Part One: Bloodlines Of The Serpent Gods & The Rise Of The Black Nobility

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Bloodlines Of The Serpent Gods

Firstly I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year!! So lets get started, we hear many stories relating to the NWO and the cabal but who are they and where did they come from? From the research of myself and others that have come before me I’ve come to understand that they’re the complete opposite to a NWO. In fact they are an extremely ancient order that predate our extremely narrow understanding of human history. They are the serpent bloodlines that have both limited our spiritual growth and defined our perceptual reality. Welcome to the bloodlines of the serpent gods


This is a huge story and equally one that plays out over vast timescales. In order to create a cohesive narrative I’m going to be moving in and out of great epochs of time. With the best will in the world one post will serve as little more than a rudimentary explanation. Much of the beginning of this story is shrouded in both myth, metaphor and indeed the mists of time so I've written some of it from the perspective of said bloodlines. There is going to be much omitted but equally this post is going to serve as both a foundation and an entree. As time moves on I will expand upon many aspects and concepts I’m going to discuss now. Future work will plug gaps, fill in missing spaces and expand upon what may (at first glance) appear to be innocuous sentences.


Unlike the majority of my posts this one dives straight in at the deep end, that's because I'm starting at the beginning and speaking from the perspective of said bloodlines. Equally how it starts isn't neccesarily how it ends and this post is going to branch off in multiple directions. If you are aware of this information or find it a little too fantastical I'm fairly confident that by it's end I will have supplied enough food for thought to make even the most ardent of sceptics at least raise an eyebrow.

Divine Right To Rule?

Now there are many ancient writings and manuscripts relating to an event that occurred in our deep and distant past. An event obscured and shrouded by both the mists of time and our perceptions of the possible. At the upper echelons of many secret societies the black nobility were said to receive their divine right to rule from the serpent gods. This concept plays out in the ancient Sumerian texts and relates to stories of the Anunnaki. Equally the Anunnaki could themselves be a metaphor and an interpretation of an event that occured in our pre-history.


Was there an event that changed the course of human history? well from my own deep research the answer to that is an emphatic yes! Is the Anunnaki story a verbatim (to the letter) explanation as to what happened? equally I would say no but it's both an excellent interpretation of a historic and monumental event and indeed one that was painstakingly recorded over many years and with much care and attention.


Equally it gives a fascinating insight into the basis of the elite's self perceived divine right to rule. Indeed the cabal didn't just wake up one day and proclaim themselves Kings, Queens and rulers of this world. The elite feel entirely justified in this perception and throughout the course of human history they have symbolically announced this justification to the entire planet, you just need to know how to listen.

I’m well aware of the stories relating the Anunnaki myth in that we were created by said “gods” as a slave species to mine their gold. Personally I don’t buy into this idea, I’m fully open to the possibility that in our distant past (approx 400,000 years ago) we were visited by an alien race that were perceived as gods.


Personally, I don’t believe such an advanced race would traverse the space time continuum to find they hadn’t the means to mine the gold. It seems like a silly mistake to make and I believe they would have been technologically advanced enough to carry out their intention. From my own research I believe homo-sapians were already present when the Annunaki arrived.

That said, it really doesn't matter what I believe because the elite believe that humanity were indeed genetically engineered as a slave species. They also believe that they have a direct blood link to said serpent gods, believing that their bloodlines bred with these gods and so they carry the royal dragon bloodline. This is why they are obsessed with interbreeding with one another, in their system they are a literal separate species to humanity and so protect the purity of their bloodlines as much as possible.

They appear to move outside said bloodlines only as a means to accumulate more power and influence. They believe that they have been left behind by said Anunnaki (or in their perception gods) as a priest class and Royal bloodline. When you look into the myths of Enlil and Enki you will see that Enki’s emblem was two serpents entwined on a staff (remind you of anything?). His symbols also included a fish, both the serpent and fish are important to note because they will revisited as this post progresses.

Below is a representation of Enki's son Ningizzidda


Along with possessing greater intelligence they were also handed certain knowledge and wisdom by their forebears. This knowledge, wisdom came in the form of natural law, the laws of esoteric science, spirituality and human psychology. Knowledge is indeed power and combined with their superior intelligence has thus far ensured that these “demi-gods” have retained the upper hand over the rest of humanity. I will say that their system is very intelligent but it lacks empathy and as such lacks wisdom. Indeed wisdom could be said to derive from empathy.

As fantastical as much of this sounds the concept of these demi-gods can be found throughout the ancient world. Indeed the Sumerian cylinder seals, to the Sumerian Cuneiform tablets and the Arkadian texts, Book of Genesis, Dogon histories, Zulu history, Assyrian texts, the Veda’s, Mayan Popul Vuh, Epic of Gilgamesh, Book of Ezekiel, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Babylonian Enuma Elish and the Norse Eddas all carry elements of this same story. Indeed if you were in a court of law you would perhaps be foolish to ignore such a weight of evidence.


The Atlantian Connection

I’m also open to the idea that the Anunnaki were actually a technologically advanced (potentially pre-Atlantian) terrestrial based species related to but equally different from humanity. They grew in isolation and with larger cranial capacity they evolved at a faster rate and were intellectually superior to homo-sapians. Perhaps after some huge (Atlantian style) cataclysm they set sail to impart their knowledge to the rest of humanity. Such would have been their superiority they would have indeed been viewed as gods. Perhaps with their numbers greatly diminished they selected certain compatible bloodlines, bred with them and handed down said knowledge to them. It’s these bloodlines that have gone on to become a black nobility that to this day rule over their subjects.

The Foundation Of Psychopathy

Now this is an interesting hypothesis and one I originally heard expressed by Mark Passio. Now I’m not sure if these “gods” were inherently good or evil but certainly elements of their story hints at this duality. What does become apparent is that they lacked human empathy and compassion (this is interesting because as I’ve written about before there seems to be a growing agenda to drain both empathy and humanity from our species).


Now perhaps this wasn’t too much of a problem for this species, they possessed both a deep knowledge, vastly superior intellect and equally lacked the human emotions of greed, lust and anger and perhaps this overrode the need for empathy and compassion. But once they interbred with human bloodlines the combination of superior intelligence, lack of empathy and human emotion actually fractured the minds of the priest class and perhaps created the condition of psychopathy.

As this human black nobility rose to prominence and began to interbreed with one another this condition has become more apparent. Indeed as they have begun to accumulate more power and control over humanity the world has begun to represent their own fractured psyche. Negative thought patterns and processes spreading through humanity like some form of mind virus.


Autumn In The Garden Of Eden

It is my belief that before the events I’ve described above humanity was indeed present and not created by the Anunnaki. In this understanding we lived in a golden age, a metaphorical garden of Eden and that both interbreeding and the knowledge relayed to the priest class has led to the fall of man. It's certainly interesting to me that the Anunnaki and indeed pandora's box seem to be a re-interpretation of this same story but that's a post for another day. I'm aware of many belief systems that hold onto the ideal that the metaphorical serpent was in fact humanities liberator and sent to enlighten us with knowledge and I guess to a degree that holds some truth. Equally as with the duality in everything I write lets look at things from a different perspective. And please remember these questions are coming from someone that has spent a lifetime seeking both knowledge and answers.

Were we ready for said knowledge? or were we deliberately deviated from our true path of slow spiritual growth and the gradual understanding of duality. Did this knowledge need to come from within in order that we understand it? Indeed would you sit your children down and impart such knowledge? would you destroy their innocence? or would you wait until they were ready to ask questions and be told the truth of this world?

Bearing this in mind lets take a step back and look at society and ourselves as the serpent and the indigenous communities of this world as children in the garden Eden. Within a generation of liberating and enlightening said communities the vast majority are destroyed, their innocence and their inherant wisdom scattered like the autumn leaves. Many become alcoholics, drug addicts , prostitutes and so I ask are we liberator or destroyer? is society a disease or is it the cure? will our knowledge and our technology free us or will it enslave us? I will leave you to ponder these questions.


The Mystery Religion

Certainly the records indicate that after the serpent gods left much of this knowledge appears to have been held within ancient schools of mystery. As time progressed much of this information was held in the area we now know as ancient Egypt, in fact during this time the area was known as Kemet. The true history of Kemet stretches back much further than the Pharaoh’s, indeed in many ways the Pharaohs represent an attempt to imitate what had come before.


The word occult simply means hidden but as with all aspects of the esoteric there is an inherent duality. This knowledge can be used for good or evil and I believe this duality exists to this day. Yes there are many within the black nobility that are intent on subjugating and controlling every facet of humanity but I also believe there was and is a breakaway powerbase intent on lifting civilisation and awakening us from our slumber. We are not in this alone either spiritually or physically, but more on that in future posts.

Anyway where was I? Oh yes, over time the bloodlines and the black nobility that sought power and enrichment rose to prominence within the mystery religions. Using and becoming consumed by the dark occult and an ancient evil that sought to use humanity for it’s own ends.

The Seekers Of Power & Evil

There were a multitude of mystery religions spread throughout the ancient world. Indeed for a time the genie appears to have escaped the bottle and this knowledge began to spread more freely. Realising the threat this posed the cabal have sought to literally destroy any vestiges of this ancient wisdom. The burning of the library of Alexandria is just one example, although as an aside I will say it’s my belief that the books were actually removed before their destruction and are now held underneath the Vatican.


Over time the cabal became a council of bloodlines that sat above the mystery religions and from this powerbase they began to corrupt them. Indeed this system appears to operate today, an illuminate council that operates above many of the worlds secret societies. Only those at the upper echelons of said societies are aware of the control structure that sits above them.


Serpents Through History

This post is about a bloodline who believe they have a divine right to rule from their connection to the serpent gods. Equally I want to highlight that as I alluded to above I am entirely aware that despite it’s negative connotations the concept of the serpent is also viewed by many as a metaphor for enlightenment. It represents the knowledge of duality, of good and evil, light and dark and the freewill to make these choices. From this perspective it is both good and evil, light and dark and equally from other perspectives seducer and destroyer.

.In the shedding and renewing of it’s skin it could also be linked the ancient concept of the grand cycles of change. Throughout history the serpent image has been used to display hidden knowledge and enlightenment and again much like a gun it’s how you use said knowledge that determines whether it is evil or not. The serpent is also a representation of Dna and coiled Kundulini energy at the base of the spine.


From ancient Kemet, Indus, Asiria to the area known as Sumer which became Babylon to Mesopotamia (this area is especially important to these bloodlines (which is why they are on fire today) to the breakup of Sumer and Babylon these ancient bloodlines have followed us. They can be found in ancient Greece, China and most certainly Rome. In fact Rome still contains a control and command structure that enables them to operate throughout the world, but more on that later.

All the while this control structure have proclaimed the serpent gods as their divine right to rule and serpent symbiology has followed us through history. Even the Chinese emperor’s proclaimed their right to rule through their genetic connection to the dragon gods. In ancient Asia we have the shape shifting Nagas, the druids have the HU-MAN, was the headdress of the pharaohs a representation of a cobra or serpent? Indeed the Uraeus is a symbol for the goddess Wadjet (she was one of the earliest Egyptian deities and was often depicted as a Cobra). We have the Mayan feathered serpent gods, the African Chitauri or “children of the serpent”, Royal coats of arms associated with the serpent, if you trace it back far enough the word Seraphim means snake/serpent, the Vatican uses serpent symbiology and the devil is known as “the old serpent” I could go on.


Elizabeth 1st

If we look at the picture below it’s 16th century portrait of Elizabeth 1st. The painting originally showed Elizabeth clasping a serpent but it was replaced with a bunch of roses. Over time the painting deteriorated and it was only then people began to notice the outline of the serpent.

The Councils Corruption Of The Priesthood

As I’ve already alluded to the true history of Kemet stretches back over vast epochs, at one time it was known as the light of the world. As the Illuminati (although that name is more modern) council grew in power their influence began to further corrupt and infiltrate the mystery religions that sat below them. That’s certainly not to say that every religion had humanities best interests at heart, but it was the organised structure of the council that was to become our greatest enemy. I use the word religion with a plural but in reality to a degree many of these old religions worshiped different dualities of the same esoteric science.

Astrology formed a key component of this ancient wisdom as were the interlocking cycles of time and energy associated with said astrology. The Hermetic understanding of the "kingdom within", "know thyself" and "as above so below" were also key to these understandings. They were also a direct threat to the hierarchical system of control that the cabal were intent on realising. Indeed if the power of enlightenment lays within each of us then we are all equal, we are one and as such this does not aid a control structure built upon hierarchy and subjugation.


The elite were and are terrified that we will wake up, remember who we are, our power and our spirit. To this ends the world around us has been set up as a giant distraction, an illusion that keeps us from remembering these truths. Instead of offering spiritual understanding religion has become a barrier between us and the creator, even the original teachings of Christianity have become lost in a mist of pomp and ceremony. But I’m getting ahead of myself.


The Architects Of Modern Society

As I’ve already alluded to there were many mystery religions operating throughout the ancient world. Today I’m going to focus upon a couple of these religions and show how over time they have morphed into key components of the control system, namely banking, commerce and religion. One of the first priesthoods to become deeply corrupted and infiltrated by the black nobility was the Amun priesthood. This priesthood became heavily connected to the Phoenicians rulers and between them they began to control banking, taxation, shipping, commerce and indeed the laws around said commerce.

They controlled much of this trade through the Suez canal (Zeus spelt backwards). The Phoenicians were descendents of the biblical Israelites and were the rulers of the seas. They were also the first true masters of the alphabet and were proficient in magic and arts. Alongside being the progenitors of many modern draconian laws they were said to rule by sorcery. They also created a religion based on esoteric serpent worship and were said to have had an influence on the content of the Old Testament. The Phoenician hierarchy believed that they carried the serpent seed and have planted this seed within many of the worlds most powerful families and royal bloodlines as a way of accumulating more power.

They were feared throughout the ancient world and several sieges against their capital Tyre were raised to remove them from their seat of power. The most notable being the siege of Alexander the great. The book of Joshua refers to Tyre as “a fortress city” indeed it was a fortress with heavily fortified walls that rose from the sea.


The Pharaohs Of Europe

As the old world structure began to crumble the Amun priesthood began to secure a different powerbase. From this perspective the country of Switzerland was founded on the 1st of August 1291. The Templar’s last stronghold had fallen some two months before during the siege of Acre and it’s said that their treasure was hidden in Switzerland. It was this treasure that along with much of the ancient Egyptian gold formed the basis for the Swiss banking system. Incidentally the Swiss flag is actually a simplified version of the Templar cross and said cross originally derives from the Sumerian god Ninurta whose father was Enlil. Indeed the cross has been worsipped for a long time and the celtic cross was used to map the skies.



Incidentally Switzerland the Pharaoh’s and the mystery religions influence on Switzerland appears to be held in the name. The name can be both traced back to the goddess Isis and interpreted as the land of the sisters, Sui-Isse (Souers Isis), Schw (e)-Iss (Schwester Isis). In fact Paris is also named after it’s original settlers the Parrisi and this name can also be read as for Isis. Indeed the ancient city was formally known as Lutetia and the Parisii were followers of Isis. The site of the Parisii temple of Isis is now the location of The Notre Damme, is this a hidden modern interpretation?


The city of London could be thought of as El London (the sun/Saturn) or indeed Babylondon, but I’ve digressed. Basically the priesthood of Amun still operate from Switzerland and this entire area is key to the worldwide monetary control system. In terms of money this system has been created as representation of the god Horus, all seeing, all powerful. It is said that Horus & Ra (with whom the eye is also associated with) are protectors of royalty and although the eye is ancient the image of said eye held in the pyramid can actually be traced to the jesuits. Mon is the latin for one and then ey or eye is self explanatory money = one eye and we see the concept of the one eye gazing out from the one dollar bill.

Yes I’m also aware of the Juno Moneta the Roman goddess of money and memory. I’m aware of far more than I have the time to display in one post but the concept of the one eye far predates any Roman history. Equally Juno has links to Jupiter, Saturn and Mars and so we are back to the myster religion element. Indeed when Lloyd Blankfein made his infamous pronouncement that "bankers do gods work" did he mean it in the literal sense?


The Phoenicians had previously arrived in Britain in 1103BC and subsequently over many generations traded tin with England. It is said that Phoenician money was a key component of the “private investors” that started the bank of England in 1694.

The Babylonian style brotherhood of the Phoenician hierarchy and the priest of Amun are also said to be a key component of a worldwide banking network that includes: the world bank, the IMF, the world trade organisation and the bank for international settlements. A mere modicum of investigation will reveal hieroglyphs and Masonic symbols upon all important Swiss buildings. Indeed why do the Swiss Guard, guard the Vatican and who is behind the Vatican’s black hand?


Early Christianity

Now before we discuss the Vatican lets take a brief look into the formative years of Christianity. Many people don’t realise the hierarchical religion we see today did not actually reach it’s fruition until approx 300 years after Christs death. The religion was embraced by Emperor Constantine as a way of uniting a failing Roman Empire. The early Christians appear to have followed Christ’s teachings more faithfully. Indeed there was a tradition of keeping alive entire phrases and words used by Christ. Much like Christ himself they did not believe in hierarchy and instead practiced a direct communion and oneness with the creator.


They believed that yes Jesus was enlightened and indeed the son of god but that equally we are all the children of the creator. They believed the kingdom of god lay within each of us and so neither required nor believed in any form of hierarchy. Indeed "the son of god became a man so men could become the sons of god" (C.S Lewis). This was directly opposed to the teachings of the organised religion and church system they saw growing up around them. A system that I believe has placed a hierarchical barrier between us and the creator. The control system dealt in fear, sin and the persecution of these differing belief systems and as such the early Christians posed a direct threat to said system.

The bible that arose from the Constantine era was itself carefully selected and heavily edited in order to fit a narrative. There were many gospels and writings left out of the bible and the possession of these lost gospels became an offence punishable by death. Indeed many of the persecuted Christians we read about in our history books were actually persecuted by other Christians.


Women also played a very active role within early Christianity and from that perspective it was a more open and accepting religion. Personally I believe removal of feminity from religion has further served to disconnect us from the inherant power and connection between the divine mascline and feminine and as such placed a barrier between the sexes. The biblical concept of women being created as an afterthought has ensured the denigration of feminity has followed us throughout history, throughout multiple religions and trickled down into the masculine subconscious.

I have absolutely no problem with Christianity and much respect for the true word of Christ, but I do have a problem with the hierarchy that has grown up around it. In many ways our current religious system is a direct contrast to the original word of Christ. Indeed you could perhaps view Christ as an anarchist and the church as statists. Lets now take a further look at the Catholic church.


The Influence On The Catholic Church

As the various priesthoods became further corrupted the accumulation of knowledge began to be held in fewer and fewer hands. The ancient library of Alexandria was burned to the ground and then later on the Catholic Church set about destroying any vestiges of said knowledge and the indigenous communities that held onto the concept of direct communion. Indeed along with the library of Alexandria priceless wisdoms and artifacts from across the ancient world are said to be held underneath the Vatican. But I’m getting ahead of myself.


As the Amun priesthood settled in Switzerland the Phoenicians hierarchy became the Venetians. Much like their old capital of Tyre their new power base was again founded on the water as a nod to their shipping prowess. Now I’m aware of some conjecture regarding the Phoenician & Venetian connection and some people disagree with this assumption. All I will say is that I have looked into this in great detail, from many perspectives and beyond the standardised historical accounts and found this statement is indeed true.

Much like the Phoenician connection to the Old Testament the Venetians used their power base to spread their influence into the Catholic Church and were in effect the progenitors of the Jesuit order. Once again I will state my belief that they have used the church to place a barrier between humanity and the creator. The externalisation of faith has made us forget our inherent power in order that we are easier to control and subjugate. The kingdom of god lays not within the walls of the church but within us all.


The Catholic Mystery Religion

In many ways the Catholic Church represents the merger and dilution of the ancient schools of mystery and sun worship into what we now call religion. As I’ve already mentioned the message of the early Christians and indeed many elements of Hermeticism became a little too close to the mark and threatened the power structure that was being manipulated into place. But equally as you will see below the upper echelons of the Catholic Church don’t appear to practice what they preach. They instead still seem to be practicing and indeed displaying (for those that are aware) that they follow the old religion, the mystery school tradition and are controlled by the aforementioned dark occult serpent bloodlines.


Firstly I’ve already discussed the Amun priesthood but what I haven’t mentioned is that within the ancient Hebrew vowels were interchangeable. As such the Amun is often spelt as Amon and indeed Amen! The word Amen is obviously associated with the bible and can be found in all religions. Equally in ancient Egypt Amun Ra or Amen Ra is actually considered to be the god of kings & the king of gods. He is also known to hide within the other gods such as Osiris, indeed the word amen can literally be interpreted as “the hidden one”. Does he also “hide” in the bible? In both the old and the new Test amen t? When people use the word amen are they actually closing their prayer with a reference to the sun god Amen Ra? Certainly in kings verse 36 Amen is described as “the lord god of my god”.


Empire Of The City

Whilst we’re on the subject of Amen Ra it’s important to note that the Vatican is actually the smallest principality in the world. It’s a city state within a city and contains it’s own laws, legalese, newspaper and TV station. The same can be said for the city of London (corporation of London) for it’s a city state within the city of greater London. Equally the district of Columbia is a city state located in 10 square miles of land and within the heart of Washington. These three cities represent an interlocking control grid known as the Empire Of The City.

Here we once again (as per much of my previous work) have an unholy trinity of dominance: DC = Military, London = Economic, Vatican = Spirituality. You may ask what this has to do with Amen Ra? Well at the center of each city there is an obelisk, throughout ancient Egypt and Kemet before it the obelisk was a phallic symbol used to worship the sun god Amun Ra.

Interestingly the London Obelisk is ancient and was shipped directly from Egypt, although it has no connection this obelisk is known as Cleopatra’s needle. Notice the Spinx's guarding the base of the needle.


The D.C obelisk was dedicated to George Washington by the Freemason Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia (If you have yet to do so I highly recommend researching the Columbia faction).


As you can see the Vatican obelisk is very phallic in nature expressing both male and female fertility. During the vernal equinox the sun causes the obelisk to cast it’s shadow towards St Peters church. Perhaps a representation of sexual union between the sun and moon goddesses.


Rev 16:19 And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and the great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.

The Vatican Pine Cone Symbolism

The pine cone symbology used by the Vatican and evidenced in the pictures below are symbolic of the pineal gland. The pineal symbolism represents a link between the spiritual and the physical realms. This imagery can be found throughout the ancient world including Babylon, Kemet, ancient Greece and the Hindu gods of India. Within ancient Kemet the pine cone is also associated with Osiris who was the ancient Egyptian messiah whose mother Isis was worshipped as a virgin bride.


Interestingly as shown below the Vatican also houses the largest pine cone in the world. Certainly this symbiology hints at some acknowledgment relating to the ancient concepts of know thyself and the kingdom within. The use of the pine cone certainly hints that the Church is aware of these truths but they have made a conscious decision to keep the uninitiated separate from their inherent power.


As we see below the pine cone is also synonymous with the Sumerian gods/Anunnaki.


Vatican Sun Worship & The Dagon Mystery Religion

So lets take a look at sun worship and the Dagon mystery religion. Firstly this religion was synonymous with the fish and when you see Christians sporting said fish symbol (although they are unaware) it could be seen as a representation of Dagon. The name Dagon comes from Dag and it means fish god and he is an ancient Mesopotamian Assyro-Babylonian and Levantine (Canaanite deity). Equally remember Enki is synonymous with fish symbolism and perhaps the fish god is actually some form of hybrid that harks back to the Anunnaki’s attempts at genetic manipulation.


As shown in the pictures above and below the tiara crown worn by the pope is almost identical in shape to the crowns worn by the “gods” shown in the ancient Assyrian tablets. Also notice the Sumerian Ninurta/Templar cross in the image above.


The popes ring is also known as the ring of the fisherman. This is interesting because of the fact that Peter the Apostle (with whom the practice of bowing and kissing the ring is said to have started) probably never owned such a ring let alone expected people to bow and kiss it. Indeed in acts 3:6 Peter clearly states “silver and gold have I none”. This certainly appears to be an element of mixture and merger between the stories of Dagon fish symbiology, Peter the fisherman, the fisherman’s ring, the connection between the popes mitre and and the hat of Dagon. I could go on but it's easy to see that indeed many elements of the mystery religion appear to be hiding in pain view.


The carrying of the pope during Roman Catholic procession harks back to sun worship. Indeed the ancient priest king of Egypt would have been carried through the crowds by twelve men and I believe this is symbolic representation of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The ancient babylonian priest king was also backed by a flabella, a large fan of feathers known as the mystic fan of Bacchus.


As evidenced below the flabella is also carried by the Roman Catholic procession. As stated in the encyclopedia Britannica “when going to solemn occasions (the pope) is carried on a sedia, a portable chair of red velvet with a high back and escorted by two flabella feathers. Within ceremony many of the papal colours also hark back to Babylon.


Vatican Serpent Symbology


The vatican is synonymous with serpent symbology but perhaps the most startling example can be found at the Popes Audience Hall. As I have previously written about if you know where to look then this symbology is everywhere "hidden in plain sight". They believe that if they signal an intent and display their truth then they negate the judgement of natural law. Certain symbology is also used as an esoteric communication tool, this can be found throughout the world and equally if you know where to look they communicate by using key words and phrases in both the print and televised media.

Obviously the picture below speaks for itself but pay attention to the scaly roof, it's shape, the eye, and the nostril at the front


Now lets take a look at the aforementioned eye from inside the hall


Still not convinced it's a snake? well lets take a closer look inside the building.


Lets take a look from a bit further back in order to obtain a sense of the scales.


So lets put the image next to the snake in order to obtain some context, can you see it?


At the center of the stage there is a statue that depicts Christ rising from an atomic apocalypse. Now apart from the extremely morbid imagery do you notice anything strange?


Well lets take a look at the statue from the right, notice the side of Jesus's head does it look like a serpent to you?


Not convinced? we ll lets take a look at it from the left side. Strange eh?



The Eye Of Horus & The Pineal Gland

Interestingly the Eye of Horus is often personified as the goddess Wadjet and is also referred to as the Eye of Ra. The eye is also synonymous as the all seeing eye that watches over humanity but in it's duality it's symbolic of the pineal gland. Again this is hidden in plain view and is a clear indication that within each of us there exists an Eye of Horus. This is a direct connection to "the kingdom within" and the Hermetic perception as "as above so below" i.e the micro and the macrocosm and our oneness with all creation and indeed the creator. Isn't it interesting how pesticides sprayed on our food, the fluoride in our water and the chemicals we unwittingly consume all calcify the pineal gland?

The Vatican Finances

The Vatican is the largest financial power in the world and they hold more material wealth than any bank, corporation or Government. They have enormous investments with the Rothchild (rouge shield) banking dynasty hold shares in both oil and weapons corporations. They supported Hitler, helped many Nazis escape and are still officially under investigation for taking Nazi gold at the end of WW2



It's my belief that the societal structure we currently live under is referred to as Babylon the Great. Do you think the High Priests of Ra haven’t cast a spell over humanity? Over me, over you? They tie us into this system from birth and as such in terms of natural law we are all complicit in empowering the new Babylon. Whilst people await the mark of the beast little do they realise that to all intents and purposes the entire system is the beast.

Indeed this is a beast system that both imprisons us from birth and controls the boundaries of our perceptual awareness throughout our lives. They corporatise our bodies and sign us into maritime law, where via our birth certificates we board the citizen ship. When a child is born they enter this world through the birth canal, equally when a ship arrives from a different country it enters the berthing canal. The docks/doctor, certificate of manifest, birth certificate, is this a slight of hand the corporatises our bodies and as such (in law) removes our soul and god given rights and freedoms? Certainly society is being strangled by a noose of red tape and regulation and said noose becomes tighter with each passing day.

Is the world going to change tomorrow? no. Is it going to change in my lifetime? possibly, but equally I fear it will get worse before it gets better. They ride the Yuga cycle, exploiting us when we're weak and distracting us when we're strong. But time waits for man nor beast and eventually their dam will break, scattering the ashes of their control to the four corners of the earth.

"The best laid plans of mice and men"

Is ignorance bliss? possibly and from that perspective I understand why so many remain subconsciously asleep, but for those that are awake the burden of responsibilty grows heavier with each passing day. Now is the time to speak your truth, is your truth my truth? maybe and maybe not but if you speak it from the heart the world needs to hear it.

Thank you for reading. Until next time I'll once again leave you to decide who has the perceptualflaws.



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Mate, even for you this is an epic piece of work!
Those who are absorbing this information for the first time will be blown away. I'm impressed with the historical threads you have woven together so succinctly.
I believe that we are currently not witnessing an unseen war for the planet being waged by opposing 'elite family' factions. The standard of morality seen in the human race currently is testament to the attempt by the 'dark side' to drain us of empathy towards one another. I'm convinced we are on the cusp of a golden age of enlightment however it's darkest before the dawn so like you I believe it'll get much, much worse before it gets better.
The bloodline families have had millenia's of experience in controlling and 'farming' the masses so change to benefit those they see as 'useless eaters_ is anathema to them. They won't go down without an epic battle and even then I suspect they may feign the appearance of defeat to rise again another day.
Can the truth set us free?

Brilliant post buddy.


Hey my friend, as always thank you for all the support you give me it's greatly appreciated!! There is certainly a lot of information to take in here but equally as you know it's just scratching the surface. This is a world of illusion and to see beyond said illusion is to relinquish the power that fear that it holds over you. The veil of unreality is coming down.

We focus on the darkness but equally like you say there are opposing factions that are fighting for humanity and we certainly aren't alone. I will write about this later in the series. I also believe we are on the cusp of a golden age but they will not give up the power they have spent literally thousands of years accumulating without a fight! In a way we are living through the birthing pains of said golden age and like you say it's always darkest before dawn. The truth will set us free it just depends if people want to hear it for the truth can be painful. Thanks again my friend!!


Ok, I stopped at this: "... war for the planet being waged ..." wait a minut, planet? Who told you that we live on a planet? I dont know where we live, but I am pretty sure it is not a planet or a globe:



wow and that @tremesospercy is a brilliant comment to this post ) You and @perceptualflaws make for quite a team and I am sure you will both give us the sort of posts rarely seen in social media outside Steemit ! Steem On Both of you )


Thanks for the kind words and support buddy, I'm flattered. 😊


There appears to be indeed some sort of Battle going on between some of these Elite Families which goes beyond the usual Hegelian Dialectic. Though they still fight within the Matrix, as per Jesuit tradition they are not allowed to disclose the Hidden Hand and the Wider Conspiracy.
I think there is some truth to the Priory of Sion vs Templars infighting as outlined in the book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.
Babylon (Priory of Sion, cryptojewish rosecroix royal families) had founded the Templars, but when these had returned from the Holy Land their original purpose had run out and became an inconvenience and a threat. Babylon even tried to dissolve them and force a merger with the more dependable Hospitaliers in the period shortly before their persecution. And after the persecution, all the seized Templar assets were given to the Hospitaliers.
Some Founding Fathers (Bill of Rights) were masons of Templar tradition, but in the decades later Sion (cryptojews like DelaMotta) increasingly took control of american freemasonry . Infact in american Freemasonry now Templar orders are demonized as racists bigots etc.
I think on the World Stage we're still seeing some struggle between Templars and Priory of Sion. Templars seem more supportive of personal liberties, probably because they experienced the harsh reality of brutal tyranny on themselves.
They all want a hierarchical aristocratic dictatorship, but maybe the Templars want the masses to have some basic liberties. At least that's the impression I get. Btw I wonder what your avatar stands for? red cross on the shield....isn't it Templar symbology? The City of London still has a Templar logo, though the City of London was taken away from the Templars and given to the Hospitaliers (StJohn/Knights of Malta) who now run it with the RoseCroix (English Freemasonry).


Great comment mate.
It's so difficult to discern who is fighting who over what anymore such is the intricate web of deceit that has been woven over many years.
I think it is possibly as simple as one side has empathy towards the masses and the other sees us as an asset like a farmer sees a herd of sheep.
The rise of the Internet has thrown a spanner in the works for the controllers with many people accessing information previously unavailable regarding the reality of our paradigm. Couple that with the lack of religious control over thought and deed and you now see a new battle for control with entities previously powerless fighting back. Let's hope the good guys win out!
Regarding my avatar, no hidden meaning sorry, it's just my nom de plume on an English flag coming out of a ball of flames simple as that. Another Steemian made it for me. There may well be a hidden meaning but it wasn't by my design 😉

Upvoted 100% and Resteemed. An essential sum up for anyone wanting to research Conspiracy topics.
Having researched much of this stuff myself, I find most of the information presented to be on point.
"Amen", as seen in the Masonic Bible, is indeed the Egyptian God. (1).png

The Babylonian control system, perfected through Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire, continues to this day. (e.g: EU building = Tower of Babel)
It is an ever evolving matrix to control the slave masses.
The recent Awakening is thanks to the Internet, which allowed for the free flow of Information and for hidden knowledge to spread.
If the Elites can't control the information their matrix of deceit crumbles. They know this, that's why they've started to censor the Internet ("hate speech", "anti-semitism", "fakenews").
I believe the future of humanity depends on a new decentralized Internet that can't be censored. Then we can really enter a Golden Age, and with an Hive Mind (the collective intelligence through the Net) capable of solving any problems humanity may face.


Hey @lavter thank you so much for the kind words and resteem I really appreciate it. Yes you're spot on regarding the EU building and I have written about this previously. Indeed this is a perfected Babylonian control system (Babylon the Great) and it has created the illusion that many so readily accept as normality. So indoctrinated have the massess become that to even suggest an alternative to a system built on control and subjugation is beyond the perceptual capabilty of the collective.

I agree that the internet is responsible for the latest age of awakening but equally as with everything within it exists a duality. Indeed perhaps the elites always viewed the formative years of the internet (and subsequent spread of information) as a neccesary evil on their march towards the smart grid. One thing I am aware of is that the technology we see around us is potentially a generation behind behind what actually exists within black budget projects. From this perspective the concept of said smart grid, the internet of things, and the 5g system (that will connect literally every facet of our lives together) are not actually new ideas but old ones that are only now coming to fruition. It's my belief that they are intent on creating some sort of synthetic and highly controlled electromagnetic sub-reality, a synthetic Schumann resonance. The worrying thing is that majority seem unable to look up from their phones to see the electronic prison that's being built around them.

Equally, like you say we need a decentralised system and I really agree that in their rush to control us they have potentially let the genie out of the bottle and sowed the seeds of their own demise. Perhaps what they hadn't accounted for is the sheer genius of many people working behind the scenes and for the greater good. They need the internet to realise their system of control, but equally there exists within this concept a window of opportunity for humanity to beat them at their own game and to once again hold the future in the hands of the people. Indeed the seeds of control are potentially sowing the seedlings of freedom. What a time to be alive eh?

I really appreciate both your great points and support .. Thanks again!!


True. Same goes for the BlockCHAIN. Which can either liberate humanity or completely enslave it by allowing the All Seeing Eye to monitor and tax every single thing we do.
Infact some suspect Bitcoin was released as bait, to then sabotage it making it unusable (Bitcoin Core) and give us a crypto they control.
The interNET is already a lost cause and has been turned into another instrument of control (search engines and social media are now completely rigged), but there's hope for blockchain yet. For example your post would never be trending on regular social media, but it is rightfully trending here on Steem as it is community curated in a decentralized way. How long this will last I don't know.
All new systems of control attract new users first with the positives....and then the negatives get injected in only later. I'm a bit concerned about some censorship ideas the developer Sneak wants to bring to the Steem ecosystem:


Hey my friend and yes great points that concur with my own beliefs on these matters. Have you ever looked into the work of Richard Stallman and his free open source software projects (Gnu project)? Obviously this is just the work of Stallman and an opensource group of hackers/coders but it gives fascinating insight into what could be acheived if there was the will and and organised collective behind it.

I'm with you on the perspective that the cryptospace has sowed a seed of thought in the minds of the masses that could be manipulated in the future. But equally like you also say "All new systems of control attract new users first with the positives" and so there has existed a window of opportunity for people to make considerable amounts of money from said new system. Several people have actually ploughed that money into making further decentralised systems and there is also a crossover between the concept of "truth" and cryptos. Indeed there are many people involved in the crypto space that are hearing information they would never have normally listened to. It's my belief that this could have been a miscalculation and the entire concept of decentralisation combinded with truth is spreading faster than the powers that be comprehended. Certainly this is a technological race to the finish line!

Ultimately the future direction of humanity will simply come down to how much we want to reclaim our freedom? Indeed this world could change tomorrow if enough people wanted it to be so. We're the ones with the power in our hands, we just need to find a way to make those that have forgotten remember this fact. Too long have people been made to feel weak, powerless and isolated, this is a misperception that has trickled down into the subconscious.

"All new systems of control attract new users first with the positives....and then the negatives get injected in only later."

An excellent point and you can use the capitalist model (and of course the internet) as a prime example of the vaidity of that statement. When you look back at the sweetners the first generations in said capitalist model were given it's certainly a far cry from the system we now live under, the term "boiling frogs" springs to mind.

Ultimately one of the main problems is that many of us want the same things but are simply divided on the finer details and ways to achieve these aims. We need to stop arguing amongst ourselves and infating our ego's over details, this is akin to re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic and it does little to help us. With the best will in the world we all prisoners of perception and life experience and so we all have slightly different interpretations of the truth. But if at it's most simplistic core the "truth" is that the majority of us want a world based on love, respect, fairness and equality, well then that's an intent and collective intent is a powerful force. Unfortunately it's aso a force that has been stolen from us through division and the electronic thought ghettos of mainstream social media.

Joining steemit and finding an avenue to write, comment and interact with people like yourself has given me a renewed hope for the direction of humanity and long may it continue!!

Thank you for the link @lavater I was unaware of this so I will take a good look at it.

Fantastic post. Such a fascinating topic and although it takes a while to read I can't wait for the next installment & would happily read it now. This subject fascinates me more than any other & the way you break it down is fantastic. Great work. Wish I could put a piece together like this.
Upvoted, resteemed & hungry for more ;-)


Hey at @jimbobbill thanks for the support my friend, I really do appreciate it. Equally, I'm very glad you enjoyed the post!! In all honesty I thought about how you'd expressed an interest in these subjects as I wrote it and I was looking forward to seeing what you made of it hence I'm really glad it resonated!!

Man your work is great my friend and watch this space for part two ;)


I always learn a great deal from your posts which are a literal tsunamis of knowledge that wash over me.

I rarely know how to comment on your posts as my mind is cast in multiple directions at once!

So, here's one nugget I would like to know more about -

unholy trinity of dominance: DC = Military, London = Economic, Vatican = Spirituality.

The Empire of the City.

This seems plain as day, yet I've never made this connection on my own. These are truly the centers of global power and I thank you for including it in this posts.

Can you link me to your previous post that covers this topic? I would like to know more about this.

You're probably familiar with DC's architecture being designed by French architect Pierre L'Enfant based on European styles. I've looked into the Free Mason Grand Lodge a little bit and it's also something that most people have no idea exists.

The Vatican symbology of the serpent is another topic that I'm absolutely fascinated by. @theouterlight first introduced me to this in his YT posts and it is absolutely insane that christ is depicted in this manner at the Vatican. One thing I think he missed in his analysis, which you point out, is the statue of the apocalypse Jesus has a dual head with a serpent.

These things are in display and seem so obvious if you know what to look for but remain hidden and are rarely questioned.

One last thing, the Pineal Gland (third eye) symbols that appear throughout ancient religions is another staggering element which i was not aware of. Mainly, I didn't know that the pine cone was a symbol of the pineal gland.

Mind blown @perceptualflaws!



Hey my friend, firstly thank you for the kind words and all the support you've given my work!! It's people like yourself that keep me pushing forward on steemit!

The empire of the city is fascinating (I have yet to write about it) but it's a subject I intend to write a post about because it goes really deep. In the essence of time lets have a rudimentary glance at the city of London. This will display the fact that the world is actually run by a huge multifacted and multi-dimsional (perhaps literally) corporation. Indeed the city of London is itself a corporation that is actually part of the crown. From memory (and I need to research this more) in terms of the city of London the crown actually signifies the corporation of London (and not the Royal Family) which is itself run by the lord mayor and his twelve proxies. Now remember this is the city of London so it's a different mayor to central london. The council is under the jurasdiction of 13 of the world most powerful families (including the Rothchilds). It became a sovereign state in 1694 under the jurisdiction of William 3rd of orange. I has it's own courts, it's own police force, laws and it's own flag., as a corporation I don't believe it pays it's own taxes! And for now I shall leave it there.

Yes I am aware of the architecture and equally the Statue of Liberty is a rabbit hole in itself!!

It is entirely deliberate that everything we need to know is hidden in plain sight, this negates their judgement in the courts of natural law. They always signal an intent and if we don't notice, well that's our problem, they have done ther best to inform us.

In terms of the pineal gland have a look at many images of the Buddha you will see that the bun on his head signifies a pine cone which again signifies the pineal gland. This shows that the Buddha transcended physicality and become one with creation. Again hinting that the pineal gland is the link between the spiritual and the physical. Thanks for the great comments and support @v4vapid you sir are a class act!!


The pine-eal gland is definitely the bridge between the body & the soul through the mind's eye. It's the crown jewel atop The Staff of Hermes and also connects the left and right brain hemispheres. Once the cerebrospinal fluid is able to flow into a decalcified Pineal gland, the blood flow to the brain is stimulated and the Wings of Hermes will carry you forth.


Check out the documentary film Ring of Power

I enjoyed reading this post @perceptualflaws.

There is so much that I could say and want to ask but I'm going to wait and see where you take it. I'm looking forward to the next instalment.

As you clearly pointed out - the Catholic Church is not a christian organization. Like so many things in the world today it an illusion of christianity but at it's core it is a deception. There are of course some very nice people in that church but it is a satanic cult and they are very deceived.

The RCC morphed the numerous pagan religions that were being practised in different parts of the Roman Empire with the bible and christianity. What we see today is a pagan version of christianity that does not resemble the bible or gospel of Jesus.

I have written articles on the origins of the RCC that I have not posted here but I may do so when you are done. It compliments and supports what you have said about the RCC.

I believe Babylon is a nation. I also believe that another nation controls the 3 cities/nations that you cited. I don't think that this is overly important for now. Switzerland is very important and I'm glad you mentioned it. Switzerland remains neutral in war yet it funds all wars and is a bankers paradise. The bankers don't like to shit on their own doorstep it seems so they keep Switzerland clean.

Big topic, lot's of branches and rabbit holes, more than enough to keep one busy for a lifetime. Great job my friend.


Ahhhhh Yes @steemtruth, the Switzerland connection is a very very important one indeed ! The Pharonic Templars and the creation of Switzerland in 1291 with the Gold plundered by them during the crusades ! They who financed all revolutions and wars without anybody seeing ! This is a future topic of mine, albeit a very dangerous one clearly ! But we who have true faith must not cower or bow in the face of this great and true Evil that grips our planet in its claw ! Great comment )


Hey @steemtruth thanks for your support my friend, I really do appreciate it as I do your words of wisdom. I know all your thought proesses on these subjects come from much deep contemplation and understanding and as such I always value your opinion.

And yes you're so right, there are so many genuine people in the church practicing what they preach and living their lives in harmony and balance. Equally because of it's dark core, at an energetic level those with evil in their hearts are magnetically drawn towards it's power.

I'm with you on the three cities front and I have come to understand that if we know it then there is an element behind what we know. This is an incredibly intelligent system and I beiieve a council sits above the 3 cities. I also believe that in relation to this concept the truth has yet to be written, indeed it would take a very brave man (and an insider) to write it!

Thanks again my friend I really appreciate it!


I believe a council sits above the 3 cities.

I'm fascinated to hear who or what you believe this is. I believe that there are many secret societies (as do you). I also believe that ultimately they all answer to one group. My research (rightly or wrongly) has led me to believe that one group controls the world. What we see happening around us it too organized and ubiquitous for it to be not the case.

Fascinating topic! I'm so glad that you took the time to put your thoughts and research into print. You've clearly done a lot of research, well done!

My man @perceptualflaws

This post made me hark back to the day you made your post about making us an androgynous species with the birthing of a transhuman race.

In it I asked you what could it possibly be if not snake-like in nature? Now I see how your answer foreshadowed this very post that you have now shared with us!

Well, holy, fucking. Cow!!!

It was my great pleasure to follow along your train of thought. This is the 3rd time I've read it so that I could really let some of the energetic information sink in a little bit.

Instead of going through point by point what I agree with your text, I thought maybe I could contribute a few extra points.

Firstly, your point about Switzerland and the Red Cross. This is something that I've been saying for a while now, though you added a bit of mysticism to it regarded the meaning of the sounds in the word.

So let me address it. I guess the best way to put it is that the Assassin's Creed games are a documentary.

The Rothschilds are a secret international banking organization that hides behind the face of a "Dynasty". This is ridiculous. The idea that a few family members could control a hundred trillion dollar fortune is laughable. The whole myth of Amschel Rothschild "placing the red shield over his goldsmith shop" is as folkloric as it is preposterous.

This was something my Dad once told me as a joke, it was like a passing comment where he said "it's very likely that the Rothschilds trace back their lineage to Akhen-Aten"... I don't know what he had read to say something like this, but now that you brought up the connection they have with the Priesthood of Amun, I am starting to see the bigger picture that my dad was scratching at the surface of to.

I still don't know what to make of this idea of a Planet X / Nibiru as I'm really so far from being a cosmologist/astrophysicist but in terms of the moon being a hollow object that our major power governments have been going back to and fro for the last 60 or so (+) years leads me to believe that they (the serpent bloodlines) found something very interesting there.

If it's true that the moon was "placed" there, and is an artificial super-high tech advanced artifact/satellite, then this would indeed confirm my deepest suspicion that the serpent bloodline is carrying out a mission on behalf of the serpent Gods.

Gosh, I really don't know what to make of this. The idea that a hybrid was indeed created certainly would make sense. And though I'm also familiar with the Atlantean connection, in reality my gut tells me that there is something that prevents these Snake like overlords from actually coming here in the physical dimension... So they need a proxy hybrid to rule over us as their intermediaries.

I've also accumulated an incredible amount of anecdotal evidence regarding the existence of this species. Including a testimony from an ex-CIA agent who in his time at agency claims to have hallucinated a dark-personage do the whole side-ways serpent eyes blink / shape-shifting thing (something he was not supposed to see and which led to his early retirement.) I was in his house and he was ex-cia without a doubt.

It honestly makes sense to me that when we are divided and out of harmony with ourselves, we invite the presence of parasites. Like you say, we are so not alone in this Universe it isn't even funny.

I've seen so much with my 3rd eye and intuited so much information about the beauty of the kingdom of Heaven, but one ominous feeling I simply cannot shake off is that homo-sapiens-sapiens (or simply Man) is not alone on this planet.

And another thought I've had is that the Serpent People are not the fricking' problem!!!

They are a manifestation of the problem. There's a reason why their presence is occult, a reason why it is hidden from view. That's because we are not able to see them because our perception is so closed.

The day that every human being experienced his or her first Kundalini Awakening, encountered the Logos, and realized their own Divinity... We could start operating from higher-consciousness as opposed to ego, and all conflict would end right away.

From this position, the Serpent Bloodlines would either be exposed and discovered, or they would have to go into hidding and remain there until we once again fell asleep and lost our tools of perception and could once again be manipulated into the Ahriman/Lower Consciousness of animalistic ego.

Unlike David Icke, who does incredible work, I don't spend my time trying to find evidence and expose the Serpent People because that's actually not how we get rid of them.

They will always remain hidden until we are able to perceive them... As I continue on my path of awakening, I see more and more information, but that doesn't mean we must do war with an evil alien race. It means we have to emancipate ourselves from the delusions they have fostered and reconnect with God through ourselves.

As you say, there's a reason they control the finance, the military and the religions. They rule us through fear, because the fear of each other is what creates the division, the energetic schism that keeps us separate from one another, that keeps us trapped in the delusion of ego.

You're so spot on with this and I thank you, thank you, thank you for another great immemorial and eternal blockchain post like this.

You're an inspiration to me.

Should I just keep writing more comments because I have like 10 hours of thoughts swirling in my mind


Hey my friend thank you so much for the kind words, I really do appreciate the support and your thought process. Right where do I start lol firstly I often leave little clues in my posts to signify what I have coming up next so thank you for noticing. I have a big worldview/plan that I'm slowly slotting together (like a puzzle) and I'm using posts like this as a foundation, although it may take some time and have some abstract detours along the way!

As per the Sumerian image of Ninurta the cross is extremely ancient and has multiple interpretations, the Celts (and from memory I think the Celts have a tenuous link to the Phoenicians) used the closed cross as a way of mapping the sky. Although it's far older than that and also holds some energetic connotations i.e the meeting of self, nature, divine & wisdom. In fact you could write an entire post on the cross itself!

In reference to Rothchild it's really difficult for me to comment too specifically without giving too much away from another post I'm planning. I have heard that they hold a private family tree that traces their lineage back to Nimrod. They're certainly powerful and a key component in the system, although perhaps not in the way that people think.

With regards to the Atlantean connection they could have told (a relatively) primitive race of man that they were their gods as a way of manipuating them to mine the gold. Perhaps after some cataclysm they mined the gold as way of rebuilding what they had before, or for use in some form of technology. Perhaps they left behind a high priest class (direct bloodline) as a way of spreading their influence? Equally the concept of being created as a slave species could have been a lie that was perpetrated as a way to disconnect us from our inherant power and make us think we are less than we are. That said, even with the Atlantean link we could still have the first stages of what would become a spiritual manipulation.

You're certainly right in the assumption that the snake bloodlines are not the whole problem, but equally they're potentially how said problem physically manifests in this world and so from that perspective they are a very important part of the puzzle but equally not the key to solving it. The key to solving it lays in the hearts of our species, in love and consciousness, fighting will get us nowhere. We are also taking about vast timescales here and so I'm not sure that this all happened as one event, perhaps it simply set the wheels in motion?

Fear does indeed keep us trapped and unable to access these higher states of consciousness. Although equally perhaps thought itself prevents us from entering these states of awareness. Indeed every thought is born of perception and we all have a different perception of this world so who is right? Perhaps we need to free elements of ourselves from human intellect, certainly we are all trying to understand the bigger picture but perhaps the human mind is incapable of understanding said picture. Perhaps in the instant of death we learn more than our brains have accumulated in a lifetime but equally perhaps there is also a way to achieve this moment of singularity whilst we are still alive?

Perhaps enlightenment lies outside of intellect & in the moment, the intuition, the feeling, the knowing, the instinct .. the instant communion between the spiritual and the physical? I think intuition is a skill we all have but we have somehow been manipulated not to trust it, we need to rediscover a way (as a collective) to awaken this inherant power. Or perhaps they will do it for us? it's my belief that eventually after decades of being bombarded with propaganda humanity will somehow evolve to simply shut it all out. Again somehow perhaps we will find a way to intuitively know the truth as opposed to being told it. Indeed in many ways intuition is a higher state of conciousness, we need to trust it again.

No need to thank me my friend, it's you I thank for taking the time to read and comment on my post! There is so much more I want to say and I know I haven't specifically answered many of your points but as time moves on you will see why. I have some interesting ideas I want to share so watch this space ;) Thanks again @imp.unity


Hey PF, had to take some time to answer back to this over the weekend (was learning about heavy metals in my drinking water here in Beijing! yikes! 😥)

Now where do I begin? LOL

I certainly agree that enlightenment does lie outside of the intellect. For true Unity Consciousness is experienced at the level of the Crown Chakra, which is indeed the primal energetic space that transcends matter and time that we all have a connection to.

Intuition is one of my favourite words.

mid-15c., intuicioun, "insight, direct or immediate cognition, spiritual perception," originally theological, from Late Latin intuitionem (nominative intuitio) "a looking at, consideration," noun of action from past participle stem of Latin intueri "look at, consider," from in- "at, on" (from PIE root *en "in") + tueri "to look at, watch over"

Intuition is actually an act of observation. For the mind is able to perceive and even comprehend things far beyond any kind of logical, sequential or rational thinking process...

Our mind does not need to get from A to B, B to C, C to D, D to E etc in order to get to Z.

Indeed, our minds were designed to be able to jump from Z to P to E to O to R to A in a non linear way.

That's because the faculties of the mind are not binary... We do not need to crunch through heeps and heeps of data in a linear way to arrive at understanding...

At least that is my own feeling about our mind.. And not only that, but the mind goes far beyond the cognition of the brain... The heart and gut are to me even more powerful tools of cognition and intuition than the brain, for the brain must look at everything through duality... The heart and gut are not limited to such binary systems of thought. The heart is so clearly able to resonate with "truth" in a way that cannot be deceptive... The heart is either feeling suffocated and strangulated by falsehood, self-deception, misguidedness and the like... Or it is feeling ever more vibrant and up-beat the more in harmony our being is with the resonance of truth!

The Heart is the seat of Knowledge, and really Wisdom, that the Brain is simply unable to process in a rational or creative way. It has reasons for knowing that the brain/3rd eye cannot rationally or creatively understand. It must simply surrender to the infinite wisdom of the heart.

And the Gut is equally powerful. The Gut resonates powerfully with the visceral positive or negative element it comes into contact with. When our brains are trapped in illusions and are unable to see past a facade or deception, the gut is able to pick up on the negative nature of something and send powerful electric and chemical messages to the brain to let it know that there is indeed a disturbance (negative) or stabilizing (positive) element in the immediate vicinity.

Nothing is more powerful than gut-instinct in terms of detecting energetic presence. A lie can easily be recognized and dispelled when a slight fluctuation in the sacral chakra is detected. Usually it takes about 10 to 15 minutes from the moment the gut detects various energies to transmitting the knowledge to our brain for cognitive processing and conscious realizing.

So in that sense, as human beings we are truly equipped with powerful tools for uncovering the truth that go far beyond what reason and logic, and the various tools that they offer us such as deductive and inductive reasoning, as well as analogical reasoning... In fact when one considers all the ways of reasoning, such as hypothetico-deductive reasoning, creative reasoning and classification (such as I made use of in my last reptoid master-race comment above!), the possibilities are endless. But ultimately, we cannot know for sure in the brain. We can only "Think" in the brain. Knowing takes place in the heart, Sensing takes place in the gut.

I'll just add that really enlightenment if it were to mean anything for human beings would mean having full connection and sensitivity to all the major organs and chakras and being fully aware of all of them at one point in a balanced and harmonious way.

It seems almost impossible to imagine, which is why we need to be very calm, relaxed, focused and in an expansive state of mind and a healthy mental-body state in order to even begin considering such a feat. As such, not only does it take a lot of practice (trial and error) to get to become familiar with states leaning towards that perfection (which I believe can be many years or lifetimes given how the world seems designed to try to prevent us from doing this by any and all means necessary)... But really, once we become well-acquainted with our own divinity and cosmic consciousness, and can reach a balance between the internal and external world, it does seem that all the answers are right there inside of us... Our DNA records absolutely everything that has ever happened to "Us" not only in a direct vertico-linear line going back up the generations, but even as recent discoveries suggest, horizontal-cross generation, so that DNA really is the absolute physical embodiment of a species' collective consciousness up to the present moment. (Was that clear? I'm not sure I worded that right but I think my intention might help carry my meaning across!)

Anyway, I might leave it there too for this reply... I too have so much I want to contribute not only to this great body of knowledge but to future topics such as the Rothschilds and more!

But what a fantastic piece of work you put forward...

Thank you again PF (sorry, you won't be able to get me to stop thanking you!)

Peace and love,


I really appreciate your contribution. I could spend hours just reading the two and fro between the commenters and @perceptualflaws. The quality of the discussion on this post is just what I have been yearning for. So from my perspective, keep commenting because it enriches the learning we are all doing together. Thank you (and I love your name)! knocked this outta the park...I can't get over what a talented story teller and writer you are, I'm blessed to be your friend. That was sure a journey...

I'm happy I'm not the only one who thinks the Anunaki would have been able to harvest their own gold, for one. It's cool too that you dig Mark Passio's work. He's a big favourite of mine.

I can't even imagine how different our world would be if we were raised to believe in ourselves, if we had the true knowledge...

Indeed if the power of enlightenment lays within each of us then we are all equal, we are one and as such this does not aid a control structure built upon hierarchy and subjugation.


Hey @lyndsaybowes thank you so much for your support and kind words, I'm genuinely humbled and equally so glad you enjoyed the post!!

Yes in reference to the gold, on one hand they traversed the universe to reach us and held the means to gentically alter us in their hands and then didn't have the technology to mine said gold? It sounds like a very foolish mistake to make! You certainly wouldn't drive up to the Klondike without the correct equipment and so I don't expect they did either. I think for sure that certain elements of this story have been hidden by the mists of time. But equally I'm certain a huge events such as this occured in our pre-history.

Equally blessed to call you a friend!! Virtually meeting you an seeing your passion for life makes me realise just how strong we can be! Indeed love and compassion are the strengths that will bring this house of cards crashing to the ground! The power is in each of our hands, we just need to find a way to make people remember!! Thanks again my friend.


Hmm, the cuneiform tablets state that they did mine the gold themselves for millenia but grew tired of the toil, thus the need for a slave race was required, whether they genetically manipulated early hominids for this task is difficult to prove however there is the question of the 'missing link'.

Why do we clone animals now and genetically modify plants etc?
Because we can! Remove empathy and human morality, add the need for labour to that equation and you have the perfect opportunity to create a race. Just my 2c

Advanced Technology would no doubt kick in once you have the ore on the surface however there is still the matter of going down more than a mile into the ground to extract it. Mile deep mine shafts have been discovered in South Africa that date back over 40,000 years, I can't imagine why a supposed primitive man would do that for something that can't be eaten!
The sites in Sth Africa are still being excavated so hopefully more info will be forthcoming in the not too distant future.
I'll leave you with this quote from Micheal Tellinger-Author of Slave species of the gods.

Long before the Sumerians or Egyptians saw the light of day, an advanced civilisation of humans lived in Southern Africa, mining gold. They left behind more than 10 million stone circle ruins all connected to each other, that make up the largest cluster of stone ruins found anywhere on Earth to date. Their tools and artefacts indicate that they had a deep understanding of sound and resonance and used sound to power their tools and also as a source of energy. They carved the first statue of Horus, the first Sphinx, built the first Pyramids and built an accurate stone calendar right in the heart of it all. Adam’s Calendar is the flagship amongst millions of circular stone ruins, ancient channels, agricultural terraces and thousands of ancient mines, mysterious tools and artefacts, left behind by the ANUNNAKI and a mysterious vanished civilisation.

Thanks guys, you are the best.


I'm glad you brought this up @tremendospercy (and you know I always respect your opinion) because this part is on the cutting room floor lol. There are many within this line of enquiry that view said texts as historical documents and other simply metaphorical understanding of an event in our pre-history. Personally? I'm in both camps because although indeed as advanced a civilisation the Sumerian's obviously were they are stll human. From this persepective as with ourselves they were prisoners of perception, indeed the way in which our current timeline records history isn't neccesarily going to be 100% accurate.

Here we stand on the cusp of the 4th indsutrial revolution on the brink sweeping aside the entire concept of manual labour and yet we still don't understand a tenth of the technology and knowledge said Anunnaki were said to hold. They appear to have had a rich heritage and understanding of natural law and obviousy their genetic manipulation of said homonid hints a creative ability. Intelligence & creativity combined with a the vastly superior technology and mechanics that it would have taken them to get here makes me wonder why that would have had to have done any work at all? And so yes the klondike is a very rudimentary explanation but it's my belief that they would have arrived ready to mine without the need for prohibitive and ineffective manual labour.

It's also my belief that the desire to create an emulate creation is a universal constant and certainly one that we see playing out around us. From that perspective it seems reasonable to me to suggest that knowing the task that lay ahead they would arrive with some form of robot army to carry out said labour. Or at the very least prepared, planned and created a technology that negated the need for any manual work. Indeed when/if we ever set about mining the universe I believe that our technology will have evolved to the point where this would be the case. I don't believe we would take manual workers with us.

Equally I could be wrong, is there a part of me that doesn't want to believe we are a "slave species to the Gods"? fuck yeah!! But I'm willing to entertain it as possibilty and indeed that's why in the post I seperated my belief from said accounts because at the end of that day it really doesn't matter what I believe. Indeed they believe every letter of the cuneiform texts (as I stated in the post) and as you know they're the ones that have this world by the balls my friend. ;)


Sadly I fear we'll never know the truth and I'm fine with that as long as good prevails.
I've often wondered if the premise that they came from space to Sumer to mine gold for a dying planet was a myth perpetrated by the Annunaki themselves. They may well have been the mythical Atlantians and distant descendants of earlier space travellers who just coveted gold, who knows?!
Deciphering the Sumerian cuneiform tablets and forming a coherent agreed narrative is virtually impossible considering the fact that many are lost forever, others are incomplete, spread around the world in museums and private collections and the few scholars who are able to decipher them rarely agree on translations.
I don't often write about my beliefs as I'm not really sure what they are myself, every time a scrap of information is deciphered from the past it changes the way we think about our history so forming a rigid opinion is impossible, having one can lead to dogmatism when new and contradictory evidence is forthcoming.
I've rambled on enough my freind, just cross your fingers with me and hope we get to know the truth before we move to take our eternal dirt nap!


You my friend are a very wise man and indeed belief can be a transient beast, a beast limited by our perceptual awareness. in this instance I displayed my own belief as a way of opening the subject to more people as I believe the term"slave species" will be considered by many to be a prohibitive term.

I have always found the work of Graham Hancock to be fascinating which also draws me towards Atlantean mythology. Could the Anunnaki have been mining gold as a way of creating some form of technology that was destroyed in a cataclysm? To replicate what had gone before? And like you say could they have pursuaded a (relativel)y primitive rest of humanity that they were their Gods, their creators in order to manipulate them to mine said gold? Could the Sumerians have been told this story as a way of detaching us from our inherant power? The first steps in our disconnection from creation?

It's fascinating stuff but equally we will never know the 100% truth. Personally I am becuase I be and I live in the moment (as much as possible) because that's where my truth lies, a truth found in the understanding of said moment. Everything else (apart from facts) is a construct and a slave to perceptual awareness. Thanks again dude! I cherish our exchange of ideas!!


Hey guys! Just butting in here after a really interesting discussion about the cuneiform tablets and the meaning of the Anunnaki myth.

I really like your interpretation @PF, especially the idea that whatever was going on at the the time was an example of what Icke calls "Perception Deception".

It could very well be absolutely nothing new to what we are seeing today. I mean if we could get our ancient ancestors serving masters just as we can today, what evidence do we have to think that anything has changed in this entire time...

This idea of a Serpent Bloodline... What would make most sense to me is that for whatever reason we may not yet fully comprehend, though I would believe something relating to the electro-magnetic spectrum and the magnetic resonance of our planet, this race of highly evolved "Serpent Gods" were never able to physically descend on our planet, and personally devour us using "physical teeth" and all the like.

So instead, they would have found a way from their own world, to place some kind of virus or bug in this planet capable of influencing our evolution.

McKenna in his Stoned-Ape Theory always spoke of the idea of Microscopic Fungal Spores being designed to withstand the harsh conditions of outer-space... Something similar to this, a kind of alien probe with a reptilian twist to it, that would be able to cause specific genetic mutations in the human being. After all, we share a great amount of genetic code with reptiles, so it would not be so hard for them to activate ancient and dormant genes, and perform the coveted manipulations that would make some of us "more reptile" than others.

I don't necessarily know how the reptile mind works, but I would confidently imagine that reptiles would be far less social and empathic than mammal species, yet would still have quite an intelligent understanding of hierarchy and dominance.

An intelligent and highly evolved reptoid would in my own imagination be quite able to command and control lesser evolved reptiles, much in the same way that a human can train and "control" other mammals. (Say in a circus, but even going beyond that kind of control, more like the way the CIA can train dolphins and sea-lions to carry out complex missions).

If insects can all communicate through pheromone-emission and have a "hive-mind" quality, I would assume that a reptoid race millions of years more evolved than our own could easily appeal to consciousness of lower-reptiles and enact quite a considerable amount of influence/control over the motoricity of said lower reptiles...

So this idea of a hyper-intelligent reptoid master-race with an ability to influence thoughts in reptiles seems like something that exists... Now where it came from, or where it is now, is anybody's guest.

But the idea that Great Lizards ruled the Earth for hundreds of millions of years, and that nothing intelligent enough to leave planet Earth and seek refuge on another world would have emerged, seems slightly dubious to me.

Given that space exploration and "cosmonaut"ism seems like a big part of medium-to-high evolutionary states of consciousness... (A kind of middle ground between lower-base-physical existence and a higher-dimensional form of existence).

The fact that for Reptiles to be able to exist on this planet would mean they would need to be surrounded by a closed/caged environment that came from their current world now (the same way we need to be surrounded by Earth-borne materials to exist on other planets) makes me believe that it would indeed be very prohibitive for an alien race to physically colonize and conquer this world.

(Especially if they had much more advanced means of colonization available at their disposal than what we can currently conceive of as coming here with metal plate armors, invisible hover-tanks, and other forms of technology that could be used to kill us.)

Indeed, given the current set-up of our world and the hierarchies that prevail. I don't think they would need to be anywhere closer to us than a few operatives on the moon, watching the whole thing carefully. Or maybe even further.

Maybe they also simply flew over our planet in a space-craft, abducted several human beings with an advanced tech, genetically engineered them to lack any compassion for their species and planted a king of genetic code that would make them easily controllable by a lizard-overlord mind, and that was history.

As for the work of Graham Hancock! I know right! What an absolute DON! I love all of his work. But an individual I find even more interesting than Hancock is the late Manly P. Hall

You must be familiar with his work. For everything that Graham Hancock has ever spoken about and backed up with archeological evidence, Hall foretold of such discoveries way before any archeological evidence was yet to be found.

Hall so articulately and compellingly tells the story of mankind simply according to the records of human mythology. He dissects from the stories the core meaning of the myths and places them in their rightful historical context for any and all to understand.

I don't know if he was right about everything he said, but he was by far the most compelling speaker on the matters of Atlantis and the ancient race of Giants that inhabited our world. And he didn't make any of it up, he purely references the texts and analyzes the plain and simple meaning hidden in between the lines in plain sight for any and all who can see to see.

Such a brilliant mind. Yet Hancock's work is also as brilliant as it is essential, for we need the proof if we are going to be able to fully understand the whole picture.

Thanks for sharing guys xx


Aww...... shucks.... 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😘

We're well met then...

Highly rEsteemed!

Incredible work!



Thanks for the support my friend, I'm really glad my post resonated!!


Ringing like a Bell!


Yes quite sir @frankbacon )) Ding Bloody Dong !!!!

Wow, you really put some time into this. A fascinating read. Everything in our world definitely is not as it first seems. I would also lump long timelines in the 100's of thousands, or even millions of years, into that grand deception.


Hey my friend thank you for the support and kind words, it's much appreciated! This is a huge timescale, indeed the Sumerians hint at 400,000 years but equally what happened before that is anyone's guess. I think Michael Cremo's book "The forbidden archeologist" is interesting in reference of timescales. Thanks again @sauna

Wow, you put some work into this and hit just about everything.

I dove down the youtube rabbit hole a few years ago and got really into learning about this. I think the best thing to do is be aware, then work towards reclaiming your freedom. One thing that can hold us back is believing they have power over us. There is no power unless we give it to them, so far we have been blindly doing so, but we can take back our personal power and live in our own sovereignty.

I think somewhere along the lines (maybe 2012) the tides started turning back in our favor. It seems to me that many people are waking up to what's been going on as well as our true nature. It's time to start fighting back, the best way imo is getting back in touch with ourselves, and sending out love to everyone.


Hey @jakeybrown thanks for the great comment and support my friend I really appreciate it!! And yes you're so right, the entire world is a light of hand and we must be pursuaded to give away our power, they can't just take it and that's why we are so manipulated. Equally like you say it will be love, awareness and consciousness that will bring down this system. The clock is ticking and they know it!


No problem, love your work, this one was especially top notch, I forgot to mention how awesome the pictures and gifs are, quite a collection! I bookmarked this one to come back to, looking forward to more of whatever you're hiding up your sleeves

vatican snake.jpg

Vatican building is also a pregnant snake wearing a crown when viewed from above. If you can find a shot from more directly above the dome you will notice that there is a sidewalk that forms the tongue of the snake too...

Great job with the maritime law tie in. Not enough people talk about this issue. I would people would just stop putting faith into the laws and dictates of men.

Great Post!


It just beggars belief that there is so much hidden in plain sight! Thanks for sharing.


Hey @jordanmccraw thank you for the support, great comments & picture .. it's very much appreciated. And yes there is so much more to show and stay, I'm kind of using this post as a foundation and will add some more parts and sub parts as time moves on.

Equally thank you in relation to maritime law , I'm glad you noticed it and yes it's an oft overlooked and forgotten aspect of this world of illusion and smoke and mirrors. And certainly in terms of the laws of man legality and morality parted company a very long time ago!! Thanks again.

A beautifully written piece, you always have great artwork in your posts as well. Well done buddy!


Thank you @venomnymous I really appreciact the kind words and support, equally it so good to know that people with the strength of character (such as yourself) are standing up, speaking the truth and fighting for a brighter future. Onwards and upwards for you my friend!!

You Sir @perceptualflaws leave me once again floored with this incredible post !! So many things to say and talk about for a lifetime here ! Where to begin really in telling you my friend ) I have never seen the "Popes Audience Hall" and to see it really does give me chills as it surely demonstrates the order we are facing up to, the force of Darkness and Evil there can be little doubt !
Do you know the name of the architect responsible for this piece of "mastery" ?? The sculpture behind the pope throne I have seen before and its truly awful and gives me such a bad feeling on seeing each time ! How can people not see this symbology for what it is ? The Vatican is far from Holy and its time for us all to see it ! That is not the Jesus I have in my head anyway (

One thing is for sure, that Darkness has been here since the beginning and its not about to close up shop and leave us alone without a fight ! As the truth surfaces on this, which I do see incidently as people clearly show signs of having sensitivity to this sort of information now, not so say ten years ago on the internet ! I hope this can continue free from their meddling, the lines in ths and will be drawn and the illusion they maintain will fall and they will be forced to show themselves, from then on, we will be at war for our planet, lives and soul ! Until we get there just please keep doing what you do )


Hey @gomeravibz my man!! I thank you for both your support and excellent comments, rest assured it's very much appreciated!! Like yourself the audience hall sends a chill up my spine, it's so in your face and so confident that it's unnerving. The name of the architect is Pericle Fazzini, and it's a very disturbing image indeed!!

Like you say, at it's core this is a spiritual war for the soul of humanity the forces of good and evil engaged in their eternal struggle. It is real and it's as serious as it gets and I don't care if people believe that statement or not, I've done my homework!

The darkness has indeed been here since the beginning and it's like a virus spreading into the minds, hearts and soul of man! It's genuinely scary stuff but equally it's always darkest before dawn. This is our test and it's how we rise to it that will define who we are! Love, compassion and consciousness will win said war, not fighting that is their game and we would be very foolish to play it. Stay true and hold your ground my friend, we are in for a very bumpy ride. Thanks again!!


yes for sure @pèrceptualflaws we are indeed in for a bumpy ride, may the Lord God protect us both ::>)


Yes, I am blown away by this. Never been religious myself, but have a number of catholic friends who surely don't know about this. I will ask them now for sure though!


yes @ricia please show them these photos, ask them their opinions on this imagery ! Thos audience Hall deserves to be further exposed for what it surely is !


They'd never seen it before but it is a sculpture completed in 1977 by Fazzini called the Resurrection. I found a few yt videos about it, which are worth checking for more detail.

I'm not gonna comment anything long, as you already said it all. :)

This is legitimately one of the best articles I have read on Steemit, it should be used as an Encyclopedia for everyone! I just love how you put all this information into a brilliant article, the knowledge I'm aware of and some of it that I'm instinctively aware of (Through my Third Eye :)

Highest respect to you, I'm looking forward to see more and more :)

You are probably one of the persons that can understand this blog where I put all my frustrations out, take a look when you find time. Hope you won't mind my weird artistic way of expressing myself, I'm still young :)

Resteeming and following...


Hey my friend @enjoyinglife Thank you for the kind comments, support and resteem I very much appreciate it and I'm glad my post resonated with you.

Yes my friend you're very much on the right track for instinct is a form of higher intuition and people need to remember how to use it and trust it for it will point you in the right direction.

I have much more work to come but I enjoy exploring many different thought processes so I will also have a few interesting detours along the way ;)

Thank you and I will be sure to take a look at your post when I get a moment, and no worries about being young. We are all still learning and anyone that ever tells you they know everything is either a liar or hasn't asked the right questions. Thanks again!!

Awesome work man! It's very reassuring that this type of information that you so eloquently put together is reaching more and more people and will inevitably contribute to the awakening that's occurring.

There is a major shift occurring and it's a shift in consciousness. We must first become aware of why life is the way that it is. Who has created this "world" we live in and to what ends... and finally what can we do about it to free ourselves from the spiritual bondage that we've been manipulated into experiencing. We've got along way to go but will sort this out eventually.

Love always conquers fear and we as "humans" are infinite consciousness, true love in our purest form and those that are subjecting us are based in fear.

I took the following picture while in Cartagena just a few days ago.



Hey my friend, firstly in relation to the picture what a moment of synchronicity! Secondly, thank you for all the support and depth of understanding that you have given me. I see/have seen that you're a deeply spiritual person and that you have a deep understanding of what is going on.

There is indeed a deep spiritual and energetic (although the two are intertwined) shift taking place. It's both profound and beautiful and indeed it's always darkest before dawn. And you're so right, in it's purest form love is both everlasting and the most powerful force in the universe. If you hold it in your heart it will liberate both yourself and humanity. Thanks again @patriciorayaz I really appreciate your words!

I reread this post twice just because it has so much information packed in! This is an excellent post and worth a resteem. I am looking forward to more posts. These are epic.


Hey @cecicastor Thank you for the kind words, support and resteem. I'm really glad my post resonated with you. It took me a long time to write and put all this together so I really appreciate the resteem. Thanks again!!


You are welcome!

That sir was 1 epic post, I decided to follow you after the post last night that you did before this one, and glad I did now, my hat is off to you for this post that must have taken a lot of time and research to put together, I would love to see a post on the link between the Sumerian tablets found in the middle east, mainly Iraq, and the bible itself, for it seems a lot of the bible was lifted from said tablets.


Hey @delierator thank you so mc for the support and kind words, it pushes me forward to keep sharing my work and ideas and I have some interesting places and thought processes I'm looking for to sharing with you all. Yes as I hinted to in the post the Sumerian tablets and that area of the world is incredibly important to these people (hence why it's involved in an eternal war) so I will certainly touch upon these aspects as time moves on. Thanks again!

This post should be the starting point for anyone interested in the esoterics. I am so glad I bookmarked it and finally took the time. This is a beautifully written and styled source and shows your years of investigation.

I wonder how much you see the native world tied into this. You have mentioned them briefly as being abused by destroying their own development. But what about their teachings and tradtions? How do things like Ayahuasca, Peyote, Iboga and other masterplants are part of the great mystery plan?


Hey @flauwy thank you for stopping by and lending your support, I very much appreciate it and I was humbled to receive your tip .. again thank you so much!! I'm equally very glad that my post resonated with you.

I think the native world represent some of the last societies on the planet that are profoundly aware of their connection to the earths heartbeat. Their connection to creation, understanding of natural law and the balance that we must find within nature are incredibly important lessons. What they lack in technology they make up "ten times over" with their wisdom and as such we have much to learn from them. To me a fusion of the old wisdoms and new technology is key for our future. A society that practices natural law and incorperates this wisdoms of these people would (in my opinion) be the best way to secure a succesful and healthy future for humanity.

I think these plants represent a consciouness expansion stepping stone that introduces new ideas/concepts and thought processes into the human psyche. I actually have a fair few things to say on this and I'm in the middle of writing a post that should be out next week. So watch this space. Thanks again my friend.


Thx for the reply. I am playing with the idea to create an SMT platform for esoterica. I am meeting with some Shamans in mexico and Peru and pitch that idea to them.


No problem my friend, Thanks for the support! That's a great idea, I would be very interested in finding out how the meeting goes. We live in challenging but equally very exciting times.

This is by far the most intelligently crafted and exquisitely illustrated historical article I have ever read and observed. I had a feeling you were about to do something special. It's a kind of ' Hats off to Roy Harper ' moment for me! Can't wait.........:)


Hey @ricia thank you so much for the support and kind words. I really appreciate it and I'm so glad the post resonated with you. I'm going to use this work as a foundation for some further thought processes that I have so watch this space. Thanks again!

Indeed if the power of enlightenment lays within each of us then we are all equal, we are one and as such this does not aid a control structure built upon hierarchy and subjugation.

Yes. Great work man. Having enjoyed reading this epic beast.


Hey my friend, thank you for taking the time to read and support my post (I know it was a long one!) I really appreciate it and equally I'm very glad it resonated with you. Thanks again @kafkanarchy84

excellent, but I would have made a series here... some might find it hard to read it all, especially the beginners. Definitely requires an above average attention span.



Hey @earthcustodians Thanks for taking the time to lend your support,I really appreciate it! This is actually part of a series and I've only just scratched the surface with this post. It's a long one for sure but it's really difficult to break it into parts as I wanted to tell the whole story. The other parts will be shorter and use this as a foundation, thanks again!


going to hyperlink it on my site :)

waiting for the next related blog... write well. LOL

Incredible stuff!

Even in our part of the world, Indian Himalaya that is, we've serpent gods and goddesses.

According to famous author O.C. Handa, "O. C. Handa CULT OF GUGA IN THE HILLS AREAS OF HIMACHAL PRADESH Introduction Guga, the serpent-god, is revered throughout the hills of Western Himalayan region, especially for the occult safety against snake-bite. Image of Guga Rana, as he is popularly known, is enshrined in almost every village."

In Himalayan villages of (Kullu, Mandi, Kinnaur Districts of Himachal Pradesh) we have temples dedicated to serpent Gods. There are Serpent Goddesses who've been acting as the theocratic Gods of erstwhile Kingdoms and some of them even act as the presiding deities of District Festivals (Agrarian Festivals which are celebrated across the state)

In my hometown, there are two Festivals (one of them is the Famous International Shivratri Festival and the second one is National Level Festival) the presiding detieis are both serpent Gods.

Kamru Nag as the presiding deity of Shivratri Fair (Naga : a hindi word for serpent)
Mahu Nag as the presiding deity of Sundernagar Nalwar Festival


Thank you for the excellent comment and support my friend .. I very much appreciate it! It's amazing how far and wide this concept has spread! Indeed there appears to be a very similar thread that that has woven itself throughout history and country! There are many wisdoms and truths within the vedic writings and these are also found within several aspects of hermeticism. It's really fascinating stuff and once you start to look into it the rabbit hole becomes deeper and deeper! Thanks for the extra information @goel.tarun I really enjoyed reading it.


Thanks for your comment. I too would like to write about this series, particularly about the Serpentine t gods of my Himalayan State.

Excellent post. Took me awhile to read but I love stuff like this. You, sir,​ have gained another follower.


Hey my friend @rlh100 thank you for taking the time to read and lend your support I really do appreciate it. It's certainly fairly long post :) but what I'm going to do is us it as a foundation from which I will bounce some smaller and then larger posts from. Over time you will see what I mean. Thanks again!

Wow man... It´s gonna take a while to sunk in all this info. You make great points and clear conections on this subject. I know about the pinneal for a while, but never realised it was the same shape of the eye. Also the word Amen, great insight! Yep, a lot to think about, I´ll follow you for sure. Sorry for the bad english. Cheers!


No problem with your English my friend, it's very good! and equally thank you for the support and follow I very much appreciate it. There is a lot to absorb hereand I'm really glad you noticed the connections I've made. I'm using it as a foundation and as time goes on I will be adding some more parts :) Thanks again @fireguardian

Wow Epic. Thanks for putting this onto words that we can all understand. I have read many books on this subject. I wish this was a book i could refer back to. Again thanks. Namaste.


Thank you for taking the time to read and lend your support and comments my friend, I really do appreciate it. As time moves on I will be adding some more parts and they will be held on the blockchain. Thanks again @andyjem

Very nice and well explained. Its a whole lot and i suggest you could have done it in parts.
People who normally do not like to read may stay away from it.

Nice post . lets steem


Hey thanks for taking the time to lend your support to my post, I really appreciate it. I understand what you mean in relation to parts unfortunately I don't think this post would have suited that, you would have lost the cohesive narrative. I am using this as a basic foundation from which smaller parts will spin off of it. Over time you will see what I mean ;) thanks again @kwamecyrus


I understand you now. Keep it up

Good work! (I would have said great work but I did not want to associate you with what the illuminati think their work is...).
I like to think I have come across a lot of this sort of information, but even I picked up a couple of new tidbits to bounce around the old grey matter.
Thanks for the mind stuffs....


Hey @leftamessage message thank you for your words and support, it's much appreciated!! I have lots of new thought processes that I'm really looking forward to sharing so watch this space :) And no problem thank you for taking the time to read and comment!!

This is definitely the best post i have red so far. Waiting for your next content,cheers!


Hey my friend, thank you for the support I really appreciate it!

Oh my. What excellent work. Deep deep digging and beautifully presented. Thank you for enriching my experience at Steemit.


Hey my friend thank you for taking the time to read and lend your support. I really do appreciate it and I'm really glad you anjoyed the post @storytellingza

woooww What a nice post. There is a lot of information. Thanks for your efforts :) @perceptualflaws


Thank you for the support, I really appreciate it!!

One from the best post !!
I like your beautiful work!! Thank you for the hard job!!


Hey @pioner21 thank you for reading and lending your support to my post it's much appreciated and I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

A tad late to be commenting on this but DAMN was this a good read. It gave me a whole new perspective as to the story of the Annunaki. I found the gold-mining-race bit quite bizarre, but your interpretation helps me get my thoughts in order.

I'm a skeptic, both of the established "truths" and the alternatives presented by ones such as yourself. I do not know to what length you've hit the nail on the head, but you've opened my mind to lots of things I hadn't considered. And the weight of the evidence is... well, astounding. The dragon and serpent imagery is everywhere. Just look at the Pope's Audience Hall! What the hell? I must say, something fishy is going on there, as well as everywhere else in the Vatican.

I do not know the nature of the chains that bind us, but I feel them there, digging into my skin. I've felt them for years and each day I see them more clearly. I hope that we can someday break free.


Hey @steemedchitty Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post, I know it's a long one. Equally sorry for the delay in replying but I wasn't around at the weekend so I've been catching up on messages plus I had to run my usual monday night music club :)

The post was actually fairly difficult to write and that was firstly because of the vast timescales and equally becuase I was trying to make it accessible to people that may not have heard this information before. I'm not a fan of talking shops that leave the new reader scratching their heads and lost in a sea of words and so I'm really glad that it enabled you to put things into some kind of perspective and equally formulate your thoughts.

In relation to being a skeptic that's a healthy basis to approach anything from. Don't trust what I or anyone else has to say on such matters, that said I feel your intuition has led you to an awareness that in reality the world is nothing like we think it is. There is something very strange and nefarious happening around us, it's like a web that draws tighter with each passing day. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it ... I don't profess to have all the answers, but I do know we should be asking a hell of a lot more questions. I will be writing part 2 as soon as I'm ready .. I've just been a bit too busy to give it the attention it deserves and I'm not prepared to rush it, but watch this space :) Thanks again my friend.


I think you did a mighty fine job making it understandable. I'd heard a lot of these things before, but the way you brought them together makes it feel like a timeline, it allows to see the development better. I'm with you, it's impossible to continue taking things for granted and ignoring the clear machinations of what you call the Black Nobility.

Socrates believed the best way to find answers was through asking questions. It may sound basic, but it's very true. We've been spoonfed information from the time we were born, both as individuals and as a society. It's high time we became conscious of what we put into our minds.

I'll be looking forward to the second installment. I'm making my way through Part 1.A though. A lot of things I didn't know in that one, that's for sure.

Keep up the fight! And, of course, steem on!

Interesting, I came to notice recently that the Serpent is a symbol of power not just because of some fancy decoration or beliefs, simply because of our inner potential.

Many have the experience of "Kundalini" for instance. It is also symbolized as a Serpent. The Medical field symbolized with the Serpent as well, if you take a very close look at everything related to human history and the serpent symbol you will be amazed!


He there my friend thank you for the words. I am very aware of the serpent and I wrote a section in this post displaying it's reference to Kundalini, and DNA and the shedding of skin to signify the cycle of procession. I'm also using this post as a foundation and other parts will be coming. I have some interesting ideas relating to the serpent so watch this space, you may be surprised.

Equally the serpent is duality and these people are following the dark side of this duality, hence why it's important.

Thanks again @twindenis


Brilliantly Done!
I read most of it and I have to say you are one well informed individual.
I had some of my friends who are Christian showed some information about how Moses showed to his followers along their journey the Serpent on the Stick and Crucified similarly to the upcoming of Jesus.
Speaking of which...
The "I AM" made its appearance when he first was alone in the desert before the 10 Synchronizations took place.
According to Historians the events of the 10 Plagues took place around the same time as with the Great Eruption of Santorini's Volcano in Greece.
Which made me really interested.

Also, My own Serpent awoke-powered up while I had a very vivid lucid dream, I felt the forms of Energy reaching my sleeping body as well. I've done some research and figured the CSF Liquid is also connected to that. I was noticing days after my experience that CSF would leak from my Nose and such, cleaning all physical and mental "problems". I came to notice also that people sense the 2 Energies since the "Kundalini" or Coiled Serpent is a duality process working together to reach Oneness in a sense.

There is a lot of interesting knowledge along all ancient Civilizations, it is funny how we describe them as pre-mature people even though in my view we are more pre-mature than them.
I bet their quality of life were much better in terms of happiness and satisfaction of their life.

I am very interested for your upcoming posts, Great Job!

Much Love <3

Great post. i like your post.Thanks for share.


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed

Comprehensive and thorough research! It's fascinating to explore the symbols that various cultures have used over the millennia and trace their adoption, reuse and metamorphosis.

I do think however that it's a mistake to give them any real mystical meaning, especially regarding aliens, souls, etc. Priests, rulers and their theorists have always been interested in symbols and the essential meaning of what we find in nature, be it pine cones, snakes or whatever else. This does not mean that they actually embody these meanings. Nothing magical happens to do you if you walk into a room that's probably modelled after a snakes head, and no spell is cast if you drink out of a cup shaped as a pine cone.


Hey my friend, Thank you for taking the time to read and comment I really appreciate it. In the essence of spells I certainly didn't mean real time spells that occur "from drinking out of a cup shaped like a pine cone" the spell I'm talking about is more the illusion of society, for nothing is as it seems. The pine cone itself is simply a representation of the pineal gland and the pineal gland is believed to be connection between the physical and the spiritual realms and as such it displays a meaning and is not a spell. Equally it is not an ideal that is supposed to be practised by the Catholic church, indeed many of these symbols actually display information that is a direct contrast to what they preach.

There is a vast difference between the collective understanding of reality and what is actually occuring in this world. Certainly the world we are born into is not the world we think it is. The symbology is used to display both intent and hidden knowledge and they are not spells. Many of the ancient symbols & shapes associated with the esoteric are physical representations of processes that occur in nature and hint at a deep awareness of universal constants. Mathmatics, geometry and numbers, the building blocks of life. This harks back to ancient wisdom and science discovered in the first religion and indeed the upper echeons of the power structure are still following the dark duality of this religion and they believe this to be the truth. Certainly the very concept of a secret society is to hold hidden knowledge from the masses as a way of empowering the few. Knowledge is power and it's being used to empower an agenda. Thanks again.

There's a missing thread here that's kind of part of the problem. The concept of the divine right of rule is flawed because it contradicts the royal law, which is the basic maxim of all law that can be found in all those traditions, religions, kingdoms and secret societies etc. you mentioned. The royal law is basically the golden rule, which tells us all rights have their foundation on being consistently applied to all, not just some. So sayings like "treat others as you would have them treat you" "be kind to you, as you are kind to others", "the sun shines on both the holy and the thief" etc. are found in every part of the world for as long as we've had culture. So the actual divine right to rule is based on our remaining in honour to that simple rule. When we demonstrate ourselves to be in dishonour, by our prejudice, bias, self interest, we abdicate our right to rule. That act is a handing over our sovereignty to intermediaries between us and the divine, those whom might call themselves guardians, who take care of our free will for us until we can demonstrate integrity and humility. While we deny that, and truth is, there's so much disinformation promoted obscuring these simple ideas, we are saying we are not ready for further revelations.

Hi I am following to u and your articles are very interesting good going best of luck.I am new to steemit plz help me.

I want to finish this..... later. I'm assuming you have read Return of the Serpents of Power (can't recall the author).

As a suggestion, perhaps you could publish in smaller chunks.....


Such a fantastic post

Great post. i like your post.Thanks for share.

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