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RE: What Happened? Where Have We Been? Are We OK?............... Is This The End Of The Road For The Tinyhouse Family?

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Great to hear from you again and no offence taken at my end for your absence. I knew you were heavily involved in finding somewhere to settle so just assumed this was your motive for not being active.
Your story has saddened me slightly as I had high-hopes you would all find somewhere safe to call home. As you said, life is all about up and downs and you have more strength than you give yourself credit for. What you have been doing for your family is seriously stressful and with the consequences being so dire that just adds to it all. You are still fighting and still thinking on your feet, and all for the sake of your loved ones. To me, that is all you can ask of someone. I would try reaching out to the community you helped create, rather than selling your beloved tinyhouse. I'm sure we could all help you out and I know for sure that there are communities on steemit who offer loans in fiat and sbd. If you need more info on these then just let me know and I'll pull up some links.
I hope that the UK is treating you well and remember you always have a friend in Nottingham to rely on :)
You have probably seen/heard this story before but nevertheless I will offer it up for you to gain some perspective on how life is a complete unknown.


Thanks Buddy!
It would be sad to see her go but maybe it's meant to be, I don't see us traveling for a while so maybe it's someone else's turn to take the plunge.

We've had a great run and I'll never regret taking to the road but I can't help thinking that with the money we spend driving to the south of Europe we could all fly to places like Bali and get to explore the parts of our world that this truck could never reach.

Thanks for your support mate.

Sounds like you are ready to have a new start and I hope whatever you do works out for you all. Peace bro and stay safe in Blighty!

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