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RE: What Happened? Where Have We Been? Are We OK?............... Is This The End Of The Road For The Tinyhouse Family?

in #family5 years ago (edited)

Hello Mark,

Before I type anything else, I want to say that you are Stronger than you think!. I couldn't control my swarming shades of emotions as I read through. You haven't failed your family, stop thinking you did! All I see is a Father who is Absolutely Determined to keep his family safe despite the ups and downs. Don't feel depressed. Rather pump that energy into your Drive, I know you can do it.!!

Life is one hilly journey and I know things can go south and north, but your Drive will keep you determined and focused.

Who knows what the future holds for us, but whatever happens, I know our love will keep us together forever, through the good times and the bad.

That's the spirit dear Brother!.

Much Love from me to you and the family.

Stay Super Blessed.


Wow! Very meaningful words written by someone who's recently been on the receiving end of some major downs, you're living proof that there's a way up. Thank you brother!

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