The Amazing Spiderman ..

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Photo taken by Samsung Galaxy J5

The Amazing Spiderman
Spider-Man has got a secret
That changed his life for good,
For he could spin a spider's net
No other human could...
Web shooting from his outstretched wrists
With bonds that stick and seal,
Such that he swoops and flies and twists
And captures those that steal!

Against the law of gravity
He quickly zooms ahead,
His costume's such a sight to see,
A dazzling flaming red!
Beneath the sun, the moon and stars,
He's there, the streets to scan!
Above the trees, above the cars,
He's helping where he can!

To some, he's just an enemy,
To some, he's just a friend,
A masked man who's a mystery
So hard to comprehend...
Great photographs will prove his worth
To anyone who cares,
For every legend has its birth,
Its pleasures and despairs...

Off duty, he's a normal guy,
Invisible to most,
But Spider-Man keeps soaring high
Without the need to boast...
His super strength and spider-sense
Will help him save the day,
Perhaps to gain him extra friends
Before he flies away!

So watch out, all you criminals!
Our hero's on patrol!
Behave or you'll end up as fools,
No matter what you stole!
He's out to get you, yes, indeed!
He's there to thwart your plan!
So who's the guy you've got to beat?
Amazing Spider-Man!
Written by Denis Martindale, copyright, July 2012.



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