EOS Knights is on MAINNET!

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EOS Knights finally launched on the main net!


  • August 12 ~ 19: Preparing the Mainnet
  • August 20: Web version release
  • August 27 ~ September 3: Android release
  • September: iOS release


There is a reward for those who waited. Thank you all very much.

  • 1st week new player: 10,000 Magic Water (By 27 August 11 A.M, GMT+9)
  • 2nd week new player: 5,000 Magic Water (By 3 September 11 A.M, GMT+9)


Telegram is ready.

Game play

  • It needs Scatter.
  • We recommend to create an additional account for games.
  • We recommend staking at least 15 EOS on the CPU.
  • Read the previous article for details on the preparations.

@raindays Cool game

I'm so looking forward to the mobile release!

We are preparing hard. Please look forward to !!

La version de prueba excelente... Con ganas de jugar

Dang, been waiting to see how this would play out for a while

It's enough to watch!

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okok, trying out now

Thank you for your interest !!

Wow !! Thank you. Chinese reviews are really cool !!

지금 게임 해 보고 있습니다. 아니 틀어놓고 있다고 해야 하나요. ㅎㅎ 재밌네요.

Posted using Partiko iOS

오래 오래 틀어놔주세요 ~ Partiko 라는 스팀앱이 있나 보군요? +_+

자꾸 템을 사게 되는군요.. 이오스 충전하게 되네요. 인벤토리가 넘 작아요.
Partiko 쓸만해요. 댓글 알림도 해 주고. ㅎㅎ

Posted using Partiko iOS

partiko 한번 설치해봐야겠네요 ㅎㅎ

I'll check this game out, it sounds great but many block-chain game sounded great before I played them. Hopefully this one will be different. I think more screenshots would have made the post better.

Thanks for the recommendations at the end.

Wow, it's 6 days old post?

This game is kinda complicated to get started with if you don't know about scatter or the EOS stuff (wich I don't).
It took me a little while to set it all up, but when I finaly did it and started playing it was easy getting used to and fun to play, I started yesterday and I already made about 1 EOS (5usd at the time of writing).

I hereby recommend this game to everyone, it is fun and it makes EOS.
What is there not to love?

I wanted to check it out myself but how do I get started? Do I hire mage or knight or archer?

I dont know, I hired all 3 of them when I started + 3pets so I cant be sure, but if I had to guess i would go with the knight.

awesome game, hope to co-operate with your team. We are prochaintech

Very cool idea and game. For non-EOS hodlers you might be missing some folks with a 15 EOS Stake. (15x$5 = $75 atm) That is a bit of a steep barrier of entry for some folks. I'm loading up the beta now to give it a whirl, and going to create an account with only a couple EOS staked to see how it performs. Other than that, great job and congrats on the launch!

Congrats -- a huge success!

that's interesting.

제가 계정을 두개 가지고 있는데
양쪽다 97 eos 스테이킹 해놨거든요. 근데 한쪽 계정만 자꾸 cpu 사용률이 100%네요. 컨트랙트 실행이 안되서 다른 계정 접속해보면 20~30% 사용률 유지인데 왜 이 계정만 100% 인지.... 이해가 안되서 물어봅니다. ^^

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