Eos Knights, first good quality EOS games, 第一个有质量的EOS游戏

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Hello Steemit friends, so people are keep doubting blockchain saying it is slow, not useful and expensive, today I saw the first games build on top of the EOS blockchain called "EOS Knights"

Since EOS is super fast with 0.5 seconds transaction time, this game run insanely smooth and with 0 transaction fee, the experience is so good

So how do you play this game? First you need to have an EOS account, it cost 4 KB ram to buy one EOS account, the RAM price right now is 0.12 EOS so you need 0.48 EOS to buy one EOS account, then you need to install scatter wallet on your chrome browser then you can start playing on


So the game started after you pay 0.1 EOS to buy your first warrior, and 0.2 EOS to buy your archer and 0.4 EOS to buy mage, you dont have to buy all 3 warrior you can have only 1 warrior if you want

the warrior will fight itself until death and when they returned they give you precious item or material

These item or material can be equip to make your warrior stronger or you can craft item or just sell it on the marketplace for other players

As you can see I already accumulate a lot of item after my warrior die multiple time, the stronger your warrior the deeper into the dungeon they can fight and they will get better loot

They also have a ranking where the top player have sold 6.3 EOS worth of item and making money already

Why would anyone buy item from them you are asking? because you need better weapon to make it further into the dungeon and get better loot, thats why everyone want better weapon or item and would buy weapon from the marketplace if the price is right, so basically you can make money playing this game which only blockchain can achieve

This is the power of blockchain where player can sell virtual item directly to other player for profit and all item will belong to you forever

thanks for reading


大家好,常常有人说区块链没用因为慢,而且贵,今天我终于看到了世界上第一个有质量的EOS游戏叫"EOS Knights"


如何玩这游戏?首先你需要有一个EOS的帐户,每个帐户需要购买4KB RAM,现在RAM的价格是0.12 EOS,所以每个帐户只需要给0.48 EOS就可以了,然后再安装scatter钱包在你的chrome游览器就可以玩了


游戏开始你先需要支付0.1 EOS来购买第一个勇士,0.2 EOS来购买第二个勇士和 0.4EOS来购买第三个勇士,当然你不用买完3个,一个勇士也可以玩





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可以玩了? setup好像很麻煩..喔喔


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