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As I stated at the beginning of the first part of this post The Bosnian Pyramids, The 'When does a myth become truth' series has gone on for much longer than I ever imagined. I guess it goes to show just how much of our ancient history is still not fully understood or almost completely lost to us. There is the more disturbing aspect however, and that is that some of it is deliberately being held back, denied and/or dated incorrectly.

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Earlier posts in this series have revealed a lost ancient city under the ocean, another nuked in antiquity, onto amazing ancient engineered stonework from South America, an African tribe with incredible knowledge of the cosmos, and the story of an ancient civilisation that lived in antiquity who claim to have come from another planet and genetically created modern humans, a subject so in depth it came in three parts seen here Part 1, Part 2, and finally Part 3.
Then the last two offerings were a pyramid complex in Indonesia that may possibly be 26,000 years old! and the most incredible underground city in Turkey.

Today we reach the second part of the story of the Bosnian Pyramids story. In the first part we looked at the history of the site, the evidence of it being more than a natural formation and touched on some of the unusual energy anomolies it appears to produce. Today we're going to look a bit deeper into those anomolies and also see what artifacts have been found at the site.


Those in the academic world who wish to deny that this an extremely important historical site are being disingenuous. The evidence is mounting to show that not only is this a pyramid built many thousands of years ago, it is a complex of pyramids constructed using concrete comparable to the best we currently produce.

This picture is an artists rendition of what the structure looks like under the vast amount of soil that has been deposited on the structure in the millennia since its apparent construction.

Image Source

But it shows the scale of the building compared to the town around it. It is incredibly huge and dominates the landscape. I can only imagine what it must have looked like when it was originally constructed.

However as I stated earlier the area is dotted with many structures believed to be man-made, so let's take a quick look at the complete overview as it's important to understand that this place must have once an incredibly important site.

I have read dozens of articles in the past few weeks and maybe a hundred over the past few years regarding this site so picking ones to feature I easier said than done.

This article by thebihlover.wordpress.com called 'The Mysterious Artefacts of the Bosnian Pyramids' gives a brilliant overview of what has been found within the structure as well as a great look at what is believed to be all of the ancient buildings found at the site.
Below is the best aerial photograph I have seen giving you the scale and size of the pyramids, you can see from the perfect angles and shapes that were not looking at natural formations even though time and possibly man has attempted to disguise them as such.

The thing I find most fascinating is the shapes of the pyramids, they don't conform to one type, they are apparently a mix of what we see in both Egypt and South America! With this is in mind, added to the alleged age of this site, does that mean that this site could have been a blueprint for other pyramid sites that were constructed later in different parts of the world?


Map and Artefact Images Sourced here.

The article starts as they all do with a brief overview of the story of how and who discovered them, let's take a look at what the article says and see some of the interesting and often fascinating artefacts that have been found so far.

It reads......

There has been many artefacts that has been discovered since 2005 and some of them are very interesting and could give us an understanding in which civilization or culture we are dealing with. There is no doubt that the builders of the Bosnian pyramids were very connected to the nature and we can see that by studying some of the artefacts very close. There has, of course been artefacts found that cannot be natural and must have some human-intervention.

I have some pictures of some different artefacts that are one of the most interesting foundings that has been found in the Bosnian valley of the pyramids. The artefacts has different sizes and different materials and has been found on different structures and tunnels around the Bosnian pyramids and Visoko.

We need to remember that there is no great answers, yet to these artefacts and what the ancient builders were thinking about when they shaped or made them. So we can only try, right now to find and maybe guess the answers, but of course the artefacts and the pyramids in Visoko are giving more questions than answers right now. Also remember that the point of this article is to give the public some understandings to the Bosnian pyramids and its artefacts.

Let us begin with the artefacts that has been found on the structures or around Visoko. The most interesting and convincing artefact is the pyramid that has been found in the area ‘’Okoliste,’’ which is three kilometers from Visoko. German archaeologists in the collaboration with the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina found the pyramid-artefact while excavating an archaeological site. The material that the artefact is made of is ceramic and the artefact was in Germany for research and is now probably in the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, hidden from the public.

This doesn't surprise me as it seems that evidence that goes against the current narrative historians and archeologists believe our history to be has a tendency to get buried away in the hope questions won't be forthcoming. This artefact is very interesting to me because it depicts a pyramid, why would people depict a pyramid structure if there was no frame of reference in the area? Whoever made it must have believed the 'hill' was a pyramid!

The author continues....

The picture you just saw is one of the few pictures of the artefact on the internet. People have different thories of what this artefact is, but we can almost certainly say that this artefact is a pyramid. Which pyramid it is, we do not know, but it could be the Bosnian Moon pyramid because the pyramid looks more like a Mexican pyramid, than an Egyptian pyramid, because the Egyptian pyramids looks more like the Bosnian Sun pyramid. Of course, everyone can have their own opinion about this artefact.

The next artefact was found on the slope of the Bosnian Dragon pyramid, one of the few artefacts that has been discovered on the Dragon pyramid. There is not too much information on this artefact on the internet, but the artefact has one stone, where the stone is grey, with colour red.

This artefact is very interesting, although it is much smaller than on the picture. The artefact can represent many different things. Some say that it is an amulet, while others say that it is some kind small statue. It could also represent the three different pyramids, Sun, Moon and Dragon pyramids that are in Visoko. One thing is sure, that it has been some kind of human-intervention with this artefact, because the nature can not shape these kind of stones with sharp edges where the grey stone is.

I don't intend putting every artefact found in this article here so please take a look at the article for the full list, I've cherry picked the ones that intrigued me the most. The amulet above was clearly made by man and what it depicts is up for debate as the author states.

Please note the colours have been added for emphasis.

Another artefact that is extremely interesting and that there has been some research on, is the sandstone plate that has been found on the Bosnian Sun pyramid in 2006. The artefact has many different symbols and many people have tried to make their own conclusions of what the symbols represent. Many people have said that it is some kind of a map of the Bosnian valley of the pyramids, while other say that it is an astronomical map of Visoko that is more than 100 000 years old, there is even an article on the artefact Visoko: An Astronomical Map of More than 100,000 Years.

Please take the time to click the link above to look at the explanation of the astronomical map as this is an incredibly interesting hypothesis.

That was the most interesting artefacts that has been found on the surface of the Bosnian valley of the pyramids. The reason that there is not so many artefacts, on the surface is because we are speaking of many different cultures that have been in the area and that could have used or destroyed the artefacts that belonged to the builders of the pyramids in Visoko.

Artefacts that fit perfectly is someone’s hand have been discovered in the Ravne tunnels many times. Many have said that they could be some kind of tools, art-object or musical instrument. One of the most interesting artefacts of this kind of is the ‘’Effigy stone,’’ that was found in the Ravne tunnels, close to megalith K5 we'll come to this shortly. The artefact is particularly interesting because it has a face on it.

The face could represent the ancient women, but it could also represent some ancient Goddess of the builders. Many people have said that it looks like the Goddess Medusa, a Goddess from the Greek mythology. Did the builders of the tunnels and the pyramids had the same Gods as they had in the Greek mythology? It could also be some a piece ancient art. One thing is certain. The builders of the Bosnian pyramids had great contact with nature and often, the nature was their Gods.

Not sure how I feel about that last one, the problem we have here is the immense passage of time past since construction. So many different cultures who stumbled across this site throughout its history could have left artefacts here it's difficult to say which ones can be attributed to the original builders, if any.

I don't rule the Greek hypothesis out, Greece after all is a stones throw away from here so it's possible that there is a confection.

Lets move on to the Megaliths discovered at the site.

We are now moving underground, in the Ravne and KTK tunnels, where the Ravne tunnel is the most interesting and has the most artefacts in the Bosnian valley of the pyramids.

There has not been a lot of research in the KTK tunnels, because the tunnel is going under the nearby river and the foundation needs more resources to research and excavate this tunnel. The foundation has mostly focused on the Ravne tunnels, which of course is the most interesting tunnels right now. However, the foundation has excavated some parts of the KTK tunnel and found an interesting artefact, which is representing a stone wheel. The material that composes the wheel is sandstone.

The artefact’s pieces were found during the removal of the debris and has been pieced together by the foundation and as you can see, the pieces fit good. What purpose this wheel had is unsure and it should be debated if it represents something else than a wheel. Other people have suggested that it is an ancient column, which is possible.

Because that was the only artefact that has been found in the KTK tunnels, we are moving to the Ravne tunnels. The Ravne tunnels are best known for their different megaliths that has been found since the excavations started in 2006. It has already been proved by researchers that the megaliths, especially Megalith K1, K2 and K5 have some kind of energy. When it comes to the artefacts, there are some symbols on the K1 megalith.


Above and below are the K1 megalith.


There are many symbols on this megalith and it goes from arrows to some kind of letters. Some are saying that it could be some kind of language or map over the Visoko valley. Some also say that the megalith K2 is a map over the Visoko valley, because some say that the crack in the middle of the megalith is representing the two rivers; Bosna and Fojnica.

Megalith K2 below.


All Images Sourced here.

These are, of course, big artefacts, but they are important for understanding of the civilization that built the structures in Visoko and that is what artefacts are all about. The other big megalith that has been discovered in 2013 is megalith K5, which is a very big megalith and stretches for many meters.
The megaliths symbolise that the Ravne tunnels is a sacred place and I don’t think nature could have shaped the megaliths, especially megalith K2, because it has a special shape. There has also been discovered other megaliths in the Ravne tunnels.

The Brain?

The interesting thing in Ravne tunnels is that there are many megaliths that look like some parts of our body. There are megaliths that could represent some kind of face, brain and liver. It could symbolise that the different areas in the tunnels are good for the different parts for our body. If the artefacts that has been found in the Ravne tunnels, really represent parts of our body, then this would astonishing, because then we have proof that the ancients had good knowledge about anatomy, even though if it was 30 000 years ago. Because it could not be a coincidence that they designed those body-artefacts so precisely without having some knowledge about anatomy.

The statement made here about the different tunnels being good for different parts of the body as that segways nicely in to the final aspect of the many weird anomalies found in around the Bosnian Pyramids. And in this final part we will touch on the alleged healing properties discovered by those who have worked there.

When I first started researching the Bosnain Pyramids I heard of the stories recounting the alleged health benefits of spending time at the site and particularly in the pre-historic subterrenean tunnels found there. There are many articles documenting the unusual frequencies emanating from the site and many more that speak of people being healed of there ailments so I thought I'd add a couple of of the stories from one in particular to this post. Not being a scientist or a doctor I haven't really formed an opinion about this aspect however it would be wrong not to include it.

The article is called Healing energy of the prehistoric tunnels beneath the Bosnian Pyramid Complex. It was written in 2015 and is found at ancient-origins.net.

Lets see what it says....

At the five International Scientific Conferences on the Bosnian Pyramids held in 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, experts have given interdisciplinary scientific explanations for the healing energy in the pyramid complex.

In the prehistoric tunnels beneath the pyramid complex in Visoko, the constant presence of beneficial electromagnetism was measured, as well was an ultrasound of 28 kHz and the Schumann resonance of 7.83 Hz (the best energy field for the physical, mental and spiritual faculties of humankind). Additionally, an extraordinarily high concentration of negative ions was detected, up to 60,000 per cubic centimeter (ten times the concentration in, for example, the forest on mountains), as well as the absence of 1) harmful cosmic rays and 2) natural radioactivity.

In these conditions, said the scientists, the cells of the human organism can start the self-healing process of regeneration.


Image Source

Healing Visits to Prehistoric Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth.

  1. Increased lung capacity
  2. Blood glucose level normalization
  3. Blood pressure normalization
  4. Improvement of the general condition of the body
  5. Aura improvement

Lung capacity.

Seventeen-year-old Slovakian Veronika Vranko, from Nitra, came to Visoko because of a problem with her airways, on the recommendation of Czech Dr. Peter Hajduk, specialist from the Clinic for Pulmonary Diseases in Prague.
Her story began in 2013 when, due to inflammatory cysts and shortness of breath, lung function capacity was reduced to 47%. Due to ill health, Veronika soon after being diagnosed underwent surgery of her right lung. The program of postoperative recovery, led by Dr. Hajduk, was based on bio-resonance therapy: the use of natural products and vitamin C. The rehabilitation program included a trip to Visoko, due to the high concentration of negative ions found in the Underground Labyrinth Ravne.

After two trips to Visoko to undergo treatment in Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth, the young Slovakian felt improvement in her health. For the first time in two years , she didn't feel the twinge and pain in her chest from which she had suffered for a long time. The whole process of treatment, including her two visits to prehistoric Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth, ultimately resulted in increasing her lung capacity from 47% of original capacity to the current 84%.


Image Source

During her second visit to Visoko, Veronika was a volunteer for “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation, involved in clearing loose sand and river stones from new sections in the tunnel. On her face, you can see a smile of satisfaction.

Now I personally have no idea whether this girl was healed by the strange power of this site or whether it is a placebo affect or indeed completely made up in order to create more interest in the site. However she is not the only person claimed to have been 'repaired' by spending time there.

The article continues...

Blood Glucose Levels.

Under the auspices of the Czech publication "WM Magazine," a team came to Visoko in early 2015 to study measurements of human blood glucose levels.
The blood sugar level of experiment participant Jyrki, from Prague (58 years old) was measured 45 minutes before he entered prehistoric Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth. At that time, the level was 7.8 mmol / L (risk group). After a visit to Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth, his blood sugar level dropped to 5.1 mmol / L (normal level: non-risk group).
Another participant, Karel, tested at a level of 10.5 mmol / l before entering prehistoric Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth, and after a stay in the tunnel was tested at 5.7 mmol / L. The Chief Physicist from Prague hospital conducted the monitoring and did not have an adequate explanation for this phenomenon. After returning to Prague, the participants said that the beneficial effects from the tunnel stayed with them for 14 days and then blood sugar levels began to increase slightly.


Image Source


Please take a look at entire article as it chronicles the rest of the list.

The subject of the healing properties of the Bosnain Pyramids is one that seems to be growing daily and there is no denying that many people now believe the phenomenon is real. Click on this link to see the great many YouTube videos available on the subject.


Final thoughts.

As with many of the subjects I have written about in this series so far it is impossible to give all of the information available in one or two posts. The Bosnian Pyramid story is no exception, it's a huge story. One that has the potential to rewrite history as we know it. Whether that ends up being the case remains to be seen.

Mainstream academia and indeed the Bosnian government seem reluctant at best to support investigative archeology at this site and obstructive at worst. Why that would be the case I have no idea, but it is not uncommon when a discovery is made that has the potential to upset the current timeline of our history.

In my humble opinion there are plenty of reasons why this site should be the focus of the academic world's attention right now. It has provided enough evidence thus far to suggest that not only is it a site built in extreme antiquity, it was built in a way that appears to harness strange earth energies. The construction materials are like no other pyramid complexes yet discovered on earth and each pyramid appears to be of a different type usually found thousands of miles apart.

So what does this all mean? In all honesty I don't know but hopefully one day the riddle will be deciphered and a previously unknown epoch in human history will be revealed to us.


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Ooh my goodness, I would LOVE to go there one day!! Just full goosebumps reading about the possible healing properties that are available by visiting there. This knowledge should be a top priority for our societies to try and find...but then are healthy people profitable to the systems?!

Yeah I'm going to go some day as well.
You're right too, the healthcare Mafia that is big Pharma would do anything to make sure that any postitive effects of non Pharma healing are shut down or denegrated as pseudoscience. Whether or not it is remains to be seen however I know ignoring it won't find out the truth.
Thanks for you never ending support Lyndsay 😉

I will always support you <3 Thanks for being such a class act Steemian.

☺️ Thanks babe. ❤️

I'm curious.... @tremendospercy, what part of the world are you from? I know in USA Big Pharma is recognized, but what about other parts of the world?

Hey @tremendospercy thanks for another fascinating glimpse into the hidden mists of time. In so many ways all of this ancient knowledge appears to point towards the resonating, energetic nature of reality. It's almost as if the truth is so close that you could reach out and touch it. In regards to the comment left by Jackmillar, I'm in complete agreement .. indeed whilst these ancient complexes still stand we're in a race against time to uncover the hidden knowledge that I believe lays within them. Equally, if you look at the middle east Iraq was once known as the cradle of civilisation. How many hidden secrets have been bombed and buried into oblivion? Just look at the archeological destruction that's currently taking place in Syria! Is there a more profound reason that these previous bastians of science and civilisation have been plunged into a state of perpetual war? Indeed before they control the future they need to rewrite the past and from that perspective they're doing a bloody good job! Great work as always my friend!!

Thanks for taking the time to read and to leave a great comment my friend.
Yes I agree, unless something is done about this deliberate destruction there will be no evidence of our past.

He who controls the past, controls the future; and he who controls the present, controls the past."
George Orwell 1984

Cheers my freind.

Thanks Percy for bringing us such interesting stories!!!

And thanks for checking in buddy.

You won't believe me but I was just wondering where you have been! I was like @tremendospercy has been very quit lately I was just about to message you on discord. I'm glad you are back :D I will read this post later on (I'm at work atm)

Yeah buddy had a few days away from writing. But back now.

Awesome I',m happy that you are back :D

Great Post @tremendospercy :-)

Another top job Percy my dude. I love how much obvious research and hard work you put into these posts. The Bosnian pyramids are new to me, thanks for shedding a light on them.

No worries dude. I've always loved history and conspiracy, so the academics denying these sites are real falls right in my ballpark.

What an amazing post truffled with all sorts of incredible things and info !! Your posts are quite some thing @tremendospercy ! thanks again for an aweinspiring read, there is much more history beneath our feet than we could possibly imagine in a lifetime !!

That's so true, knowing you'll never know is the 2nd worst thing behind knowing that certain groups are actively trying to erase our history. As far as I'm concerned that's a crime against humanity to try to destroy evidence of the past. Our history whatever it is belongs to us all and no one has the right to erase or hide it from us.

The destruction of our past and removal from our memories this past is about essential to the planned and coming tyranny as the taking of our guns in Europe back in the seventies @tremendospercy ! You know this, I know this but do the people ??

Very interesting article and full of great facts. I did not even know that there is a pyramid in Bosnia.

thanks for the post

Great shoot 🎉👍🎈

Good post @tremendospercy..👍👍
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Great job @tremendospercy..:)

your post is very interesting, I like your post, because it can add insight for me, hopefully the future can provide better posts again, so that I can know many things in my life, thank you

Thank for the interesting posts, there is so much about our ancient history that authorities seem to be hiding or covering up. I have heard much of the Smithsonian hiding or destroying archaeological finds.

First of all I really like your writing style. It's nice to read. I saw a pretty long documentation on youtube about these things a while ago, so some of the stuff I already knew, but a big load of it was new to me.
Especially the depth of the information was astonishing. Since you got me curious I had to look up what Wiki had to say about that matter (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bosnian_pyramid_claims).
Reading the Wikipedia article got me knocked me down pretty hard. Not only does it say, that the leading scientist is not even a scientist they accuse him of faking a lot of the evidence. A former team member is reported telling, that the stones did NOT have the carvings when they were uncovered. The team of the said "scientist" added them later on. As far as the Wiki text goes there was not one scientific inspection, which was not in any way connected to the said guy (his name is Osmanagić) and discovered anything worth reporting. In fact there were some inspectations which proofed pretty convicing that the hill are not artificial at all. They took drilling sample from a depth of 3 to 6 meters of the pyramids and other hills in a large area and the sample were all the same. Only the usual natural stones and soil.
Furthermore many scientist that are mentioned in Osmanagić's reports say that they never visited the area. He even claimed support of a british member of the parlament, who in did not even exist..
However most of these arguments can be brushed away by saying it is all part of a big cover up. I personally do not believe that such a big field of scientist can be forced to claim something that is not true. It might be my idealistic way I picture scientist but I honestly believe at least some scientist would say the truth. Unfortunatelly there is no respected scientist who supports the claims of Osmanagić.
What still makes me wonder is why the electromagnetic waves are not even mentioned in the Wiki article. Might be because the article is not very big. But for me this fact was the strangest one which could be debunked the easiest. If a respected group of scientist went there and made proper measurements they could simply proof him wrong or right.
All in all I am unsure what to believe but I am leaning more to the "it's a hoax" side, because there are so many people trying to lie to people just to earn some easy money.

Anyway thanks for the well written report, if in a few years the whole thing goes up and wee suddenly have alien technology I know what happened ;)
Best regards

The veil of silence that descended on this site is interesting, check out Jack Millers comment on the top as he lived there. The truth will come out at some point and there are many , many more articles written about this as well as a few people here on Steemit that have actually worked at the site. They're in no doubt it's real.
Check out the 10 other posts I've write in this series. The mainstream academic world have a real problem accepting any new evidence that pushes back the timeline of our alleged history so I'm not surprised this site is still being debated. Sadly you do see evidence being manipulated to help sell a story which was seen at Gunang Pudang however it doesn't mean the sites don't have validity. Thanks for reading and commenting dude.
Also be careful with Wikipedia too , they have a poor record with history that goes against the current 'narrative'.

On Wikipedia, you're spot on. With that said, it's still better than the mainstream media. :D

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It's my first time to hear about bosnian pyramids. This is a great post!
Thank you for sharing.
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I wonder if they had the same Gods. And chose to "keep" their favorites.

I studied theology extensively a few years ago. I came to the conclusion all religions are the same, but the "face" they gave their main God fit what was familiar to their culture.

Or, did their main God fit his/her face to their culture...

Food for thought...

Religions are pretty similar- it comes down to you do good, you get good. Do bad and get bad...

Superficially similar but fundamentally different.

Religions are pretty similar- it comes down to you do good, you get good. Do bad and get bad...

The real/historical definition of Karma is much different from that. Historically speaking, "the downtrodden people are suffering because of their former life". And the former life, very interestingly, has its own former life. It goes on, and on, till the first person with no former life. Question here is, what was the first person (one who has no former life to pay anything for) paying for? Karmic belief is a method of punishing someone without knowing/telling exactly what s/he's being punished for.

So, YOU DO GOOD, YOU GET GOOD, is not to be found in the karmic system of belief. As such, we can't say, all religions are similar. Atleast not at the fundamental level.

Glad I found you. I love these posts filling in our gaps in history. I will read the other ones also....