Bloodlines Of The Serpent Gods Part 1.A: Frequencies Of Deception .. Out Of The Light

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Frequencies Of Deception: Out Of The Light

Thank you for joining me as we continue our journey into the bloodlines of the serpent gods. Firstly, I did attempt to write this as one article but as it grew I realised the posting size restrictions would impede the vision I had for it. Today's post is going to focus upon the light and tomorrow I'm going turn the entire concept upside down and explore the dark duality of the subjects I discuss below. I have listed these posts as part 1a & 1b due to the fact that they are more of a side step than a direct continuation of the first part which I recommend reading before you start this.

Throughout these two posts I'm going to be drawing together multiple areas of research and adding original thoughts, ideas and connections. Tomorrow I will be incorporating many of them into the cutting edge of our modern technology. As with the first part, this is a huge subject and with the best will in the world, two posts will literally just scratch the surface. Rest assured as time progresses this is a series that I intend to build upon and take in multiple directions. Before we progress may I suggest that you pour yourself a hot drink, sit back and let’s see where this journey takes us.

I'm going to assume you've read the first part of this series and so just give a cursery overview of the events so far. Following aforementioned cataclysm the survivors of this ancient civilisation set out to colonise the earth and rebuild what had come before. It’s my belief that they were a society based upon high technology and who practised some form of esoteric science that was equally part of their religion/belief system. They held a profound knowledge relating to vibrational sound and light frequency, electro-magnetism and equally the effect these resonances had upon their civilisation and indeed human psychology and cognitive ability.


At first I believe this society set out to enlighten the world and share their knowledge and wisdom but at some point there was a power struggle. As with all aspects of the occult and esoteric knowledge there is a duality and indeed a dark side. It’s the progenitors of the dark occult that won the power struggle and to this day are the same bloodlines that are entering the final stage of their plan to control and subjugate humanity. They are adept in their knowledge of the dark arts, human psychology, duality and the manipulation of natural law. Knowledge is indeed power and over the course of thousands of years they have used this knowledge to accumulate vast wealth, resources and control. They are a living connection between the old and the new world, the shadow elite and the hidden hand that are leading humanity into a blind alley. Welcome to the frequencies of deception!

In the context of the cosmological observations I share below, the short video above gives a fascinating glimpse at how sound vibration is the glue that binds and potentially creates the entire universe.

In The Beginning

The resonance of sound and vibration is often hidden within but equally forms the basis for a vast number of religions and belief systems. Let’s take a brief and rudimentary glance a handful of examples.

Hinduism: Here we have the sacred Om/Aum sound frequency, equally we also have the associated frequencies of OM-MA-NI-PAD-ME-HUM.

Christianity: With the Christian belief system we have the word of god. The sacred voice/sound used by god to speak the universe into existence.

Native American:Within various native belief systems we have the concept that the universe was sung into existence.

Ancient Egyptian/Kemet: Once again we have the song of creation and equally the god Thot creating the world by the resonance of voice. We also have the 6 aspects (or resonance ratios) of Horus.


Universal Sound Vibration

Outside of the creation myths, it’s my belief (and the increasing belief of many scientists) that vibratory sound frequency/resonance is the primordial vibration that connects all creation. The entire universe (including ourselves) is a multi-layered vibratory sound frequency. Physical matter is in essence comprised of vibrating atoms that are resonating at a low enough frequency to accumulate mass. It’s my belief that the key to our salvation and indeed the health of our planet lays within our understanding of sound resonance, light frequency and electro-magnetism. Equally (as I will discuss later in the post) I believe this knowledge is being weaponised against us and thus holds the potential to imprison our minds, bodies and potentially souls.

The aforementioned sounds of creation are (I believe) mythological interpretations of an ancient science. Within this belief many of the ancient (and modern) shapes, religious symbols and indeed ancient architecture are physical representations of geometric sound resonances and universal energy constants. These shapes and structures and not accidental but hint at a forgotten knowledge and a technologically advanced civilisation that both understood and utilised these universal frequencies. Indeed the human energy structure is itself representative of a pyramidical energetic resonance, but that’s a subject for another day.

Reality and matter is a play on energy and vibration and if you alter frequency you can manipulate matter and perhaps even our perception of reality. From this perspective biblical stories relating to Joshua’s Israelite army blowing their trumpets and causing the collapse of the walls of Jericho begin to offer some fascinating possibilities. Indeed were the trumpets some form of ancient technology that was handed down from the old world? Equally was the Ark of the Covenant an ancient and lost technology? Again within the bible we also have the seven trumpets of revelation, does this hint at some future cataclysm caused by the rediscovery of this ancient knowledge? I believe there are many profound messages hidden within the biblical texts, hidden within myth and metaphor.


Esoteric Electricity

In terms of electricity the vast majority of us think no further than its ability to light and warm our houses, we take for granted the force that powers our lives. On the other hand electricity and magnetism, and indeed electromagnetism have a long history of esoteric study. Within esoteric science it is taught that electricity and magnetism are two aspects of one force. Indeed within the realms of modern science it is acknowledged and an electrical charge in motion causes a magnetic field and equally the same observations arise in reverse.

To the student of esoteric knowledge, electricity is believed to be the (sensory) invisible lifeblood of the universe. This force is sometimes known as cosmic or intelligent Electricity (spelt with a capital E to distinguish from it's terrestrial counterpart). The prime seven energies of magnetism, heat, sound, cohesion, light and inertia form the singular entity of cosmic Electricity. Equally, we find seven Chakras within the human body, the macro and the micro in symbiosis. Within this understanding; it is believed that Electricity is a tangible and perhaps intelligent force, an energy imbued with the universal dualities and the firing synapses of a universal mind. The energetic link between spirit and matter, and the bridge that connects the resonance of "thought" to the laws of nature.

Equally does this life blood hold within it the universal duality? Indeed does the technology it powers eventually become a physical representation of this duality? From a different perspective and in terms of life, it separates primordial substances into atoms which in turn become the source of physicality and consciousness. Indeed heat, light, electricity and magnetism are not the causes but the effect of this mysterious and omnipresent force.


Electromagnetism & The Field Of Light Spectrum

Alongside the aforementioned sound resonances I also believe that the ancients heralded a profound knowledge relating to how changes in the electromagnetic field (the Schumann resonance) and light spectrums influence cognition, psychology and metabolic processes. It was understood that both universal and indeed cyclical changes in the earth’s precession affected this resonance and thus manifested themselves in the rise and fall of civilisation. Mainstream science is now just beginning to grasp the validity of these ancient wisdoms, leading Dr Valerie Hunt (former professor of psychology at UCLA) to state that; “subtle changes in the earth’s electromagnetic field can dramatically alter the mental capacity, cognition and the perceptual awareness of humanity.” Equally as stated by quantum physicist Dr Armi Goswami “consciousness prefers light”.

This knowledge was interwoven into ancient architecture, tablets and texts including the Vedas and the Mayan long count. I wrote about these interlocking cycles in a previous post and as I mentioned when I first started writing, each of one of my esoteric articles is one piece of a jigsaw puzzle and over the next couple of days I’m going to draw a few of those pieces together..


The Schumann Resonance

The earth’s magnetic energy, heartbeat is known as the Schuman resonance. The Schuman resonance surrounds and envelops the earth. It extends to 30 miles in height and to the very edge of the ionosphere. The human body (especially the brains alpha state) harmonises in perfect synchronicity with the Schuman resonance. It regulates our brain waves, metabolic processes and the sense of direction in humans, animals and birds. The human brain communicates with this magnetic field through our cryptochrome molecules and the brains naturally occurring magnetite crystals. Every brain contains 5 million magnetite crystals per gram of brain mass. These crystals resonate perfectly with the magnetic field that surrounds us. Indeed disruption within the geo-magnetic field (much like the lunar cycle) has a direct influence upon psychology and metabolism.

The writings of the ancient Chinese display that the concept that man requires two environmental signals, the masculine Yang (above) and the feminine Yin (below). These ancient obsrvations appear to correspond with the scientific interpretation of the Schumann resonance with the Yang (above) being the waves that surround our planet and the Yin (below) being the geomagnetic waves that emanate from within the earth.

In relation to ancient observations of resonating sound frequencies becoming the universal building blocks of life, It's fascinating to note the experiments of the Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier. An experiment was carried out by Montagnier where he placed two test tubes side by side, one contained pure water and the other a tiny piece of bacterial DNA which was diluted in pure water. Both test tubes were surrounded by a low electromagnetic field (which just happened to almost mimic the Schumann resonance) and left for eighteen hours.

.Following that time period Montagnier's team returned to find that DNA was now present in both test tubes. This offers that fascinating potential that DNA/life could be transmitted via electromagnetic pulses (the Schumann resonance) across the universe and deposited wherever the resonance finds water. I believe there is more work and research required in this field but it potentially opens some fascinating new frontiers of thought, although equally frontiers that appear to have been breached thousands of years ago!


The Resonance Of Pyramids

From domes to pyramids these geometric structures have been shown to both draw and produce carrier waves. These carrier waves display similar characteristics to radio waves that carry sound information, displaying a high vibrational quality that imbues within it strong energetic resonances.

The pyramidical structure is an amplified receiver/resonator of numerous energy fields including electro-magnetism, cosmic rays, gravitational waves and associated sound resonances. The shape of the pyramid also lends itself to the creation of a spherical field of harmonious vibrations and the destruction of negative energy influences. Within this field the wave patterns become synchronous and rhythmic and move towards the order of harmony. We can think of the pyramid as akin to a cosmic antennae, a structure that tunes into numerous energy sources, receives and then resonates them as a magnetic field.

Equally the alignment and composition of pyramids appears to be of great importance and in relation the Great Pyramid much thought appears to have gone into this. From the limestone exterior and the limestone interior blocks (that contain crystal and elements of metal) to the granite Kings chamber, the generation of energy and electro-magnetism appear to have been at the forefront of design. The granite shafts are also slightly radioactive which allows for the ionisation of the air. Equally the Kings chamber is made from rose granite which is one of the worlds paramagnetic substances and as such it has the ability to alter the magnetic field.

The mathematical alignments of the pyramids (and a vast number of other ancient sites) are worthy of a book in themselves. Today I’m just going to observe how many appear to be perfectly placed upon the earth’s energetic/nodule points. In particular if you were to roll out a map you would observe that the great pyramid is strategically placed at the exact center of the earth’s landmass. This can be calculated by the fact that both the east/west parallel and the north/south meridian lines cross in just two places. One is in the ocean and the other where the Great Pyramid was built. The pyramid also mathematically conveys the very same dimensions/proportions as the earth and moon. These dimensions can be obtained using the Pythagorean 3-4-5 triangle.

In terms of the great pyramid's location; The Greenwich prime meridian (GPM) has zero distinguishing scientific, geological or indeed natural features feature’s for it to be a logical choice, so I put it down to Empirical arrogance. Moving the prime meridian to the pyramid equates to adding/subtracting (where appropriate) 31 degrees to the west or east of the Greenwich prime number. If you move the prime meridian to the great pyramid and make it the zero latitude we can observe that the four sides of the pyramid align with the four river deltas. For example the Yangtze river delta which is currently 121 degrees east of Greenwich is 90 degrees east if you use the pyramid as the prime.

By adding 31 degrees to the 89w gps location of the Mississippi delta, the adjusted map reveals that it is now 120 degrees west of the pyramid. So we have the Yangtze at 90 degrees and the Mississippi at 120 degrees. Equally the major rivers of the northern hemisphere have similarly precise geometric relationships. The Mississippi flows south from its source to its delta and the Nile flows north from source to delta. They also both empty into the ocean on the exact latitude (30 degrees north) and appear to be inverted images of each other.


The 30 Degree Energy Generator

The pyramids 30-degree North location was also chosen because it's a planetary energy vector, the wind bands that flow around the earth are known as Hadley & Ferrel cells and each again extend to thirty degrees. One cell from the equator to 30 degrees, a second from 30 to 60 degrees, and a third from 90 to 120, plus there are also vectors of oceanic currents which flow in cells parallel to the Hadley cell.

These wind and oceanic vortexes feed the planets electrical vortex and equate to an energetic resonance generator. Thus whilst also being located within the true prime meridian, the pyramid would also appear to be perfectly placed to harvest both planetary and cosmic energy waves. It should also be noted that the inner frequency of the pyramid is 33 hertz, which alongside Masonic connections iis said to be associated with higher states of consciousness.


Pyramids As Tool For Consciousness & Cognition Expansion

The pyramids as some form of energy receiving/generating resonance chambers is a fascinating idea and equally one that’s been explored (from a different perspective) by the engineer/writer Christopher Dunn. In respect of this post I’m not looking at it from the engineering perceptive but at the geometric shape being a physical representation of a universal and vibrational energy constant. Indeed by harnessing the earth’s resonating sound waves and electro-magnetism and running alongside any associated energy production capabilities; were the pyramids also akin to a vibrational tuning fork that profoundly interacted with the brains resonant frequencies? And were these frequencies used by those that had been inducted into the ancient mystery schools as a way aiding them achieve higher states of consciousness and cognition?


When looking into the Bosnian pyramids (which my friend @tremendospercy wrote a great post about) there is a possibility that we can observe this process in action. In the ancient tunnels underneath the Visoko complex there appears to be a constant presence of beneficial electro-magnetism and sound frequency. There are ultra sound recording of 28khz alongside a steady Schumann resonance reading of 7.83hz. Equally the area has extremely high negative ion readings that equate to approx 60,000 per cubic centimetre. These readings are at an optimum for physical health and mental/cognitive ability.


Healing Frequencies

If we take another look at ancient Kemet we can see the goddess Hathor was one their oldest deities. The musical instrument associated with Hathor was the Sistrum and it’s vibrational resonances were used as a tool of ascension and enlightenment. Again as already mentioned within the creation myths I highlighted at the beginning of the post, Hathor taught that sound is the primordial basis for all creation. From this perspective humans are a complex and multidimensional form of energetic harmonics. From a healing perspective our aura emits a resonant frequency that corresponds with the wavelengths of our internal organs. From this understanding we can be healed via the synchronisation of positive vibrational sound harmonics and our internal resonant frequencies, but more on that later.

Again it’s my belief that this is a mythological reinterpretation (remember the ancient civilisation I’m talking about is far older than Kemet) of an ancient science. When we look at the Egyptian Ankh we see that it’s top resembles the Sistrum and it base a cross. The Ankh is often seen as a representation of immortality and the transfer of energy from one form to another. Again we get back to the cross (as I wrote in part one) is itself a physical manifestation of a universal vibrational energy resonance and we can see this concept displayed by the cymatics video below.

I would like to reiterate that these ancient symbols are not accidental but actually hint at a complex/profound scientific knowledge of the universe and creation, the truth is always hidden in plain view. In relation to the above video I'll remind you of my previous statement "physical matter is in essence comprised of vibrating atoms that are resonating at a low enough frequency to accumulate mass." From this perspective certain higher frequency bands appear conducive to greater complexity and equally I believe this can be directly correlated to the evolutionary process. That said and as with all universal laws and constants there is also a dark underside to that understanding, but much more on that tomorrow.

Physical Representations Of Energetic Resonances


Above we have an Assyrian represenation of an Annunaki king, in the context of this post note the wheel appears to be emitting some form of (celestial wheel?) electrical/plasma discharge. Equally as referenced in part one, note the tiara crown that to this day is worn by the Catholic Pope.


Here we have a Mesopotamian cylinder seal depicting the Dagon fish king, again as referenced in part one note the fish mitre hat that is worn by the Pope. Equally (yes I'm aware of the flying craft) note the celestial wheel on the left.


Here we have a native American medicine wheel (modern name and interpretation) some of these wheels are incredibly ancient and are equally numerous throughout Canada and the States. Note the similarities between the celestial (medicine) wheel above and the modern plasma discharge below.



Note the squatter man imagery above and equally how the image below portrays how the Dogon tribe ( Dogon/Dagon ;) ) have incorporated this image into their ceremonial dress. The first image above is a plasma discharge, the rest are extremely ancient petroglyphs and there are hundreds of thousands of them all over the world.



The above image is of a modern cavity magnetron. The cavity magnetron is a high-powered vacuum tube that generates microwaves using the interaction of a stream of electrons with a magnetic field. Now look below and note the similarities with an ancient archaeological site that's believed to be hundreds of thousands of years old. Equally remember this site is believed to be pre-flood and so not much of it remains.


So what is this all about? The researcher and author Michael Tellinger believes many pre-flood archeological sites (and there are thousands of them) represent an ancient energy grid. This grid would have utilised the earth's natural harmonics/resonant frequency to produce free energy. In reference to the squatter man, celestial cycles and many other physical representations of energetic resonances, Anthony Perrat (whom is one of the most eminent high energy Plasma Discharge research scientists in the world) believes they are primitive man's attempts at recording a high energy plasma discharge event.


Myself? I'm in the middle of both interpretations. I believe in Tellinger's analysis of a technologically advanced civilisation that utilised the earth’s harmonics as a form of energy. Like Tellinger I also believe this civilisation was destroyed by a great flood. Following this an attempt was made to rebuild what had come before and this is where stories of the mythological Atlantis arise from.

From this perspective Perrat's observation of a plasma discharge event (which must have been huge as it was recorded the world over) could actually be a historical recording of the destruction of Atlantis. A disaster caused by the incorrect use of harmonic technology and electromagnetism that destroyed a civilisation and played out across the worlds skies. Obviously I can't ascertain the validity of that statement but I'm more than happy to share it as a fascinating train of thought.


The Oracle Room

We also have sites such as Hal Saflieni Hypogeum in Malta which produces a double resonance frequency of 70Hz and 114Hz. The hypogeum is an ancient underground complex that houses the oracle room which has a fabled reputation for sound acoustics and resonances. Because the room stores certain resonant frequencies it enables the production of large amplitude oscillations. Laboratory testing has shown that exposure to these associated resonant frequencies can have a physical effect on human brain activity and perception.

Indeed Dr. Paolo Debertolis reported on tests conducted at the Clinical Neurophysiology Unit at the University of Trieste in Italy. He stated that “each volunteer has their own individual frequency of activation, always between 90 and 120 hz. Those volunteers with a frontal lobe prevalence during the testing received ideas and thoughts similar to what happens during meditation, whilst those with occipital lobe prevalence visualized images." He also stated that: "Ancient populations were able to obtain different states of consciousness without the use of drugs or other chemical substances."

It appears that the rooms builders knew how to utilise architectural techniques to boost these resonances. Indeed Glenn Kreisberg, a radio frequency spectrum engineer that researched the room commented that "The Oracle Chamber ceiling, especially near its entrance from the outer area, and the elongated inner chamber itself, appears to be intentionally carved into the form of a wave guide."


Healing Resonances In Technology

It’s my belief that ancient understandings of electromagnetism and sound and light resonances could be incorporated into modern technology. Within this understanding, instead of the associated health concerns relating to the use of computers and phones etc we could receive a boost to cognition and physical health. Indeed it appears that the scientist Nikola Tesla was working on a concept that would have incorporated these ancient wisdoms into street lamps. These lamps would have imbued all passing pedestrians with numerous physical and psychological health benefits. In reference to Tesla it’s important to note that he (along with many famous scientists) attributed much of his knowledge to his study of the ancient Vedic texts. He incorporated many of these ancient wisdoms into much of his work and even used Sanskrit terminology.

Alas it’s also my belief that many of the aforementioned ancient wisdoms have been reverse engineered and are being weaponised against us. But I’ve got a little ahead of myself so lets take a brief look at a couple of occasions where this knowledge has attempted to rise again.


Royal Raymond Rife

Now alongside Tesla whom declared “if you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” we also have the inventor Royal Raymond Rife. It was Rife that created the world’s first highly advanced universal microscope. As an inventor the Rife resonator was considered to be his crowning achievement. The resonator used electromagnetic frequencies to treat numerous illnesses and diseases including cancer.

On the 20th Nov 1931 Rife was honoured with a “to end all diseases” banquet at the estate of Dr Milbank Johnson that was attended by forty four of the country’s top scientists. In 1934 Rife’s resonator had been involved in a three month clinical trial where it was attributed with curing terminally ill cancer patients. On the night he was due to deliver the results of Rife’s study Dr Johnson was fatally poisoned and his notes and papers lost.

In another strange coincidence Dr Nermes (who was duplicating Rifes work) was killed in a fire that also destroyed his research material. It should also be noted that Rife’s own lab was destroyed by arson and equally the Burnett lab (who had been validating his work) was also burned to the ground. After years of struggle (and much like Tesla before him) Rife died penniless, a broken and isolated man. There are conspiracy theories relating to Rife being deliberately murdered but I must say I don't think the evidence supports this.


George Lakvosky

Another proponent of similar technology was George Lakvosky. He used high frequency waves within his within his multiple wave oscillator to treat illness and aid the rejuvenation of skin cells, wrinkles and hair follicles. The machine was used to successfully treat cancer and although I’m always wary of the multiple sites that claim he had a 98% success rate, to me that’s not the point. This was a technology that heralded provable results but equally it also marked the beginning of a rediscovery of ancient knowledge rather than a new invention and to that’s a testament to the fact that the truth is always rising. I liken it to holding a basket ball under water, for you can hold it down for as long as you like but as soon as your arm becomes tired it’s coming right back to the surface.


But back to Lakvosky, In 1941 he was approached by hospitals who wanted to experimentally use his machine. Promising results appear to have been obtained from a seven week trial at several New York hospitals. Sadly a short time later and before he was able to see the fruits of his labour George was struck by a car (in what was described as a “mysterious manner”) and died in 1942. These are just two examples but throughout this time period (including inventors such as John Keeley) there were several pioneers of this science.

Alas many of them appear to have had their names slandered and reputations destroyed, left penniless and broken or indeed died in mysterious circumstances. In fact the observant will notice a pattern that exists to this day, any scientist or researcher that steps beyond the general consensus have their careers destroyed. Indeed, it's sobering to note that our modern scientific achievements are built atop the dogmas that preceded them. Equally science is built upon the backs of those brave scientists the defied the consensus and spoke out to cries of disbelief and derision, only to have their work validated at a later date.

Join me tomorrow for part two, where I flip the script and take you a journey into the heart of darkness. Until then I will leave you to decide who has the perceptualflaws.

I spend a considerable amount of time working on each of my posts and if you appreciate my work I would be humbled to receive an upvote and or a resteem.

All references will be included at the end of the next part.


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Epic work my friend.
The evidence is everywhere, left by the civilisations of deep antiquity if academia choose to look for and decider it.
Sadly only those who are considered ‘fringe’ academics and conspiracy theorists are trying to shine the light on this subject and bring forth the knowledge lost to history.
Dark forces have spent millennia trying to suppress the wisdom understood by supposed primitive cultures long gone.
It feels like we are at a crossroads in human history where the path we choose will lead a new renaissance or new dark age, one which may last for many centuries, it’s up to us to decide our fate.
Resteemed buddy.

Hey @tremendospercy thank you for dropping by to give your support, resteem and great comment! Triple whammy!! and as always it's greatly appreciated.

Yes I completely agree in your "fringe academics & conspiracy theorists" comment and indeed there has most certainly been a concerted effort to conceal so many elements of our past. You have to ask why? It's my belief that the keys to our emancipation lay shrouded by the mists of history. We have been deliberately left floating through time with no sense of who we are or indeed where we're going. Well my friend someone has an idea of where we're going, or at the very least where they would like to take us!

Society is not an organically evolving construct, it is both planned and manipulated towards and end game .. indeed whilst we live day to day they play the long game.

The more you begin to research these areas the more valid a topic it becomes ... even outside of the esoteric, the mathematics involved in some of these ancient architectural sites and the feats of engineering it took to build them is nothing short of genius. Even down to the stones that were used to amplify magnetism ete etc .. the alignments, every aspect of their design was planned to the very finest detail.

We are indeed at a crossroads my friend and we would do well to look both ways .. equally twenty even ten years ago we would not have been openly discussing these topics on a platform like steemit so things are changing .. I guess it's all going to come down to how much people value their freedom. Thanks again my friend.

Oh Good Lord @perceptualflaws, it took me one hour to charge this post on my computer )) then i got through to the first film and got lost in a bubble of incredible thought !! Where can I start to comment here, its too much lol !! wow your posts are just gobsmacking man )))) i will get back to you on this one, in a week lol ))) this post truly represent steemit in it highest from, well bloody done again old boy ))

Thank you for the kind words and support my friend, I'm really glad you enjoyed the post. I've been lost in a bubble of thought ever since I started writing it .. the post became so huge that I had to make two separate posts and they're both still pretty big :D .. I look forward to hearing some more of your thoughts on the subject .. but take your time lol

I could spend a lifetime assimilating all of the info surely put out here in your post ! Insane level of understanding you have ! This is a veritable masterpiece of steemit and i will I promise you take a long hard look and come back to you ! To comment now when i have not have absorbed 10 percent of this is just not right for me !

We may have chowed down on some of the same chemicals throughout the years:)
We may or may not part ways as to who these archons are though. That they exist is overwhelmingly true via all the evidence, but I've drawn no conclusion about who and what they are.
I do, however, believe we can navigate religious claims on this issue by using the processess of logic and reason honestly. Claiming one is using logic and reason while at the same time declaring the hellfire JEzeuz is not using logic and reason; in fact most of these religious claims are inherently irrational and should be dismissed by this metric--one of the only mechanisms for discerning truth that humanity has and if we can't find truth with reason and logic then we are lost. True, reason and logic are not the only way of knowing but other ways of knowing truth cannot be in contradiction to reason and logic--at least not blatantly​, although I would leave room for paradox.

Ha, great comment @andrewmarkmusic in terms of the archons it is indeed a fascinating subject, some say that they farm and manipulate humanity for the energetic resonances given off through hatred and fear. When you look around the world you can certainly see how that perception arises. On the other hand they are thought to be both good and evil, demon and angel .. the test we must pass to transcend the demiurge, free ourselves from our perceptual chains and commune with the true God. From that perspective, they could also be representative of our internal struggle .. the need to balance our inherant duality. Equally the archons as some sort of mistake, a flaw in the divine programme is another interesting one .. so many perceptions so little time my friend.

In terms of religion, Christianity was a very different belief system in the early days and practiced more of a direct communion with god, in that we are all gods children and Christ was sent to lead us in that direction, alas Constantine appears to have manipulated it to suit his own ends. The Christians we hear about being thrown to lions were often being murdered by Constanine Christians. Equally Jesus Christ would (I believe) be aghast at the hiearchical control system that catholicism has morhed into, he was a man of the people and taught we were all equal .. again all sons and daughers of God, indeed women were very respected within early Christianity and heralded much influence, which in the context of Mary Magdalene makes perfect sense. Lots more mileage on these topics my friend :)

I appreciate the reply. You may know I consider myself an agnostic gnostic of the Christian type and not Judaic. Some random thoughts on this:
-frequency manipulation is secondary to control via controlling the money supplies of humanity. I see it as a one-two punch but controlling money is the foundation as far as I can tell. Now, I do agree with your assessment of the techno frequency prison grid and that leads me to logically deduce that crypto is part and parcel of the same control tactics.
-I see Christianity as another schism within Semitic religious myth (as is Islam), tens and thousands of bloody violent differing squabbles throughout the history of this story. I've pointed out that this God, if it were involved in book knowledge, couldn't even clarify definitively the shape of the earth. I've also pointed out that even with my limited I.Q. I could very well teach a 5-year old the difference between a pancake and a ball! But it's a fact that any creator being is having real trouble on this one considering the resurgence of FE. If there is a point here it's that this contradiction is more consistent with Christian Gnosticism being true rather than Judaic monotheism as far as I can tell.
-the only evidence of a flood, as far as I know, is some kind of local cataclysm about 12,000 years ago. I'm sure you're familiar with Hancock.
-there is next to no evidence for The Exodus or the Grand Solomon Kingdom. In fact, the evidence points towards The Hykso hypothesis. See Tsarion and Ellis.
-there is no evidence for a historical Jesus although I believe (as speculation) that he is a Gnostic Aeon and the myths surrounding him are obfuscations stemming from his confrontation with the RA-bbi's and IS-RA-El. The Egyptian symbolism throughout the earths power and financial systems begins to make perfect sense under this scenario.
-I don't have a problem with the non-dual Advaita thinking on this but I'm more prone to not dismissing D'Vaita and duality: that God is something distinct and different than the material universe. This is also the Christian Gnostic view. But again, I remain agnostic on this and like Kant, I feel that we can't really know for certain on these issues within metaphysics. And of course, this is totally relevant to who the archons are and what their intentions are (we can't really know). But it doesn't look good to me unless we redefine what good is. And, ​BTW., I'm more for Theravadin cosmology rather than Mahayana--so I'm a dualist through and through.
-and lastly, I don't dismiss that all these shenanigans are the doings of some​ terrestrial​ E.T...But I don't buy Sitchin or Greer or any of the usual suspects on this one.
Please don't take this post as a ​criticism of your most detailed and excellent work:)
But Abbott! Who's watching The Watchers!lol

My man, I think you know me better than to think I would take it as a criticism lol .. you see I understand both the mind and the limits of perception .. from that perspective we are both right and wrong. Indeed who defines that rights and wrongs in this area of research? Ultimately your belief system is a matter of perception and if human history has taught us anything it's that belief is a transient beast. My analogy or human history is a series of boxes, we break free of one only to have it replaced by another. Oh and I like your ball and pancake analogy .. but from a diferent perspective if you were brought up to be taught that the pancake was the ball and vice verse that would be your reality .. and no I'm not outing myself as a flat-earther lol

I believe that true knowledge/wisdom (as opposed to generationally alternating facts) lay hidden within intuition and higher states of consciousness. that doesn't mean that you're going to be right all the time for wisdom is a different beast to said alternating fact. Indeed as I wrote to someone else: "Our understanding and interpretation of reality is governed by both internal and external experiences and limited by our rudimentary sensory perception. Somewhere along our long and dusty road we have been hardwired to believe that experience defines reality and that materialism defines success, this is a lie. Unfortunately we are a slave to both our senses and our minds interpretation of these senses. In truth our perception of reality is akin to a light wave frequency, a narrow light spectrum that our eyes have evolved to perceive."

The foundations of human experience and understanding are directly related to our brains perception of light, vibration and both electrical and energetic resonance. Seeing is not believing, and this is perhaps the greatest lie to have ever been perpetrated against humanity. This lie keeps us as prisoners of perception and allows those with an awareness to define the parameters of our reality .. or something like that. You see I'm not arrogant enough to believe all my facts of today will be my facts of tomorrow. Alas there are many amongst us that are so arrogant that they believe they know everything, this amuses me, they amuse me. I'm fully prepared to accept that I know nothing for the foundation of knowing nothing is far more stable than the belief of knowing everything. The nature of my writing has never been intended to define the perceptual reality of others .. that's their job and I wish more would do it lol My aim is to open minds to alternate perceptions and indeed that's why I always ask the reader to decide who has the perceptual flaws .. because in truth my friend, we all do!

You're a good sport my friend:) And this is one of my fave areas of inquiry.
Haha, one of the biggest perception disputes on the table these days is compatibilism. And I sit firmly in the incompatibilist camp as a Christian Gnostic Theist. I believe science is starting to argue for my position as a theist on this one:)
I also believe incompatibilism is consistent with eastern philosophical schools that assert that the ego isn't real; that it's a mirage, a poser so to speak.
But there are two issues here as far as I can tell: what is metaphysical truth? And who should govern society; or, how shall we live?
I sit firmly in the secular humanist camp on this one as Casper ruling society has been proven to be disastrous time and time again. The tragedy today, IMO, is that the Casper believers have taken control of civilization once again and this will lead to its inevitable disasters​.
And I guess I will have to state that communism was a psyop of the Casper believers so we can't use those nation-states​ as a metric for failed secularism.

No problem my friend, I have no fear of debate and throwing different ideas and opinions out there .. my only problem is the lack of time I have to do it! lol Before we go any further I want to grasp an essence on your thoughts on a couple of things. There are several different aspects of theism .. are you monotheistic as in the belief of one god? If so you believe in a god but don't trust the pecerpetions or indeed the intent behind mankinds/religions interpretations of what that may mean .. as in the concept is used as a tool of control and subjugation? .. I'm interested in some of the things you've said and you may find we agree on more than we disagree on. You say you've drawn no conclusions on the Archons, but I'm getting at least an essence of your thought processes so I'm pretty sure you've given it some deep contemplation .. share a few of your thoughts :) I may answer your reply tomorrow as I'm tired and my mind is slowing down. I will also answer your first comment with more depth .. I've just been really busy all day but yes Isis Ra El you read the first part of this series so you know where I'm coming from and I'm with your thoughts there. I've spent many years research on many belief systems so I find it difficult to box myself in .. I am interested in hidden threads that run through many of them. Catch you later

We definitely agree on way more than not:) I look forward to the conversation and I'm always civil unless I smell duplicity and disingenuousness and with you, ​I don't get that.

I'm sure we do :) my ego was cast on the scrapheap many years ago, occasionally it attempts to rise again but I beat it back into submission lol .. I'm just very interested in the hidden .. it's a lifelong quest and a decsion made in childhood. I don't believe any thoughts are wasted and I believe some of us are here to take notes and feed different ideas into the collective psyche. I will never stop learning and although in terms of details I'm more than happy to be corrected on any mistakes I make .. my core beliefs will never change as I've felt them, not researched them :) Likewise on the duplicity front my friend, I see no shred of that in you .. the only thing I knew wasn't true was the comment you made about your limited I.Q, I've been around enough to discern intelligence and deep thought over those that parrot and you're definitely the former .. but you know a wise man always plays a close hand, works people out and I both relate to and respect that.

It's my belief that as much as the electromagnetic techno prison that is being built around us is for control it's also about holding us back .. someone/something wants to (as I wrote in part 2) stunt us and keep us here, equally perhaps in the long term and from a spiritual evolutionary process whatever it is also has their part to play .. it sometimes feels as though all this is a test. Many people that follow the gnostic teachings believe that because the demiurge was hidden and unaware where his powers have come from he became arrogant/evil/mistaken (depending upon your perception) and believes he is the all powerful god and both this materialistic creator and his archontic minions stand between us and god, the material and the divine spiritual .. the guards that keep our spirutual consciousness locked within materialism . equally that could go back to the idea of divine test.

From an entirely different perspective some believe this is an allegorical interpretation of a physical event and from that perspective we go back to the first part of my post with the demiurge as the Annunaki who genetically manipulated us and so beccame our gods but are the barrier between us and the true god as they have sent us on a sideways evolutionary process. Out of step with creation and like a lost child left to drift trough time with little understanding of where we've been or indeed where we're going. From that perspective the archons are their direct bloodlines .. the bloodlines/archontic/demigods that to this day rule over humanity and quite literally feed upon our energy and the fruits of our labour. Others have a perception of an intelligent/archontic energy that for the most part the earth is shielded from but during cycles of precessional change have an increased ability to interact with humanity. Equally we can also go bac to the post I wrote with the archons as some form of of intelligent energy leech that is always present and feeds upon the low vibrational resonances of hate and fear and so manipulates us to provide their food. There is also an idea that humanity has actually created it's own demons and the collective resonance of hate and fear has somehow manifested itself into an intelligent entity or entities that were born of hate/fear and equally feeds upon them. I could of on but as you know there are thousands of ideas and as such in many ways it's a matter of perception .. I'm interested in hidden threads that are woven through many belief systems, it's as if someone has left a puzzle behind and from an esoteric perspective the truth and indeed intent must always be hidden in plain view, to negate the judgment of natural law by making us willing partipants. And yes money is like a religion and a form of control .. like I wrote in the first part: money .. mon ey .. one eye. What I do believe is that hate and cruelty (not as much anger) are an afront to natural law and it's these states of being that keep us locked down by displaying that we are not ready to reach the next level of understanding. Somehow our ascension/evolution (however you perceive it) is found by raising our vibrational frequency and as such is tied to the love in our hearts and our ability to love and indeed forgive our fellow man/woman .. otherwise it just becomes a cycle of hate for hate breeds hate.

In terms of logic I hold little creedance in the logic of man, indeed is the logic of today the logic of tomorrow? .. who defines logic and indeed is their logic my logic?

As much as I appreciate and believe many aspects of the ancient wisdoms my spiritual truth is also found within, it's found within my ability to access intuition and higher states of consciousness, the inherant power of the moment (the knowing as opposed to learning) and the vibration of spiritual singularity.

"Heed these words, you who wish to probe the depths of nature: If you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither will you find it outside. If you ignore the wonders of your own house, how do you expect to find other wonders? In you is hidden the treasure of all treasures. Know thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods." - Oracle of Delphi

To claim that there is no evidence for historical Jesus is simply not true. There is almost total agreement amongst Professors of Ancient History, Theology and Religious Studies that Jesus walked the earth a little over 2,000 years ago.

According to New Testament scholar James Dunn, nearly all modern scholars consider the baptism of Jesus and his crucifixion to be historically certain. He states that these "two facts in the life of Jesus command almost universal assent" and "rank so high on the 'almost impossible to doubt or deny' scale of historical 'facts' they are obvious starting points for an attempt to clarify the what and why of Jesus' mission."

John P. Meier views the crucifixion of Jesus as historical fact.

Amy-Jill Levine has summarized the situation by stating that "there is a consensus of sorts on the basic outline of Jesus' life" in that most scholars agree that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, and over a period of one to three years debated Jewish authorities on the subject of God, gathered followers, and was crucified by Roman prefect Pontius Pilate who officiated 26–36 AD.

Scholars attribute varying levels of certainty to other episodes. Some assume that there are eight elements about Jesus and his followers that can be viewed as historical facts, namely:

  • Jesus was a Galilean Jew.
  • His activities were confined to Galilee and Judea.
  • Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.
  • Jesus called disciples.
  • Jesus had a controversy at the Temple.
  • Jesus was crucified by the Romans near Jerusalem.
  • After his death his disciples continued.
  • Some of his disciples were persecuted.

Wikipedia: Events Generally Accepted as Historical

There are plenty of other sources where one can view the evidence for historical Jesus.

Sorry, the story of religious icons is like the swiss cheese of history. I could list thousands of sources that call in to question the historicity of Jesus but it wouldn't make any difference. People will believe what they want on this issue. In fact, there are over 30,000 sects of narrative within Christendom alone all claiming definitive contradictory versions of who he was. Add to that the myriad sects of Judaism and Islam and we have a smorgasbord of unprovable assertions when it comes to semetic tribe religion. BTW: about 5-billion people on the planet today reject this story.
I could list thousands of areas of dispute on historicity (why bother) but it's near certain the slaughter of the innocence didn't happen. There is no record of it. And again, no record of a worldwide flood, no Exodus, no Grand Solomon Kingdom. All of it in dispute and no God willing to definitively end the dispute. Add to that the historical fact of the violent bloodbath of these religions which continues today with Christian Fascists killing Muslims for Israel. And Israel killing Muslims, and Muslims killing well...pretty well anyone they declare infidel.
But people, in a civil society, ​should be free to believe what they want about invisible Casper stories! They just shouldn't be given political power over society.
Anyway, from the naysayers;

You are very deceived and have much to learn. I wish you all the very best!

Yeah. That's true

Oh great...The league of Steemit morons comes out to play! Look, if you've got some great insight and wisdom into the nature of Casper (or Caspers) please do share! If not, well...STFUP!!!
And please​ don't bring a slingshot to a gun fight:)

You’re wrong on a number of points but with all due respect, I suspect that no matter what evidence I produce, or what I write you aren’t going to change your belief, so I’m not going to invest my time - other than to say that the evidence for the historicity of Jesus is overwhelming. There is more evidence about him than we have for Julius Caesar, Gheghis Khan and numerous other historical figures. I wish you all the very best!

to date there has never been a better live sample microscope.

I doubt that.

Interesting post by the way. I love the effort you put in. It shows that you care about what you share first and money second.

My friend, firstly I would like to thank you for all the support you've given me over the last few months .. I very much appreciate it.

I would also like to thank you for the kind words, every post I write is a child of my mind. I look after them, I nuture them and only when they're ready do I set them free to interact with the world and so I thank you for noticing.

In terms of the microscope, I can certainly understand your hesitation and I'm actually glad you picked it up, like yourself I was rather dubious about the claim. I cross-referenced it acoss a few articles and it appeared that yes there have indeed been more powerful microscopes, but equally the electron microscope kills all live samples. Indeed as the link below will show this situation appears to exist until this day but I will continue to research this as it's out of my area of expertise and I have no problem achnowledging if I've made a mistake.

Thanks again @teamsteam

There are some microscope which doesn't need dyes to look at the blood and I really doubt these top notch microscope of today can be matched by the old microscope of Rife.

I must say you have put some doubt into my mind so I have removed it as a statement of fact. Indeed it's true that there are no surviving Rife microscopes to prove the statement one way or the other.

This is a brilliant and thorough work. Being a student of Vedic science and ancient Khem and having studied in a Het Heru house I feel especially connected to this. I have a slightly different take on the ankh but liked your approach which is both science and intuitive. I'm looking forward to the next installment...

Thank you @awakened-oracle I really appreciate the kind words and support. The Vedic sciences and associated mathematics are a fascinating subject and equally one that I immerse myself in often. Equally, our cutting edge of science is only just beginning to rudimentally grasp some of the inherent scientific wisdoms. I always use my intuition when writing these subjects but yes I'm also aware of the association of the ankh as representative as the gift of life .. equally eternal life and the transfer between the two states. In many ways the ankh could form the basis of a post in itself .. which I may yet write :D Thanks again @awakened-oracle

It's my pleasure to support work like this...

Wow, this is amazing work! I will be re-visiting this post and I look forward to part 2. I've recently been exploring healing energies during meditations as well as sounds and beats for enlightenment. This was just so interesting!! I look forward to following your work and learning so much more :)

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and lend your support, I very much appreciate it. I'm a huge proponent of healing energy and once you begin to grasp the concept it becomes ever more profound. Please be aware that tonight's post is the dark duality of the subjects above, but I will be back to exploring profound spiritual beauty very soon. :)

Dr Valerie Hunt (former professor of psychology at UCLA) to state that; “subtle changes in the earth’s electromagnetic field can dramatically alter the mental capacity, cognition and the perceptual awareness of humanity.”

Did you know that remote viewers can't use their ability in middle of night for one hour when they are facing black hole? At every other time of day they can RV anything, but for that one hour they just can't, like they lose their ability. I'm pretty sure this is happening every night, but not sure about it, so will research it little bit more.

If you didn't see this, I'm pretty sure it will be interesting to you. It's about lost music scale:

Thank you for that my friend, no I wasn't aware of the remote viewing aspect but it does interest me so thanks for sharing the information. In relation to the lost music scale I believe this is all tied in with the Goddess Hathor and yes indeed it is a lost knowledge of how to tune our resonant frequencies, I'm just about to sit down and watch the full video and see if I'm right :) .. Thanks again @cmoljoe

No problem at all, I'm enjoying in this subjects and will write about it. About RV - I'm researching info right now, will update you tomorrow.

Thank you .. I have the 2nd part coming out tomorrow so will be interested to see if it ties in :)

I send message to remote viewer I heard it from. This was his response:

What you're thinking of is called "Sidereal time". It is the time used by astronomers. Because of the earth's rotation around the son, the stars >>appear<< to move in their location in the sky by almost 5 minutes every 24 hours. Sidereal time has nothing to do with night time or black holes. It only has to do with the location of the stars on any certain day of the year. But, a researcher names "Spotteswood" found data that would indicate that when the point on earth where you are is facing the center of the galaxy, it is harder (not impossible) to get as accurate remote viewing results. That time of day will change by around 5 minutes every day, so on one day of the year, the point of earth where you are may be facing the center of the galaxy at, say, 9PM (night time) and six months later, it will be at 9AM (daytime) because each day, the time when your point on the earth is facing the center of the galaxy comes 5 minutes later than it did the day before. Also, since the earth is round, when your point on the earth is facing the center of the galaxy, someone who is, say, 20 miles away from you will not be facing the center of the galaxy. In order to know when, you have to have a "sidereal clock" (which runs about 5 minutes slower than a regular clock). Anyway, that's what you're thinking of. For more details about it, look up either "Spotteswood" or "sidereal time". Anyway, I hope this helps.

Thank you for this information @cmoljoe I shall enjoy looking into this some more when I get the opportunity .. thanks again my friend.

Brother, I hate I missed seeing your posts within the 7-day frame, next time you publish something, tag me into it.
Have you read David Wilcock's first book 'The Source Field Investigations'? It's dovetails in perfectly with the research you brought up here.
While reading, I had several exciting thoughts that I wanted to share.
The first thought I wanted to share with you is regarding the pyramids and their hidden power, check out the research of these two Russian scientists, Dr. Alexander Golod and Dr. N.B. Egorova. I'm quite certain you'll find their experiments highly interesting.
The 2nd thought is to share with you an incredibly well done video by Cullen Smith, his YouTube channel is Lifting the Veil. The video below goes in depth on the brain design/great pyramid design correlations. I'm short on time but I'll be back on later to finish up

Hey my friend, Sorry for the delay in replying. I was away for a few days and then I had my usual music thing last night. Thank you for the support I really appreciate it, I must admit that I haven't read any of Wilcock's work but I'm also a student of hidden knowledge and ancient wisdom so I can understand how we may have used a similar foundation to describe a multi-layered/dimensional reality of vibration and harmonic pitches. I am aware of the energetic properties and harmonious waves inherant within the pyramids (but will certainly take a look at your recommendations) and this informs my belief that they were used as a tool of ascension .. the all seeing eye obviously signifies the pineal gland .. the bridge between physicality and spirituality. Thank you for the video @mindzai I haven't seen this one, but I will be sure to take a look.

Now a question for you as I want to gather you thoughts on something that I will write a post about. Do you think the relative prevelance of this information (I've been looking into it for twenty five years and the awareness has increased exponentially) is a deliberate process that signifies the build up to a bold move by the cabal? Or in the age of the free (although gasping for breath) internet is it a window of opportunity that's akin to my basketball analogy "you can hold it down for as long as you like but as soon as your arm becomes tired it’s coming right back to the surface?" I know you understand the concept of natural law and how those adept at the dark arts understand that awareness without refusal makes us complicit in our own enslavement .. this leads me to at least ponder that far from being hidden this esoteric knowledge is being deliberately unveiled. A calculated risk from those that realise it has an inherant power to both free and enslave .. indeed it's not so much about what we know as opposed to how we inform others and indeed what we do with this knowledge.

I agree with your hypothesis. The knowledge is not hidden per se, as a lot of it is right out in the open for the world to see. We can either choose to spend our lives seeking knowledge in order to understand what is going on around us or we can sleepwalk like the majority of people, running around on the hamster wheel and trying to keep up with the Joneses. So in a sense, there is a duality in how people choose to live their lives also.
I think researching into the esoteric and occult is just a path for those who seek knowledge and then it branches off from there. Two esoteric paths to choose from, the left hand path of self indulgence, power, and control. Then there is the right hand path of love, charity, selflessness.
Jesus Christ, Krishnamurti, those who use it to raise the Consciousness and vibration.
I've tried to use it to break the spell that I see the majority of the planet under. Money is the vehicle and the catalyst that the dark occultists are using with maximum success. It is an alchemical spell that binds the user so they always need it and always want more when in reality it doesn't exist. It's a thought form, a golem, and the keystone to the arch that holds up the temple. The lures of temptation keep people blindly chasing money in order to acquire more and more physical stuff.
I love to look at the Masonic tracing boards because everything is right there.

Just came across your article. This afternoon I was occupied to dismantle another article of yours because I wanted to have it on my e-reader to digest it slowly. This one also is filled with beautiful creative stuff. I am kind of overwhelmed and have to come back. Your articles make this platform worthy to come back.

Thank you for the support my friend .. I really do appreciate your kind words and equally I'm very glad that my work meets with your seal of approval. Thanks again and I hope you're well :)


My mind is blown! There is so much we still don’t know or totally understand in this universe. The somewhat odd sciences and explorations during more primitive times set the foundations for more explorations into unknown territory. It’s exciting to see old visions receiving new live. Resteemable!

Thank you @walkthisway I really appreciate the support and resteem. I feel that the truth is a tangible force and as such it will always eventually find it's way to the surface. Thanks again my friend.

You have gathered to gether a lot of good sources and information here, and interpreted it very thoughfully! Nice Post! Resteemed!

Thank you for the support @erinn I really appreciate the resteem

You are very welcome @perceptualflaws! I have seen another one of your posts come up in the feed as a follow up to this one... so I will be checking it out when I have the time to read it thoroughly! I'm not always happy with what I read on this topic, so I was pleasantly surprised when I read yours! It was deserving of a Resteem ! :)

Interesting blog. Following.

Thank you for the kind words and follow, I've done likewise .. great name by the way ;)

wow! this is a amazing work. wonderful another epic post awesome writing and nice article. thanks for @perceptualflaws.

Thank you @kickup008 your kind words and support mean a lot and I'm so glad you enjoyed my post. Thank you my friend.


Thank you my friend, really glad you enjoyed the post .. part 2 is out now :)

well long your publication I like to link the history and archeology with science .. as you are the new stephen hawking of science ..

Hey thank you for the kind words and support my friend .. I really appreciate it.

It was a pleasure for me, friend

Another great piece as always.

Hey @venomnymous thanks for stopping by and lending your support

Fantastic article once again! It is said that the Parthenon in Athens, is built specifically on that mound because of the high electromagnetic field and is archaeoastronomically designed to the Hyades Star Cluster. The dimensions of the building are also extremely important. As you say so many of the archaeological sites around the world are. Thanks for a great read.

Hey @Palikari123 Thank you for the kind words my friend and you're so right in regards to the alignments, many of these ancient architectural sites are aligned to both universal energy resonants and equally the earths energy nodules .. these people really knew what they were doing. Indeed I believe the concept of Feng Shui is a direct derivative of these ancient wisdoms . Thanks again my friend.

Freaky shit brah

Thank you for taking the time to read my friend.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Another epic post, I will read through later and give you an actual comment, loved the last one

Thank you for the support my friend .. I really appreciate it and I'm very glad my work meets your expectations :)

MY man @perceptualflaws..

Consistently you put together the absolute best content on this platform. I don't care if people don't agree with the topic, this is some top notch shit right here. NOw about the article:

This is absolutely something I invested some considerable time into in the past. Ancient civilizations obviously knew a great deal more than us about the world as far as energy and vibration are concerned. But we are quickly gaining this knowledge/wisdom back imo. Just looking through this article you can see a huge amount of material covered in one URL. And now with the internet and blockchain, any work done on this could be put on record forever. We can relearn everything we need to know, and I think it starts on the inside.

There are a few vibrational things in daily life we can see straightaway:

  • lack of contact with the earth: we wear shoes, we live in houses that have carpet and construction and flooring material that all distort the resonance of the earth
  • wifi - We are sending countless waves through the air, there is no way these don't have an effect, for example
  • artificial light - sunlight is vitamins, artificial light fucks with our circadian rhythm, yet here we are stuck underneath fluorescent light all day so we can go home to artificial lights in our homes at night, coincidence? Maybe I should read part 2

These are just a few examples. We are vibration, it's just realizing it all that is the hard part. We are all so bogged down in our own vibration from mental and physical tensions that need to be relieved before true clarity can come into view. Once that happens, all this old wisdom will follow imo.

Awesome writeup, I'm time crunched tonight, but going to hit part 2 tomorrow.

Hey @jakeybrown thank you or taking the time to read and leave such an awesome comment, I really do appreciate it and I appreciate your thoughts as well .. equally sorry or the delay in replying but I was non stop yesterday. In terms of whether people agree or disagree that is of no concern to me, it doesn't guide me. I respect all opinions and respect the people that take the time to share them but equally in terms of my core beliefs (I'm aware details can be transient) whether people perceive me right or wrong I 100% stand by everything I say and I outright refuse to see the world through anyone else's eyes .. this is my reality and my truth and I've spent decades thinking about it. I do my own thing, always have and I always will, people that know me expect nothing less.

There are certain truths that will only be held down for so long and right now they appear to be coming right back to the surface. This has happened several times throughout the course of our history, but each time it has been beaten back down .. I don't think this is going to be one of those times. I believe spiritual truth/wisdom has a resonant vibration and if you can find a way to entune/follow your intuition these wisdoms can be felt. Indeed in terms of ancient wisdoms (such as the first part of this post) relating to the vibratory nature of reality (and several others things I both have and will speak about) are wisdoms that I have learned from within, I have felt them and as such my belief is unshakable. So yes I really agree with what you're saying for I believe that universal wisdom lays within each of us and is found in our disconnection from the ego .. our task is to find a way to listen to it. Alas like you say inherant confusion of the world that can be really difficult and that's why I'm a huge proponant of the power of both intent and intuition .. indeed whilst we are increasingly divided on details many of us remain united in an intent to make the world a better place.

I believe we are being taken on a synthetic evolutionary path as opposed to a slower organic and more spiritual journey, to me this is a false promise and a lie. From this pespective we are being deliberately disconnected from the earths heartbeat as it's feeds our intuition and inherant wisdom. In studying the Schumann resonance I believe that statement holds as true in science as it does in ancient wisdom. This age is a crossroads for humanity and that is a key reason why I write, to make people pause and question our direction and simply think about a few things from a different perspective. Thanks again my friend, I hope you enjoy like part 2 .. have a great weekend!

Hi @perceptualflaws. I got to say I can see you spent a lot of time on this and provided lots of great info and examples to support your argument very well done. I am new to steemit and will learn from people like you on how much thorough research and effort to put into each blog post.

What is your stance on the artificial Intelligence Archon theory of David Icke and others, where they say that this topic we should be concerned with most, including even reptilian control and everything else going on just feeds into the great archonic inversion. That all the 3rd dimensional manipulation going on is just a microcosm of the great master plan by the archons for total control. This is not something that will take a few more years, this could be another thousand or more down the line, but all roads lead to the same place.

On a side note i just released my first "Real" blog post and wondering if you could take a look at and it see if its interesting and good enough info to merit a resteem, just trying to get a little help to start things in steem. Much thanks!

Hey there, sir. I found this discussion worthy of a blog post in its own right and hope you don't mind:

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