Market Friday a taste of India

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Market Friday a taste of India

A post for Market Friday hosted by @dswigle, if you haven't followed her yet you should she is one of the kindest and most supportive people here on Steemit, a comment from her is like a ray of sunshine on your page.
This is the one tag and daily challenge that I always make a point of joining, and also look through the posts of others that join the challenge and seeing markets from all around the world.

For this weeks post, I am going with a taste of India, ie A few Indian Restaurants a passed while walking along Lexington Ave around 27th Street at I think the edge of Little India in Manhattan

Starting with Anjappar

1 MF India1.jpg

Sony A7iii 46mm F8 1/125 Sec ISO 800
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This is an area my wife would have loved to visit before she got her condition and now cannot eat spicy food, she spent many years while young in India and loves India food, and used to cook quite a few dishes, now just seeing an Indin Restaurant is kind of like torture to her so I did not show her these photos

Next up with have Haandi, which as you can see serves Indian Pakistani and Bangladeshi food.

1 MF India2.jpg

Sony A7iii 46mm F8 1/125 Sec ISO 1600
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Now I worked in India and Pakistan for about 3 years, but unlike my wife, I never really got into to much Indian food, although i am one who will try just about anything once I have pretty plain tastes and hence this style of food is not something i will often go for.

This one caught my eye with the blues I think it is called curry in a hurry

1 MF India3.jpg

Sony A7iii 38mm F8 1/125 Sec ISO 500
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Now all of these restaurants I am sharign shots of are along Lexington Ave on the edge of Little India, so if your looking for Indian food in NYC head to this area and you have plenty of options.
And if you prefer cooking for yourself this shop looks like it will have all the Spices and other ingredients you may need

1 MF India4.jpg

Sony A7iii 41mm F8 1/125 Sec ISO 1000
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Next up we have vintage India where you can buy clothees to dres the part while cooking or eating the food from the previous places

1 MF India5.jpg

Sony A7iii 24mm F8 1/125 Sec ISO 2500
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And another shop for buying Indian items and clothing to finish off this post with

1 MF India6.jpg

Sony A7iii 49mm F8 1/125 Sec ISO 1600
Click here to view larger

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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!steemitworldmap 40.7742488 lat -73.982550 long Lexington Ave NYC d3scr


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Thanks for te resteem appreciated

Love the Curry in a Hurry shot. I've not gotten to try much Indian food, but would love to. The fire escapes in that photo caught my eye, since they're perfectly mirrored. Great timing with the pedestrian in the crosswalk, too!

I took a few shots and liked the pedestrian where they were, sometime si try to avoid them in shots but this one time I thought it added tot he shot, I dont mind mild curry but seldon have ias I am pretty much a plain eater

I never knew there was a Little India in Manhattan, even though I am sure I have driven through this area and probably parked there at some point. I will definitely make my way there after reading this.
Love the blue curry in a hurry one. Very calming and curiously appetizing for blue.

I have a couple of friends at work who have said the Curry in a Hurry place is really good and well worth checking out

Now you've got me! I miss good Indian food, as we don't have too much of it in this area! I would go for an Indian meal over a Chinese one any day! I like the milder flavors though. Great job showing off those colorful businesses!

MY wife is the same as you she loved Indian food and would cook her own and was ratty good at it but now she cant have all those spices it drives her nuts sometimes

Aw, That's a shame! I make my own too and would be disappointed if I couldn't have it anymore!

Yes a real shame she spent her young years in India and loves the food it’s so hard I see her face if we ever pass an Indian restaurant

Even harder on her then. Can she take the less powerful spices, or does she have to avoid them all?

there are very few things she can have now for flavors, pretty much salt garlic rosemary and thyme is about it

So none of the Indian spices at all! That’s a bummer!

Nope not a single one, she tried a little of a few of them but every one even in small amounts made her flare :(

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What awesome selections of restaurants i do love that Curry in a Hurry photo and here in Thailand we have many Indian food restaurants i don't mind some of there foods actually :)

Sorry been absent for the pass week it's been a real busy one for me :)

No worries and I hope its been a good kind of busy, I seldom eat Indian myself, but friends have told me that curry in a Harry is both quick s the name implies but te food is also great

Yep good kind of busy you can say but a little frustrating at times it's a slow pace over here things are not done as in a western country style you do need lots of patience.

Hope your having a good week :)

I remember that sort of thing from my times working inAsia although not there and i know how frustrating it can be

Luckily i have a lot of patience also otherwise i would not have survive here. Everything is a mission here.

I may not have the patience for there mind you anything dealing with government beauracrcy here is also a challenge and time consuming but maybe not as bad as there

Be honest my patience is wearing thin and am waiting for the day to move on and not work here but just visit here i do need a :)

Understandably mate, I am getting irked of working full stoop but luckily my time working is getting shorter and shorter days by day LOL

Mmm, I have been wanting to try some Indian food for a while now. I just haven't had the courage to do it. It seems like the flavors are something I would enjoy. I have a pretty sensitive stomach though and I wonder how introducing those flavors would impact it :)

I think your would probably enjoy it the food can be very tasty and many places here you can ask for the spiciness to be anywhere between Mild and Wild :)
But then again with a sensitive stomach if you do Rey it for sure try mild first and see how you do

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Everything an Indian food lover could want. I feel sorry for your wife because I love spicy foods too and would feel very deprived if I was no longer able to enjoy them. Great quality photos @tattoodjay (as per usual.) 🌷

Thanks Ohh yes back when she was well she would have loved this area, I do so feel for her now that her diet is so reduced

You have wide range of Indian restaurants in your city. I guess Indians will never miss home out there :-)

OHh yes I am sure all tastes and styles of Indian food are catered for in Little India

Don’t you think they ( meaning the Indian and Chinese ) shops have such color full windows in their shops. When I walk in the Chinese part of Rotterdam the colors make me happy even though I cannot read anything of the language hahahaha

Ohh yes they are always so colorful and inviting wherever i have seen them around the world,

Yes I agree the one we have in Amsterdam and Utrecht are a copy of nyc

Thats interesting to know, I think I did see some Indian places when I visited Amsterdam

Yes we got a big indian community

Indian cotton clothing is most comfortable, over the years I have bought plenty of styles, being allergic to synthetic fibers.

Indian spices we purchase regularly to make tasty dishes, much like your wife (prior to being unable to eat spicy foods), I love tasty Indian dishes.

Durban has the highest concentration of Indians outside of India, we get to taste fabulous cooking from family friends and restaurants, each seems to have an original family recipe, very hard to decide which is tastiest.

Thanks for sharing your Little India in NYC.

Yes thats true I did have some indian clothing when I lived int he area especially int he warmer months i found them so comfortable, My Wife used to cook Indian dishes a lot, its so hard for her that she cant have them now

I did not know that about Durban that is so interesting

The Asians are great entrepreneurs and great cooks, I enjoy the Singaporean rice where i live. Thumps up

I lived in Singapore for three years there was also a great selection of wonderful food there as well

Nice tour a taste of India restaurants.

Thanks Kindly,

Have a good weekend ;)

Now you made me hungry!!! Lol

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Sorry about that LOL

Where is your home in India? My friend @tattoodjay

Posted using Partiko Android

Sorry I must have said it wrong, I do not have a home in India, I worked back and forth between India and Pakistan, about 18 Years ago for three years and loved my time there

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Nice photos and thanks for the trip through little India. I have only been to New York once but it was amazing to see stuff like this. A lot of the streets had their own feel and look to them.

MOst welcome and yes some areas of NY you feel you have travelled abroad without a doubt

I love Indian food, I would eat it every day if I could. Do they have any musical instrument stores in little India?

Posted using Partiko Android

MY Wife loves it also or did before she got her condition and cannot use most of the Indian Spices, and she could coo many of the dishes, as for a music store I didnt see one along this street but I suspect there could well be on there somewhere

Thank you so much, JJ! You always give me the kindest introduction on your post!

Indian food is interesting and I must say that when I was younger, I didn't care for the taste of Curry so I almost never went to an Indian restaurant. It is one of the countries with very little time spent and I would love to go there and bask in their culture for a little while. I am actually not a huge fan of restaurants that mixed foods like Bangladeshi Pakistani and Indian like probably would pass up. To me it almost feel like going to a French and Chinese restaurant. Of course the cultures are much clothes for their but there's lots of little different nuances and differences.

Curry in a hurry would fit my bill! What a catchy little name. There weren't that many Indian restaurants when I lived there and certainly they didn't have Little India although it might have been there but it didn't have a name. So I find that kind of cool especially the Spice Shop they have and the vintage clothing. Now we're talkin! Thank you so much for bringing forth another interesting piece of New York City. You always find such different things than the run-of-the-mill. I appreciate all the time and effort spent putting these clothes together for Market Friday. Want to thank you so much and as always I hope you have a great night!

#MarketFriday loves you !

Upped and steemed


I will admit I was never into Indican food even when I bounced between there and Pakistan, but I didnt eat the food much, I have very plain tastes but then Lulu cooked a few dishes and made them relatively mild and I did like it actually which surprised me as I am a very plain eater
I do agree with you on mixed restaurants, I prefer ones that focus on one particular style

I have friends who have eaten at the curry in a hurry and they say it is awesome

Its always a pleasure finding shots for a Market Friday post, and I have no idea what I will come up with this week, I am so far behind in editing shots and normally on the weekend is when I catch up with editing photos for the week ahead, but my Hernia decided to play up yesterday and today and the acid reflux has been having a field day so I have done hardly anything on the computer today lets hope tomorrow is a better day

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Thanks for the tip @dswigle :)

Have you been to India? I visited this country last year. It's unforgettable

Yes I lived and worked in Pakistan and India for 3 years many years ago it was an amazing experience

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Howdy JJ! Very interesting, that place has all the food types in the world covered! Do you speak other languages, that would have come in handy while overseas.

In NYC i am sure you can find from just about any country, I am still working on learning proper English ( which is my Native tongue LOL) and never had luck with picking up the local languages, but I can order a beer in many languages which is not a lot of use now since i no longer drink LOL

lol! that's so funny!

Those Indian shops really looks beautiful and very colorful - great photos!!

They were cool to see I did not know they were there

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