The Legend of Kai: Roselle (2)

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Roselle (2)

In a certain ruins located at the Sea of Chaos.

A person walks towards a collapsed hall while looking around with complete vigilance. Uttering runic words, a ball of light floated above the person's head, illuminating the dark halls. As the light hits the person's face, his visage is finally revealed. Who could it be other than Kai?

"I finally made it here," murmured Kai as he let out a tired sigh.

The Sea of Chaos is one of this world's forbidden zones; a zone filled powerful monsters and danger lurks everywhere --- even the most ordinary pebbles could be monsters disguising themselves. Kai encountered these disguise monsters as he explored the place. Fortunately, Kai is quite powerful and those monsters are more of an annoyance than anything else. Nonetheless, being constantly attack could wear out even the toughest person, and Kai's no exception.

"Though, this place is annoying, the monsters around this area are suitable for those guys to train with," Kai thought to himself, "those guys" obviously referred to his comrades, the core members of Fenrir.

"Well then, time to get to work!"

Kai looked at the rubbles and stones in the collapsed hall and frown, and then, with a shout, invisible energy spread out, lifting the rubbles and stones that littered the hall!

Slowly but surely, the rubbles are being collected; disappearing into his << Storage >> where they would then be discarded later. With the hall now free of rubbles and stones, Kai could finally see what was previously hidden. Murals and Images peppered the walls; images depicting an apocalyptic scene. One image stood out among the rest as it shows people of various races battling a giant winged being!

Looking at the image, Kai's expression became solemn; he read the ancient text and what is written on the murals, chilled Kai's heart. An evil deity; a fake god!

The ancient text tells of the story of the world heroes as they tried to stop the evil deity. Countless lives was lost during the battle, yet these people refuses to give in. One could easily tell how important the battle was to these people as they fought without regards to their own lives!

"System, could this evil god... be that one?"

Still looking very solemn, Kai asked the System about the evil god's true identity, despite the fact that he already knew the answer to his question.

[Why ask me if you already knew the answer?" the System asked back.


Silenced, Kai could only smile wryly. The System was right, Kai knew who this evil god is, yet he still asked the system as he wanted to deny the truth.

"This is really troublesome. No wonder the Demon King's acting like that... at this rate, I'll become the continent's biggest traitor," Kai said exasperatedly.

Who could the "evil god" be other than the so called "creator"?

[You have other option though. But the question is, will you choose it?]

The System's words silenced Kai. Indeed, he has other option. He could just ignore the whole situation and wash his hands clean from the issue of the evil god. But as the System said, could he really just ignore everything?

Kai's no saint and he didn't need to trouble himself and fight a god, even if this god is called a fake god. Though not a saint, Kai have his principles. If he let the evil god be, this world, his new home could become a hellish place, as such, Kai could not just ignore this evil god's existence.

[It seems that you've already made up your mind. Then I suggest, that you leave this place; there's a beautiful princess just waiting for you to save, you know?]

Shaking his head at the System's teasing words, Kai made took a last look at the murals depicting the battle with the evil god; with a sharp expression on his face turn around and disappeared from the hall --- his destination; the Valley of the Wind!

Valley of the Wind...

Inside a huge tent, the god's messenger sits on a luxurious chair, holding a golden goblet of Fenrir's premium wine while looking with irritation at a nervous cleric from the Holy Church.

"Why is it taking so long?" asked the irritated god's messenger.

"Forgive us holy one! The valley is treacherous and full of traps so the army could only move slowly," explain the nervous cleric.

The explanation irritated the messenger more but he knew better than to blame the cleric.

"Is there still no way to fly directly to the top?" asked the messenger after holding back his anger.

Hearing the question, the cleric smiled bitterly. They have tried to fly to the top of the mountain either by using magic or beast mount but to no avail. The valley possesses mysterious power that prevented anyone other than the Wendia tribe from reaching the top. Therefore, they could only try to scale the mountain only to be hindered by traps and unforeseen attacks from the Wendian tribesman. The situation had been happening for several days now and he knew that the messenger is getting impatient.

Aside from the aforementioned reason, another reason why scaling the mountain is taking so long is because they are also being hindered by the monster army whose purpose is to stop them from capturing the vessel.

While thinking how unfortunate the whole situation is, a person suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Though startled, the cleric did not dare to apprehend or stop the mysterious person after seeing his attire.

"An inquisitor!" the cleric exclaimed mentally.

Face solemn, the cleric lower his head; afraid of making eye contact with the mysterious inquisitor.

There's a good reason why the cleric acted as such; the inquisitors are the church's most feared personas! Everyone single inquisitor are incredibly loyal to the church and would follow its orders to the letter. They are incredibly powerful and their brutality knows no bound --- willing to use any means to complete their goals.

"I hope you bring good news!" exclaimed the messenger with gleeful smile after seeing the inquisitor.

The inquisitor kneel on one knee and answered in an emotionless voice.

"Everything is ready. We are now just waiting for your orders," he said.

"Good, good, good!"

Saying "good" three times, the messenger suddenly stood and approaches the still kneeling inquisitor.

"Take me to them!" ordered the messenger.

"Please follow me!" the inquisitor replied after standing up.

The two then vanished from the room much to the poor cleric's surprise.

"Wha-what's going on?" confused, the cleric could only asked himself dumbly.

Inside Roselle's abode.

Roselle's body jerked, forcing her to open her eyes.

"So they did use "that" method!" face pale and worried, Roselle let out a troubled sigh. She just saw a horrible vision and could not help but worry.

"How did they find them?" she thought to herself. From the look of things she could no longer stay hidden because if she continue hiding, a calamity would befall her people!

"Please, please... my hero, please come soon...,"

Having made her decision, Roselle stood and exits her abode. For the sake of her people, Roselle is left with no choice but to expose herself to danger.

To be continued...


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