The Legend of Kai: Falling Out (2)

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Falling Out (2)

Hair as red as blood and greener than emeralds, Kai cut quite the dashing figure---mesmerizing men and women alike. Unfortunately, the situation is quite sensitive preventing the others from admiring him for too long.


Seeing the familiar figure, Emilia could not help but worry. Right now, Kai is standing against god's messenger. If not handled properly, things could go from bad to worse at a moment’s notice. She could only hope that things won't end up in the worse situation.

Emilia's not the only one worry about Kai's situation, his friends and acquaintances---Rudra, the king of Melarc, the adventurers, and many others are waiting with bated breaths---they all wanted to know how Kai will handle the situation.

Nonetheless, whatever Kai's decision is, most of them would support him.

"Fenrir's master, did you ordered your people to interfere with god's business?"

Eyes glinting, the messenger asked Kai using a sharp tone. The dark knights' attitude had already cut his patience thin, and seeing Kai allowed him to vent his frustration.

Hearing the question, Kai glanced at the messenger for a second then looked at the members of the Wyndia tribe who were staring at him with great surprise. Though the Wyndian usually hides themselves from the other races, it doesn't mean that they are completely cut-off from the outside world. So of course they've heard of Kai's name a long time ago.

That's why they were greatly surprise when they saw that Fenrir's dark knight acted to save their kin. After all, the Holy Church is the biggest religion in the whole western continent. Therefore, when they found out that the church is searching for their tribe's Great Priestess, they were alarmed and terrified.

"You!!! Did you not hear what I've just said?!"

Having been ignored, the messenger grew angrier, and furiously yelled at Kai.

"You're too noisy,” still not looking at the messenger, Kai coldly replied.

Red with fury, the messenger wanted to attack Kai, and teach him a harsh lesson for disrespecting him. Yet, for some reason, the messenger have the feeling that he wouldn't be able to win. Not knowing why it is so, the messenger could only glare at Kai with resentment.

"You are god's vessel? You should be called Roselle, correct?"

Kai looked straight at the beautiful Great Priestess, and then asked to clarify her identity.

The priestess who looked calm on the surface, nodded her head. Seeing Kai's figure, the priestess' heart was beating really fast yet no emotion could be seen on her face.

How many times have she seen Kai's figure on her visions? Roselle could not count. Though they have never meet before, she has become so familiar with Kai that she would be able to recognized him even if he turned to ashes.

"Good. I would like you to come with me," Kai stated with a gentle smile.

Everyone was startled hearing Kai's statement.

It's official---Fenrir is going against the Holy Church!

"Bwahahahahaha!!! Well said, that's how a real man should be---straight to the point!"

The barbarian king from the north could no longer hold himself back and laugh uproariously. He could no longer bother with the church and the messenger's tyranny.

So what if they go against the church? They're not believers anyway! In the harsh north, the barbarian tribe have their own beliefs and gods!

The only reason they were not acting earlier was because they were not sure if it is worth it to offend thr church for the Wyndia tribe. But now that Kai, have stated his stand, the barbarian king no longer held himself back.

Lumping a huge axe on his shoulder, the barbarian king walked and stood towards Kai, much to the Wyndian's delight and the messenger's chagrin.

"Barbarian king, are you sure about this?" Asked the chief of the dwarves.

"Hmph! Of course! Once, I Gild, made a decision, I never turned back on it!" Declared the barbarian king named Gild.

Kai gave the barbarian king a glance and could not help but smile. He was surprised that after making his stand clear, someone would greatly follow. But then again, the barbarian's king decision was not outside the his expectations. After all, the north have its own beliefs and customs!

"Sigh. You beat me to it, Gild."

Hearing a familiar voice, Kai quickly turned his head---quite startled that he was not mistaken.

The person walked towards Kai's side much to the surprise of most people. After all, the one who just spoke was none other than the king of Melarc!

"Are you sure about this, your majesty?" Asked the king's aid with a frown on his face.

The aid could not be blamed, after all, the Holy Church is quite influential in Melarc!

To see it's king publicly antagonizing the church and supporting the Kai, was truly a surprise. The remaining leader of the alliance looked at each other helplessly at their peers' decision.

"Is their even a need to ask? Do not forget that he is betrothed to my daughter!" The king of Melarc declared with a huge smile on his face.

Hearing this, the other leaders lips twitched.

"The bastard!" Kai and everyone thought at the same time.

How could they not know what the king of Melarc was thinking?

The king of Melarc was trying to use the situation to announce that Kai is his future-son-in-law! Because once announced, it'll be difficult for Kai to refute the king's announcement.

The leaders of the alliance were aware that Kai visited Melarc to meet with the Princess Elizabeth once. But they were also aware that no concrete agreement was made that day!

...And yet the king of Melarc shamelessly announced that Kai's going to marry his daughter in the future!

So how could they not be at the king's shamelessness?

Face covered with dark lines, Kai could only mentally shake his head. Though he wanted to deny the announcement, he's aware that now's not the right time.

Seeing that the situation is no longer in his control, the messenger's body trembled with anger. Cursing in his heart, he swears that once his master descended, he would make this people pay the price for going against him!

"How dare you all go against the creator! Do you really think that by joining forces, you'll be able to stop my master from obtaining his vessel? How naive you all are if you think that just the three of you could stop a god!" The messenger threatened while trembling with anger.

"God you say? You must mean a false god!" Kai declared loudly---startling everyone present.

A false god? Such a bold statement. The believers of the church would definitely not let this go!

"How dare you?!"


"Such blasphemy!"

As expected, calling a god they believed in as a false god, the believers of the church cursed Kai using every curse words they could imagine. And yet, Kai wasn't perturbed in the slightest.

"Kai, that is?"

"Lad, quite the bold statement you've maid! Do you have proof?"

Knowing that the situation was not going well, the barbarian king and the king of Melarc could not help but worry, and asked Kai to clarify. But before Kai, could explain, someone let out a loud laugh.

"Hahahahaha! Interesting. How truly interesting!. Boy, it seemed that you've found something at the Sea of Chaos, am I right?" Asked the Demon King with a laugh.

Glancing at the Demon King, Kai did not explain, instead, he opened his << Inventory >> and large stone labs filled the area near him.

Seeing the slabs, the messenger grew alarmed and ordered the inquisitors to attack Kai without indications!

To be continued...


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