The Legend of Kai: Roselle (3)

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Roselle (3)

Outside the Valley of the Wind, the cold wind blows but the atmosphere's heated up. A small group of winged people stood vigilantly as they faced a large army from various races like the humans, elves, dwarves, and beastfolks. Surprisingly, at the middle of this army is a large group of winged people --- mostly composed of women and children!

The winged people, known to the populace as the Wendian tribe, stared hatefully at the army. The Wendian surrounded by the army are no stranger to them; they are their tribesman who hid themselves as to avoid their pursuers. Unfortunately, there location was compromised and were brought to the Valley of the Wind as hostages!

"Good, good, good! So this is the famous allied army that is supposed to fight the demon king for the sake of the continent? A bunch of cowards who takes women and children as hostages? You might as well call yourselves the alliance of bandits!" Taunted Thor with a voice full of derision and sarcasm.

Hearing this, the soldiers from different races can only look at each other awkwardly and with shame, none of them expected that this expedition to capture the "vessel" would take such a drastic change. In reality, most of these soldiers were not aware that the army actually have hostages from the Wendian Tribe!

The reason they are unaware was because the ones who captured the these Wendian's were the forces from the Holy Church!

"Bastards! How dare those fools from the church do such a thing?!" Cursed the Barbarian King from the north loudly after hearing Thor's taunt.

As a warrior with straightforward personality, the Barbarian King despise such an act. Not only him all the people from the northern prairie looked down at such an action. After all, the people from the prairie are warriors who values honor a lot. If the Barbarian King knew that the Holy Church would stood so low, he would have been the first one to stop them! Unfortunately, everything happened so fast that none of them was able to react.

The other kings and leaders of the alliance are also frowning for they too were unaware that the church have such a plan. In other words, the church acted without consulting the alliance! This made them very unsatisfied with the church for such an important decision should have been decided by the alliance not just the church!

"What the hell is the pope thinking? Does he really think that the alliance is for the church to command?" said the King of Melarc with an unhappy voice.

"The church is going too far! Do they really think that they could handle the Demon King's army without us?" Echoed the other leaders.

"The pope might not be the one who gave the order," answered the 1st elder from the Dragon Council while looking at the pope.

Everyone looked at the pope, only to notice his expression looking dark; surprising them.

"Don't tell me!" Exclaimed the elven queen after seeing the pope's expression.

"Heh! It must have been that annoying bastard!" the dwarven king said, realizing something.

These people were no fools, as leader of their respective people, they too, were experts at scheming. How could they no realize that the pope is no longer the one in charge; rather the messenger now calls the shots!

While the alliance leaders were complaining and grumbling amonst themselves, the Hero Emilia also looked at the situation with very complicated emotion. As the Hero, Thor's taunt greatly affected her. Not even in her wildest dream that the church she dedicated her whole life would have acted in such a despicable manner as to kidnap a whole tribe to blackmail the chosen vessel!

Is this really necessary?

Confused and disillusioned, Emilia turn to the pope only to notice that he too, is looking at her with a bitter smile.

The too communicated with each other with their eyes, and realized that both of them are powerless to change anything! After the messenger's arrival, the power of the church have been usurped by him. Making the pope a mere figure head.

Knowing that pope is powerless to stop what's happening, Emilia's heart dropped, and could only lower her head. But then, she suddenly felt that someone's gaze on her. raising her head, she looked around and noticed a gril with wings looking at her.

Isn't that the vessel?" Emilia thought to herself.

The two meet eyes and for some reason, Emilia felt extreme guilt while staring at those pure and beautiful, blue eyes. Though she didn't know why the girl is looking at her specifically, she could see the helplessness in her eyes, as if she's begging for her help.

Clutching her fist and biting her lips, Emilia was about to say something when she heard a raucous laugh!

"Well, well, well! How interesting! To think that I would see something good after arriving here!" Exclaimed someone in a loud voice.

"Who's there? Show yourself!" The messenger ordered, finding the voice annoying and familiar.

"Hah! It's only been a short while and yet you've already forgotten about me? How bad can your memory be? As expected of a puppet!" Answered the voice, full of derision.

Suddenly, on the side of the Demon King's Army, the space crumbled and a large figure suddenly appeared!

The Demon King!

"It's you! You finally showed yourself, you damn bastard!" Yelled the messenger after seeing the figure of the Demon King.

The Demon King looked at the messenger tauntingly and said, “the only bastard here is you! You think of yourself good, and yet you kidnapped a tribe filled with helpless women and children to blackmail someone? How great you are!"

"How dare you! A mere evil pawn like yourself dare to mock the god's messenger? You'll have a terrible death!" replied a cardinal before the messenger could even respond.

"What the hell is this fly buzzing about? You, go buzz somewhere else!" The Demon King answered the cardinal mockingly.

Face flushed red in embarrassment, the cardinal was about to say something only to stop after noticing the messenger's unhappy expression. Seeing this, the cardinal can only lower his head in embarrassment.

"Are you here to stop me from capturing the vessel, Demon King? Hah! Keep dreaming!"

Saying his piece, the messenger then ignore the Demon King and looked at the chosen vessel.

"Girl, there's no escape for you, come with me and no harm will befall your people!" Threatened the messenger.

Roselle's eyes flashed after hearing the messenger's threat but she did not respond and simply looked at her tribesman.

Having heard no reply from Roselle, the messenger became angry and gestured towards the members of the inquisitor.

"You do not know your position it seemed. Find then, I'll make an example so that you'll know what will happen to those who go against my lord!" The messenger declared angrily.

Hearing this, everyone, with the exception of the Demon King and his army, became tense. Emilia knowing what will happen, was about to stop the messenger only, to be stopped by the pope.

"Your excellency! Why?!" Emilia exclaimed in confusion.

"Don't do anything reckless, just wait!" Replied the pope.

Two members of the inquisitor brought two Wendian in front; a terrified women and her child.

"Last chance, surrender yourself!" Egged the messenger.

Despite the threat from the messenger, there's still no response from Roselle, to the confusion of everyone present. Two of her tribesman is about to die and yet, she still refuses to say anything!

Could it be that she doesn't care what would happen to her people?

"Hmph! I see that you still don't know what's good for you! Fine then, Do it!"

Hearing the order from the messenger, the tow inquisitors raise their swords, ready to behead the two Wendian tribesman. The other Wendian could only look helplessly as they watch two of their tribesman about to be beheaded. Ignoring the hateful look from the people around them, the two inqusitors slashed downward!

Emilia, unable to see the next scene could only close her eyes --- blaming herself foe being powerless to do anything.

Slash! Clank!

"Wh-what? What are they doing?!" exclaimed someone in a voice full of confusion.

Hearing those words, Emilia felt that something ‘s wrong and slowly opened her eyes. Upon looking up, she found herself in disbelief!

The women and child that was supposed to have been beheaded was completely unhurt! Instead, she saw the inquisitors that was supposed to do the beheading, plastered on the ground and unconscious!

What's more, the one's who knocked the inquisitors were someone she's very familiar with; a person in black, mysterious armor --- one of Fenrir's knight!

To be continued...


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