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RE: What Happened? Where Have We Been? Are We OK?............... Is This The End Of The Road For The Tinyhouse Family?

in #family5 years ago

Hey man, kind of "funny" that just yesterday you crossed my mind, very nice to read this.

Many brothers and sisters here are having hard times to keep living the dream with Steem price so low. The UK is definitely the best spot to get some good bucks, wish you all the best with that!

Can't you get your hands on some parking spot there to put your truck on? Although my children are too big now to live with us in truck, i still miss my truck man. If you get paperwork done, it is still definition of freedom or an extra room wherever you find a tiny house.

Last but not least, i stopped posting for the simple reason it was always in my head and i chose to be with my family instead of writing about them, a wisdom you discovered.

Every crisis is an opportunity Mark!

Take care, much love!

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