someone at Steemfest told me about this post, but I think I missed a part. I missed you around @markwhittam, and of course at Steemfest. But I sure hope to see you back here soon. I hope you and your family are well. And indeed: Love is all you need! Much love from me and my family.