To My Kids: Let's Talk About Mother's Day... (Mommy Monday)

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I'm going to take this week off from the Puppet Making Series to talk about something else on this "Mommy Monday"... something a bit timely.


Mother's Day


I keep seeing ads for all the things you should buy for your Mother for Mother's Day. I see all the "If you love your mom, you'll buy her this product" type thing

BUT here is the Real Deal:


Dear Kids,

I know you're mostly all grown now and have your own lives. I know you're being bombarded with ads everywhere telling you to buy your mother things so that she'll feel loved and appreciated.

Now, just so you know, this isn't a sappy letter where I tell you I don't want gifts, because your company is all I need.

Nah... y'all ruined that idea, because I already see you guys all the time. I want presents, too! :)

HOWEVER, I don't like flowers, don't waste your money.


I don't like cards unless they're hilarious AND you've written something semi-legibly in it that actually means something. It can even be sarcastic as hell, because I know that's kind of our thing. Or it can be sweet and sappy, but if by the slim chance I'm wearing makeup, give it to me later, because I promise I'll cry if you write something sappy. ANY of you.


Since I see you kids all the damn time already anyway, I'm not sure I even need a special holiday, but for the record, I'm going to eat a lot that day, so feel free to bring me my favorite foods. I'll take pizza or steak or... OOOH! A piece of that white cake from Sprouts where you boys work. Or sponge candy or... hell. I shouldn't have started writing this on a fasting day. I'll just say this, whichever one of you gets the best food, you get an extra day of being my favorite this week. ;)

Now here's where it gets difficult to ask you guys for anything. You know I'm shitty about holidays. I very much prefer to just do things when the mood strikes. The thing I love most, the thing that I truly appreciate most about you guys, is that you do the same thing.

These are the Major Ongoing gifts that you already do quite often, that you can keep doing, because it seems far more awesome than any "holiday" could provide:


Kainan's 18th birthday when he wanted a road trip with his friends and family. It was AWESOME.

Spending one on one time with your siblings for random reasons/no reason on your own time just because you're awesome. Whether it's you guys hitting the mall together, going to see your favorite movie series for the first midnight showing or taking off for a quick bite to eat or some ice cream... or just hanging out to talk or do makeup or whatEVER. It doesn't matter. It seriously does such sappy things to my cold cold heart that you would probably be shocked.

Seeing you guys with your two little nephews is pretty damn sweet, too. I can't even tell you. <3


The way you all seem to stop by to chat with me on a regular basis for no reason other than you like talking to me. (Plus, family nights every week are pretty freaking cool, too) I love that you come by after work or when you get up before work. The fact that you all STILL talk to me about everything under the sun is incredible to me.


And maybe what is even better is that you have always and STILL recognize how rare it is that we do talk to each other about everything. You guys are so damned thankful and appreciative of our relationship(s) and that alone is just The Best Gift Ever. Seriously. I don't need another thing...

Okay, but I want another thing. But be creative, because I don't want any typical stuff. (Not that I'm worried about you being normal)


Maybe you could make a million dollars (each) so you can buy us all some land in Colorado to go build our houses on together while we raise llamas, goats for Tiberius and dad to herd, chickens mmm fresh eggs, garden for vegetables and weed. Kainan can go hunting for elk to feed us through the winter and Jaedin can help set up solar power and whatever else we need techie wise before he leaves for his boat. Paris and Jazz can set up and be in charge of the greenhouse and the art studio. Abyni is going to be in charge of music and Lord knows what else she'll be taking on. Sprite and Matt will have to help with the gardening and the animals... and I guess we'll all have to pitch in for building houses for everyone, because I want my own space. You can live next door, but I want my own damn kitchen.

Oh! And a milk cow that someone else milks, because ew. Plus, you all owe me some milk. ha

Anyway, I just had to say it, because all of the Mother's Day advertising is making me realize how freaking spoiled I am already with you amazing humans.


Photo Credit to Kara Singleton of KS Visual Media

I must not have messed up too badly, because you guys are some of the best, most entertaining, loyal, smart, loving and adventurous humans I know.



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This is one of the most fun and amazing posts I've EVER read!

Kudos for bringing forth your own whacked out gifts, and encouraging them in your kids, and no doubt in theirs as well. You seem like a fun group to hang with, and besides, normal is not only overrated, it doesn't really exist anyway. Normal is a range. (Or is that deranged?) ;-)

Your clan reminds me of my friends Beqi and Boo in Florida. Sisters, Boo has been a working artist since the 70s, Beqi owns a hair salon on the beach, and their kids are all creatives of one sort or another, smart, hilarious, and they're all a blast to hang out with.

We used to put on a haunted house every year for charity, which Boo actually started in the 70s, as a way to provide kid-safe Halloween activities for her own kids when they were little. Over the years, they got nearly their whole neighborhood involved.

It grew and grew over the years, until literally dozens of people helped put it on each year, and all the money went to provide Christmas gifts and dinners for underprivileged kids who would otherwise not have a Christmas. Even once a formal charity was formed, the Board of Directors are still all volunteers, and every cent that is donated goes to the kids.

Thank you!!! That family sounds amazing! And I have never wanted to be "normal" in my life, not even when I was a kid. It didn't appeal to me at all, following the 'rules' as far as how you are 'supposed' to act/live/dress/etc. Never has and probably never will. I'm very thankful that I was able to pass that onto my kids (most of them anyway!)

Yeah, they are pretty amazing, and the main reason why I've been missing Florida so much. Too much fun!

And I'm with you regarding normal, It's never been me and never will. Nor was it the rest of my family. I come from a long line of unique individuals. ;-)

This was just so beautiful to read and I love how close you all are. Definetly one of my dreams for myself and my kids someday too. You all sound like a very interesting bunch.

Thank you! It always amazes me that all five of our kids are all SO completely different from one another!!! I am beyond thankful for our closeness!

That's such a wonderful letter! Not to mention funny!

Thank you so much for the comment <3

Wow, this has got to be one of the funniest, "real", insightful, love-filled letters I've ever seen a mom write, publicly too! And when I looked at the photos you included, boy, looks like it was a fun ride so far, and I'm pretty sure more is in store. I like that your kids "celebrate" mother's day with you all the time, which showed that they don't really need a special, very commercialized, day to remind them to love their mom.

Keep it up, mega respect!

Hahaha, this comment made me go back and read it, because I didn't think I had written anything funny :) Thank you!!! It has been a crazy fun ride and it was actually pretty difficult to narrow down the photos! We've enjoyed life and had a lot of adventures thus far!

What a beautiful and amazing letter to read @byn. You have gotten an amazing family. I can feel the love!

Thank you! We do love each other very much!

Very lovely photos ! I love the last one it looks very unique and love the idea behind it :)

Thank you. One of my 'might as well be family' kids took that. I loved that photo shoot! It's hard to get us all together and photo worthy at the same time that a photographer is available!

I'm a single father. Your post was a joy to read.

Namaste, JaiChai

Thank you, and blessings to you and your children. <3

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