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RE: What Happened? Where Have We Been? Are We OK?............... Is This The End Of The Road For The Tinyhouse Family?

in #family5 years ago (edited)

Hey Mark, it really is great to hear from you again. Linda said you'd been working long hours but I couldn't shake the feeling something more was happening, this read absolutely blew my mind.

So sorry to hear about the rough patches, I guess life has a way of boxing us into a corner sometimes.

My thoughts are with you and I pray it all works out well for you, your wife and your kids.

Just know that the rough times won't last forever - you will get back on your feet financially again and things will be well...glad you're already brimming with hope.

Your Father in law is a douche by the way


Thank you @empress-eremmy for your support and encouragement. Bless.

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