The Legend of Kai: Falling Out (1)

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Falling Out (1)

"You! What do you think you're doing?!"

Knowing the identity of the person who knocked-out the two inquisitors, the messenger yelled and asked with great anger. But facing this anger, Fenrir's dark knight did not react at all; merely treating the messenger's questioning like air, thus making him angrier.

Seeing that the messenger's about to explode in anger, one of the church's cardinal quickly intervened.

"Knight of Fenrir! What is the meaning of this?" The cardinal questioned with a voice full of doubts.

This cardinal, unlike the one who argued with the demon king previously is more tactful in his tone and action. He knew that Fenrir is a powerful organization as such he doesn't want to have a fall out with them; especially now that the Demon King is present and eyeing them.

The action of Fenrir's dark knight greatly surprised everyone but none of them dare to make a move against him. Not only is this knight very powerful himself; the organization behind him is even more so!

"I'm just following orders," the dark knight answered in a cold and emotionless voice.

Following orders!

Startled by the response, everyone's expression grew solemn.

Who is Fenrir's leader?

It's Kai!

"Is he saying that he received order from Kai to interfere? What is that lad thinking?"

Thinking of the mysterious young man, the king of Melarc could not help but furrow his brow. This young man; who might possibly become his son-in-law in the future, is anything but stupid. Therefore, there's no way that he would have given such an order without good reason.

"It seems that there's more to this "vessel" thing than what's seen on the surface...,"

Having this thought, the king of Melarc secretly whispered some orders to his aid. Of course, the king's action did not escape the notice of the other leaders of the alliance. As wily old foxes, they noticed some clue from the king of Melarc's action; as such they too, made some preparations just in case.

Both the cardinal and the messenger were alarmed by this revelation but before they could ask again, several more dark knights appeared and surrounded the hostages!

"This is big!" Exclaimed the barbarian king from the north after seeing the dark knights' actions. Even a fool could see that the Fenrir is very serious in its attempt to protect the hostages from the Wendian tribe.

"Are you all trying to rebel!"

Greatly furious, the messenger can no longer stop himself, and roared at the dark knights.

"What do you mean rebel? We're not your subordinates. So when did we rebel?" The leader of the dark knights answered.

Though wanting to refute, the messenger was left unable to answer. The dark knight's words rang true; they're neither under the messenger nor the church so how did they suddenly become rebels?

"Even if you're not under the church's command, your action is against the will of the populace! Does Fenrir want to become enemy with the whole continent?" Argued the cardinal; claiming that the church's action was approved by people of the whole continent.

"What nonsense! The church does not own the whole continent. At most you only have the support of your believers," answered the leader of the dark knight coldly.

Silenced, the cardinal wanted to argue but the dark knight doesn't minced words and went straight to the core of the issue. The continent does not belong to the Holy Church!

"Hmph! Nothing but sophistry! This world belongs to my master!"

Hearing the cardinal and the dark knight's argument, the messenger grew more annoyed and let out an arrogant snort; even declaring that the whole world belong to the god of the Holy Church!

The non-nelievers of the Holy Church grew angry after hearing the messenger's arrogant declaration. Most of the believers of the Holy Church are humans, and only a small number were non-human believers. And yet the messenger dares to make such a declaration.

Doesn't that mean that those belonging from other races where under the human race's rule?

Truly unacceptable!

The non-believers and non-humans look at the messenger with hostility, making the people from the church nervous. A cardinal, seeing that the situation was not looking good slowly walked towards the messenger in hope to remedy the situation. But before he could speak, a thundering laugh was suddenly heard.

Surprised, everyone turned towards the direction of the demon army. Who could it be other than the Demon King?

Yes that thundering laughter belonged to the Demon King who watched the whole situation with amusement. Though the Demon King seemed amused; everyone present could see the mocking light in his eyes.

"Oh? Don't mind me, continue what you're all were doing," said the Demon King with a huge grin on his face.

Continue your foot! You just want to see the world burn!

Seeing that the Demon King's fanning the flame; the unsatisfied leaders of the alliance contained their disatisfaction. They knew that if they fought among themselves; the Demon king would've the advantage, and none of them wanted that to happen.


The Demon King clicked his tongue after noticing that his involuntary action earlier had the opposite effect. He really wanted to see the alliance to fall apart, unfortunately he messed it up after his uncontrollable laughter.

"Well, whatever! It's not like the situation had been resolved or anything!"

That's right. Though the Demon King's presence stopped the alliance from falling out with the church, the fact that Fenrir was going against the church would not change!

"Knights of Fenrir! I'll give you all another chance---cease this pointless action at once!"

Taking advantage of the sudden change; the messenger changed the tone of his voice in an effort to convince the dark knights not to interfere. Unfortunately for him, he is bound to be disappointed.

"We refuse!"

Came the collective reply from the Dark Knights. And as if to show their determination, a crushing pressure suddenly descends, greatly surprising everyone around them.

"Foolishness! Your action would only spell doom for your organization!" The messenger threatened.

"Oh really, I wonder how you're going to spell our doom?"

Came a calm and pleasant voice, startling those who heard it. After that, the space in front of the Dark Knights distorts. Then a mysterious gate appeared!

The mysterious gate opened and a slim and tall person stepped out from it. The person in question have hair as red as blood and green eyes more beautiful than the most beautiful emerald!

This person is none other than Fenrir's master, Kai!

To be continued...


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