If they do not know you Personally than do not take it Personally

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Our life is mixed up with many emotions. Smetimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes funny while sometimes horrible but in all of the stages we do get to know that life has its own way of going and we are just following that path. By doing so we do get to see many real faces of people that we were not suppose to see but the reality of our life makes them expose to us.

It sure can be a blessing to all of us trust me.As you will no longer be surrounded with strangers that you knew very closely and it will allow to be more careful who to trust and who to not.

In our life we will face many lines just being thrown at us by people and sometimes we do take them very seriously while I do want to say this to you that "They do not know you Personally while you should not take it personally" as well.


Let it be a lesson to yourself and focus yourself to make your life easier and ignore those people as there will be person like them at every corner of your life. They will be ther no matter what.It is you who know yourself better than anyone so do not let those words get to you as you are worth much more than that.

Learn from the Incidents and use them so that you can avoid doing those mistakes in the future !

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Have a pleasant day everyone !

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Great topic @rehan12 and very important too and people really need to know about this. Valuable content